The Top Destinations for New Year Celebrations


22 December 2016


New York City, United States

Had an excellent year? Good for you. Had a crappy one? Move on and put it behind you. That’s the thing about the New Year. You can start afresh with renewed plans and spirits. If you start 2017 on a good note, things are likely to go uphill from there. Many of you may already have plans for New Year’s Eve while some of you may be procrastinating. For those who are enthusiastically making plans, you are on the right track. Those still lazing around will most likely end up mopping at home as the clock strikes 12 and the New Year begins. This is the time for action. Buy miles to make the trip possible at a low cost. You are at the right place if you are trying to figure out the best destinations for New Year Celebrations. Here are some of the most popular ones around the world!

New York City, United States

The New Year festivities in New York City are contagious. The city’s biggest and most iconic gathering is held at Times Square where more than a million people gather to share the fun and excitement as the clock strikes 12! Every year a flashy ball drops while the countdown occurs. This celebration is somewhat of a yearly ritual now. We hope it continues with as much zeal as it does now. Expect to see celebrities at the event too.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is known to throw the best carnivals and parties. No one can possibly dispute this claim. The most popular New Year’s Eve gathering is held the beautiful Copacabana Beach. Colorful fireworks cover the sky as the celebrations begin and the live musical performances make the surroundings pretty happening.

Sydney, Australia

Sydneysiders take New Year celebrations quite seriously and the parties are spread all across the city. The fireworks display in Sydney truly stuns all onlookers and many claims this display is arguably the best one among all displays around the world. The New Year Party at the Bondi beach should not be missed at any cost!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is already known for its wild parties and exotic nightlife so it comes as no surprise that their New Year celebrations are extraordinary as well. The celebrations in Berlin usually go on until the sun dawns on a brand new day.

Las Vegas, United States

After New York City, the next big city famous for its New Year celebrations is Las Vegas. No cars are allowed on the Las Vegas strip as the New Year celebrations heat up. Live concerts keep the atmosphere alive and the people dance like there is no tomorrow. Fireworks are launched from multiple locations so you possibly cannot miss seeing them illuminate the sky.

Paris, France

Of course, the ultimate place to be at in Paris on New Year’s Eve is the Eiffel tower where the lights show and colorful display of fireworks illuminate the surroundings. Also, there are many great parties held at different clubs and bars in the city.

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Montenegro

It’s not hard to see why. UNESCO heritage sites, multiple climate zones, luxury hotels, wonderful restaurants, and locations ranging from coastal villages to mountain monasteries all make Montenegro an astounding place to visit. Should you happen to take a trip to Montenegro, here are the top 10 things that you should do: 1. Visit Kotor : Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This entire city is basically a museum, from the warren of Old Town to the picturesque views one can get on Boka Bay. Add in some of the best restaurants in the region, as well as astounding architecture from every era, and you’ve got a must-visit location. 2. Visit the Honorary Capital, Citinje : Citinje may not be the �real’ capital of Montenegro, but it definitely holds the historical value of a crown city – if you enjoy learning more about a nation’s culture, it’s a worthwhile visit. 3.  After That, Visit the Real Capital, Podgorica : Although it lacks the historic charm of Citinje, Podgorica is an interesting and beautiful city. Featuring Muslim and Christian architecture ranging from ancient mosques to contemporary cathedrals, Podgorica is a living example of Montenegro’s evolution as a country. 4.  See the Primeval Forest of Biogradska Gora : There aren’t many primeval forests left in Europe, and Biogradska Gora houses one of the last remainings. Housing jungles, lakes, centuries of trees, and mountains, if you’re in search of a truly amazing natural experience, rent a car and take it to Biogradska Gora. You won’t be disappointed. 5.  In Search of Ottoman Charm? Hit up Ulcinj : Ulsinj, due to its position on the Albanian border, has a uniquely Eastern European feel to it. If you want warm beaches and fun cultural atmosphere, it’s a great location. 6. Visit Perast and Take Some Photos : The town of Perast is without a doubt one of the most photogenic tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. If you want some pictures that will leave your friend group drooling with envy, look no further. 7.  Make a Pilgrimage to Ostrog Monastery : Ostrog Monastery is solitary in its magnificence, standing carved into a sheer upright cliff. This masterpiece of architectural prowess has long been a pilgrimage spot, especially for Orthodox Christians, and is still well worthy of being traveled to in the current day and age. Ostrog even houses visitors who wish to stay overnight. 8. Visit Lovcen National Park and the Njegos Mausoleum: Existing in two divergent climate zones – Mediterranean and Continental – Locven National Park alone is worth a visit. Add in the breathtakingly gorgeous Njegos Mausoleum, home to 200,000 gilded tiles, 461 steps, and a granite eagle cradling the remains of a Montenegrin ruler, and you’ve got a must-visit location, to say the least. 9.  Rent a Car and Drive (or Bike) Durmitor National Park : For those with an affinity for joy rides, Durmitor offers an ability to get plenty of adrenaline, no matter what your choice of vehicle is. With hairpin bends and twisting roads, it’s hard not to feel giddy exploring this 39,000-acre national park. 10.  End Your Trip in Style at Budva Riviera : A luxury location without a doubt, the glamorous, yacht-ridden beaches of Budva are bespoke with wealth. However, this is offset by ancient architecture, a quaint atmosphere, and a modern art museum. If you need a picture-perfect place to end your adventures in Montenegro, look no further. And there you have it! Have you been to Montenegro? If so, where would you suggest going? We’d love to hear from you! Read Also : Best Places To See In Europe The Top Destinations For New Year Celebrations Arabian Ranches – A Modern Family Living

beach vacation

30 Quick Facts About Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Planning a Caribbean beach vacation with your loved ones? Ocho Rios and Negril are two of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers looking for an exotic beach vacation in the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica. Here are 30 quick facts about the beautiful coastal town of Ocho Rios, which is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches and luxury all-star beachfront resorts. Jamaica is the third-largest island in the Caribbean and is famous for its picturesque beach towns Ocho Rios and Negril. Ocho Rios is a Spanish phrase that translates to “eight rivers.” Climate: All of Jamaica, including Ocho Rios, has a tropical and humid climate throughout the year. The average annual temperature is a pleasant 26°C or 79°F. Local weather: Ocho Rios is the hottest in June (at 29°C/84°F) and the coolest in January (at 26°C/79°F). It sees maximum rain in October. Best time to visit: December, January, and May are when most tourists visit Ocho Rios. December to February, the winter season, is considered the best time to visit Ocho Rios if you don’t mind the crowds and the high prices. Else, go during fall (September to November) or spring (March to May). Population: Ocho Rios is a port town located on Jamaica’s north coast and has a population of about 10,000. Language: English is widely spoken and understood across Jamaica. Ocho Rios is known for its natural beauty of white sand beaches, waterfalls and, botanical gardens. Time zone: Ocho Rios follows EST (Eastern Standard Time). Economy: The economy of this quaint resort town survives and thrives on international tourism. Port town: The town of Ocho Rios serves as a port for cargo and cruise ships. Airport: The nearest airport is the Sangster International Airport. Other airports that accept international flights are located in Montego Bay and Kingston. Currency: Locals transact in Jamaican dollars but USD is readily accepted across Jamaica. Public library: Ocho Rios has its own town library, open all weekdays and also on Saturday. Emergency number: 119 is the number to call in case of emergencies such as fire or accident or theft. Jazz Festival: Ocho Rios is famous for its two-week annual Jazz Festival, held mid-June. Dunn’s: The stunning Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios’ most popular natural attraction, located about 2.5 miles from the cruise ship port. Post office: The local post office is located on Main Street and is open all weekdays. Courier: Use UPS for sending mail or packages faster and to avoid the crowds at the post office. The local office is located in Ocean Village. Hospital: Ocho Rios does have a clinic on Main Street but it does not have a hospital. The nearest hospital is located about 7 miles away in St. Ann’s Bay. Medication: There are several pharmacies in town and most are open all days of the week. ATMs: There are several banks and ATMs located throughout town. Things to do: Snorkeling, white water rafting, water and land sports, Bobsledding at Mystic Mountain, and exploring local markets and street-side cuisine. Places to see Sun Valley Plantation, Dunns’ River Falls, Fern Gully, Green Grotto Caves, Coyaba Museum and Gardens, Reggae Explosion Museum, Firefly Museum and Bar, Riverhead Adventure Trail, and more. Shopping: Shop at the local crafts market, shopping plazas, Ocho Rios Craft Park, and several duty-free shops. Be prepared to be pestered by street vendors to buy something and don’t forget to bargain. Getting around: The best way to get around Ocho Rios is by renting a taxicab through JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travelers Association). All-inclusive luxury vacations: Ocho Rios is home to some of the Caribbean’s best luxury beach resorts and hotels that offer attractive Jamaica all-inclusive travel deals for families, couples, as well as group travelers. Safety: Ocho Rios receives a large number of visitors each year and is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it is advisable to not venture out alone in the dark and to avoid traveling with strangers. Check the US Government’s latest travel advisory on traveling to Jamaica. National Holidays: Independence Day, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, New Year's Day, Emancipation Day, Ash Wednesday, National Heroes Day, and Boxing Day. Water: While filtered tap water at your resort may be safe to drink, carry bottled water when going out and also if you’re prone to falling sick. Read Also : 10 Beach Vacation Packages That Will Let You Unwind Without Breaking The Bank Planning A Family Vacation As The Kids Grow Up The Top 10 Things To Do In Hawaii 2017

wildlife spotting

Best places in South India for wildlife spotting

Have you always dreamt about seeing a leopard stretched in the middle of a narrow rocky path through a jungle? or a herd of elephants heading to the waterhole, or deer playfully running through the forest? If you have, then head to South India. South Indian states with their dense, beautiful and unspoiled forest reserves offer a variety of jungle safaris at different locations where you could have the pleasure of actually seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. There are so many reserves that you are spoilt for choice. Let us present you with our pick of 6 such National Parks in South India for enjoying some great wildlife spotting. 1. Bandipur National Park Nestled within the Nilgiri hills, Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is home approx 100 species of mammals and nearly 350 bird species and is best described as a wildlife retreat. Bandipur boasts of thick forests, lush landscapes, and amazing wildlife. The forest department and the resorts here offer jeep safaris and night safaris where you can quite easily sight quite a few wild animals. This national park is known for its Panthers and Four Horned Antelopes, but you can also spot hoards of Elephants, Tigers, gaur, chital, wild dogs, jackal, hornbills, and the mouse deer, etc. If we take an early morning safari, we can also spot some rare birds like the jungle fowl and green pigeon to name a few. 2. Viralimalai Wildlife Park Viralimalai wildlife park In Tamil Nadu is very famous for the six different varieties of Peacocks it houses. The park is dedicated to raising and restoring peacocks with more than 500 peacocks living here. The most magnificent and famous peacock variety is the Palawan Peacock Pheasant as it exhibits numerous and dazzling colors in its feathers. It is the place you need to visit to understand why the peacock is our national bird. 3. Periyar National Park Another popular Elephant and Tiger Reserve located in Thekkady, Kerala is the Periyar National Park which is also house to the rivers Periyar and Pamba. The park boasts of having 300 mammal breed, 40 reptile species, 160 insect species, 260 bird species, and 40 fish species. It is especially unique for being home to several endangered animals with the intent to restore wildlife. Some wildlife that you can spot here is rare species like Monitor Lizards, Lion-tailed Macaque, Bonnet Macaque, Gaur, and birds like the Darters, Kingfishers, Drongoes, and Cormorants. Along with a wildlife safari, in this park, you can also go trekking. 4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary A stone throws away from Mysore city, located on the banks of the River Kaveri, the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is the best destination for bird watchers. Accommodation to migratory birds from Siberia and Latin America during the winter season, nearly 170 species of birds live here. You can easily spot the Common Spoonbill, Black-headed Ibis, and Asian Openbill Stork here. The ideal time to visit this bird sanctuary is during the nesting season from June to November. 5. Nagarhole National Park Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is one of the most famous national parks in Karnataka owing to the constant increase in the tiger ratio. Besides Tigers, you can spot wild dogs, Sloth bears, Leopard, Hyena, Sambhar, Deer, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Wild boar, Elephants, Indian bison, Marsh crocodile, and the Rocky Python, etc. You can also spot many of the 250 species of birds, especially near the Kabini River banks. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. 6. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary Perched uniquely in the Nagarhole forest is the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to the Kabini River, on the banks of which you can enjoy the maximum spotting of wildlife. This has been declared as a tiger reserve and is part of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is quite common to find herds of elephants along the river banks, some lazing, some playfully mingling and sometimes you may witness a duel or two. If you are visiting Nagarhole forest, it may be a great idea to stay the weekend in one of the resorts at Kabini, so you would have two days to do justice to this forest and its many attractions and offerings. You could try the Discovery Village Resort here, which just blends in with its environment. Beautiful ambiance, fresh food, and friendly staff enhance the experience. Finally, these are just a few of the many beautiful reserves South India has to offer. Visiting these lush dense forests only makes us realize how much we need to be responsible for our planet's green cover and the flora and fauna they house. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. Read Also: Places To Visit At Gold Coast Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips For Scouting Wildlife Travel In Italy: Interesting Locations To Visit In Tuscany