Review of Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds


24 April 2019


Did you know that you can instantly transform your outdoor space by simply adding outdoor blinds? If you’re looking for outdoor cafe blinds, a casual search on the internet will reveal that there are different types to pick from. Such a revelation will by no means make your selection process easier. This is why we took the liberty to review one of the most popular outdoor blinds on the market today; the Ziptrak outdoor blinds. You might realize they’re exactly what you need to beautify your outdoor space.

But what’s so special about Ziptrak outdoor blinds? We’ve compiled all you need to know about these blinds; from their benefits to applications.

What Are Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds?

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

The name Ziptrak is derived from the blind system utilized in manufacturing this product. Different outdoor blinds use different mechanisms to aid in their operation. They can either use strings, zips or cords. And depending on the mechanism used, it greatly influences the blinds’ operation.

Ziptrak is the original outdoor blind system and features a track guided design. This system is designed to lock the fabric into special tracks that will secure the blinds against flapping. Because of the patented design, the blinds glide smoothly and also stop at any height. And the best part is you don’t need any cords or zips to operate the blinds.

Put simply; these blinds are very easy to operate. And this is one of the main reasons why Ziptrak outdoor blinds are very popular. After all, who wants blinds that are difficult to open or close?

Advantages of Ziptrak Blinds:

So are Ziptrak blinds worth considering compared to other types? Hopefully, the following advantages will answer this question.

Ziptrak Blinds

Effective Protection:

One of the main reasons for investing in outdoor blinds is for protection. Ziptrak blinds aren’t only good at blocking out the sun or wind, but they’re also known for effectively keeping bugs out.

Quality Blinds:

In our quest to provide you with an unbiased article, we’ll quickly point out thatZiptrak blinds don’t come cheap. But for the quality and durability they offer, we believe they’re worth every penny.

No Gaps!

Some outdoor blinds leave gaps when installed, and unfortunately, most people don’t find that aspect desirable. This is where Ziptrak blinds give competitors a run for their money because they’re designed not to leave any gaps.

What Holds the Blinds Together?

Another differentiating factor is the material used to hold the Ziptrak outdoor blinds together. The Ziptrak blind is held using a Cordura tape which is commonly referred to as Kedar. Why is this important? There are a few advantages associated with this tape:

  • Aesthetics: Believe it or not, using Kedar to hold the blinds together greatly enhances the general appearance of the product. This is because cedar is welded onto the fabric and isn’t stitched like other blinds.
  • Variety: Closely related to aesthetics, is the fact that Kedar is available in a wide range of colors to pick from which include white, beige, primrose and black. But we must warn you that the black tends to fade over time.
  • Durability: Do you want blinds that’ll last long? Then you’ll appreciate how strong Kedar is. As a result, the tape is designed to withstand a lot of force which means the blind is secured tightly.
  • Less jamming: With some outdoor blinds, you may experience issues related to jamming. The advantage of Kedar is it’s less likely to jam—even in windy conditions. But here’s what’s important; you must use the tape with a motor.

Hold Down Options:

Another main characteristic of Ziptrak outdoor blinds is that they offer a wide range of hold-down options compared to other blinds. Common examples include:

  • Center release locks: The first thing you’ll appreciate about these locks is they’re very easy to use. Apart from their ease of operation, these locks can be operated either from inside or outside making them very versatile.
  • Channel locks: Channel locks are the second most popular type of locks used on Ziptrak outdoor blinds. Like the center release locks, they’re also easy to use.

Both products make Ziptrak blinds the ideal option to use for difficult installations. And the reason why Ziptrak blinds have fewer gaps is that these locks use small rubber seal strips along the bottom rail. This mechanism effectively helps minimize the appearance of gaps.

Design of the Headbox:

While having outdoor blinds with a headbox is a matter of preference, it’s recommended that modern outdoor entertainment areas have fully enclosed top boxes on their outdoor blinds. And the Ziptrak top box is known to provide the following advantages:

  • Protection of the fabric
  • Keep insects out
  • It’s more visually appealing


What is the alternative name for Ziptrak blinds?

It’s important to note that these blinds are known by different names including:

  • Cafe blinds
  • Cafe curtains
  • PVC blinds
  • Bistro blinds
  • Porch blinds

Where can you install Ziptrak outdoor blinds?

These blinds can be installed in most outdoor living and entertainment areas like the patio or verandah.

Final Words:

Opt for Ziptrakoutdoor blinds if you’re hoping to transform your outdoor space by giving it a modern look and feel. And for blinds that require minimal effort to install and operate, we think they’re definitely worth considering.

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6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo

There always seems to be an extra safety precaution for women to consider when traveling. However, you do not always need a friend or companion to accompany you when you travel. Traveling solo is not as bad as it seems; in fact, it is beneficial in more ways than one. Here are some reasons why women should travel solo. It is an eye-opener Have you ever felt like you want to get away from it all; like that is the only way you can think in harmony? Well, traveling solo gives you that feeling, especially if it is the first time you are doing it. Traveling solo gets you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to some adventure and the complications that go with it. These complications and your response to them help you determine your weaknesses. After you overcome them, however, you get to realize your strengths and build on them. You will certainly have that spark in your eye by the time you get back. You get to network and socialize You are bound to interact with strangers throughout your travel. If your trip is a professional one, then it offers the ideal chance to network with other professionals in your line of work and possibly broadens your career. If it is a personal trip, on the other hand, you get to socialize and make new friends. Individuals have unique personalities, but you cannot defy the fact that women have greater value for their social circles. As such, traveling will help nourish your society; besides, you never know what new friendships may lead to. It is liberating The tendency of women to travel with a companion makes it seem as though there is an unwritten rule against traveling alone. But then again, there seems to be a lot of unwritten rules concerning women. It is such norms that hold women and the society back, and this is an era when women are breaking the unwritten rules. As such, you definitely should fly solo simply because you can. It may be scary at first, but it will make you feel liberated and much happier by the time you get back. It builds self-confidence The positive thing about challenges is that they become stepping stones once you overcome them. Even in the corporate world, the best way to move up the ladder is to overcome challenges that come your way with style. For women dealing with traveling solo, the ‘challenge’ becomes the ideal stepping stone to higher confidence and self-esteem levels. Traveling may be hectic for a while, but it will feel empowering when you overcome all the challenges. The realization that you can handle it will make you more confident and leave you looking forward to the next solo trip. It is adventurous   There is no place like home. However, distant places hold many new things, and the feeling of being in a place when no one knows you is thrilling. However, it may difficult to experience this adventure if you dwell too much on the fear oflo. 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The Secret to Traveling Solo without Hitches Your traveling experience will largely depend on how well you prepare for the journey. The process will be flawless if you plan for everything beforehand. However, there are two main things to focus on in your planning: your luggage and travel documents. For starters, you need to carry only what is necessary for the journey to avoid a bulky and heavy load. Efficiency will also depend on your choice of bag. The packing cube is undoubtedly the best choice for traveling for several reasons. First, it helps you save space so that you can pack as much luggage as you need. Second, it is already divided into compartments for every type of belonging you are carrying: clothes, shoes, jewelry, and electronics, just to mention a few. Finally, a packing cube is ideal for women as it is stylish and flashy. Additionally, you need to have your passports and other travel documents ready to avoid delays at security checks. 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A Weekend in Jacksonville: The What’s, Where’s, and When’s

Jacksonville, Florida, is on the northeast coast of the state. It is a metropolitan city with a lot to see and do. The city’s mix of the arts, beaches, and fusion southern food make it a great place for a weekend getaway. Check out these places for insider information on where to stay, what to do, and the best places to eat for your weekend in Jacksonville. Where to Stay: One Ocean Resort and Spa: Stay at One Ocean Resort and Spa for a room by the water on Atlantic Beach with rates starting at $175 per night. This resort is perfect for a couple’s weekend getaway with its romance package, which includes rose petals in your room, champagne, and fruit, with a couple’s spa services that you can add. You can take in the view of a romantic sunset at one of Jacksonville’s best beaches. Riverdale Inn: For a place to stay closer to the locals, try Riverdale Inn located in the Riverside area near Five Points. The rooms are in a Victorian mansion and cost around $150 per night. Get advice on places to go from the local couple who own and run the inn. This comfortable inn has a 24-hour bar, a brunch buffet on the weekend, and afternoon teas if you book in advance. Hyatt Regency Jacksonville: One of the most in-demand hotels in Jacksonville is the Hyatt Regency due to its central location overlooking the river and Main Street Bridge and rates starting around $120 a night. Have a drink at the bar by the heated, rooftop swimming pool, or get in a run in the hotel gym. Not only is this hotel a convenient option if you want to explore downtown, but the meeting rooms and business center make it easier to take a weekend for yourself at the end of a business trip. What to Do: Riverside Arts Market Start your Saturday morning at the Riverside Arts Market, a local marketplace full of artistic wares you can buy from artists around the city. You can also grab a treat from a local food vendor on Farmer’s Row, or head down the street and watch a concert at the TH-Center. Get there by 9 am to start the day with an hour of free yoga. The market is open until the mid-afternoon, around 3 pm. The Riverside Arts Market notoriously takes place under the bridge on the St. John’s River, with views of the water and live music as you shop. Five Points: Shop at Five Points for unique boutiques in a bohemian neighborhood. Shopping in the late morning or early afternoon is the best way to beat the crowds on the weekend. The stores here offer an eclectic range of shopping from high-end dress boutiques to boutiques with a vintage style. You can also get a craft beer to cool down from one of the many local bars and breweries in the neighborhood. Visitors know of the area for both its eclectic vibe and the architecture, which is reminiscent of a small town. Catty Shack Ranch: Go to Catty Shack Ranch to big cats from the wild up close. This is a rescue sanctuary that takes in and treats exotic animals, especially felines. Once animals come to the sanctuary, they remain there for life. You can see lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, silver foxes, and more. You can only go on Sunday, so book your tickets in advance. You can choose from a daytime tour, a tour with a more in-depth educational component, or a night feeding. Tickets range from $10 to $15 for adults and $5 to $10 for children. Where to Eat Another Broken Egg Café: Every weekend away needs brunch, and Another Broken Egg Café offers brunch that combines modern food with a southern flare. Open on the weekends through lunchtime, this southern original has a location by Tapestry Park and Jacksonville Beach. You can find classic southern food like shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles or try something new like a lobster omelet. Wash it all down with one of their unique brunch cocktails. Many meals are between $10 and $15. Gilbert’s Social: Try modern southern food in a laid-back atmosphere at Gilbert’s Social. This restaurant serves up turkey oxtail, pulled pork, and more classic southern meats, but you can also find plenty of fruit and vegetable combinations all at prices around and under $20. Gilbert’s Social is not open on Sundays or Mondays, so go here for lunch or dinner earlier during your trip. Chef Kenny Gilbert competed on multiple reality cooking shows. He has also won awards and cooked for presidents and celebrities. Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails: Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails is a two-time James Beard Award nominee and a great spot for dinner. The restaurant focuses on locally sourced food and has an array of seafood. You can even ask for a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free menu. It is centrally located in The Markets at Town Center, and you can go any day of the week. Many of the main dishes are between $20 and $30. If you’re only spending a weekend, you’ll need to know how to pack as much of the city into as little time as possible. You can still experience a lot that Jacksonville has to offer if you know where to go and what to do beforehand. Try these places during your mini vacation in Jacksonville. Read Also: 4 Best Destinations In Western United States So Much To See And Do During A Visit To Chicago Make Your Vacation Less Stressful With The Following Tricks

Living In Kuwait

Living In Kuwait: A Guide For Indians Planning To Work Abroad

Living in a different country, especially one like Kuwait, has its own share of benefits. But it is always a bit overwhelming to leave your nation and start a new life somewhere else. From the culture to the food and language- everything changes in this new destination.  So, have you ever thought about how life is for people working in Kuwait? Today, I shall give you a brief idea of Indians who are planning to work outside. Let’s delve deeper into the article without talking much about it. Quick Guide About The Kuwait Lifestyle If you're an Indian planning to work in Kuwait, here's a guide to help you navigate life in the country. Here are a few tips from Layboard: 1. Visa and work permit:  Ensure that you have the necessary visa and work permit to live and work in Kuwait. Research the visa requirements and application process through the Kuwait embassy or consulate in India. Obtain the appropriate employment visa and work permit before your arrival. If you find a job, you're sure to find one! 2. Cultural awareness:  Familiarize yourself with Kuwait's culture, customs, and traditions. Kuwait follows Islamic traditions, so it's important to respect local customs, dress modestly, and observe cultural norms. Learn basic Arabic phrases to facilitate communication and show respect for the local language. 3. Cost of living:  Research the cost of living in Kuwait, including accommodation, transportation, food, and utilities. Kuwait is known for having a relatively high cost of living, particularly in cities like Doha. Prepare a budget and consider the financial aspects of living in the country. 4. Accommodation:  Secure suitable accommodation in Kuwait. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from apartments, villas, or shared accommodations. Research different neighborhoods, consider proximity to your workplace, and explore options through real estate agencies or online platforms. 5. Healthcare:  Familiarize yourself with the healthcare system in Kuwait. Expatriates are typically required to have health insurance coverage. Kuwait has both public and private healthcare facilities, so research options and ensure you have access to suitable medical care. 6. Transportation:  Kuwait has a well-developed transportation system, including an extensive road network and public transportation options like buses and taxis. Consider obtaining a local driving license if you plan to drive in Kuwait. Alternatively, familiarize yourself with public transportation routes and schedules. 7. Education:  If you have children, research the educational options available in Kuwait. There are a variety of international schools catering to different curricula. Research schools, admission requirements, fees, and academic calendars to ensure a smooth transition for your children. 8. Banking and finance:  Set up a bank account in Kuwait to manage your finances. Research different banks, account options, and services provided. Familiarize yourself with banking procedures and consider online banking options for convenience. 9. Safety and security:  Kuwait is considered a safe country with a low crime rate. However, it's always important to take general safety precautions and follow local guidelines. Be aware of emergency contact numbers and stay updated on safety-related information from local authorities. 10. Networking and Social Integration:  Take the opportunity to network and build connections with both local residents and the expatriate community in Kuwait. Join social and professional groups, attend events, and engage in activities that align with your interests to foster a sense of community and support. 11. Enjoying Kuwait's attractions:  Kuwait offers a range of attractions, from cultural landmarks to outdoor activities. Explore the country's museums, markets (souqs), beaches, and desert adventures. Embrace the local cuisine, participate in festivals, and enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities available. Remember to stay updated with the latest information, follow local laws and regulations, and maintain a respectful attitude toward the local culture.  Living in Kuwait benefits Living in Kuwait offers a unique experience, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth while immersing yourself in a dynamic and multicultural environment. It also provides several benefits for residents. Here are some key advantages of living in Kuwait: A. High Quality of Living:  Kuwait is popular for the lavish lifestyle it provides. This nation invests largely in healthcare, infrastructure, education, and public services, ensuring residents have access to modern amenities and a pleasant lifestyle. B. Safety and security:  Kuwait has a reputation for being one of the safest countries in the world. The low crime rate and efficient law enforcement provide a sense of security for residents and their families. C. Tax-free Income:  One of the significant advantages of living in Kuwait is the absence of personal income tax. This means that residents can enjoy a higher take-home salary and have more disposable income for savings or spending. D. Job opportunities:  Kuwait's thriving economy and ongoing infrastructure projects create numerous job opportunities across various sectors. The country attracts skilled professionals from around the world, offering competitive salaries and benefits. E. Expatriate-friendly environment:  Kuwait is home to a diverse expatriate community, providing a supportive environment for individuals and families relocating from different countries. The presence of expatriate-focused services, international schools, and cultural communities contributes to a smooth transition and a sense of belonging. F. World-class healthcare:  Kuwait offers world-class healthcare facilities and services. The country has significantly invested in building modern hospitals and medical centers, attracting highly qualified medical professionals. Residents have access to quality healthcare, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind. G. Education opportunities:  Kuwait places a strong emphasis on education, offering a range of educational opportunities for residents. The country is home to prestigious international schools, colleges, and universities that provide high-quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. H. Cultural and recreational activities:  Kuwait boasts a rich cultural heritage and offers a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Residents can enjoy a variety of cultural events, music concerts, art exhibitions, and theater performances. The country also hosts international sports events and has a range of recreational activities, including water sports, desert excursions, and golf courses. I. Modern infrastructure:  Kuwait has developed a world-class infrastructure, including transportation networks, modern airports, state-of-the-art stadiums, and luxury hotels. Residents benefit from efficient public transportation, well-maintained roads, and access to modern facilities. J. Travel opportunities:  Kuwait's strategic location right in the Middle East provides residents with excellent connectivity to other countries and regions. The award-winning Hamad International Airport serves as a major hub for international travel, making it convenient for residents to explore nearby destinations. Living in Kuwait offers a unique blend of economic prosperity, safety, cultural experiences, and a high standard of living. The country's focus on infrastructure development, healthcare, and education contributes to a comfortable and enriching lifestyle for residents. Read Also: 4 Things To Know Before You Move To Texas How Drones Help Us in Our Daily Life? Should I Move To Westlake OH?