Classic Dresses: The Little White Dress


17 September 2016


White dress

Classic dresses are timeless and have been around since before the vintage 50s. The little black number gets lots of attention. However, wearing a little white dress is just as appealing. Whether you want to look cool and sophisticated or simply laid back, accessorize to get the right look. In addition, white will brighten up the dullest fall evenings and keep you deliciously cool in the summer. Moreover, the beauty of wearing white is, it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is.

It started with Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe wore the legendary, classic white dress when she starred in the “The Seven Year Itch” in 1955. Marilyn made history when she posed on the subway over the grating with the wind sending her dress into rippling waves. She purposely posed for photographers as the dress blew up and exposed her legs.

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This image stood the test of time. It’s known as one of the most iconic of the 20th century in movie history. On top of that, the dress was sold for $4.6 million in 2011 at an auction. In addition, many women have tried to achieve the same effect all over the world.

Team it up with high heels for sophistication

Every woman should own at least one pair of high heels, especially stilettos. They can transform your outfit. Heels worn the right way, or walked in properly can turn even the stiffest heads. They will make the dullest white dresses look stunning. There is something extraordinary about walking in heels, which make you focus on your body movement. Heels will change your posture. Also, your legs will appear longer. For petite ladies, this is what you need to add a few inches to your height and give you the confidence to stride in style.

Little white dress

Team up a pair of high heels with a little white dress and you can be sure you will be the center of attention. When you look good, you feel fantastic. On top of that, men love high heels.

Stand out in the crowd

If you’re going for a night out and want to be unexpected, wear a white dress. More than likely, most women will be in their little black number or some other safe color. Why? Wearing white is not the most common color choice. So, if you want to make a statement, why not stand out from the crowd. Make an entrance with impact.


You will look unpredictable, stylish and elegant. What’s more, wear stunning, bright red lipstick with red nail varnish to clinch the look. For the finishing touches, a pair of high-heeled red stilettos will do.

Don’t be afraid of messing up your little white dress

Are you one of those women who are afraid to wear white because you might mess it up? Don’t let that little inhibition hold you back from looking gorgeous. It just means you have to be extra careful when eating or drinking. In fact, it’s a good thing. At least you will take your time to eat slowly and sip your drink. The result? You will look more modest or ladylike. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Let’s bust the myth that white is only to be worn in summer

Most people associate white dresses or white outfits in the summer. Perhaps, it’s because it’s a dazzling color and it matches the bright sunny days. Whatever the case, white can be worn all year round. White is great for adding radiance to dull, gray winter days.

Instead of just wearing white jumpers or white scarfs, be unique and rock the latest fashion.


Dresses have become a staple part of a woman’s wardrobe. However, not every woman will or want to own a little white dress. They have their reasons. Nevertheless, white is an extremely versatile color. You can mix and match it with gold or silver accessories. And color coordinates your shoes, belts, and handbags to jazz it up a little.

Depending on the material, white dresses are suitable even in the winter. Wear it with a warm winter coat and knee-high boots for a fashionable trend.

“White keeps my mind pleasant. It just brings to mind a very relaxed feel. I always used to wear a white dress in the evenings. I think this was probably because white always seems to help me recover from all the tensions of the day.” – Ramee

White dresses have a fresh, pure yet sexy appeal. Wearing one gives you a carefree feeling. You have the option of looking contemporary, like a glamour queen, casual babe or whatever mood you desire. Next time you want to stand out from the crowd, wrap yourself in a beautiful classic white dress. It will invigorate your mind and you will look amazing.

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5 Advantages of Wearing a G String in 2020

Women’s panties have gone through more than a dozen revolutions. From the traditional, full grannies to the skimpiest of bikinis, these helpful undergarments have become a massive and surprising industry in the world of fashion. The bottom wear that is always in the line of fire is the g string, which is a part of the thong family. It is a bit skimpier than a traditional thong but has more coverage compared to a regular bikini. The main undies’ fabric is light and soft, with thin elastic bands holding them up.There is a decade-long debate on this widely misunderstood bottom-protecting wear. (And to be honest, it may never end.) Most women find it sexy. Others find it uncomfortable. Some people see it as an affront to feminism. But at one point in time, most women dreamed of owning one because sporting these undies does have advantages. Here are 5 Advantages of Wearing a G String:Image Credit: 1. G strings are comfortable: Feeling comfort is a gift. It makes you poised and assertive in your day-to-day life. So if you are not used to wearing thongs, you would probably think that having one on is like having a wedgie the whole day. But most wearers swear by their comfort, especially during hot summer days. Going almost bare-butted may feel awkward on your first try, but you will love it after a couple of minutes. 2. There are no visible panty lines: Are you fond of tight pants, skirts, and dresses? Then you know that wearing a full panty will always result in very noticeable lines, even for one that claims to be seamless. And worst of all, the textile bunches at the places you least expect. Regardless of the reason, there are times when you would want your behind to look perfect. A g string will help accentuate your bottom since there are no lines to dampen the view from behind. 3. It makes you feel fresh:Thongs are intended to be small pieces of fabric and are usually soft and breathable. It can be your best friend on a warm day, as it will allow your skin to breathe and sweat when necessary. You will be able to feel the breeze through your clothes, so it will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. 4. It protects your front while freeing your back: A woman wears undergarments to protect her genitalia. Wearing a regular panty will surely safeguard her private parts from anything. But a g string can also equally ensure that your front part is protected. And sometimes, too much cloth at the bottom will make you uncomfortable due to it gathering along your backside. So this also frees your butt from additional fabric. 5. It never goes out of style: Everything in fashion becomes passe for a time. But it always comes back after a few years as a new fashion statement. For instance, whale tails were a recurring problem for g-string lovers. It is when the bands of your thong become visible whenever you sit down or squat. But Bella Hadid recently sashayed the runway in a black ensemble with her thong strings out, sending out the signal that yes, bands out is trendy again.Wearing underwear should always be a personal choice. Whether you choose a g string, a bikini, or a granny panty, you should consistently feel comfortable in what you wear. Be confident, sexy, and ready to conquer the world as you always should.Read Also:Style Your Child: How to Find Comfy and Cute Clothing for Kids The Style Bible: How To Dress Up Like Millennial 7 Fashion Tips Exclusively for Men


From Flint to Lasers – The Evolving Techniques of Hair Removal

I hate having to go through the painful waxing sessions for hair removal!There! I’ve expressed the sentiment that millions of women like me across the world feel every now and then when they look at themselves in the mirror after a shower.My significant other refuses to shave on weekends unless he has a formal event he has to go to. Watching him lounge around the house unconcerned about the two-day stubble, I’ve often wondered how social paradigms developed to the point where having a hairless face and skin became essential.I mean if nature didn’t intend us to have hair, we would have long eliminated the gene that gave us hair in the first place. Makes sense?So, here I was, complaining and mumbling under my breath as I went through my phone looking for the number of my salon. (If I want to look anywhere near presentable in a swimsuit, I would have to schedule an appointment.)Suddenly, it struck me. Who was this historical personality who invented hair removal anyway? I decided to get to the bottom of the issue. It was time to find out if hair removal is really an essential of fashion or plain, good old hygiene. So, I set about doing a bit of research into the issue. Hair Removal Has Been Around Since 30,000 BC (There go my hopes of ushering in a social revolution where hairy faces and bodies were completely acceptable.)As Livestrong says, people as far back as 30,000 BC used the sharp edge of flint to scrape off the hair from their scalps, faces, and bodies. At the time, it WAS a question of hygiene. No hair meant no lice, mites, and other infestations. I dug around a little more to find that everyone (including women) living in the warmer climates would shave off their scalp hair too.Then came a time in the Middle Ages when going hairless (bald?!) was the height of fashion. (I think I am quite happy I don’t live in those times.)The elite would remove all their hair (in the nether regions too) as a sign of quality. Think Romans and their statues and paintings of entirely hairless people. And, the court of Queen Elizabeth I where women removed their eyebrows and the hair on the front of their heads to show off high foreheads. (Phew!) Hair Removal Techniques Haven’t Evolved All That Much In fact, removing hair in those times was a lot more painful. My research showed that people mainly used tweezing to get rid of the fuzz. They’d use seashells as tweezers or pumice stones and metal blades to scrape hair. Egyptian women are credited with the art of threading. They were the first to use twisted strands to pluck hair in 60 BC. Apparently, they also invented sugaring which is very much like modern-day waxing.And, yes, hair removal creams were also used. Only, women used a solution of quicklime and arsenic to burn off the unwanted hair. (It’s scary to think about what that did to their skins.) Getting Back to the 21st Century Having grudgingly conceded that I would have to get that waxing session, after all, the next step was to explore my options. I mean, doesn’t science and technology have an answer to the problem of unwanted fuzz? (and, a painless one, too!)Look around and you’ll find that there IS one solution that the ancients didn’t have. It’s called removing hair with the help of lasers. But, the question still remains. Does laser hair removal hurt more than waxing? (Remember? We’re still stuck on the issue of pain here!) So, It’s Back to the Internet! I decided that it’s time to look for a more permanent solution (Given that I’m going to have to do this all through my life!). And, if lasers promised clean skin for good, it was worth a shot. Here’s everything I found out about the procedure. Some of the information is from the expert aestheticians who can perform the treatment on you and some other comes from hapless people like me. (If you’re looking for some authoritative details, check out the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory website.)Medscape says that laser hair removal came to be first used in the year 1998 when some guys, Dierickx, and associates first released a paper after conducting 2-year research on the technique. Since then, you can find a whole range of equipment that can help you with unwanted hair. Lasering is a solution that’s perfect for women with darker-colored hair. The deeper pigmentation seems to absorb the heat and directs it to the root. The heat effectively burns the root so that it cannot go back. In a fraction of a second! You’ll probably need about 6 to 8 sessions spaced at intervals of about 6 weeks each. Weigh that against a lifetime of waxing sessions and the cost in terms of dollars (and, the pain!) and you’ll find that lasering is much more economical. You won’t have to worry about ingrown hair with layering. The levels of pain depend on your tolerance and the thickness of the hair. To some extent, the area under treatment is also a factor. So, if you’re working the more delicate sections, it could hurt a little more. Many users have talked about feeling a rubber band twanging against the skin. You can prepare for the session by taking painkillers in advance and using topical numbing creams. Applying ice afterward also helps. Avoid caffeine on the day of the procedure and time it far out from your appointment with Aunt Flo. You’ll save on some of the sensitivity. You can expect that the treated area will look pink for a few days and since the hair will be falling out, you may have to exfoliate thoroughly. Some women have also talked about noticing a singed hair odor. Laser treatments can be of two different wavelengths and doctors choose the appropriate one according to the color and texture of your hair and skin. As you go through the sessions, your aestheticians may work out a combination for you. Avoid trimming the hair before your session for a week or so and the treatment will be much more effective. Lasering doesn’t take a lot of time. You can get the session done during your lunch break. Lasering is great for both and women. You’ll be wearing protective eyeglasses all through the session so you needn’t worry about any potential harmful effects.There you go - the results of my digging around for the perfect solution for unwanted fuzz. Come to think of it, humans have come quite a long way in their quest for the perfect hair removal solution. From flint and cuts and nicks to the permanent option of lasers!(Who knows, over the next few hundred centuries, we might just mutate into humans without the need for lasers too. Um, they aren’t entirely painless, you know!) To know more: 6 Stunning Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces


How to Create & Source Your Company Uniforms

Do you remember your first job? Did it require you to wear an itchy polyester shirt? Do you have fond memories of the branded baseball hat you wore at your high school job? Our previous work uniforms can send us into a nostalgic mode. After all, there’s so much associated with a uniform that just the thought of a company shirt is enough to bring back plenty of memories.If you’re looking to source workwear for your employees, you don’t have to look too hard. Just click on the upcoming link and you can order the perfect custom t-shirt today, it’s really that simple. Do you know what you want your uniform to look like? Do you know how to get it printed? This article will outline the importance of a good uniform and what you should look for as you prepare your company gear. How to Spot Quality Uniforms: When you’re sourcing your bulk uniform orders from a reliable online provider, it’s important to source your garments from a company that offers ongoing support through every step of the purchasing process. With customer service representatives on standby to guide you through uploading your designs and tracking your shipment, you never have to be in the dark about your custom clothing.What should you be looking for to tell if something is high quality? Well, if you’re making custom sweatshirts, custom work shirts, or looking for some of the best custom t-shirts Canada provides, you want to team up with a provider who is transparent about their customization procedures. Can they tell you about their screen printing and embroidery processes? Can they recommend products for your needs? Keep an eye out for good service, it’s a marker of good quality. The Quality Effect: Studies have shown that the quality of work clothing has a direct effect on the wearer and their productivity. A study known as the “enclothed cognition” study found that we tend to take on the quality and characteristics of our clothes. If you are dressed in high-quality workwear, you will perform your work to a similar quality. That makes a pretty good case for providing your employees with excellent clothing options. Safety Wear: Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. For those businesses whose workers are required to wear a certain level of safety wear, R&P Prints is still your premium solutions provider for bulk clothing orders. The safety wear options go far beyond your average custom t-shirts with garments that have the layers, durability, reflective elements, and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for your business needs. Work with Your Staff Have you considered what your staff might like to wear? Why not open up the floor to feedback and suggestions from the people who will be wearing the clothes the most? Maybe there’s a small detail you haven’t yet considered as an important part of your uniform but your employees can point out. They’ll feel valued and you’ll feel good knowing that their needs are being met. It’s a win-win!Read Also:7 Fashion Tips Exclusively For Men Dress For Success: 4 Tips To Look (And Feel) Like A Confident Man