8 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Water Tank Online


04 December 2020


Purchasing A Water Tank Online

Choosing a water tank for your needs can be daunting. Since good quality tanks aren’t cheap, the decision must be well-considered before purchasing, especially if you’re going to shop online.

When shopping around on the internet, there are various things to consider and these include the following:

 Water Tank

1. Price

One of the things you might want to consider when purchasing water tanks in online stores like The Water Tank Factory site is the price. The price of your preferred water tank must not be way beyond your budget. If possible, consider comparing the prices of every store you browse online.

Using a comparison website may also come in handy for you to see which store offers the best deal and which ones must be filtered from your list of potential online vendors.

2. Size Of The Water Tank

You don’t always need to settle with big water tanks. At present, water tanks are available in different colors and shapes. While the oval and round ones consume a lot of space, the slimline water tanks don’t take up much. Therefore, it depends on how much space is there in your yard or where you’ll keep the tank.

Moreover, the size may also depend on what you like to do with the conserved water. It can be used for dishwashing, construction purposes, car washing, gardening, drinking, patio cleaning, or laundry. So, make sure to choose the right size of a water tank because purchasing a big tank won’t be a smart idea if your water consumption isn’t that much.

3. Use Or Purpose Of The Water Tank

You should consider the usage of your water tank as well. For example, is it for commercial usage or domestic use like rainwater harvesting? If you’d like to place the tank under the ground, on the roof, or on the ground, you should keep such thoughts in mind for you to choose the right kind of water tank suited for your unique needs.

4. Durability

There’s nothing more disappointing than investing in a low-quality water tank. It’s what happens, particularly when you don’t pay attention to how durable the water tank is.

Since it can be hard to tell how durable it could be, check the client reviews. Many clients love talking about their experiences about a certain product, so make the most of your time reading them.

5. Material Of Construction

Water tanks are available in a variety of designs and made with the use of different materials. A good water tank must be made with a material that won’t pose any health risks. Moreover, you must check the material’s strength. It must be strong enough to last for a long period of time to avoid any leakages.

Some of the types of water tanks you can choose from are as follows:

  • Bladder Tanks – While such don’t fit into your ideas of tanks, these can be perfect for under house applications or verandas.
  • Fiberglass Tanks – Such tanks are a great option for the above-ground because they’re corrosion- and rust-proof, and can withstand high temperature.
  • Metal Tanks – Made of coated steel or corrugated metal, such custom-made water tanks can be transported easily.
  • Concrete Tanks – Usually, these tanks are built on-site and are best at keeping the water cool and preventing algae growth.
  • Polyethylene Tanks – These plastic water storage tanks are durable and lightweight options, which are available in several sizes and colors. They may also be used both below and above ground, depending on your preferences.

6. Features

Some modern water tanks may come with a level of sophistication to boost user experience. See to it that the container has outlet and inlet pipes, liquid level indicators, roof access manways, discharge nozzles, and so on. The manufacturer may also give you an idea of the features you may need.

7. Brand

As you shop around online, you’ll find that there are many brands offering water tanks. But you have to take note that not all of them are reliable and may not be worthy enough to spend your hard-earned money on. If possible, check the reputation of the brand and if it has the quality certification to ensure that you’ll get nothing but a high-quality water tank.

8. Color

You’ll see different colors of water tanks available in the market. When purchasing a water tank online, you’ll notice that a lot of colors would stand out, but it’s always a good choice to pick a neutral color. The color of the water tank must not be too light or too dark.

The perfect color is deep blue as this color will let you see any impurities in the water, and it’s also less heat absorbent. It’s also much easier to clean in comparison to dark colors that won’t make any impurities visible.


It can be challenging and confusing at the same time when purchasing water tanks online because of the countless options available. But if you know what you need and you did a little research, you’ll be able to make the perfect choice that won’t give you any regrets in the long run regardless of your budget and needs.

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