Cycling – Learning to Safe Cycling

Cycling is considered to be among the most enjoyable activity that one can do as they maintain fitness/keep fit. For anyone interested in learning to cycle, there are basic things/lessons that one must learn and simple instructions that one must follow to minimize accidents and have fun learning how to cycle. Below are some of the basic factors one need to know about cycling.

  • To learn cycling, you do not need to have a special bicycle to use. You can use any functional bike you can find. After you have learned to cycle, you can invest on a good bike.
  • Ensure you have gotten your saddle right. You will not be comfortable riding a saddle that is either too low or too high. You have to set it to fit you perfectly for you to enjoy learning.
  • You will need to ensure that your bike is well greased and has no leaks for smooth cycling.
  • There is important gear you need to have that will enhance safety in this experience. These are; mountain biking helmets – A full face mountain bike helmet protects your head in case of a fall, water bottle- for water in case you get dehydrated, Repair Kit- in case something goes wrong, you may need to do repairs on your bike. Reflective gear this is especially important if you are cycling at night for visibility by other road users.
  • You could use your exercise clothing and shoes for the cycling training. It’s important though that you put on something reflective if you will be using a road used by other types of vehicles.
  • You must remember to be slow, you will eventually learn. Secondly, be safe while cycling. Whether on park roads, estate roads, ensure that you are safe while training to cycle.
  • At this point, straddle your bike and life off and start peddling forward. Try to maintain your balance by using the front brake levers to ensure you stay in balance. Keep a firm grip on the pedals.
  • When using a road with vehicles, ensure that the drivers can see you avoid accidents and also watch out for car doors opening.
  • Also, while riding into intersections, try as much as you can to stay and lean into the intersection this could help you stay on the bike and not fall off.

Taking the above instruction when learning to cycle will keep you safe and keep you learning to ride. Be sure to never start cycling without a bicycle helmet. You can buy best mountain bike helmet online at

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