10 of eSports Most Popular Video Games


31 May 2019


Popular Video Games

The most popular of all the video games that people play in eSports are contested in leagues all over the world.  These are great places for people to come when they want to make friends and play interesting games.  Plus, these games have shifted over the years to make them more interesting.

You might be completely new to gaming, but you can get into these games at any time.  There are ten here that you need to get to know, and they are all going to give you a new perspective on gaming that you have not seen before.  also, you need to start thinking of what it would mean if you were playing these games with friends or actually playing them for money.

Millions of users all over the world play these games. The technological development of gaming in the last few years is something that has taken the world by storm. The growth of professional gaming leagues in countries such as India and the Philippines is a testament to the soaring popularity of the games in these developing regions.

Most Popular Video Games

1. League Of Legends

The eSports UK world is dominated by this game.  Actually, this game dominates everything.  Anyone who wants to play in this world can go for this game because it is the biggest in the world right now. Plus, you can watch people play these games on TV because they have leagues just for this game.

In terms of the sheer number of people who play this game, League Of Legends has been able to carve a separate niche and audience for itself in the past few years.

2. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a battle game that a lot of people love because they can get into leagues in many different places to play it.  If you are new to this game, all you need to know is that it offers you the best fighting experience you can get.  This also means that you can improve your gaming by playing with novices who are just starting like you.

3. Fortnite

Ninja plays this game, and there are many other people who play this game in leagues all the time.  In addition, this means that you will be able to have more fun because there are so many friends to be made in the game. For more info about Fortnite, you can reach Best Fortnite Settings.

4. Overwatch

Overwatch is a great game to play with a really cool story.  There are a lot of fun characters to meet, and you can get involved in the lore of this game that is being revealed over time.

5. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is something that people will find that they can use to have a good time in something that feels like a SEAL team.  There are other games like this, but this game is the one that people play because it has the most action and team options.

6. Hearthstone

You can play this game for the story, and you will find that this game can be very fulfilling.

7. Rocket League

Rocket League is very popular, and this is another game you can see on TV.

8. Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six is like the older cousin of Call of Duty, and it is still a big deal even today.

9. Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm gives you a story that you cannot forget, and it sucks in all your friends as you play out the story.

10. Starcraft II

Playing in another world is a great place for you to play when you love futuristic games, and all these together change the way you play every day.


The age-old thinking that games are only for children has been countered and rejected. It has also been proven that gaming helps develop intuitive potentialities in a child. Most of these games on the list help children develop better thinking and reaction times. These are great assets to carry forward into the professional world. The problem-solving capabilities along with teamwork are critical to most games on the list.

We would love it if you would share with us your favorite game from the list. Please feel free to add value to the article in the comments section below.

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gaming zones in Hyderabad

Most Popular Gaming Zones In Hyderabad That Attract Most People

Gaming zones in Hyderabad are a must-visit for any gamer. From arcades to high-end gaming zones, Hyderabad has something to offer everyone. Also known as "Biryani City,” Hyderabad is famous the world over for its mouth-watering cuisine. However, with the latest boom of IT industries in the city, it has also become a hub for gaming freaks so its is also known gaming zones in Hyderabad. With almost every IT company coming into Hyderabad, a good number of gamers are also settling in the city. 10 Popular Attractive Gaming Zones There are many kinds of games that one can find on the gaming zones in Hyderabad, and the most common of them all is carrom board followed by chess, poker, and then games like Grand Prix (GP), cricket, etc. With Hyderabad emerging as the largest hub for IT companies in India, some good numbers of new gaming zones are also coming up in the city. Here is a list of some of the famous Gaming zones in Hyderabad ones: 1) NeoZone They were one of the first to introduce a high-end gaming zone concept in Hyderabad, which has almost every high-end gaming console. They also provide customized party halls for gamers, and people who love to play games can be found here any time of the day. 2) GamerzParadise This is one such place that has come up in Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Banjara Hills, along with a cafe and bar attached to it. They have almost all the latest versions of high-end gaming consoles, and one can enjoy their time there with friends and family. 3) Tivoli Arcade This is one such place that offers all the latest games that come in the market for gamers to enjoy themselves. Some of the games that Tivoli Arcade offers are Grand Prix, D-Day, and other shooting games. 4) Neo Arena This is another place for gamers in Hyderabad located at Khairatabad, which offers modern amenities to the gamers with the latest racing machines installed here. They also provide a dedicated bar where one can relax after a nice round of Grand Prix. 5) FMX Gaming Zone This is a small arcade located at ECIL, which has very limited games but has the latest version of the Grand Prix. 6) Play Arena This is one such gaming zone located at Banjara Hills, where one can find high-end machines to play their favorite games. They also provide monthly membership cards to game freaks which helps in giving some more discounts on the entrance fees. 7) Revenge Of Arcade This is a small gaming arcade located at ECIL X roads which has almost all new versions of Grand Prix and also offers some other games as well. 8) Arcade Games Zone One such place that provides high-end machines to enjoy oneself. They have some of the best gaming machines under one roof, which is also located at ECIL X Roads. 9) Grand Prix Mania One such place to enjoy GP racing is located at Banjara Hills, along with a cafe attached to it. They have almost all new versions of Gaming zones in Hyderabad installed here, and people love spending their time here. However, they don't allow people to bring food from outside, and one has to order food from them, which is a little costly. 10) Game Zone Another such place is located at ECIL X Roads, where one can enjoy GP, cricket, and other games as well. This is a small gaming arcade with limited machines, but all new versions are installed here. In addition, they have recently started providing online membership cards, which are helpful to game freaks. Conclusion For the gamers, not only the gaming atmosphere; along with the gaming atmosphere, the other gaming atmosphere is also essential. Many times we have seen the game is good, and the hub is offering multiple extra features. But as the atmosphere is not compatible you are not going to enjoy the ambiances. But these ten selections have pretty impressive features. As a professional gamer, you must visit the place and share your experiences in the comment sections. Read More: What Are Some Alternatives To Netflix? Things You Need To Know About WoW Classic Why Credit Card Generator Can Be the Best Option to Play Game Trials?


5 Addictive Time Killing Game to Play Online

Hey! What are you doing?! Do you want to play online game. Shouldn't you be-- eh. Who am I kidding? There's probably (definitely) something more productive you could be doing right now. Instead, you're here, reading this. It's not good to enable your friend's addictions... but I'm just saying, if you really want to make the most of your procrastination, I know a guy. In fact, I know five guys (not the burger place). Select the best online game that can work well in your favor and in all possible ways. Read on for five of the most addictive, time killing games you'll ever play. Just remember, you didn't meet me here. I know nothing. We've never met before. Some Popular Online Game To Follow:-  There are several online popular games to follow while you want to develop your business in the right direction. Do not make your choices in grey. Doom  That's right. The OG/pioneer of the first person shooter genre is still available to snatch the trophy of Kill Your Time, 2018. Select the best online game that can work well in your favor. Originally released in 1993, Doom may have single-handedly invented the first-person shooter game style. While other new games at the time were fighting for attention in retail stores, Doom skipped the lines with shareware and mail order distribution. Within two years, more than 15-20 million people were wasting their time by wasting demons left and right. Online game selection can make a difference. Flash Player revitalizes DooM as a free browser game, and you can find it here. You'll be assuming the role of an unnamed Space Marine turned Satan-slayer, with a variety of firearms to choose from. You refused to follow your commander's orders to fire on civilians, so now you're stuck with security duty on the most boring planet ever. Or is it boring? "Something fraggin' evil" this way comes. Plants vs Zombies If you're tired of the usual tower defense games, give Plants vs Zombies a try. Or two. Or three. Or 1,239,098. This adorably creepy free browser game and iPhone app is one of the most popular downloads in the iTunes store. Chances are you've already heard of it or tried playing it yourself. Just thought we'd tempt you again with one of the best games to kill time and bring PvZ back from the dead. It's a beautiful sunny day, and hoards of business-formal Zombies are on their way to destroy your house and murder you. You know, a typical Tuesday. Help your garden full of anthropomorphized vegetables hold them off by collecting sunshine and spitting pea-cannons. How many levels can you pass? Online game can create a better learning environment for your kids. Alright, have fun. Let us know how it goes. See you in ten years. A Dark Room/A Firelit Room : Now, this one is a little different from the rest. There are no animations or key commands in this game. In fact, the only thing you'll ever see while playing A Dark Room is text. But the urge to keep reading and make your own decisions makes this minimalist story game hard to quit. A Dark Room jumped on several Best of the Year lists in Forbes, Paste, and Giant Bomb after it became available for iPhone in 2013. If you want to play the free browser game version (with no Flash Player necessary), check out A Firelit Room here. You start in a cold, dark room with nothing but firewood. You keep stoking the fire, and more people join you. Something feels off, though... Why are there scraps of clothing in the animal traps? Why are we suddenly calling each other slaves? To find out, you'll just have to keep clicking. Prepared to be spooked by one or more of the endings. Cube Crash Let's lighten the mood, shall we? You've played Bubble Shooter, you've played Candy Crush, now what? For a connect three game with a clever twist, try Cube Crash. Yes, you do still need to connect three of the same color cubes to remove them from the board. Just don't be too hasty, or you may be left with an impossible scrap of cubes that have no sets of three. All the time spent on that level will have been for nothing. You can play Cube Crash and other free browser games here. In this game, you have to plan ahead. So put on some good music, and strategize while you connect pieces and rack up points. See how high you can get your score without screwing yourself over by the end of the level. Happy crashing! Bingo Looking for a chance to kill time and earn cash? This ain't your mama's bingo. Online bingo sites make it easier than ever to learn to play bingo, earn free playing bonuses, and make some friends. True, bingo is almost entirely luck. That's why it's one of the oldest and most addicting time killing games out there. You really can't make any epic mistakes in luck games like bingo. However, because money is involved, you'll need to make sure you're willing to lose whatever money you come in with. You may also find it hard to access bingo sites at work or other places with strict internet firewalls. It is one of the best online game that can help you to achieve your goals. While bingo is regulated like gambling, it's legal in all 50 states. Always make sure you're playing bingo games on reputable websites that have permission to host. Be conscious of your in-app purchases, and know your limits. Who knows? You may actually make some extra cash on the side while wasting the day away. More Time Killing Games and Content That's all I've got for ya. If you're feeling heroic and creepy, you can shoot demons on mars in Doom or split peas at Zombies. You might even make to the end of the nightmarish storytelling of A Dark Room. When you want some time killing games that won't give you nightmares, you've always got Cube Crash and good split' fashioned Bingo. Still not enough? If you enjoyed this post, check even more killer content on our blog. We can't wait to waste more of your time. 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