Federal Government and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis They Created

Federal Government

As of now, we have to agree that there is a housing access gap in America that was caused by the federal government through the housing authorities. Low-income earners have always found it hard to afford mortgages, and this has resulted in homelessness and a lot of strain in paying rent. On the other hand, those who earn more money can repay their loans with ease and even afford to take over homes from the poor who cannot clear their debts.

A home mortgage in American means a lot to all citizens because it moves them from a state of poverty to a new level. Thus, all people are actively looking for affordable mortgages even if they will be paying it for the next 30 to 35 years.

The Origin of the Crisis:

Most of the crisis started way back in the early 90s, although it has always been a problem since the depression when politicians coerced the government and authorities in the housing market to change the mortgage laws. They needed this to be made easy for borrowers so that they could access mortgages that everyone knows too well that they cannot afford.

But the tricky part is that the low-income earners are blocked from accessing mortgages on homes in specific areas that are reserved for the rich. Most activists have considered this unfair and thus started pressuring the government to amend the laws. But this falls on deaf ears, or maybe we can say that the manipulative underlying force is too powerful.

The Subprime Crisis:

By 2008, the crisis started to escalate even further when the housing authorities started to give even higher mortgage loans to anyone who applied. Economic analysts in the US stated that this strategy was highly orchestrated by a group of powerful politicians with an agenda.

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Pressure from Activists:

As things started to collapse in the housing department, activists started to pile significant pressure on the government to amend housing policies to correct the mistakes they have made. According to Gale Cincotta, one of the most vocal activists, borrowers will always go for the underwriting that favors them. Thus, all lenders are supposed to tightening this process by coming up with realistic factors. This will make it easy to convince borrowers, especially when they are taken through the process.

As a result of this, the Clinton government bowed to the pressure and decided to come up with better housing goals that favored the low-income earners. Mind you, this is the group that had caused all of the problems when they were given access to mortgages with hard-to-meet conditions.


The federal government already put America into a housing mess and the effects can still be felt even today. Most poor people are still struggling to pay rent instead of owning a home. However, there is a lot of hope as affordable home projects keep on getting better.

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