How does it Feel Like Riding a Bike as your Passenger?


23 October 2018



Motorcycles first appeared in 1894, Hildebrand & Wolfmuller was the first company to produce these machines on a bigger scale. First bikes weren’t as impressive as you might think, so before you overemphasize and let yourself get carried away, I will shatter any false visions. Imagine a large bicycle with a small, cylindrical engine and fuel tank – don’t forget two simply looking handlebars! And that is it! A pretty ordinary looking machine. Thankfully the 19th and 20th century were the eras of constant advancements, motorcycles included. Ever since 2014 Honda, Yamaha and Hero MotoCorp are graded to be the largest global producers of the little, steel ponies. Some even prefer them to cars!

The feelings:

I want you to think about, how you feel when you get on your bike. What thoughts run through your head when the engine comes to life and purrs ever so softly? Do you feel the excitement? And then your body vibrates, in sync with the power coming from the insides on your machine. As you pick up speed, your life has a whole new rhythm and the wind in your hair reminds you, that now you and your shining pony are one. And there is nothing in this world, that could stop you! But hey, what about your riding buddy in the back? And I don’t mean your best friend with hands full of beer from the local liquor store. I’ve prepared a true treat for those, who wonder what do woman feel like when they get on a bike. Surely being the female passenger must feel different.

Daniela and this really good looking guy:

I knew Daniela had a very interesting summer in Brazil, somewhere in the suburbs of Rio, to be more specific – that’s why I decided to ask her about her experience with motorcycles. I guess I was a thrill seeker for a little while. I got bored of my dull life and duties of a daughter, sister, and a student. My aunt and uncle have a chain of souvenir stores in Rio de Janeiro. They promised to take me in for a few months, so I’d see more of the world or something. God knows how she ended up on the streets of Rio, with a bunch of strangers and about to participate in a street motorcycle race. Daniela couldn’t really process what was going on, somebody gave her a leather belt and she was told to let her blond curls loose from her ponytail. I chose to ride with this really a good looking guy, with raven black hair and ice blue, pinning look in his eyes. He shouted something over his shoulder and approached his bike. Maybe he offered her his name. Daniela wasn’t certain what would make her feel more comfortable and not so out of place. The bikes made their way to the race line and she hurryingly grabbed a cool looking helmet from an unattended pile of those safety features. They had no female motorcycle helmets and once I put men’s on, I could barely see a thing. So I took it off and mindlessly placed it on my hip. Her biker finally stopped playing around with his machine and gave her a funny look – ‘You know we need to sit back to back, si?’ I was excited and utterly terrified at the same time -she recalls as we sit in my living room with warm socks on our feet and large mugs of hot cocoa. And the wind outside picks up, we can hear it howl somewhere in the attic. It’s warm in the house but for some odd reason we both shiver – probably for two distant reasons.

Illegal street racing:

When the time came, Daniela wrapped the belt around herself and offered the side with the buckle to the handsome guy. Some viewer, a small girl with red stockings and a pair of heavy looking boots – surely no older the Daniela – ran it their direction pointing at whatever my dear friend had with her. Once Red Stockings got closer, she shouted something in Spanish. Darn, I should have paid attention in class! At that moment I had no idea what to say. Before my friend started panicking about her inability to speak Spanish, the girl pointed at the helmet and said ‘Casco, no.’ – and took it from her hands with a toothy grin. And then they unexpectedly took off. All Daniela could hear was her own screams, she shut her eyelids closed and as they picked up speed the chilly night air hit her face. I swear, all I could hear was the roaring engine and the cheering crowds. She has never ridden a motorcycle, let alone back to back in a most likely illegal street race! Daniela squeezed her hands tighter around the guy’s waist and waited for it to end. There were 5 labs in the opening race and she remained in that uncomfortable position. We got off the bikes for a ten-minute break, I was shaking like crazy and blood pulsed in my ears. But something made me go again, and again, and again. Daniela was a passenger on a street race motorcycle every week, for a few months during her time in Brazil.

The Need for Speed:

What attracts these people to do such crazy things? I will never know because speed makes me nervous. I enjoyed Daniela’s story and hopefully, you did too! But remember, we are only people – really fragile beings and sometimes we do before we think. So don’t go experimenting with motorcycles and speed in a street race the first time you try. If your a biker with greater experience, please remember that there is something like adrenaline addiction – and this is a dangerous thing to be hooked on. Helmets up, speedometers down and be careful! If you really want to woo your girl with the help of your steel pony take her for a ride, not a race – stargazing and dinner recommended.

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Towing Mirrors

Towing Mirrors: Everything You Need To Know Right Now

The final destination movie series taught us one thing and that is to steer very clear of big trucks. Can’t say we blame you when you see a trailer truck on the road and change lanes. After all, trailer trucks are very difficult to drive and very vulnerable to road accidents. Most of the time, the trailer truck driver is unable to see obstacles or cars on the road due to the long length of the truck. This is one of the biggest reasons why there are so many truck accidents nowadays. The major reasons are improper cargo loading, drunk driving, mechanical issues, and visibility issues. Here, we will talk about visibility issues and how it contributes to unfortunate trailer truck accidents. What Role Does Improper Visibility Play In Trailer Truck Accidents? When your trailer or towing truck has some additional weight or cargo loaded on the back, it becomes very difficult to have complete visibility of the traffic behind. Moreover, standard mirrors do not have the ability to provide a full vision of the load on your truck and the traffic behind the load. Hence, this blocked visibility is what causes numerous road accidents. Blind spots play a major role in road hazards especially when it comes to trailer trucks and towing. In fact, blind sports are the major reason why towing-related casualties occur. You need to have full and good peripheral vision. However, this carelessness and disregard for safety and proper vision is the reason why truck road accidents have seen a hike of 52% since 2009. Out of this, 74% of these truck accidents involve big trucks such as trailer trucks. But, how do we avoid this? We can’t decrease the length of the trailer truck and we certainly can not use the truck for loading cargo. Then, what is a viable solution? The Solution; Towing Mirrors What are towing mirrors? Towing mirrors are extendable and attachable rearview mirrors. These mirrors have many features, the most important one being the adjustable length and height of towing mirrors. Towing mirrors are not just limited to towing truck use, they can be used for trucks with big trailer tails. So, if you want to avoid tow truck and trailer truck-related accidents, you must get towing mirrors for your truck. Personally, we have seen many satisfied customers of Holden Colorado Towing Mirrors. If you wish to avoid accidents and mishaps, opt for Holden Colorado to get the best towing mirrors. Trust me, you will not be disappointed and you will definitely understand how important they are. Towing mirrors are so important that in most states, the use of a towing mirror that provides a 200 feet view has become law. For example, in the United States, you are required by law to have a set of towing mirrors that allow a rearview of 200 feet. This law was passed when trail trucks and tow trucks related accidents and casualties started seeing a spike. A twenty meters view is required from the driver's position, as stated by the law. What Are The Benefits Of Towing Mirrors? Towing mirrors are the best solution for you if your trailer truck or tow truck does not have a good enough standard rearview mirror. And let's be honest, most of the trucks do not have a satisfactory rearview vision. In shorter and easier-to-understand words, here are some major benefits of towing mirrors. 1. Extended visibility The first and most important benefit of a towing mirror is the extended vision. When your vehicle has another vehicle or trailer hitched on the back, it will become very difficult to have proper vision. Towing mirrors provide a full and wide peripheral vision. 2. Safety The normalization of towing mirrors in tow trucks is a major contributing factor to why towing-related accident rates have started going down. With a wide visibility system installed in big trucks and tow trucks, blind spots are avoided and hence, ensure the safety of not just the driver but also the other drivers in the traffic. Towing mirrors ensures safe driving and there is nothing more important than the safety of human lives. 3. Automatic Heat function In winters, fog assembles and collects on these extendable mirrors. This is very common in cool areas where there is a lot of snowfall as well. It is not feasible or convenient to manually wipe rearview mirrors, let alone towing mirrors. This is because towing mirrors are extended to a height where you will have a lot of trouble extending your arm. Lucky for us, most towing mirrors have an automatic heating function feature. This system clears up the fog gathered on the mirrors automatically. Worry less! 4. Adjustable Another great feature of towing mirrors is that they are adjustable. Other than height control, towing mirrors have detaching features too. Most caravanners have this question, “do we have to remove the mirror once unhitched?” The answer is yes. As regulated by law, no obstacle or object is allowed to protrude 150 mm from the sides of the vehicle. Hence, it is important that you detach your towing mirrors when not in use to avoid hefty fines. Luckily, towing mirrors are detachable and you can easily install and reinstall them. 5. Blind spot display system The recent and newer models of towing mirrors have a camera under the towing mirror. This camera further enhances the vision of the road and the load attached to your vehicle and makes blind spots very visible to you, even at night. This is called the blind spot display system.  The camera image is displayed on the screen of the center console. 6. Legal requirement Lastly, as we have discussed before that many states have made it compulsory to have a towing mirror installed in your tow truck or trailer. If you are seen violating these laws, you will be fined heavily. Each mirror infringement gives you a £1,000 fine. However, it is important to note that you are only legally restricted to use towing mirrors when there is a load hitched to your vehicle. If you keep towing mirrors on otherwise, you will be violating other traffic laws. Additionals: Mirrors For Sale – Finding a Perfect Home Decorative ItemHow Activity Mirrors Add Value to Exercise Place!Mirror Decorating Ideas To Style Your Bathroom

Car Shipping

Why Use Car Shipping Services & How A Cost Calculator Can Help

As one of the most valuable possessions you have, your vehicle is one of those assets that you always take good care of. Or, at least you’re trying to take good care of it. Thus, when relocating to a different city or state, for example, you’ll think twice before deciding to drive a car such a long distance. Instead of driving, you’ll start thinking about using car shipping services. Yet, you won’t really be sure if that’s a good idea, and if you come across a car shipping calculator, you won’t know how helpful it can exactly be. Both of those questions are certainly highly important, so what I’ll do now is answer them for you, helping you both make the right decision and figure out what to do with the calculator should you choose to use these services. Why Use Car Shipping Services Unsurprisingly, we’re going, to begin with the question of why using the car shipping option is a great idea. There are quite a few reasons to do this, and you’ll now get familiar with some of them. Learning about those reasons will help you ultimately decide if this is the right solution for you, or if you should perhaps decide to drive after all. I highly doubt that, but still. It’s a possibility. In addition, if you need to transport your car consider using the reliable car shipping services offered by" Reduce the Risk of Damage Driving your car a very long distance can certainly take a toll on it and lead to some damage. Some issues you could face with it could be minor and insignificant, while others could be quite serious and, of course, expensive. Using the car shipping option, you’ll reduce the risk of damage, because your vehicle won’t be driven, but instead transported by a professional who has done this numerous times before and knows how to do it safely and successfully. No Stress The stress of driving for far too long is something nobody wants to experience. When you first think about driving a very long distance, it may sound like a fun road trip, and you may get excited about it. After you’ve been on the road for a while, though, stress will replace excitement, and you’ll regret the day you decided to drive instead of using the shipping option and avoid any kind of stress whatsoever. Here’s what to know about car shipping: Avoid Injuries Being behind the wheel for far too long can not only be stressful but also lead to some injuries. No matter how comfortable your car is, sitting for long periods of time can lead to back injuries. And then, there’s also the fact you may have an accident on the road, which can result in even more serious injuries. Using the car shipping option will help you completely avoid the risk of those injuries. Save Time Time is certainly among those resources that you don’t want to waste. Saving it is, instead, your goal, because saving time on one thing means you can focus on other important things, or even just relax and recharge your batteries. With the car shipping solution, you’ll definitely get to save time, as you won’t be trapped behind the wheel. Save Money On Unforeseen Expenses Since talking of saving things, we can’t fail to mention money. Sure, you’ll be paying for the shipping service, but there are a lot of things you won’t be paying for if you decide to go for it instead of driving yourself. Basically, you won’t pay for gas, road trip food, accommodation, etc. And, you won’t incur any unforeseen costs, such as those that could arise from your vehicle needing repairs after being damaged on the road. Read more on how to transport your car. How a Cost Calculator Can Help After mentioning money, we have to start dealing with the next important thing that you’re wondering regarding these particular services. How can those shipping cost calculators actually help you and should you use them? Well, they help by providing you with a clear estimate on the amount you’ll pay when transporting your car with a specific company and on specific dates, allowing you to set a clear budget for it aside, as well as to find the best and the most reasonable deal. Using them can and will help you pay a fair price. Read Also: 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Company AutoTempest: Is It The Best Search Engine For Cars? Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

Car Rims

What Do You Need To Change Car Rims?

If you’re a regular car user, changing your car rims is something that you might only do if they either get scratched by a pavement, or they get completely worn out.  For car enthusiasts though, this is a completely different story. Car lovers are known to tweak certain things about their cars just to make things look, sound or even feel better. Most of them do it as a hobby and are even prepared to spend top dollar in their quest to alter or improve the condition of their cars. If you think that this is a hobby that you could easily take to, then one of the parts of your car that could be easier, to begin with, is your car rims. For those that are completely clueless about cars, a rim is the cylindrical outer edge of a wheel that supports and holds the tire to it. They are definitely among the most noticeable parts of a car. For any true car enthusiast, having a set of rims that complement the car’s aesthetic appeal is very important. You might choose to have them off-the-shelf or get customized diamond-cut alloys. In fact, you can opt to design and personalize your own from scratch thanks to modern-day technology. Wheels vary in size and style, and this can adversely affect the type of car rims. Bigger wheels are considered sportier and are ranked higher, but they also come with their fair share of cons. Be ready to experience a change in fuel consumption, steering performance, speedometer reading, and quick tire wear if this is what you’d like to go for. A good rim is one that fits well in the tire. As it rotates around the tire nods, the contact that occurs produces friction that helps the wheel turn. You don’t want to have a set that interferes with your wheel turns, so it is advisable to seek help from a rim professional before purchasing any set. This will ensure that you get the most worthy set for your car. When it comes to types of rims, the steel rims are more affordable and are usually covered by a hubcap to make them more appealing. They are also heavier than other rim materials. The aluminum rims are stylish and durable, while the carbon-fibered ones are newer, durable and light-weighted. This helps a lot in the conservation of fuel. Simple steps to guide you when replacing your car rims: Installing new rims isn’t hard, but it requires careful execution and the right set of tools to make sure it’s done correctly. Be sure to follow these simple steps to guide you when replacing your car rims at home. 1. Select and buy New Rims The whole rim replacement process begins by purchasing a new set. You can do this by visiting various local auto parts dealers in your area. You can also opt to check online from a well-known shop that offers stylish yet durable rims. You’ll also have to give a bit of thought into the color. Red rims tend to provide a more personalized look while chrome rims give your car a nice and noticeable shine. Black rims tend to be more popular within the younger generation as it gives the vehicle a darker curbside appeal. Don’t forget to check the weight of the rim as this affects your vehicle’s overall performance. Also, be sure to match your new rims to your current tires. The diameters of the new and old set should be equal. You’ll also need to check whether the bolt patterns and bore circle diameter are similar in order to perfectly fit. Collision might occur if the rims aren’t fitting. 2. Make sure the Vehicle is Stable. Ensure you have a flat and level spot to park. For automatic cars, be sure that the car is in the park and the emergency brake is secured. We don’t want the car to accidentally roll forward or backward. Instances where the vehicle rolls are very common. This is especially when you end up rushing the process without paying much attention. This often happens to people who are removing a wheel for the very first time. You can use a piece of wood, a rock, brick or any other firm item that is a few inches high to support the wheel. 3. Lift the car and Remove the Wheel You’ll need to start off by removing the hubcap using a screwdriver. Similar to changing a tire, look for notches or grooves under the car where you can safely place the car jack. Take the car jack and use it to slowly raise the wheel until a bit of the weight has been taken off the wheel. Slightly raising prevents the whole wheel from turning as you loosen up the nuts. Apply force while removing the lug nuts as they’re usually tightened up pretty good. Before you loosen the nuts all the way, pump the jack and completely lift the wheel off the ground, but do not overly suspend it in the air. Then, use a socket wrench to turn the nuts counterclockwise. Make sure not to lose the bolts as they will be used with the new rims. Remove the wheel and lay it flat on the ground. 4. Remove the Old Rim Let the air out of the tire because it’s harder to remove the rim with all of it still in there as it will require more effort and take more time. Insert a tire lever on various points of the wheel; be careful not to damage the tube. Once done, go ahead and pry the old rim off the tire. You can also apply oil around the edges of the rim to make it easier for it to pop out. Make sure to do it evenly so as to prevent the rim from bending. Cheaper rims tend to bend easily and this makes them unable to be re-used once damaged. 5. Attach the New Rim Be sure to remove any dust from the side tubes and tires by using a wire brush. This will provide a clean and even mounting surface. After attaching the new rim, re-inflate the tire by using an air compressor. Carefully place the tire back on the hub and align the rim with the car’s wheel bolts. You can use your hands to screw in the nuts before you pick up the torque wrench. It is important to note that each vehicle has different torque specifications that are set by the manufacturer. So before you purchase one, make sure you look for one that is compatible with your car. They are a bit pricey and if you want a quality wrench you might have to spend close to $100. The car jack is used to apply a specific force to a bolt and prevent over-tightening. They make sure the wheel nuts are neither too tight nor too loose. These torque wrenches come in four styles; dual beam, bending beam, digital beam, and the click style. For the clicker, you’ll hear a click sound from the wrench once the required torque is attained. After you’re done be sure to reset the wrench to zero. This will help keep it calibrated for longer, but in case you happen to damage it, you can get it repaired by taking it to your nearest auto dealer shop. 6. Carefully Lower the Car to the Ground After you’re sure that everything is well in place, slowly lower the car to the ground until the tires have taken back the vehicle’s weight.  Afterward, proceed to gently remove the jack. Once done, attach the hubcap and repeat these steps on the rest of the wheels. When all the rims have been replaced, you’ll need to check the alignment of each wheel. You can do this through a test drive to be sure that the rims won’t pop off. Try and keep a low speed as you do so. In case the vehicle isn’t stable, you can go to your nearest shop and have a professional fix the issue. For all automobiles, the right set of rims is important.  This is because they contribute towards whether your ride will be smooth or rough. Comfort and durability come first for many drivers.  As you might have seen from the outlined steps, replacing an old rim isn’t necessarily difficult. Yes, it might take time, but the final result will be worth it. Be careful not to damage the rims or puncture your tires during the whole process as this will end up costing you, instead of saving your coins. If you still feel like you can’t manage the rim change on your own, remember, asking for help is always an option. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from people who are more familiar with such situations. It’s better to have it done well and ensure the durability of the car rims. Cars can say a lot about their owners. What does your car say about you? Read Also :  Useful Tips About Mobile Car Detailing To Avoid Any Costly Maintenance And Repair Issues Washing Your Car: 7 Dos And Don’ts