7 Friendly Tips for Small-Chested Women on Finding the Perfect-Fit Bra

If you are a small-chested woman, you are not excused on the problem of searching for the right bra. Bra shopping can be a nightmare when it started on the wrong fence. The size of your breasts is not something that cannot be controlled unless you go under surgery, which is pretty expensive. There is a different set of concerns as well as dedicated bra tips for small breasts.

Women with small breasts recognized these problems: cup sizes never really fit and straps always falling down. However, these problems can go away because there is actually information on how to get fitted, supportive, and comfortable bras for their needs.

7 Friendly Tips for Small-Chested Women on Finding the Perfect-Fit Bra

Below are some tips that small-chested women can follow before doing online bra shopping:

Know your right size and fit :

No matter what your size is, knowing the right measurement of your breasts is important. If you still do not know what your size, you may get fitted by a professional, whether in your local store or someone who knows bras. The professional would help you know the right cup and width size for your bra. If you do know someone who can help you, you can watch some tutorials online such as Youtube videos offering step by step on how to calculate what bra size works best for you.

Pick and try the best material for you :

Lace is one of the best materials you can try because it fits tighter compared to stretchy synthetic fabrics. Heavier lace is a good one because it can fit more tightly, providing better support compared to some thinner lace that offers more stretch. The key here is to fit more types of lace until you feel the right tightness and support it provides. Another recommended is cotton lingerie because it is soft and provides comfort. It may become your go-to bra under any outfit of your choosing. You will never go wrong with the cotton material.

Consider wire-free bra :

This may sound like a few girls with small-chested can really wear wire-free bras because it gives comfort that wired-bras cannot offer. You can choose bras without wire and be able to avoid the skin-digging problem, after all, you are after the right petite cup bra for you.

Choose fitted bras :

Fitted bras may be the safest bet among bras because it always makes our breasts look firm ever. It provides an illusion that your size is up higher. You can check your measurement every six months to make sure that you are wearing the right fitted bra for you.

Up to one notch the cup size :

Before choosing a notch higher on your cup size, ensure that it fits properly. Make sure it sits smoothly on your breasts and cozy around your body with no spillage over the cups. Going up on your cup size is mostly recommended when purchasing a padded bra. Having padded bras ensure that your chest area is well-covered but still providing a better cleavage.

Go for demi cup bras :

Why are demi-cup bras great? One major reason is it gives an enhanced cleavage. The best choice would be demi-cup bras with no padding that is perfectly designed for small-busted women. This type of bra can cover the lower part of the breasts, offering tilted cups that push the breasts towards the middle. Most importantly, they are comfortable to wear.

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Spend wisely on multi-way style

The multi-way bra is worth every penny because it provides support, comfort, and functions well. This bra style offers many features, making it as a maximum push-up bra. You can wear as a halter, strapless for a special occasion, and criss-cross. It can be customized according to your needs no matter what size you are.

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