How to Fix Being Skinny Fat

Published on: 13 October 2017 Last Updated on: 28 January 2020
Fix Being Skinny Fat

What is skinny fat? The term skinny fat could be very confusing, for how could someone be skinny and fat at the same time? But to make this clear skinny fat people are those individuals who look skinny on clothes but they have body fat which is high and muscle mass which is very low. But they look very soft and flabby underneath those clothes.

The question that many people ask is, do you have a struggle in gaining weight and building up your muscles no matter how much are you eating? If despite the fact that you have a skinny look you still have a fat look. In this case, you would be probably suffering from a condition called skinny fat. You should not worry if you have this situation all you need to do is just a little change in your nutrition while you are performing a skinny fat workout.

Discussed below is how to fix fat skinny by having a skinny fat workout that helps in losing fat, gaining muscle and having a better look; and also the nutrition and diet which will help you fix this condition.

How to Fix Being Skinny Fat:

Poor nutrition:

Poor nutrition

As much as we may consider the root source of skinny fat condition as not having the correct workouts the problem majorly stems from poor nutrition. Despite your high metabolic rate junk food, alcohol, having irregular mealtime as well as not having enough sleep makes your body to store unwanted fats.

Increase calorie intake:

For you to gain muscles, you have to increase calorie intake daily. But as you take this make sure it only comes from natural, healthy sources. If you end up splitting these foods into six times a day instead of the usual three meals a day, it will ensure that your metabolic rate is consistent. If you are taking alcohol, then it may jeopardize your ability to fix to be skinnyfat. Once alcohol is in your body, then your body will store a lot of fat as alcohol needs to be processed first

Skinny diet plan:

Skinny diet

As mentioned above diet plays a critical role in losing weight thus you can not only rely on a good workout plan but also a diet plan. If your diet is not good enough, then your body may not be able to lose the excess fat. Below is a good diet plan that will help you fix the skinny-fat condition.

Cut the crap:

Anything fancy is no requirement for your nutrition. just cut out anything that is not natural, deep-fried food and any junk food such as chocolate and cakes. It is not that you should not completely take them but instead reduce the amount and the number of times you take in a week.

Reduce carbohydrates:

A diet that is lower in carbohydrates will assist you to lose weight very fast. It is preferred that you should take fewer carbohydrates since your body is still in need of it and also it is the source of fiber. As you take this, you just need to be smart about it.

Fruit and veggies:

Fruit and veggies

Some fruits and vegetables such as potatoes contain carbohydrates, but they have a wide range of nutrients that your body needs. You should take at least two pieces of fruit each day and at least five servings of vegetables.


If there is something tough to do is taking the required amount of water each day. You should have a record of the amount of water you taking each day to try taking the minimum requirement of 2 liters a day.

Skinny fat workout:

In the case that you have sorted your diet out then its time to have started performing exercises in your skinny fat diet or workout to ensure that you have muscle growth in the shortest time possible. You should perform these workouts three times a day ensuring that you have a break after every session. The most preferred exercises are squats, maxi climber, treadmill among others. They are considered essential in building up your muscles since they work for multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Skinny fat workout plan:

If you want to fix the skinny fat condition and get results as soon as possible then below is a recommended workout plan. It is always good to have a proper plan for with it you are likely to stick and be consistent.

1-2 days of high-intensity workout training:

As mentioned above the workouts should not take much of your time. You should not have them overdone for they will make your legs be over muscular.

1-2 days rest:

The most important thing to give your body is time to rest and also time to recover your muscles. Doing an excess training may make your body hold onto excess fat. So in a case where you are having a feeling that your body needs some rest then think twice you just need to rest.

If you follow these well, then your skinny fat condition will be fixed in a very short period.


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Feet Stronger

4 Essential Ways Of How To Make Your Feet Stronger

The human feet are a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art that enables you to stand for long hours, walk for long distances, hop, skip and jump and follow the activities that your heart wants to follow. Just like a sound foundation ensures that a building stands upright forever; having strong feet ensure a longer, happier, and healthier life. However, we often tend to take our feet for granted.  Even the best of athletes focus upon building muscles legs, arms, calves, abs, and the rest of the body; but hardly anyone pays attention to the feet. We seem to forget the fact that our feet are involved in almost every activity we do. They provide us the support and balance in almost all our bodily movements. Lack of strength in our feet is therefore bound to compromise our ability to do any physical activity; be it walking, running, jump, high-intensity sporting event, or even standing! The Science Behind the Structure of the Feet Before we embark upon knowing the ways about how to ensure that your feet stronger, it is important to understand the three most important aspects that dictate how strong or weak your feet are. These are - 1.The Soles  Most of us who wear shoes all day long have very soft and tender feet soles. You would have noticed that those who spend time barefooted, have thicker soles. This makes them stronger and firmer and they are able to withstand superficial injuries as well as normal wear and tear quite easily. 2. The Joints, Muscles, And Tendrils Of The Feet  The human foot is a very complex structure. It is made of 33 joints, 26 bones, and almost 100 ligaments! They all are designed to function in a manner that the foot can take the weight of the entire body and spread it evenly to maintain balance in all types of movement. Strong feet not only help an efficient movement but also help in improving the posture. They also help in avoiding spinal injuries by efficiently maintaining our balance, thus cushioning the effect of any jerks. 3. Arches in the Feet  The arches in our feet help in an efficient rolling action, which maintains the balance during movement. Sometimes the arches are not well developed, giving rise to a situation commonly known as flat feet. When someone is flat-footed, it is difficult to maintain good rolling action which in turn leads to a lower range of action consequently lowering strength as well as speed. How to Make Your Feet Stronger Most of us are blessed with well-shaped feet that can take the rigors of our daily life and all the activities we undertake, but often we tend to neglect our feet and suffer the consequences by way of loss of strength as well as suffer from early aging symptoms. It is but natural that if the feet are weak, a person's mobility will be restricted and he will do fewer activities. This would have an adverse effect on overall health. On the other hand, if a person is active,  some of the drawbacks of being flat-footed can be overcome. Here are some of the ways of how to make your feet stronger - Exercises By consciously spending some time doing the following specific exercises is the best way to make your feet stronger – Caterpillar Type Movement – (Benefit- Strengthens the arches) Lie down on your back, draw your knees and place the feet flat on the floor about 8 inches away from each other. Then lift the arches of both the feet and simultaneously pull your toes backward toward the heels. Keep this position for a few seconds and bring back the arches and toe to their original position. Then do the reverse- arches up and heels toward the toes. Repeat this set three to five times. Windshield Wiper Movement – (Benefit- Strengthens the entire foot and improves ankle stability) In continuation with the caterpillar type movement exercise listed above, lift the toes, keeping the feet flexed while only the heels are touching the floor. Then slowly roll your feet to the ground and lift the heels keeping only your toes are on the ground. Repeat 8-10 times. Wing and Sickle Movement - (Benefit - Strengthens the ankles and promotes correct posture) Continue lying down as above and roll your feet inward along the inner edge in line with the toe, then roll outwards in line with a small finger. Do this 3-5 times. The Round Knot Movement - (Benefit - Stretches the ligaments and aids foot alignment) Sit upright on the floor and extend your legs in front. Bend the left knee towards yourself and interlace the fingertips of the right hand with the left toes. Inch them forward and backward giving the foot a stretch. Repeat 6-8 times. Then do the same with the other foot. Toughening up Your Feet There are many other ways of how to make your feet stronger. Stand More Often – Our daily life is mostly based on sitting. Be it office or home, we spend the day sitting. Consciously standing more often would help strengthen and stretch the muscles of the feet. Jogging/Walking on the Sand – If you have access to a sandy beach, try walking or running gently on the sand. This would increase the flexibility and strength in your feet and exercise the arch.     Read also: Why Jumping on Trampolines is More Beneficial than Running or Jogging? Walking Barefoot– Crazy as it may appear, walking on smooth rocks can do wonders for your feet' strength. Walking barefoot on grass is equally effective as it toughens up the feet soles and makes the feet stronger. Using Shoes With Insoles Insoles were traditionally used for making short people appear taller. These days however they are scientifically designed for multiple functions and assist in skiing, biking, golf, etc. Using best insoles for flat feet ensures not only physical comfort but also improves efficiency and performance in all your multifarious activities. Even those who suffer from other ailments like Morton’s Neuroma and plantar fasciitis can benefit by using the best insoles for flat feet and carry out all activities normally. Go On, Focus On Your Feet! If you want to enhance your control, balance, and power, it is important to start focusing on strengthening your feet. It will also make you agile with better control of movement. Following these simple tips in your daily routine can put you on the way to balanced, more powerful, and stronger feet in a matter of a few days! Read also: Get up and Workout! Things to Consider


Smoking and Other Negative Lifestyle Habits You Need to Kick to the Curb This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more cognizant of our mortality. Many people are starting to become more aware of the importance of healthy living. Smoking are responsible for up to 90% of all lung cancer diagnoses, as well as many other types of cancer. One of the most important steps towards a healthier lifestyle is identifying and breaking self-destructive habits. You almost certainly have at least one bad habit that is threatening your health and well-being. Your quality of life and life expectancy will drastically improve if you take the correct action. Here are some highly unhealthy habits that you should avoid at all costs. Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes are probably the least healthy mainstream habit in the United States. They are responsible for more preventable deaths than anything else. Although the prevalence of smoking has dropped drastically since the 1970s, 480,000 people still die of cigarette use every year. Cigarettes are responsible for up to 90% of all lung cancer diagnoses, as well as many other types of cancer. In addition to causing premature deaths, cigarettes also hurt your quality of life in numerous ways. They cause vision problems, depression, anxiety, impaired lung function, and many other serious issues. If you are a regular smoker, your number one priority should be to quit. This is the single biggest change in your life that will benefit your health. You can try using tobacco free dip to move away from cigarettes. Consuming Food Late In The Evening You might be tempted to have late-night snacks. There might be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps you didn’t get enough protein with your dinner. You might have eaten dinner too early in the evening, which leaves you feeling hungry an hour or two before bedtime. You might simply feel like snacking to alleviate anxiety. Regardless of the reason, eating snacks late at night creates multiple health risks. It is a precursor to weight gain because your body can’t process the food as efficiently as late at night. Late-night snacks also tend to disrupt your sleep patterns. You might have trouble falling asleep at all and struggle to reach deep REM sleep when you finally doze off. Eating Too Much Meat Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ham sandwiches are major staples in the western diet. Meat isn’t just tasty. It also is a rich source of protein. Unfortunately, many people consume meat excessively. You may develop a number of health problems if you eat too much of it, especially red meat. What health risks can it create? Regular consumption of processed and red meat increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and multiple types of cancer. A research team from the Harvard School of Public Health found that eating one serving of processed red meat every day increased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease or cancer by 20%. You don’t need to become a vegan. However, you should minimize your consumption of meat and reserve red meat for special occasions. Using Your Smartphone Too Often (Especially In The Evening) Smartphones are the newest addition that is taking over our lives. Unfortunately, they are so widely accepted that most people refuse to acknowledge the toll that they are taking on our health. Excessive smartphone use can be debilitating in a number of ways, such as: People that use smartphones regularly are more likely to suffer from back and neck problems. Every time that you look down to use your mobile device, you are putting around 60 pounds of pressure on your spine. You have a higher risk of developing vision problems. The light from your smartphone screen can cause long-term damage to your retina. Your eyes might also start to suffer from nearsightedness since you aren’t spending enough time looking out long distances. Your mobile devices might also disrupt your sleep patterns. If you are using them late at night, then you might be throwing off your circadian rhythms. You will have a harder time falling asleep and get less restorative REM sleep as well. You can’t be in denial about the problems that your smartphone is causing. You need to use it in moderation to prevent back, neck, and sleep problems. Read Also: Good Reasons to Stop Drinking in your 40’s