Free Summer Activities For Kids In North Wales


27 June 2017


Full of activities to keep the whole family amused, and especially the kids, Wales is a fantastic holiday destination with hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, caravan parks in North Wales and cozy self-catering cottages scattered across its 4,000 square miles. From farms to beaches, mountains to canals there is something to interest even the most iPad addicted kid. And fear not for your wallet – there’s plenty to do that won’t cost a penny!

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North Wales is literally surrounded with beautiful beaches, many of which have Blue Flag status.  Try Porth Dafarch on Anglesey for an open expanse of sand, clean water to swim in and rock pools to explore.  Or head to Moelfre where you can visit the famous RNLI Seawatch station.

For the full ice-cream-and-donkeys beach day out head to Llandudno. The west shore, facing Conwy, is somewhat quieter if you want to avoid the money-grabbing attractions of the North bay pier. To explore the town further try following White Rabbit footprints on the Alice in Wonderland trail and discover who the real Alice was (she lived there in the 1860s)

For something a little more unusual head to Porthor on the Llyn Peninsula and walk on the Whistling Beach – so-called because of the noise the sand makes as you walk across it. 

Country Parks

Tŷ Mawr country park lies in the Vale of Llangollen and offers plenty of walks, including the famous Pontcysyllte aqueduct. You can walk the 300m across the 18 arches, 38m up in the sky – if you dare! There is a visitors center, BMX track, Trim Trail and play area at the park.

Loggerheads near Mold in Denbighshire has a wealth of industrial heritage dating from it’s past as a lead mining settlement. You can visit the restored watermill, or follow the Discovery Trail to find out more.

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Wales is well known for its castles, both those built by the Welsh, and by the invading English. The best-preserved, such as Harlech and Conwy have entrance fees (although you can walk around the walls of Conwy for free). If you are prepared to go off the beaten track a little you can visit Dolbarden Castle with its huge tower still protecting Llanberis or Castell-y-Bere above Llanfihangel-y-pennant.  Look out for the little engines of the Talyllyn railway puffing up the valley. Thomas the Tank Engine fans may even be able to spot twins of Skarleoy, Rheneas, Duncan, Peter Sam or Sir Handel if they’re lucky!


Yes, you can go swimming for free! Of course, the sea is free, and many beaches boast RNLI lifeguards, but if you prefer your water bright blue and not salty seek out the Blue Lagoon near Fairbourne. The Fairy Glen near Betws-y-Coed also offers a few deep pools and paddling opportunities – plus you might see fairies!

National Slate Museum

Wales was once synonymous with slate and you can visit the free National Slate Museum in Llanberis to find out how it was mined, machined and where it ended up. Open daily with a variety of exhibits and demonstrations of slate splitting.


Showcasing the best of Welsh Art, MOSTYN has six ever-changing displays. Entrance to the exhibitions is free and the visitor team can provide Art Explorer sheets to help you make the most of your visit.

Teddy Bear Picnic Train Rides

On the 5th  and 6th of August, the Miniature Railway in Rhyl will be offering free train rides to children – but only if accompanied by a teddy (and, sadly, a fare-paying adult)! There will also be face painting, competitions, and other family activities.

With so much to do and plenty of great places to stay, North Wales is a veritable paradise for kids – and budget-friendly for adults too!

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Victoria Peak

5 Places you should see if you’re visiting Hong Kong for the first time

The sea, the harbor and a skyline filled with skyscrapers- most of us might think that this all there is to Hong Kong. But you’re wrong! Hong is so much more than this. It is streets filled with vendors and cheap restaurants and shopping experience of a lifetime. It is a place filled with amazing spiritual and historical destinations combined with modern-day technology that makes the experience all the more fun. If you’re planning on traveling to Hong Kong here is a list of things that will make your visit worth the while. Oh and don’t forget to book your hotel in Honk Kong before you leave. Victoria Peak: This Mountain is situated on the western half of Hong Kong and is approximately 550 m high. The peak offers tourists a variety of public parks and amazing views that are sure to make your day. From here you can view the famed Central Victoria Harbor and Lamma Island as well as all of the other surrounding islands. The Peak tower situated here offers a wide range of restaurants and shops for you to choose from and have your hearts fill from. The Sky Terrace of this tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole mountain. Avenue of Stars:  That’s right folks! Hong Kong has its own walk of fame which was made to act as a tribute to the native actors and actresses who brought international fame for Hong Kong or who provided great services for the local industry.  So take a walk along with the place which contains prints of your very own Bruce Lee. Symphony of Lights: This is the one thing that gains Hong Kong international popularity and recognition. The famed Symphony of Lights!  Considered to be the world’s largest permanent light and sound show, this happens every single night in the Hong Kong skyline. The lights are synchronized music are played and let’s just say that is a sight you’re not likely to forget anytime soon! P.S here’s a pro-tip for you- to get the best view of these lights to make sure you catch a ferry that takes you to the harbor. That will guarantee you the best seat in the house for this show. Read More: 6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo Hong Kong Disneyland: If you have children with you then this place should be o the top of your list. And if you don’t have any children with you, then this place should still be on your list, if you want to satisfy your inner child. The best rides and a throwback into the lives of characters of Disney fairytales! Talk about a trip to heaven! Ocean Park: If you’re looking for some grown-up amusement then this is the place for you my friends! With thrilling and adventurous rides, this place is bound to bring out the inner adrenaline junkie hidden inside you. So if you’re going to Hong Kong now, these are the places that you should definitely see. So pack your bags and get a ticket and don’t forget to book your hotel in Hong Kong before you go! Read also:  Inside the Sublime Environs of Kalpa – A Guide to Best Places 7 Travel Tips To Feed Your Wanderlust In Europe Best Vietnam Trekking Tours With North Vietnam Travel Three Amazing Travel Destinations In Africa Why Should Ladakh Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Motorcycle Track Day

8 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Motorcycle Track Day

So, it seems like you have decided to go on a track with your bike. The first motorcycle track can be daunting if you don't prepare well for it. There could be many possible reasons why you want to join the track day. Maybe you want to practice your skills or challenge yourself to be with other racers. Whatever your reason may be, you may have many questions in your mind. But don't worry, we are here to help. In this article, we have enclosed eight valuable tips you need to consider before planning your first motorcycle track, along with some easy guidelines to get you started. What is a Motorcycle Track Day? Many people get confused between a track day and MotoGP qualifying rounds. Taking a motorcycle to the track doesn't mean you are going for the racing. You need to understand that a track day is not a racing day. Because track days get hosted on a closed course (racetrack), you may learn at realistic speeds and in secure surroundings. For beginners, it is a great way to learn how to corner and to brake more confidently. You can't do this on the streets where rules are present for speed limits. That's why you need a track day to concentrate on improving your skills and riding freely. You'll also learn skills like body positioning, various cornering techniques, vision techniques, and the right time for gear shifting. 8 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Motorcycle Track Day As you've understood about the track day, it's time to explore valuable tips to prepare yourself for the day. You can achieve it with the help of the following eight practical and helpful information: Overview: Prepare Yourself Mentally And PhysicallyMake Your Bike Ready For The EventRead The Rules and RegulationsResearch About The TrackWear All Necessary GearsAttend Riders Meet and Ask ExpertsDon't Push Your Limits While RidingPack Track Day Checklist Items 1. Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically Before you even set off for the track day, we recommend that first, you should prepare yourself mentally and physically. You need to be relaxed and stop overthinking. Many beginner riders start thinking and hold expectations about that day. It'll affect your mindset and performance. One more thing is to have a good sleep before the track day. We know you must be excited, but a good sleep will put your concentration the next day on the track. Ensure you are physically fit and ready to take up the challenge to participate in the event. 2. Make Your Bike Ready For The Event If you've made yourself ready, it's time to prepare your bike for the track day. You should be aware of your bike's capacity and limitations, whether it can run on the track at higher speeds. Check the air pressure in the tires and see if the brakes and clutch are working correctly. Because your bike has to do the maximum daily task, you may get it serviced, check the engine oil, and fill the required fuel. Ensure all axle nuts, bolts, footpegs, headers, and handlebar are in perfect condition. Also, you need to remove extra things from your bike to lower the weight and increase the performance. Don't forget to carry your driving license and bike insurance with you. Remember, unlicensed drivers may have to pay compensation if they hit someone on the actual road. 3. Read The Rules and Regulations Here comes one more crucial aspect that you look for. It would be best if you went through all the rules and regulations for the event. You may face an accident-like situation if you have not read the rules. Therefore, note down the check-in timings, gear requirements, and other essential stuff. Further, always be prepared to handle a motorcycle accident by educating yourself about it. Most of the time, the event organizers ask to cover the lights and mirrors removal for the track day. It can drag your and the other riders' attention and can result in a severe accident. Check if you can bring eatables and water. 4. Research About The Track You will drive on a track that you may not be familiar with. Each track is different, so make sure you have the roadmap in mind. You can watch several videos and read blogs to learn about the track, cornering, and what a track layout looks like. Remember that a track day is not a racing day, so stay calm, start the first session at your comfortable speed, and analyze the track. 5. Wear All Necessary Gears As per event hosters, you must bring a one- or two-piece riding suit. Make sure it is comfortable, fit, and lightweight. Back protection can add more comfort to your riding journey. It would help if you had to bring an ACU gold standard approved helmet, strong track boots, and a pair of gloves. You should also not forget your elbow and knee protector. 6. Attend Riders Meet and Ask Experts Whether an experienced rider or new to track, you must attend rider meetings. The riders you meet on track day were someday at your place, beginner riders. You can ask for tips and ask your doubts. You may be astonished that other riders are ready to help you. Further, organizers also appoint some instructors to help riders. Each circuit has its flags, rules, and passing standards. 7. Don't Push Your Limits While Riding Riding beyond your limits will lead you to the medical center. So, you must understand you are here to improve your skills, meet riders and learn about the track. Forget about the lap time; know your riding level. Don't push up your limits in any situation. Just drive your way and enjoy the journey. 8. Pack Track Day Checklist Items Make a checklist a few days before the track day. It will help you to accomplish everything about the event. Here are some essential items on your checklist: leather suit, gloves, boots, helmet, driving license, motorbike, necessary tools, fuel, noise limits, additional clothes, food and water, and bike trailer and tow. Conclusion If you follow all the tips and guidelines mentioned above, you are ready to hit the track day. We have learned so far about how to prepare yourself for the track day. This guide was about the critical information a first-time rider should consider for the track day. These things include preparing yourself mentally & physically, getting your bike ready, reading the rules & regulations, researching the track, wearing essential gears, asking experts, and driving within your limits. Happy and safe riding! Additionals: 1. Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle2. Dos and Don’ts When You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Accident3. 5 Most Important Motorcycle Safety Tips All Riders Need to Know4. How to Get An Accurate Valuation of Your Motorcycle When Selling