Golf For Beginners: How To Perfect Your Game In Three Steps!

Let’s accept it; golf is an interesting yet complicated game with so many rules, a different type of clubs, playing etiquettes and of course terms like lingo, birdies, bump-and-runs, bogeys and what’s not!

Further, it’s calming, rewarding and quite challenging. While for some, it’s an obsession, for others, it’s an occasional hobby that they love cherishing.

No matter what it is for you if, at any point in life, you want to learn this game, here are a few tips that will help you play like a pro.

Step 1:

Choosing The Right Club:

No matter what game you’re playing, the right equipment can break or make the score of your game, and the golf is no exception. So, focus on finding the right club and golf ball for your game and enhance your game. The modern set of golf bag usually consists of three kinds of wood, a putter, at least one hybrids and seven irons, making a total of twelve clubs. However, as per golf club, you can take at least fourteen clubs in your bag.  Different types of golf clubs are:

  • Wood clubs: Wood clubs feature drivers and fairway woods. However, their clubs are not made of wood. Further, the clubs made of woods have large heads, usually hollow and extended in few inches from both sides. They also have long shafts, which help golfers swing with pace. These clubs are often used for long shots, including strokes that are played by teeing the ground.
  • Iron clubs: Iron clubs have solid heads and angled faces with grooves that help grip the golf ball with ease. They are usually used for tee shots or short holes.
  • Hybrids: Hybrids are also called utility clubs or rescue clubs and are numbered like iron clubs. Golfers also use it as a replacement for the long irons.
  • Wedges: While wedges have their own golf clubs, they are also called the sub-set of irons because they have same Clubheads as that of iron clubs. Further, they are the highest lofted clubs but are used for shorter shots.

Step 2:

Hitting With The Ideal Ball:

Look for multi-layer, urethane-covered models to make your golf game a success. You can also look for the best beginner golf balls that are less expensive, spinless and are easy to hit.  You can also pick fit two iron balls, wedges, and putter. Once you have the perfect golf ball that works with your scoring club, you can easily adjust your driver and other clubs.

Step 3:

Perfecting the Game: Golf can get you to think a lot; however, the obvious thing you can do is to get yourself a nice setup, check the ball and posture, and swing with ease. You can either build an indoor golf facility or get yourself a virtual golf simulator so you can hone your skills while at home. You should know:

  • When To Chip And Pitch: When you are ready to shoot, you will either hit the chip or a patch. While the chip shot will be low and will run along the ground, the pitch shot will fly high and will not roll much.
  • The Bunker Shot: The bunker shot is one shot where you simply swing the clubhead into the sand, which is behind the ball. To hit this shot, you need to hit harder than you usually do.
  • Don’t Forget Your Athleticism: Although golf is a mental sport, you still need dynamic and athletic movement to hit the swing. Golf is more like an endurance sport in which you need to build yourself for playing 18 holes.

If you are a novice in the game of golf, the above-mentioned tips are for you. keep them in mind and hit the game!

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