Buying Guide of Ping Pong Paddle


15 May 2019


Ping Pong Paddle

Using the right ping-pong paddle can significantly change your game and greatly decrease the strain on your hand. A wrong paddle not only affect your target, but it can as well affect your spin and the return time. There are numerous paddles on the market, but when it comes to buying a ping-pong paddle, you should search for one that offers the best play. Below are the features to look for;

Buying Guide of Ping Pong Paddle:

1. Brand:

You will get that some brands are slightly more expensive than others. The brands that have been in existence for a long time are well created, which makes them better than most base brands. But these high-end paddles are quite expensive. The purchase of such ping pong paddles can be quite high for a lot of individuals, particularly for first time players. It is recommended that you choose a brand that you can afford because there are other ping-pong products that you need to buy besides the paddles.

2. Grip

There are three types of grip: Flared, anatomical and straight. When searching for ping pong paddle, look out for the grip. The grip you choose should make you feel good when playing. Flared and straight handles are the most common options that are seen nowadays, although sometimes the anatomical grip can as well be seen. It is believed that flared grip is good for striking consecutive shots and if you want to hit backhands consider the straight handle, but do not worry about it. Just get something that is better and comfortable in your hands, and you can start.

3. Weight:

A lightweight ping pong paddle tends to be good for a defensive player and one who plays close to the table as it tends to help the player react quicker. The medium-weight paddle is a good choice for a player who is all around. A heavy paddle is a good option for players who are aggressive and want to make powerful-packed shots. It as well suits players who play from a far distance since the weight is required to pump power into the shots so they can easily overcome the extra distance. The heavier paddles offer a lot of spin and control; however, a heavy paddle has a slower reaction time due to the weight.

4. Size:

When you are shopping for a paddle, go for a paddle that you can buy and fits your budget. Large paddles tend to be expensive than standard size paddles. If you are a first-time player, buy a standard size paddle as it will make your playing easier and won’t cost you much. Large paddles are for those experienced players.

5. Spin:

Spin is another factor to consider when buying a ping-pong paddle. Most of the times, a lighter paddle gives very good control and sufficient spin. The make and quality of the rubber in the paddle will as well determine the spin you will make. It can as well be improved by a lighter blade. The heavy spinning paddle can make it difficult for your competitor to have shots. A lighter weight paddle spins the most and it is one of the best for players who play with defensive and offensive style. For an experienced player, he/she should buy for a paddle which has a higher spinner rating.

6. Quality:                                        

When looking for a ping pong paddle, get one that can last for a long time and useful. Low-quality paddles tend to be distorted quickly. Remember, you will always get a high-quality paddle for your cash, depending on your budget. Therefore, you must do a thorough search to determine the best quality paddle to buy.

Final verdict:

The ping-pong game is not just a game, it’s as well a game full of excitement. Whenever you feel depressed or tired of life, try this game. You will enjoy it to the fullest. In order to participate in a tournament game, you need to develop your game strategy, otherwise, your playing time is a waste. For this, you have to buy the best ping-pong paddle right from the start.

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Better Golf

4 Fundamentals to Better Golf

If you are a beginner golfer, you will always probably be aiming to improve your golfing skills maybe through intensive training or registering for a golfing course. However, one thing most golfers usually forget is that the only way to better golf is through practice. It is almost impossible to better your golf if you play every once in a while. To significantly improve your skills, create at least two hours daily to practice on your area of weakness, and it would certainly not take long before your game gets a top-notch higher. With better-golfing skills, you undoubtedly will relish this old, exhilarating and skillful sport to even play at a competitive level. Below are four fundamentals to substantially better your golf. Fundamental aspects of better golf to improve your game 1. Practice holding onto your club firmly:Numerous problems including inaccurate swings and too much power are usually linked to the way a golfer holds the club. These problems can, therefore, be solved by merely improving one’s grip when holding their clubs. There are three main types of golf grip, i.e. overlapping grip, interlocking grip, and ten-finger grip also known as the baseball grip. Most golf players prefer the overlapping grip attributed to its accuracy and power. However, the ten-finger grip is usually recommended to beginner golfers as it simplifies early instructions and builds on their clubbing accuracy.A fundamentally sound grip is crucial to better your golf since a sound grip enables you to create power and feel at the same time. The major undoing with many golfers is that they have a weak lead-hand which usually resulting in too much grip in the palm producing shot that slices and lacks power. The first step to better your golf, therefore, is to strengthen your lead-hand to enhance your grip and deliver powerful shots. 2. Correct Setup Position:In addition to the drip, the setup position is an essential fundamental to better your golf. Your setup position significantly affects your swing, and you are more likely to better golf by focusing on the setup position. While a good setup does not guarantee success, it is essential for improving your performance substantially. In the correct setup position, your body should be positioned parallel to the target line. Your feet should be shoulder-width for the middle irons with the back foot being at right angle to the target line.To achieve a sufficient balance, your weight should be equally distributed on the balls of the feet with the knees slightly flexed and directly over the balls of your feet. The body should be bent slightly at the hip and not the waist. A correct setup position provides you with the right balance necessary to make an accurate shot. Hampton.Golf offers expert trainers on their courses that you correct the swing, the posture and other aspects of your technical game. 3. Proper Swing:A proper swing should have a consistent tempo along with a great balance. The key to a significant swing is to maintain your balance while using a smooth rhythm. A rushed swing will result in loss of balance and consequently an inconsistent contact and poor ball flight. When hitting the ball, hit down on it while trying not to lift the ball. A proper swing amounts to better golf. 4. Understanding the Rules of Golf: This is not usually indicated but its actually a crucial requirement when planning to better your golf. Golf rules keep on changing and are kept, updated and published jointly by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews(R&A). It is therefore essential to be up to date with the rules in addition to practicing golf etiquette to ensure that you better your golf. Conclusion: Other than consistent practicing, the other way in which you can substantially better your golf is by use of the right and advanced golf equipment. Golf is indeed a difficult yet enjoyable game that requires your dedication and constant improvement to get better in it and even play professionally.Read Also:BEST GOLF COURSES IN DUBAI How To Choose The Right Golf Club Set For Beginners


College Football Betting Strategies: Tips For Success

College football is a thrilling sport with a rich tradition and a passionate fan base. It's also a popular choice for sports bettors looking to add excitement to the games. However, successful college football betting goes beyond blind luck.In this article, we'll explore some essential strategies and tips to assist you in making informed bets and improving your opportunities for success. 1. Do Your Research Research is the foundation of successful college football betting. Before placing any bets, use sites like Doc's Sports Service to gather information about the teams, players, and matchups. Consider the following factors:Team Performance: Review each team's recent performance, including their win-loss records, offensive and defensive statistics, and trends. Focus more on winning streaks and any recent upsets or losses.Suspensions and Injuries: Check for injuries or suspensions that may affect key players. Injuries to star quarterbacks or defensive leaders can significantly impact a team's performance.Head-to-Head History: Examine the historical matchups between the two teams. Some teams may have a history of dominating their rivals, while others may consistently struggle in certain matchups.Weather Conditions: Weather can be a game-changer in college football. Consider how rain, wind, extreme cold, or heat may impact the game, especially if it affects passing or kicking.Coaching Changes: Changes in coaching staff can influence team dynamics and performance. Look into recent coaching changes and how they might affect the team's strategy. 2. Understand Betting Lines And OddsTo make informed bets, you need to understand betting lines and odds. Key terms to know include:Point Spread: The point spread indicates the margin by which one team is favoured to achieve or lose. Betting on the favourite means they must win by more than the spread, while betting on the underdog means they can lose or win by lesser value than the spread.Moneyline: Moneyline bets involve wagering on which team will win the game outright, regardless of the margin of victory. Negative odds represent the favorite. On the other hand, positive ones represent the underdog.Under Totals and Over Totals: In totals betting, one might predict whether the exact points scored in a game will either end or remain under a specific number fixed by the sportsbook. 3. Manage The Bankroll When it comes to long-term accomplishments, responsible and ethical bankroll management is important for college football betting. All you have to do is dedicate a budget for all your bets and avoid betting if there are more chances of losing than winning. Many experienced bettors recommend using a consistent unit size (e.g., 2% of your bankroll) for each bet to minimize risk. 4. Bet Logically, Not Emotionally Preventing letting your emotions cloud your judgment. It's natural to have favourite teams or schools, but don't let bias impact your betting decisions. Focus your bets on analysis, research, and the odds rather than personal preferences. 5. Consider Home Field Advantage Home-field advantage is a significant factor in college football. Teams often perform better when playing on their home turf due to factors like crowd support, familiarity with the field, and travel fatigue for visiting teams. Take home-field advantage into account when evaluating matchups. 6. Shop for the Best Lines Different sportsbooks may offer slightly different odds and point spreads for the same game. To maximize your potential accomplishments, shop around for the best lines. This practice, known as line shopping, can make a significant difference over the long run. 7. Avoid Parlay Bets While parlay bets offer the allure of high payouts, they are also high-risk wagers. Parlays require multiple bets to be successful for you to win. While they can be exciting, it's often more challenging to hit multiple bets correctly. 8. Stay Informed During The Season College football is a dynamic sport with ever-changing circumstances. Stay informed throughout the season by following the latest news, injury reports, and developments that might have an impact on teams and games. Being up-to-date can give you an edge when making last-minute bets. 9. Bet Responsibly Remember that sports betting should be done for entertainment, and there are no guaranteed outcomes. Bet responsibly, and if you find yourself struggling with gambling, seek support and resources for responsible gambling.In conclusion, successful college football betting requires a combination of research, understanding odds, responsible bankroll management, and disciplined decision-making. By following these strategies and tips, you can enhance your college football betting experience and increase your chances of making informed, profitable bets. Read Also:How Do Odds Work In Sports Betting? Most Popular Sports Betting Sites In Kenya


Golf For Beginners: How To Perfect Your Game In Three Steps!

Let’s accept it; golf is an interesting yet complicated game with so many rules, a different type of clubs, playing etiquettes and of course terms like lingo, birdies, bump-and-runs, bogeys and what’s not!Further, it's calming, rewarding and quite challenging. While for some, it’s an obsession, for others, it's an occasional hobby that they love cherishing.No matter what it is for you if, at any point in life, you want to learn this game, here are a few tips that will help you play like a pro. Step 1: Choosing The Right Club: No matter what game you're playing, the right equipment can break or make the score of your game, and the golf is no exception. So, focus on finding the right club and golf ball for your game and enhance your game. The modern set of golf bag usually consists of three kinds of wood, a putter, at least one hybrids and seven irons, making a total of twelve clubs. However, as per golf club, you can take at least fourteen clubs in your bag.  Different types of golf clubs are:Wood clubs: Wood clubs feature drivers and fairway woods. However, their clubs are not made of wood. Further, the clubs made of woods have large heads, usually hollow and extended in few inches from both sides. They also have long shafts, which help golfers swing with pace. These clubs are often used for long shots, including strokes that are played by teeing the ground. Iron clubs: Iron clubs have solid heads and angled faces with grooves that help grip the golf ball with ease. They are usually used for tee shots or short holes. Hybrids: Hybrids are also called utility clubs or rescue clubs and are numbered like iron clubs. Golfers also use it as a replacement for the long irons. Wedges: While wedges have their own golf clubs, they are also called the sub-set of irons because they have same Clubheads as that of iron clubs. Further, they are the highest lofted clubs but are used for shorter shots.Step 2: Hitting With The Ideal Ball: Look for multi-layer, urethane-covered models to make your golf game a success. You can also look for the best beginner golf balls that are less expensive, spinless and are easy to hit.  You can also pick fit two iron balls, wedges, and putter. Once you have the perfect golf ball that works with your scoring club, you can easily adjust your driver and other clubs. Step 3: Perfecting the Game: Golf can get you to think a lot; however, the obvious thing you can do is to get yourself a nice setup, check the ball and posture, and swing with ease. You can either build an indoor golf facility or get yourself a virtual golf simulator so you can hone your skills while at home. You should know:When To Chip And Pitch: When you are ready to shoot, you will either hit the chip or a patch. While the chip shot will be low and will run along the ground, the pitch shot will fly high and will not roll much. The Bunker Shot: The bunker shot is one shot where you simply swing the clubhead into the sand, which is behind the ball. To hit this shot, you need to hit harder than you usually do. Don’t Forget Your Athleticism: Although golf is a mental sport, you still need dynamic and athletic movement to hit the swing. Golf is more like an endurance sport in which you need to build yourself for playing 18 holes.If you are a novice in the game of golf, the above-mentioned tips are for you. keep them in mind and hit the game!Read Also:8 Golf Accessories That Should Find Their Way Into Every Golfer’s Bag 4 Fundamentals To Better Golf