What Golf Equipment to Pick When You Start Out

Published on: 05 December 2020 Last Updated on: 27 December 2023

Getting into a new sport is not the simplest thing in the world. It’s important to start out properly and learn the basic moves on which you later can build your strength and skill. The other part is the equipment such as cheap golf carts, some depend on it, while others use it for assistance.

Equipment is important, but it can never outshine talent and dedication.

Golf in particular is not among the cheapest sports, and it can sometimes be hard for new players to pick the right things up. I wanted to learn more about golf so I decided to talk to Bombtech Golf who gave me some insight on how and where to begin. Here’s what you should consider when you decide to try this sport out.


The club is the main tool. There is a multitude of types used for different situations. The fun part is building your first set. It’s important to note that within the spectrum of various golf clubs for different positions and terrain, there are also clubs that differ in quality, and of course, the price. The most expensive is not always the way to go, especially when you are new, and you are still in the process of learning.

A set of golf clubs consists of woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, and putters. The clubs are also numbered 1 to 9 and these numbers represent how far you want the ball to fly, a lower number means further distance. Clubs also have different angles which are also determined by the number. If you want a bigger backspin then you need to use the club with a higher number, increased backspin means shorter travel distance, which all starts to make sense when you are on a terrain playing.


If you thought that the story ends with clubs used for particular situations, there are also different types of balls. It is worth noting that they do get damaged and you can also easily lose them. There are two-piece and three-piece balls, and if you are only starting out, two-piece balls are recommended because they can fly further but lack maneuverability which is fine if you still haven’t learned to control it.

They can also endure more hits before breaking. You don’t have to go out and buy the best and most expensive ones, especially if you tend to lose them often. If that’s the case then it’s best to look for second-hand options until you are more confident in your skill.


Golf is the perfect sport for people who love to tweak their equipment constantly. Among the items, you can play around with there are also bags. You’d think bags are unimportant and they serve only 1 purpose, but in reality, it is important to find a comfortable bag that can fit all your clubs, balls, and whatnot. Also, there’s also the fashion element to consider when trying the perfect bag to match your outfit.


The final aspect of the stuff you need is clothing. Although it doesn’t play a major role, it is still important to consider a few things before venturing onto the field. Some players would use gloves that improve your grip, but it still depends on your personal preference. Waterproof clothes are also welcome, especially shoes. Golf is famous for its dress code as well. It’s not always obligatory to dress a certain way, but some courses and golf clubs have strict dress codes and you should always bear that in mind when you consider shopping for clothes for your golfing endeavors.

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Rock the Ball has recently been launched by Sweet Potato Games as a sliding puzzle brain-stimulating game. The team at Sweet Potato has positioned it as a fun and challenging game which adults and children alike can play. It keeps the brain stimulated and engaged in play. Rather than being involved in non-meaningful activities, games that develop the brain activity, cognitive development and provoke the mind are healthy pass times. How to Play the Game Rock the Ball opens up with a user-friendly interface with appropriate graphics and sound. Options to turn off the sound are also available. There is a vast gallery of levels available to play. But they have to be played one after the other as the difficulty level increases with each progressive one. Also, the levels are locked and need to be unblocked by playing successive levels. Restart Each game can be played as many times as possible by selecting the restart button given at the bottom of the screen.If a player wishes to play the game again from the beginning, they can use this option. Undo An undo option is given here to undo the last move made. Exit Exit option takes the player back to the main screen. Pause The pause option can be used to pause the game as they player desires. Sound A sound icon lets users turn off or turn on the sound as needed. The purpose of this game is to finish it in the least possible moves. The game keeps a track of the number of moves and the best possible least moves performed. Users need to slide the moveable tiles in order to unblock the hidden pathway for the silver ball to travel through the pipes and reach its goal. Few tiles remain fixed. This is represented by nuts binding the tile. System Requirements This game has a small size of 26MB which increases as the levels are unblocked by playing. It can be downloaded and played on tablets as well as smart phones. It requires 2.3 and above android system. It has just recently been launched, yet it has a popular following with hundreds of users downloading and playing it daily. Features If you enjoy play puzzle games with hidden objects, or if you are the type of person who enjoys spending his/her time in thinking and exercising your brain rather dull activities and if you want to develop your mind skills then this is the best game for you. Here we have discussed in detail some of the features of this game. Sliding Puzzle – There are several slides in each level that can be moved with a swipe of the finger to unblock the game Puzzle Game – There is a riddle in each level that needs to be solved. Without this, the user cannot move forward Brain Challenger –Rock the Ball is a useful, brain challenging game that helps you activate you mind in your leisure time Escape Game –Playing this helps you overcome obstacles and escape from the world Hidden Objects Game –The path in this game is to be discovered using your mind skills Pros The best part about playing this game is that it is thought to provoke. It Keeps you motivates and addicted to solving more. There are loads of levels to play, each more tough and challenging than the previous one.  This keeps the excitement levels high. Another important benefit of this game is that you can play as you like, whenever you have time. For instance, the games you have played are saved in your phone or tablet memory and you can play comfortably when you have free time. The game does not bind you to play all the time. It rewards bonus to players for playing it daily. Best thing is that it is compatible with your phone as well as the tablet. So you have the option to download it on any device your comfortable with. Cons The worst thing is the free ads and popups that keep disturbing the players. But worry not, while the game is completely free, you only need to pay a nominal fee for making it ad-free. So go ahead and download it and start enjoying the challenging experience Rock the Ball has to offer.



The UAE is comprised of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest city of UAE. Dubai is more popular among tourist as it has great attractions for leisure and hotels to pamper you.  The whole UAE contains desserts which mark the substance of the golf course.  You can have a perfect surface just by adding hybrid grass and a bit of water. Among all the Emirates, the best golf courses are in Dubai and people come from far areas to enjoy the play. The best golf courses in Dubai are as follow: Emirates golf club :                                                                  The Majlis is one of the emirates golf club course located in Emirates Hills, designed by Karl Litten with 18-hole grass and is the first and most prestigious golf course in the Middle East.  The Majlis is comprised of 7,300-yard par course 72 and world best-known golfers have played on it such as Ernie Els, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy during the European annual tour Dubai PGA. The Majlis is known to be 'Desert Miracle, one can see a profusion of trees, beautiful landscapes, native plants, natural desert rolling terrain, fast large greens, and vast saltwater fresh lakes.  You can also enjoy the dining and drinks after golf at clubhouse Bedouin tent. Al Badia Golf Club Dubai Festival City, by intercontinental : Al Badia which means 'Land of the Bedouins' in Arabic, designed by Robert Trent Jones II has 18 hole par 72 courses.  The golf course was designed by keeping in mind an oasis theme.  The golf course is a true test for all levels of golfers with water features all over 12 holes, peaceable waterfalls, large, interconnected and soft flowing lakes and streams.  You can also analyze your golf club fit and swing at performance lab which is Taylor made. Jumeirah Golf Estates : Jumeirah golf estates are 25 minutes away from Dubai Marina and are a residential and prestigious golf community.  It is known to be the most iconic golf club in the Middle East and is home to 2 world-class designed golf courses Greg norman- fire and earth.  The earth-course is the tournament course that masses race and world tour DP championship to Dubai.  The course boasts both various tee boxes and wide fairways which are designed for many skill levels. The earth-course is quite distinctive with gradient variations, downhill and uphill shots are a great test for golfer's aptitude. The Trump International Golf Club : The Trump golf course exceeds all the expectations and is world-class among other golf courses.  The golf course is just 10 minutes’ drive from Sheikh Zayed road is comprises of 7,300 par  71 courses. The 18-hole golf course is designed by world-renowned and golf   Olympic 2016 course architect Gil Hanse. The golf course is comprised of large Dubai clubhouse 30,000 square foot. The great clubhouse offers superior restaurants, luxury swimming pool, and gym with state of the art facilities.  The future development contains the golf pro shop offering the latest apparel and equipment, golf academy, driving double-sided range and chipping facility. The Els club : The Els Club is attractive for many players because of its immense variety.  The golf course is 2nd shot for pro players.  If your shot approach is not right, you can face a lot of struggle.  The basins and swales configuration makes chipping many tricks so you have to give good shots on greens especially. Read Also : The Role Of Golf Swing Launch 5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Bowling The Importance Of Sport To Recommendations For Winter

Ad-in And Ad-out

What Do Ad-in And Ad-out Mean In Tennis?

Tennis might be one of the most loved sports out there, but for beginners, it is also considered one of the most confusing outdoor activities because of its unique scoring system. Terms such as Deuce, Ad-in, and Ad-out are used differently in this sport and may appear too complicated for players who just recently found their love for tennis. To help you understand how the tennis scoring system operates, you must know each term's definition and a clear awareness of how they work. For starters, you have to learn what an ad in tennis means, what an ad-in and ad-out is, when it happens, and how you gain a point when it occurs. For all tennis novices out there, we have listed down some key points you have to note for your future matches. What does "Ad" mean in tennis? The term "Ad" is an abbreviated version of the word "advantage." It is used in tennis to identify the winning player when a deuce happens. A deuce occurs when both players acquire a score of 40 simultaneously or if each player scored three times in a row. In simpler terms, an "Ad" in tennis can be rather called a "tiebreaker." It is the means of deciding a winner from players who are currently having a neck-and-neck tie score. Winning a deuce in tennis can be simple yet nerve-wracking. To win the match, a player only needs to score two consecutive points. The player who breaks the tie has the edge since they just need one more point to control the match and will be positioned on the ad court, which is advantageous for every player. However, when he fails to do so, and his opponent scores the same one point as him, making it a tie again, the two-point requirement will be back - resulting in a rally. So, if you want to win, these two points will determine your fate. What is an Ad-in? The term Ad-in is somewhat like a colloquial word used outside of a professional game. Players and even umpires use it, but this term, along with its contrast word "ad-out," is not considered an official signal in tennis. A player says the word "ad-in" when he is the one serving the ball when he has the advantage for scoring a point on a deuce. So, if you happen to advance a single point, you should notify the umpire by saying "ad-in," or for others, they say "my ad." This will make you stand on the ad court and increase your chance of winning. What is an Ad-out? An "ad-out," opposite to the definition of "ad-in," is said if your opponent has the advantage point when you're the one serving. You will be the one serving the ball, but your opponent is the one who has the privilege of being in the "Ad Court" or the left side of where the center mark is. This scenario might be a little difficult for some or doesn't affect game performance much on others. Of course, having the advantage is always better. Getting accustomed to all the scoring terms and systems might be a little burdensome for the new players, but once you play more and devote more of yourself to playing, you will realize just how fascinating and fun tennis is. It only requires time, practice, and patience. Have fun, stay safe, and play well! Bonus throw for you: Check out an exclusive journal on buying ping pong paddle Read Also: Conor Swail Irish Showjumper Explains Showjumping In UAE Football Tricks You Should Know