Is It True That Good Oral Hygiene Can Reduce Cancer Risk?


15 September 2021

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Cancer remains one of the biggest killers in the world. In fact, as the average age of the population increases, so does the number of people dying from cancer. It is the second leading cause of death across the globe, second only to cardiovascular diseases. Oral cancer is deadly, but the patient has to go through a severe, painful procedure during a cancer diagnosis. But a good oral hygiene habit minimizes the chance of cancerous cell growth in the mouth area.

Reduce Chances Of Cancerous Growth With Oral Hygiene

Reduce Chances Of Cancerous Growth With Oral Hygiene

The good news is that in many cases, cancer can be treated if it is detected early. But, of course, it is even better to identify what increases cancer risk and reduce these factors in our daily lives. 

You may be surprised to realize that regular visits to a good dentist, such as this dentist St Leonards, can reduce the risk of cancer.

Cancer can spread to any body part like the lungs, uterus, mouth area, neck, and intestine. Every cancer treatment process is painful. But among all areas, the mouth and the neck areas are some of the sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, you can quickly reduce the chances of cancer by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Is There Any Connection Between Overall & Oral Health?

Is There Any Connection Between Overall & Oral Health?

Your mouth is full of bacteria, the majority of which are beneficial to maintaining the balance in your mouth. Some of the bacteria even help to prevent tooth decay. However, some have less honorable intentions. These are the ones that react with the sugar in your food and create acid. This attacks the tooth enamel and damages it, increasing the risk of cavities.

But, it also does something else, it allows bacteria to get into your bloodstream. There is a vast number of blood vessels in and around your mouth. Bacteria in your blood can travel to other parts of your body and cause issues. But, you can build up good oral hygiene habits and control harmful bacteria production.

Research suggests that bacteria in your blood can travel to your brain and contribute to developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

However, research is ongoing.

Is Poor Oral Hygiene Linked With Oral Cancer?

Is Poor Oral Hygiene Linked With Oral Cancer?

The more considerable risk at present from poor oral hygiene is oral cancer. Recent studies have shown there is a link between people with poor oral hygiene and oral cancer. It is believed that the harmful bacteria in your mouth can cause healthy cells to ‘go bad.’ This is often the beginnings of cancer and, if left unspotted, will develop into oral cancer.

It is more likely to occur if you smoke or chew tobacco and have poor oral hygiene. Your genetic disposition or cancer in your family can also influence the likelihood of it happening. Good oral hygiene is the key to minimize the higher risk of cancer. If you have these types of bad habits like chewing tobacco or smoke, get rid of the habit fast to maintain oral health.

How Regular Dental Visits Help?

A regular visit to the dentist, at least once a year, will help any issues in your mouth to be spotted early. Your dentist gets a better view of your teeth, gums, and even your throat than you do. If they notice anything unusual or different from usual, they will investigate further. 

This will help to ensure any issue is caught early and can be treated. Of course, good oral hygiene reduces the risk. That means brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. 

In addition, you should floss daily, and mouthwash can be beneficial. If you have any concerns about your oral hygiene procedures, you should chat with your dentist. They will guide and even show you to help you get it right. It’s in their interests as well as good for your teeth and overall health.


Good oral hygiene is not only helping you to keep your mouth clean and hygiene. The overall health benefits of a clean mouth are undeniable. So better take care of your mouth and teeth to keep your body healthy and fit. So how are you planning to minimize the chances of cancerous cell growth? Start with maintaining your mouth health.

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LAUSD Daily Pass

LAUSD Daily Pass – Portal Registration And Login | Covid19 Updates

Humanity was forced to live inside their homes, isolated from each other in 2020. This is the year when the coming of the Covid pandemic shook every person in the world. Hailing from Wuhan, China, this disease infected billions globally and caused the death of millions.This pandemic forced humanity to rethink its approach to survival. People who were lucky to have desk jobs were forced to work from home. The same also went for the students as well, who all received education from their laptop screens.However, as the world was in a period of crisis, Covid vaccinations became the only means of survival. As more and more people started getting vaccinated, the fear of getting infected by this virus slowly started dwindling.Workspaces, public transportation, restaurants, theatres, and schools started reopening again. Everything started going back to normal slowly. However, to gain access to any such facilities, you need to show them your Covid vaccination certificate.This constant check of vaccination certificates became a hassle for most places, especially in schools. Since you were required to take multiple vaccine doses, you had to update your certification as necessary. This made regulation and checking even more difficult.To make matters easier for schools, the Los Angeles government introduced the system of the highly acclaimed LAUSD Daily Pass. This made regulating and updating information regarding the vaccination certification of students easier than before.Read this post till the end to learn more about this Daily Pass.What Is LAUSD Daily Pass?Image SourceSo far, to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, every student enrolled in Los Angeles schools must submit weekly certifications. Here, these weekly certifications refer to compulsory weekly Covid tests that the students had to go through. Therefore, if you tested negative every week, only you were allowed to enter the school premises.However, getting weekly Covid is a pretty time-consuming process. Therefore, to make matters easier for parents and students, the LAUSD Daily Pass System was introduced.So far, all the Covid tests were PCR tests that the school conducted on their premises. Therefore, school administrations were forced to take extra steps to ensure the safety of the students during such tests. Here, many parents voiced their opinions regarding the slow and cumbersome nature of such tasks, that too since they were done every week.This is why the administration of the Los Angeles Unified Schools changed the way they operated. Instead of conducting weekly tests, they now started handing out Covid Antigen Test kits to all students.With these test kits, parents can conduct Covid tests for the students from the comforts of their homes. Gone is the time-consuming process of lining up outside school premises to get Covid PCR tests done.You can simply use these test kits to test for the presence of Covid antibodies in your system. If you have a healthy amount of such antibodies in your system, you are relatively free from getting infected by Coronavirus again.Plus, it’s relatively easy to use the LAUSD Daily Pass. All you need to do as a parent is to use the kit to conduct tests yourself. After the reports are out in a few hours, you can simply upload the results on the LAUSD online portal using the LAUSD App.Who Can Access The LAUSD Daily Pass?LAUSD Daily Pass Checklist For Student And FamilyImage SourceThe official LAUSD Daily Pass website has uploaded a checklist for the students and their parents. These act as core policies that all must adhere to. Here are all the points that have been mentioned on this checklist.First and foremost, you must conduct a Covid test using the Antigen kit that has been provided to each student. In addition, after taking the test, you must ensure the results are negative. Here, it’s advised that the tests are done on weekends.After the tests are negative, you must go to this website - Here, you must manually upload your test results to get the LAUSD Daily Pass.After you get your LAUSD Daily Pass, you will also get a QR code. When your ward goes to school the next day (preferably on a Monday), you must present this QR code at your school entrance. In addition, you must ensure that your ward reaches the school gates by 8 AM and get their temperatures checked there.How To Use LAUSD Daily Pass System?Image SourceAs a parent, using the LAUSD Daily Pass is vital. To use it without any mistakes, simply follow these steps as explained below:First, go to the website, you will be asked a series of health check questions. Answer them one by one as they appear on the screen. It will take a maximum of two minutes to do so.After that, you are requested to submit your Antigen test reports to get the qualification QR code, as mentioned in the section above.If you are worried about what questions you will have to answer here, then fear not. I have made a list of all the potential questions you will be asked. See if you can answer them here now!Do you agree to take safety precautions in school (wear masks, use hand sanitizers, avoid inviting too many guests at home, practice distancing, etc.)?Did you have any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days? - Fever (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), breathing problems, fatigue, body chills, sore throat, cough and cold, loss of taste and smell, nausea, diarrhea?Did you take a Covid test in the last 14 days?By any chance, did you come in close proximity to a person infected by the Coronavirus?Have you traveled outside Southern California in the last 14 days?Are you under any isolation or quarantine order by the Los Angeles Health Department?Read Also:COVID-19 And Education TransformationHow to Get Great Masks during COVID-19How Did COVID Change Landlord-Tenant Laws