What Independent Contractors Need to Know about Workers Compensation

Are you an independent contractor?

What if a worker (employee) gets injured during the line of work? Would they compensate according to the fair rights of workers? Where many companies ought to ignore the rights of their workers or may not be completely aware requires the rule book again.

Though there is a  Seattle worker’s compensation attorney and even Texas is loaded with it, therefore rather than going unethical with your worker regarding his compensation rights, you might want to get an attorney.

If you are an independent contractor you need to know about your workers’ compensation rights. It’s the best way to stay in touch with reality and not even get cheated on by fake compensation claims of your workers.

What does workers’ compensation cover?

It is like an insurance program for your workers. This program covers their medical coverage, rehab expenses, and even partial wages when the worker gets injured during the work process.

The new system of workers compensation replaces the traditional way of using the party that was somehow the reason for the injury during work. In exchange for not suing their employer and getting certain benefits in return for the injury or damage.

Mostly workers’ compensation is governed under state law.

Factors to be considered:

The court determines whether the person is an independent contractor or a worker who fully deserves the compensation and is open to a number of benefits. These factors may be made under the state law that governs workers’ compensation or under the state of common laws.

Scope of the Work

An employee may work for one employer but when it comes to an independent contractor, they may consist of more than one employer. Whereas, employees are given specific working hours and independent employees set their own working hours. An employee works at a specific provided location and the situation is vice-versa for an independent contractor because he or she can choose any location for work.

Control, Cost, Contract

The most important distinction between an employee and independent contractors is the employer’s control over their actions. Independent contractors mostly fit the work according to how they would want it while the employees are scrutinized with their format of doing work.

Keeping in mind that independent contractors are generally expected to pay for cost affiliated to work. Whereas, employees don’t have to bear the cost of the work at all.

Employees are generally hired “at-will” to work and it can be ended by both parties. However, the independent contractor works under an agreement of time-span which is not amendable.

You need Legal Assistance!

Courts can evaluate the situation and easily encounter if the independent contractor falls for workers’ compensation or not. It is not only up to the employers.

Only the legal guidance can state how different each case of an independent contractor or employee is for compensation with several rules and factors. If you are classified as an independent contractor doesn’t mean you don’t get workers’ compensation. It all depends on your case.

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