Living Healthily | Six Crucial Lifestyle Tips for College Freshmen


29 April 2022


College Freshmen

Life as a college student can be hectic and frustrating. Most students become overwhelmed, choosing to quit school before even beginning their sophomore year.

According to studies, 40% of students admitted into college drop out, with 30% of this number coming from students in their first year on campus. College freshmen are sometimes facing immense pressure and sometimes lose their heads during this transition.

Many factors are responsible for these high rates, including insufficient preparation, financial challenges, poor health, and hectic schedules.

While the college has its fair share of challenges, campus life can still be fun if you are organized. Here are some lifestyle tips to help you survive and thrive well beyond your first year.

6 Essential Lifestyle Tips For College Freshmen

For any college freshman, lifestyle selections are always tricky. You want to select the life which you dreamed about. But that is not all. You have to balance your study and work life. 

Here are six lifestyle tips for college freshmen. Read it and know how to handle stressful situations.

1. Keep Your Space Neat And Organized

One of the most important things you should do as a college student is to keep a clean and organized living and study space. According to research, clutter is associated with adverse mental health outcomes and poor academic performance.

If you want to avoid stress and become more efficient in your studies, clean your room. Organizing your space allows you to save on time taken to search for study material. Since everything you need will be within reach, you will be able to minimize distractions.

Also, creating a comfortable working space is suitable for your physical health. You won’t be straining your eyes and back as you spend hours on your study desk. Most importantly, for college freshmen, better organization improves concentration and productivity. If you need to write my essay support, look for professionals online.

2. Work On Your Time Management Skills

Work On Your Time Management Skills

A common challenge most college freshmen face relates to managing their time. Often, learners find that they have more work than they can handle. Procrastination also gets in their way of completing tasks, with distractions like social media making it hard to finalize projects.

The campus can be stressful if you choose to combine work and studies. While getting a job will earn you greater financial freedom, you will have to deal with increased responsibilities and competing duties.

The secret to a stress-free and fruitful life on campus is using your hours efficiently. Create and follow a routine, attending classes and prioritizing your studies. It also helps to work with a to-do list, where you prioritize essential and urgent tasks and take note of critical deadlines.

As you plan your days, don’t forget to schedule periods of resting. Don’t panic about assignments, as you can get assistance from reliable specialists online. Websites like PayforEssay recruit and train talented writers to help with academic tasks.

3. Eat Healthy And Balanced Meals

Recent studies have shown that most college students struggle with weight management and obesity, primarily due to an unhealthy diet. While your college finances may be limited, you can still eat healthy and enjoyable meals. 

Evidence shows that close to 27% of college students are obese or overweight, and you don’t want to fall into this category. This is why along with the studying tips for the college freshmen, you also need some health tips.

Obesity is linked to severe physical and mental health complications, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Healthy dietary behavior is one way to reduce and manage your weight.

Consider cooking your food since it allows you to balance fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Most importantly, make fruits and vegetables a priority during your meals and snacks. Stay away from sugary and carbonated drinks.

4. Find Effective Stress Management Strategies

Find Effective Stress Management Strategies

Stress is an inevitable component of the life of college freshmen. During your time on campus, you will face many challenges. Some of these hurdles will be within your control, while others will be outside your sphere of influence. 

While some degree of stress is normal, excessive and chronic stress can be detrimental to your well-being and academic performance.

Learn to minimize expectations by creating and working towards realistic goals. Appreciate the milestones you make, and create space to rest and reward yourself. Know when to seek support, especially if you feel overwhelmed.

Most colleges offer counseling services to help students deal with the issues they face on campus. If you need writing support, look for the best writing services online.

 5. Exercise Regularly

As college freshmen juggle academic and personal life demands, exercise routines lose their appeal. However, recent studies show that most students struggle with physical and mental health issues because they have adopted a largely sedentary lifestyle. 

Exercise is also linked to better sleep, improved memory, enhanced concentration, and better academic performance.

Understand that exercising regularly! It improves your muscle strength, betters your breathing, and helps with weight management. It also helps students regulate their moods. When it comes to physical activity, consistency is more important than intensity. Even simple routines like taking walks in the evening or riding a bike can go a long way in keeping you healthy.

6. Drink Lots Of Water

Another vital lifestyle tip for college freshmen to embrace is the need to stay hydrated. When you embrace drinking lots of water, you benefit from improved metabolism and fresher-looking skin. Water also relieves headaches and enhances mental functioning.

You may be tempted to substitute water with sugary or caffeinated drinks. Fight this temptation as such drinks harm your health and increase your caloric intake multiple times. After all, those processed juices and sodas don’t add any nutritional value to your body.

Living a healthy life in college is essential for your academic success and wellbeing. Prioritize self-care, eat a healthy diet, and prioritize quality sleep. Choose to carry a bottle of water as you continue with your day. Remember, drinking water also helps you fight the urge to fill up on unhealthy snacks from the vending machine.


College freshmen are constantly experiencing considerable changes in their lifestyles. Most often, young children lose their minds over the new attractions and outside studies activities.

But when you follow these six tips, you can easily overcome the issues and improve your concentration level. So which type of techniques are you following? Let us know through the comment sections.

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Horses are large animals whose primary adaptation of speed and size makes them prone to certain health risks.In addition to these costs, learning to ride horseback is also not for those of modest means. There's a good reason for this, and in this article, we shall endeavor to explain why. How Much Do Horseback Riding Lessons Cost?The general consensus on a ballpark price range is between $30 to $85 per hour and an annual average of about $4,000. Looking at the annual cost, the upper limit of which is roughly $4,420, that's really not an enormous cost when you consider the value of the skills you'll be learning, the real-world utility of it, and the other great benefits of horseback riding.Compared to the average cost of martial arts training, that's about twice what you can expect to pay. The reason we mention martial arts is that the difficulty and the amount of training to reach a journeyman's level of proficiency is about the same. Naturally, for a martial arts trainer to become proficient enough to teach, takes years of intensive study and practice. The same is true of horseback riding.The reason learning to ride horses is more expensive is likely to come down to the fact that costs are higher. It could be said that the gear for horseback riding is more expensive. Certainly, you could spend a huge amount of money on martial arts equipment. But at the end of the day, the only thing you need to learn martial arts is your health and your instructor. Maybe not even that if you watch enough Kung Fu theater.To ride horses, you need to see the care of the animal, their shelter, food, land requirements, and grooming. Over time, this can add up to a considerable amount of money. When you consider the fact that a trainer will need to maintain these costs, or have the costs maintained for them, then it's easy to see why they are as pricey as they are. 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Are you someone who is looking to move homes and are confused about how to choose the right packing paper? Do you know what kind of padding is required to help you safely transport goods and valuables while moving? Have you looked at bubble wrap and heavy cardboard options only to be left confused about what will work best for you?If you are someone that has experience in moving homes, you will know the importance of packing paper. The right packing paper makes sure that your valuables are protected, safely transported, and suffer no damage while in transit. The best quality of packing paper also ensures that the actual packing process becomes much easier and faster.In this resource article, we are going to look at the importance of packing paper. We are also going to help you decide on the best packers and movers. If you wish to know more about the top-rated packing companies, visit here. Major Advantages of Using Packing Paper for Moving:1. Buffering Agent- When you are stuffing your crockery and showpieces into one large cardboard box, you do not want them banging against one another. This is why you need packing paper to act as a good buffer and prevent those hard bumps that lead to damage. Packing paper reduces the shaking of the goods inside the boxes. 2. Compensates for Box Shortages- Every time we move, we think we have sufficient boxes for moving. However, we soon realize that we need a lot more. This is where packing paper can come in handy. Things that are tough on their own, need not be put into cardboard boxes. You can wrap them up in a robust fashion and this will ensure that they are safe and sound for the moving process. 3. It is Recyclable-We all know how much clutter and wastage happens every time we move homes. Most people think that using tons of plastic for moving is great. However, this has a detrimental impact on the environment. Packing paper is far better as it is recyclable and does not contribute to any environmental waste. If you want to do your bit for the environment, you can shift to this. 4. It is Cheap and Affordable- When it comes to spending money on money, we all know how it is easy to go over budget. This is why it is essential that as a homeowner you try to save on as much money as possible. Packing paper is a simple, cheap, and inexpensive way of packing your goods and valuables. A few dollars will be more than sufficient to help you with all your packing needs. 5. It is Simple to Store and does not take a lot of space- Cardboard boxes have the tendency to occupy major portions of the house. This can occupy a lot of spaces and create unnecessary problems in movement. Packing paper comes in rolls and can be easily stored in a convenient manner. Even if you save some after all the packing is done, you can store it safely tucked away in a corner of your new house. How can you Use Packing Paper for Moving Homes: Fasten all the Kitchen Wares-A kitchen is a place in the room where you are able to find the most odd-shaped items. As packing paper can easily be molded, you can wrap them up in any which way possible. This means that elements that have funny surface areas will be protected.It's ideal for little things and we're certain there are many items that will profit from packing paper. Envelop the things by pressing paper or air pocket wrap into a crate with the goal that they do not bang into one another. We propose casings the more valuable things in an extra layer of pressing paper. Protective Buffer for Stuff-As soon as you start to stack a layered box with things moving to the new house, guarantee that you make a foundation in the box with the packing paper. This goes about as a pad for the thing that you want to transit in a safe and secure manner. Can you Reuse Packing Paper?Once you're finished utilizing the pressing paper you might think that you would never have the need to reuse it again. Be that as it may, don't stress, you can generally reuse the pressing paper for little assignments. When reusing packing paper, the principal thing you ought to do is fix it.Read Also:Motivational Tips to Kick Start Your Packing Process for the House Move How to Handle the Move-Out Cleaning Tips To Unpack, Stay Organized After A Move