Style Spot: Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Game


29 October 2019


jewelry game

In just a few years, Meghan Markle has quickly become one of the world’s biggest celebrities. In addition, the Duchess of Sussex has also become a huge fashion influence for millions of women across the globe. No matter the occasion, she is always able to channel her chic, elegant style through mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind outfits. In this article, we take an in-depth look at one aspect of her style that makes Meghan truly stand out—her jewelry game. Similar to the rest of her style, Meghan knows how to pull off the perfect jewelry look in a refined way that is never over-the-top and always extremely classy. While she certainly has her favorite pieces and gemstones, Meghan is known to be quite versatile with the jewelry she wears in order to perfectly complement the outfit she is wearing. As obvious, everyone can use some jewelry inspiration from Meghan Markle, so without further ado, we begin.

A Jewelry Box Full of Stunning Pearl Jewelry

Meghan Markle’s love affair with pearls is well-documented. Based on the variety of different pieces she has that feature the gem, it’s no secret that pearls are at the top of her list of favorite gemstones. On multiple occasions, she has been seen wearing a simple and sleek pair of diamond and pearl earrings. Many believe that these earrings pay homage to the woman who would have been her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who regularly wore a strikingly similar pair. During a trip that the royal couple took to Fiji in 2018, Meghan was even gifted an exotic strand of Tahitian pearls that the jeweler fittingly named “The Sussex Strand” in honor of her title as Duchess of Sussex.

Necklaces with Delightful Charms

In July, Meghan Markle was spotted at Wimbledon wearing a gold necklace with a tiny “A” charm on it as a tribute to her son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Little did we know that this would soon become one of the biggest jewelry trends of the summer.This fun and the cute piece may not be the typical piece of sophisticated jewelry that we’re used to seeing royalty wear, but it encapsulates what people love the most about Meghan—her approachable demeanor. Early in her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan was also seen wearing a similar necklace time with the letters “H” and “M” on it. With this piece of jewelry, Meghan shows us that you can have fun with your jewelry while still retaining elegance.

Colorful Gems for the Win

In addition to pearls, Meghan Markle is also a huge fan of a more colorful gemstone—turquoise. In her collection of turquoise jewelry are minimalistic earrings, necklaces, and rings. Often, she’ll combine a few pieces of turquoise jewelry to complement a more casual outfit, for example, a crisp white shirt with a denim jacket. The blue hues of the turquoise beautifully complement her complexion, which may be one reason why Meghan is drawn to the gemstone. Our favorite piece in her turquoise collection? A bezel-set gold turquoise ring with a delicate gold band.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s safe to say that Meghan Markle knows what she is doing. From lavish pearl gems to enchanting charm necklaces and turquoise jewelry, she’s never afraid to switch up her style to achieve a look that is beyond spectacular. You can always be sure that she’ll be wearing a combination of jewelry that looks absolutely stunning, regardless of whether she’s attending a fancy gala or on a humanitarian trip. Now it’s your turn to step up your jewelry game. Take some inspiration from Meghan and always make sure that you add a dash of dazzle to your outfits. By doing so, you’ll always look your best and shine your brightest, just like the Duchess.

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Mobile gaming is growing quickly right now. Developers have caught on to the fact that it is more affordable and accessible than console gaming, allowing them to reach a wider demographic and make money. It might surprise those of us who are dropping $60 on a console game that is broken on release, but the most lucrative gaming format in the industry right now is gaming. This all explains why you might have seen a Call of Duty mobile edition, a Grand Theft Auto V mobile edition, and why companies like Netflix had the instinct to turn to mobile gaming before they thought to release any console or PC games. But is there another way for mobile games to expand? Well, if you know anything of movies, TV shows, comic books, and past games, you know that there is one tried and true method that gets tongues wagging: the fabled crossover. Take a look at our guide to why the crossover is so effective, complete with examples. Audiences want to see something they’ve never seen before Let’s get this out of the way first: audiences will love it. It harkens back to the arguments you had on the playground with your dolls: could Spider-Man beat Batman? We’re never going to see Spider-Man beat Batman, at least in an approved feature film, but we might see the result of whether Batman could beat Superman, both from DC, hence the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. It’s the same sort of idea. That movie was… not good if Rotten Tomatoes and general meme culture are to be believed, but everyone wanted to see the crossover movie, so it made money. It’s telling that the critics' score is 29% but the audience score is as high as 63%. A better example is the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, which is considered a cultural highlight due to bringing together three famous Spider-Men – and was good! When it comes to games, the most famous example has to be Street Fighter, which regularly partners with Tekken, Marvel, and Resident Evil. You can find free browser games like them here. It’s like an easter egg for the audience Even if the crossover isn’t as blatant as Street Fighter, fans will appreciate it. If, for example, Bender from Futurama were to pop up in The Simpsons Game, fans are going to spot it. In fact, Futurama is a testament to the power of easter eggs. Swathes of blogs and videos have been made about the background alien languages and math equations that are on the posters of the show. A crossover in your mobile games, even a small one, is likely to incite a lot of content of people spotting and explaining the easter egg they found. It allows companies to merge and share audiences The crossover is really everywhere in marketing because it is effective. It’s in social media marketing for example, but there it’s called “collaboration”. The crossover has the same benefits: two brands share an audience. One brings audience members that were not there before to the other, and vice versa. Both audiences grow with new players that might not have been aware, or at least aware enough to be fans, of the other brand. As mentioned, it’s a common social media marketing tactic. Users discover a new brand that might appeal to them and that they trust because it’s presented by a brand that they already trust. So, a lesson to take from marketing is to appeal to the same demographic. Street Fighter shares a lot of gamer fans with comic book fans, and Resident Evil covers both games and movies. It theoretically means two sets of audiences are buying the product It goes without saying that if you have two sets of fans buying the same product, sales are going to rise. Not double, because fans have a wide palette. They might already love both of the featured brands of the crossover, but definitely rise. You’re giving your fans two reasons to buy rather than just one – and one is all they need. Read Also: Boomtown has the Best 5 Bingo Sites to Play Online, as well as Many Other Game Bonuses! 5 Addictive Time Killing Games to Play Online 3 Tips to Find the Best Mobile Crossword Game to Kill the Time

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The 11 Best PC Gaming Desk Accessories

If you are a hardcore gamer, this is the best place for you. You want to make the time you are sitting at your gaming desk enjoyable. As such, besides the main gaming problems, you will probably want to be comfortable. Not only comfortable, but you'll also want to have the best and latest gaming desk accessories and gadgets on the market. This will help you maximize your playing time and enjoy it to the fullest. You will also want to get in the mood and stay in it for the duration of your gameplay. Immersion is a must when going through the long gameplays or FPS games. You would want to feel like you are really into it. Your concentration should be undisturbed. Here are the top 10 gaming desk accessories that every gamer should have. In order for you to be comfortable, you might wish to get a height-adjustable standing desk. However, this can also be bypassed by getting an adjustable monitor rack. This rack might help in getting the monitor to the most comfortable height for your eyes. As such, you'll be avoiding eye strain. Here are the 11 Best PC Gaming Desk Accessories 1. Gadgets and Gaming Desk Accessories: When we are talking about gadgets, it's mostly in terms of effective ones that do no harm to your health. Some look great in the dark, some are multipurpose but one thing we are sure of is that they are all useful gaming desk accessories every gamer should have. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you should always be playing games in a way that is healthy. In order to do so, you’ll have to surround yourself with the best gadgets and accessories there is for gaming. As such, we’ll be doing the research for you. So just get comfortable in your seat and scroll down for more. 2. Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset: With the Logitech Gaming Headset, take your gaming experience to the next level. You'll experience an advanced audio performance with this powerful headset. This makes it possible to experience audio that is usually found in high-grade audiophile headphones. You will also get a real-time gaming experience since this headset replaced the in-game sound effects perfectly. The latter is also wireless. This means you can still enjoy the sound up to 15 meters. Talking about healthy accessories, this headset is very lightweight. In addition to that is also durable. It is perfect for any games with its 15-hour battery life. The act is volume adjusting is made easy. This is done using the volume control roller on the left ear cup. If you wish to be immersed and see through your ears, then this wireless headset is a must-have. 3. Redragon K556-RK RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: The K556-RK keyboard is a very convenient one. It provides both a soft and tactile click feel. You'll find that switches are brown. They are mostly inspired by typewriters and anti-ghosting. The keys also light up once plugged. Thanks to this, playing in the dark won't be much of a problem. Even though it is a gaming keyboard that is a part of gaming desk accessories, it can also be used for other typing projects. Most gamers prefer this keyboard since it can withstand more abuse. That is because it is mechanical. Being constructed with mechanical keys, the K556-RK can bear 50 million more keystrokes than the usual membrane keyboard. Don't worry about having to change your keys of switches since a keycap is provided with it. Not only does it help in replacing keys but it is a great help in cleaning as well. 4. The Autonomous Gaming Desk – The Number 1 Choice for Die-Hard Gamers: It is now possible to play while standing or keeping the correct posture while gaming. The answer is the autonomous gaming desk accessories. Since bad posture limits how well and long you can play, this set helps correct that. You don't want to cause permanent physical damage to your spine. The autonomous desk lets you program it up to 4 height presets. This is done so that you can adapt the desk to you. It is possible to return back to the present with only a button. They are also well built and able to withstand a lot of weight. Those weights are in terms of any gear you might be using. They are also very spacious. It is possible to store speaker, consoles, accessories, and monitors onto it. The slick design also makes it blend well in any room. It will blend in very well since it is of high quality. Overall it is one of those accessories you use and have no regrets when purchasing. With so many benefits, it is a must-have for any hardcore gamers out there. 5. hOmeLabs 3 in 1 Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA Filter: If you're playing for long hours at night and in a closed room, you might notice that it smells. In addition to that, it becomes more difficult to breathe and the air seems to contain more dust. With this air purifier, you can play while it recycles the air and gets rids of any pollutants that might cause you allergies. In addition to that, it is very quiet and thus, it won't disturb your gaming. Now if you have allergies, then this is a must for you. It is perfect for people with a stuffy nose. With all the filters it contains, it captures all the larger as well as the smallest airborne particles. It is one of the best gaming desk accessories. With this, the gaming desk, or the area will be free from any bad smell. With its 360-degree air inlet, it will kill any unwanted order. Once set up, you'll be breathing the freshest air to prolong playing time. Its main benefit though is that it promotes a healthy playing session. With the different indicators, you'll know when the battery is low and when it is time to recharge. 6. Pluggable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter: This is another one of the best sellers. This Bluetooth adapter is being used by thousands of gamers in order to add Bluetooth connectivity to most of their devices. Once purchased, it is possible for you to utilize your pc for remote, speaker as well as a lot of other things. The latter also works with most PCs and operating systems. Some of them are Windows 7, 8, and 10. In addition to that, it also supports Fedora, Mint, and other Linux computers. It supports headsets, speakers, phones, and much more. With its tiny design, it can stay plugged while you are traveling. If you wish to have an all in one Bluetooth accessory, then this is the one to have. It can be connected to your gaming headset, monitor, and much more. So don't waste your time and get one. 7. IPS Monitor - Acer R240HY Abmidx 23.8" Full HD: Now, what would gaming be without a great IPS monitor? You want the best monitor for you in order to have the best gaming experience. That is true whether it is console or PC. With the ACER R240HY, you will probably be getting one of the best monitors on the market. With its 1920 x 1080 widescreen resolution, it is perfect for gaming. At a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and the response time of 4ms, you will be able to play the most game on it. It supports HDMI, VGA, and DVI with the cables included. This monitor is perfect for HD gaming and any other multimedia applications. One of the best things about it is the zero frame design. This is ideal for building video walls. Since the monitor is affordable, two isn't really a problem and you can then use them side by side. You'll have a comfortable viewing with the tilted angles. 8. Gaming Chair – Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair: When gaming you want to be in the most comfortable position. Your spine should not be under any strain. In order to benefit from all of that, you should be getting the essential chair. It is almost like a bed to your back. You'll be getting the best comfort during intense gaming sessions or those long gameplay. Your arms will be welcomes in those padded armrests. This case is the same for the back of your head, with its contoured segmented padding. Your height doesn't really matter since it has a height adjustment feature. In addition to that, you have recline controls and 360 degrees of swivel. Overall, the chair looks soft and has a really aggressive style to it. It is available in a lot of colors. The latter is also durable and can be lost for a long time since it is made from the heavy-duty material. It is one of those ergonomic chairs that you should really have. You won’t regret taking a look at it. It is one of the good gaming accessories for gamers. 9. Gamer Coffee Mug: Talking about gamer mugs, the majority of gamer’s favorite drink is coffee. That is understandable since most of them play at night or even after work and school. So why not get a gamer mug on your desk. This one is very comfy to hold and made of the material that can withstand a lot of heat. It will probably stand out on your gaming desk accessories and make your coffee taste better. Any of your friends who see it might also envy you. Microwave and dishwasher safe, you won't tire yourself cleaning it as well as heating your coffee. It is also hilarious with its "Noob slayer" tag which might give you more motivation when playing shooting games. 10. Cable Management Sleeve: Source Cables are annoying and you don't have to be a game to understand that. With the number of cables you are going to have, it can get pretty messy. Now if you have the height adjustable desk, it is actually getting worse. You don't want your cables to be shooting everywhere like spider webs. Now, most people try to stick them together and "organize". It works for some time but then it gets back to the same. Since this happens a lot, it might be wise to get a cable management sleeve. This cable management sleeve is affordable and simple to use. It is one of the most convenient solutions for managing all of the cables for your gaming platform. It provides easy access and conceals your cables easily via the zip-up solution. Since it is made of neoprene, it is rather stretchy. Thus, it allows each sleeve to hold up to 10 cables at once. The latter is very easy to use. You just need to gather the cables. Once that is done, just wrap the sleeve around it and all is clean. 11. Gaming Webcam – Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: Source Why you need a webcam? Well, the answer is simple. The gameplay world has evolved so much that now it can be a profession. Now people can play games while recording themselves and chatting with their followers or audience. This can be done through sites such as Twitch. A high-quality webcam is needed in order to do that. This webcam meets all those criteria as it is full HD. It works well with most devices and operating systems. You'll also get high-quality audio which is great for your audience as well as for recording. The built-in dual stereo has automatic noise reduction. This will make your voice clearer. Overall, it works well with a lot of other accessories. Conclusion: Overall, most gamers will need these gadgets and gaming desk accessories. All of them play a huge part in having healthy gaming sessions. Some of them are for convenience and flexibility. One thing that you cannot deny those is that most of them are of high quality. They will make your life easier while others will make sure you are operating at your best. Immersing yourself and getting the best gameplay is now possible. You just need to take a look at all those individual gaming desk accessories. Once you go through them, you'll know what you already have and what you need exactly. So don't give yourself an excuse for staying in good health and having the best gameplay. Try any of them that fits you best. 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Survival Of The Fittest: Unveiling The Top Battle Royale Titles

The battle royale genre has taken the gaming world by storm, offering adrenaline-pumping, last-player-standing experiences that challenge players' survival instincts and tactical prowess. From the moment the plane drops its cargo of competitors to the intense showdown in the final moments, battle royale games have captured the essence of "Survival of the Fittest." In this blog post, we'll explore the top battle royale titles that exemplify this spirit of competition, strategy, and skill. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, holds the distinction of being one of the genre's pioneers. Plunging players onto expansive maps with diverse landscapes, PUBG presents a visceral experience where scavenging, strategy, and aiming skills determine victory. The slow-shrinking play area forces players into close encounters, fostering heart-pounding battles that reward tactical thinking and quick reflexes. Fortnite Epic Games' Fortnite shook up the battle royale landscape with its unique building mechanics. In addition to traditional gunplay, players can erect structures to create cover, pathways, and vantage points. With colorful visuals, regular updates, and a bustling community, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon that goes beyond its battle royale roots. Apex Legends The Titanfall universe welcomes a fresh twist on the battle royale genre with Apex Legends. Unique player abilities, or "Legends," add complexity and excitement to the traditional mechanics of the game. Strategic collaboration among the team of three brings about exhilarating moments of teamwork that have not been seen before. Each match presents a new opportunity to showcase your Legend's skills and find dynamic solutions to challenging obstacles. With thrilling gameplay and an engaging storyline, Apex Legends promises to deliver hours of memorable fun for players of all skill levels. Call of Duty: Warzone Call of Duty: Warzone is an experience unlike anything else in the franchise. Bringing the fast-paced gunplay fans know and love to the battle royale arena, Warzone offers up an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With massive player counts, players will find themselves on teams of three, fighting their way through varied environments filled with obstacles and enemy players. The addition of Contracts adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix, incentivizing risk-taking and making for some truly chaotic and memorable moments. H1Z1 H1Z1, one of the early pioneers in the genre, offers a straightforward battle royale experience with an emphasis on arcade-style gameplay. Its focus on fast-paced action, responsive shooting mechanics, and a variety of vehicles make it a classic choice for those seeking an exhilarating battle royale experience. Escape from Tarkov Escape from Tarkov takes a different approach by offering a hardcore survival shooter experience. While not a traditional battle royale, its intense looting, realistic combat, and complex gear management add a layer of authenticity that challenges players to outwit and outgun their opponents in a hostile environment. Ring of Elysium Ring of Elysium introduces dynamic weather effects that influence gameplay, enhancing the immersion and strategy required to succeed. The inclusion of various traversal options such as snowboarding and hang gliding adds an extra layer of tactical decision-making. Realm Royale Realm Royale adds a fantastical twist to the genre with class-based gameplay and a unique forging system. Players can choose from different character classes, each with their own abilities, creating diverse playstyles and strategic approaches. Spellbreak Enter the world of Spellbreak, where the rules of engagement are completely different. Embrace the magic and let go of the traditional weaponry; this game is all about harnessing elemental powers and indulging in thrilling battles. From fire to ice, each spell will leave players conjuring up new maneuvers to take down their opponents. It's a refreshing change from the norm, flipping traditional video game battle systems on their heads. Spellbreak might be a game, but it offers a glimpse into a world where magic rules supreme. Hyper Scape Ubisoft's Hyper Scape stands out with its futuristic setting, fast-paced action, and unique hacks that players can collect to gain a competitive edge. The game's virtual world and dynamic gameplay mechanics add a layer of innovation to the battle royale experience. Conclusion The battle royale genre has revolutionized the world of gaming by offering endless opportunities for competition and survival. From traditional gunplay to strategic hero-based gameplay and magical duels, players have access to a diverse array of titles that cater to their unique preferences. As the genre continues to evolve, the future holds even more intense and immersive survival experiences, promising to keep players captivated. To make the most of these thrilling games, players need a custom gaming laptop that is capable of handling the demands of these virtual arenas. So, gear up with a powerful machine and get ready to experience the ultimate gaming competition in the world of battle royale. Read Also: Is ASUS ROG FX503 The Best Gaming Laptop? Know It Here! [Updated 2023] 6 Tips For Improving Gaming Internet Speed For Amazing Performance 5 Tips To Build The Ultimate Gaming Setup