The Most 7 visited place in Dubai


11 April 2020


visited place in Dubai

Dubai is a well-known hotspot of tourists for the holiday destination. The city has very well transformed itself from desert to big shopping malls with mammoth aquariums, indoor ski -slopes, and sightseeing places like Burj Khalifa. This city gives you the pleasure to explore a lot many things apart from sightseeing water sports, camel riding, and sandboarding. You can also enjoy their traditional dance programs organized in the evening. There are some extremely lavish Dubai hotels to make your stay a comfortable one. We will let you know more about the most visited place in Dubai in this article.

Here are the most 7 visited place in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Dubai is known for its landmark building Burj Khalifa which is 829.8 meters and is one of the tallest buildings in the world. This comes amongst the most popular city points, and the visitors can take a trip to 124 the floor to experience the whole city from above. Imagine experiencing the city from a bird’s eye along with the presentations and speed elevator, which shows up the 360-degree view from the one side of the desert to another bottom of the ocean. If you visit it during nighttime, you can enjoy the beauty of city light panorama with walkways of wind, beautiful world’s tallest fountains, and garden.

2. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the city premier mall, which is also the entry of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. You will get plenty of entertainment ideas, including an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, cinema complex, and many more. You will also find endless shopping and eating options along with living musical and fashion concert events going on. If you plan your trip between January and Feb, then make sure not to miss the famous Dubai Summer surprises Festival.

3. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum was built in 17887 for defeating the Dubai Creek. The walls are made up of traditional coral blocks that are held together with lime. The ceilings are constructed with palm fronds and mud, while the upper floor is held by wooden poles that replicate its beauty. In the past, it has a history of serving the ruling family, government, and prison but was restored in 1971 as the museum. The entrance depicts the beautiful exhibition of old maps with the expansion of the oil boom. The museum features weaponry, Emirati musical instruments, and about the traditional life, including pearl fishing and dessert.

4. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

The sandy white is amongst the top choices under the beach for Dubai visitors. You will easily find a beach view hotel surrounding it for a stay. The beach offers plenty of facilities which includes sun loungers, fancy restaurants, and water sports like jet skiing. You can also visit nearby spots to it like Majis Ghorfat UmAl-Shelf, which is a residence of late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Maktoum. It has a beautiful décor that features the living standards of Dubai rulers.

5. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeriah Mosque is one of the most beautiful Mosques in Dubai. It is an exact copy of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, which is eight times its size. It depicts the Islamic culture and is couture beautifully with the detailing of stonework. The two minarets display the subtle details in the stonework and look attractive with the floodlights in the evening. There are various Arabic classes, lectures that help in fostering the Muslim faith.

6. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

You don’t need to go far away for exploring this natural vista incorporating the Mangrove forests and wetlands of Dubai creek. This sanctuary is a destination of flamingoes that can be spotted during winters. You can see the beautiful pink birds wading through lagoons from the spots which have been set up for the bird watchers.

7. IMG Worlds of Adventure

This park is full of entertainment and thrill for both kids and adults. You can find variations of Marvel’s iconic characters, dinosaur-themed rides, and rides with Cartoon Network. You can also experience Avengers battle Ultron, haunted house, and much more. This place has a lot to offer for people of every age.


So these were amongst some most visited place of Dubai, but the list doesn’t end here. There are many more things to discover in Dubai, which will thrill your experience. Dubai has lots of varieties to offer according to the taste of a different person. From beaches to a wildlife sanctuary and the world’s best mall, you will love the visit to Dubai.

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