Exploring amazing things and places in and around Bangalore

Published on: 14 November 2019 Last Updated on: 14 January 2020
around Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is called the “Silicon Valley” of India due to the huge presence of IT companies. The city is well-known for its pleasant weather and other things which attract a large number of visitors. It is growing fast which provides excellent job opportunities for several people from various parts of India. You should know how to explore amazing things and places in and around Bangalore.

Although it is an IT hub, there are several things to do in and around the city during weekends. The city is above 950 meters from sea level and the weather remains moderate throughout a year. Another thing is that it allows visitors to perform trekking, camping, and day outing with others. Know the tips on how to explore amazing things and places in and around Bangalore.

Here are some important places to visit in Bangalore while planning a tour:

1. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is one of the major attractions to see in Bangalore because it is rich in green foliage. Spread over an area of 300 hectares, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers who want to relax their mind in a calm and peaceful environment. The park covers more than 6000 trees allowing visitors to get fresh air. Bangalore Aquarium located in the park is the second largest one in India that has several species.

2. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is an absolute paradise for those who want to spend their honeymoon with their loved ones. It is just 60 km away from Bangalore city and tourists can reach the station by car, truck, etc. The hill station allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature with groups and family. Anyone who wants to carry out trekking activity can hire a guide for experiencing more excitement. Yoga Nandeeshwara temple and the Tipu’s Drop are some must-see attractions in the hills.

3. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park, located 22 km away from Bangalore city is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna.  It covers 104 Sq.km that features ten forest reserves allowing tourists to explore animals including a wide range of snakes and crocodiles.

4. National Gallery of Modern Art

Visitors who are art lovers can visit the National Gallery of Modern Art in Bangalore enabling them to enjoy the works done by legendary Indian artists. The gallery comprises paintings, graphic prints, sculptures, and photography works allowing tourists to know more about the development of modern art in India. There are special programs including film screenings organized in the gallery every year.

5. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is one of the must-see attractions which house the paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries. Built by Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar in 1878, the palace stands the epitome of great beauty and architecture. Spread across 45,000 square feet, the palace has a mixture of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture styles. It is also a host to several cultural events and music shows.

Travel tips to Bangalore

  1. The rupee is the currency used in Bangalore and foreigners who want to exchange the same should approach special offices or banks. They should also consider the current exchange rate as well as the commissions charged.
  2. Even though Bangalore is a beautiful city, it is advisable not to travel in remote areas alone during late-night to prevent robbery and other issues. They should travel with special care in crowded places, public transport, markets, and the railway station.
  3. It is a wise one to use bottled water instead of tap water. Visitors should rinse the fruits and vegetables before eating after purchasing them from a store or store. This will help to prevent health issues and other problems.
  4. Visitors should respect the rules followed in the city while planning a tour. They shouldn’t make any noise in the streets and in public places. There are many bars and restaurants which allow people to drink alcohol up to midnight.
  5. Bangalore is home to several salons that offer tattooing and other services to visitors with expert teams. However, it is necessary to consider the sanity conditions carefully before choosing a service. Visitors should also check whether a salon has a license or not to overcome complications.
  6. Tourists should not carry too much cash when they go out to important places in the city to eliminate unwanted problems. Foreign nationals should carry a photocopy of the passport and visa while visiting restaurants and other places.
  7. It is a wise one to avoid roadside foods in the city because they can lead to various health issues. Those who want to taste any food from roadside vendors should make sure that they cooked properly.
  8. Visitors who want to spend more time in the city should wear night clothes and make a vacation to prevent malaria and dengue.
  9. Travelers should gather more information about the places in advance before visiting them that can help to eliminate misguidance by others.

Where to stay in Bangalore?

Hotels around Bangalore offers different types of accommodations for visitors allowing them to plan their holidays and weekend accordingly. Some even provide resort facilities to enjoy life in natural and scenic surroundings. The Best resort in Bangalore covers modern amenities such as spa, swimming pool, gym, yoga center, recreation rooms, etc. Visitors can relax their body and mind in a resort in a sophisticated environment. Apart from that, the prices are an affordable one letting tourists create the best memories on a trip. Exploring amazing things and places in and around Bangalore is very important for a traveler.

Nowadays, there are several hotel websites that offer a variety of packages for tourists to book resorts in advance. One can even visit them for comparing the prices of the resort in Bangalore to rent them at cheaper prices. It is possible to schedule a trip to Bangalore after finding the right type of resorts.

On the other hand, visitors should know the terms and conditions of a website before booking a resort. Some websites even provide huge discounts on the packages allowing tourists to save more money. Hotels around Bangalore cover all types of services including transportation allowing visitors to get complete satisfaction. In addition, they show ways to have more fun and pleasure during the staying process.

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In the era of social media, bloggers and influencers in the travel industry are playing a bigger role in shaping trends in tourism. Due to the fact that social media feeds are where most people get their inspiration for travel decisions, popular influencers, and travel bloggers are taking center stage with their visually appealing and user-friendly content. Forbes revealed that the "Instagrammability" of a destination affects millennials' travel preferences significantly. Travel influencers are here to stay, as the industry is likely to reach a milestone of over USD 10 billion in 2022! Given their ability to introduce their followers to stunning locations across the world, travel influencers could be the wave of the future for influence. This gives people new travel objectives in addition to giving them the opportunity to see other cultures through the eyes of someone who is already familiar with them. Furthermore, influencers in the travel industry frequently have access to unique experiences and places that their followers would not otherwise be able to see. We are now outlining the top 12 travel influencers on Instagram in 2023 with the most dreamy and popular accounts. Get to know them, whether you are an influencer marketing agency, PR services agency, brand, or just curious about them. Top 12  Travel Influencers Of 2023 Image Source Here are the top 12 travel influencers you can check out for all your traveling FOMO. Murad Osmann Image Source Forbes lists Murad as one of the top travel influencers.  His wife Natalia and he traveled the world together, taking pictures in their now-famous pose of Natalia holding Osmann's hand with her back to the landscape, which made their #followmeto campaign famous. His famous photos have appeared at Art Basel and in Times Square, among other places. A new travel book, Murad and Natalia Osmann, Russian Bloggers Who Conquered the World, arrived soon after! These are 100 heartwarming travel and romance stories from the cutest couples on Instagram. Taking readers by the hand and showcasing all the wonders of the world, they will, for the first time, open the door to their amazing travels within the pages of this edition. In addition to the images that millions of subscribers are familiar with, the book also features backstage footage, rare photos, and an entire story about the crew that helps Natalia and Murad. Chris Burkard Image Source One of the most prominent travel influencers, Chris Burkard, is well-known for his breathtaking aerial landscape photographs. His pictures occasionally feature human or animal subjects in addition to trying to capture aerial views as works of art. He is a popular travel influencer who is very famous and works as a professional photographer, author, and speaker. Chris resides in the Central Coast region of California.  Jennifer Tuffen Image Source One of the top travel influencers on Instagram in the United Kingdom is Jennifer Tuffen. She highlights some of the most popular travel locations in vivid and dreamy ways. She has a storybook-style Instagram account that features the most sought-after restaurants, lodgings, scenery, and other items. Jennifer once said that after getting her first iPhone 3GS, she developed an interest in photography. She took pictures left, right, and center with her phone while on vacation. When she went home, she downloaded Instagram because she didn't know what to do with all of them. Jack Morris Image Source Jack is one of Australia's leading travel influencers. Based in Bali, he explores the globe with his significant other, @gypsea_lust, another renowned travel influencer. His daring, bohemian-inspired travel photography has made him notorious. Having collaborated with companies such as American Express, he is among the most sought-after influencers. The Bucketlist Family Image Source One of the most recognized family Instagram travel influencers is The Bucketlist Family, which is based in Hawaii. They are renowned for offering family-friendly travel suggestions. They have 2.4 million Instagram followers thanks to their vibrant images and positive personalities. In order to cross as many items off their bucket list and experience as many adventures as they could, Garrett and Jessica Gee made the risky decision to sell everything they owned and travel the world in 2015. One of the most fascinating families in the travel industry is the renowned and notorious Gee family, popularly referred to as "The Bucket List Family." Jessica Stein Australian travel blogger Jessica Stein became an advocate for kids with special diseases after giving birth to a child who had a rare form of chromes disease. Jessica is still regarded as one of the leading travel influencers despite the fact that she doesn't travel as much these days because of her now-famous travel advice and photos. Alex Strohl Image Source One of the most well-known travel influencers, photographer, filmmaker, and teacher, Alex Strohl, is renowned for his landscape photography, especially for the way he captures breathtaking mountainous areas. Numerous reputable magazines, including Vanity Fair, Gentleman's Journal, and Forbes, have featured photographs taken by Alex. Popular Instagram influencer Alex Strohl has a substantial social media following. The influencer has accumulated 2.09 million followers by 2022. Although Alex Strohl's exact net worth is unknown, estimates place it between $9.53 million and $10 million. Alex Strohl's net worth is probably more than $15.25 million when other revenue streams are factored in. Tara Milk Tea Image Source Based in Sydney, Tara Milk Tea is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer on Instagram. She is well-known for her whimsical, dreamy images as well as styling. Louis Vuitton is among the most renowned brands Tara has collaborated with. Her images, which show her traveling the world in search of the most picturesque locations, often have a kaleidoscope of colors. At the age of 25, she completed her Honors degree in Design from The University of New South Wales while working full-time on client engagements, traveling, and managing her social media accounts. Famous travel and fashion influencer Tara Milk Tea has a substantial Instagram following. Lauren Bath Image Source Australia's Lauren Bath, a former chef who became a photographer and Instagrammer, is incredibly well-known and stands out from the crowd due to the caliber of her shots. With more than 440k followers, she was the first professional Instagrammer in Australia. The national press dubbed influencer Lauren Bath, who as of 2022 had 386K Instagram followers, "Australia's first professional Instagrammer." The Australian influencer industry was founded by her. She has worked with many international destination management organizations. They include Along with the Plaza New York, Travel Insurance Direct, VAIL Resorts, Olympus Australia, and many other prestigious brands. For example, Tourism New Zealand, Switzerland Tourism, Tourism Australia, Tourism South Africa, and many more. Samuel Taipale One of the most popular Instagram travel influencers, Samuel Taipale, is a photographer from Norway who travels the globe with his wife, Hilvees. Through his travel photos, he has approximately 384k Instagram followers. As of 2022, this well-known travel and fashion influencer had 368K followers on Instagram. He regularly posts amazing photos of his travels with his family of, wife, and kids on his Instagram account @hxepresets. The most recent photo he uploaded was taken in May 2022 and features his wife and two kids enjoying themselves in beautiful summertime settings. Benjamin Ortega Image Source Frenchman Benjamin Ortega works as a photographer, influencer, and filmmaker. He is doing a great job of representing his roughly 332k Instagram followers. This is evident by the energy in his photos, which demonstrate his passion for the genre. His images, which are primarily of water, are captivating to look at. By 2022, Benjamin Ortega had amassed over 340K Instagram followers, making him a well-known travel and fashion blogger. With all of his revenue streams, including YouTube and Instagram, his estimated net worth is expected to be even higher than the $5 billion mark. He has an astounding 192K followers as of 2022. Anna Karsten Image Source American girl Anna Karsten enjoys traveling and learning new things about the world. On Instagram, she has 189K followers. She has traveled to seven continents and 91 countries. As of 2022, Anna had more than 170,000 Instagram followers, making her a well-known travel influencer. Publications like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, and others have featured her work. She was born and raised in Warsaw, and in 2007, she came to study in the US. She has resided in numerous cities, such as Mexico City and Amsterdam. In May 2022, she posted her most recent Instagram reel. It featured a cute part of Switzerland that she and her children visited. In 2022, her estimated net worth will range from $1 million to $5 million. Wrapping Up Social media marketing today offers a broad consumer base that transcends geographical boundaries. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more are becoming an essential part of our lives. With over 3 billion users combined across these platforms, developing a strong influencer marketing plan will be crucial to marketing initiatives. It will enable companies to reach their target market through top travel influencers. Are you looking for inspiration to become a travel influencer? We hope this article helped. Additional Reading: 6 Essential Tips For Long-Distance Train Travel Growing Your Gram: 10 Tips for Boosting Your Instagram Engagement Facebook Blueprint: Building A Strong Foundation For Social Media Advertising


Planning for Enjoyable Travel and a Memorable Destination Wedding

Travel gives people the chance to experience new locations, cultures ad environments. Visiting places that you have not been to before and meeting diverse groups of people can be a worthwhile combination of excitement and adventure.   Traveling is also a great way to take a break from your hectic schedule and spend quality time with your loved ones. It relaxes you and gives you insight into other cultures. A range of delicious cuisine and access to scenic views are among the enjoyable aspects of traveling.   Planning for Travel   When you go to a different place to celebrate a special occasion, embrace the opportunity and enjoy every moment. From trying new food to participating in exhilarating activities, there is a lot to do while you were away from home. Before you go anywhere it is important to make travel plans, which include determining your destination.   When choosing a location, consider factors such as the weather conditions, ongoing events and the most ideal time to visit a particular location. You also need to consider the best way to travel to your destination and your overall travel budget.    Budget for your trip and decide your exact travel dates. You will be able to finalize your arrangements when you are aware of your financial situation.   When your reasons for travel are clear and you have prepared your budget you can delve further into the details of your destination. Think about your interests, the sites you want to see, nightlife and food.   Men’s Wedding Bands   Looking for the best men’s wedding bands does not have a difficult or frustrating task. Focus on investing in a ring that suits your preference and taste as a lasting symbol of your special bond and an item that you are likely to wear throughout your life. Knowing what you and your future spouse want, picking quality designs and being financially prepared will ensure that you get the perfect men’s wedding band. Find out more at Destination Weddings Destination weddings enable couples to solemnize and celebrate their unions at beautiful destinations of their choice. Couples have the option to get married anywhere in the world and away from home. There are numerous stunning locations to choose from around the world scenic beaches of the Caribbean to the cultural delights of Mexico.   Benefits   A destination wedding may be an intimate event for the couple, restricted to a few family members and friends or an elaborate affair that consists of several guests in attendance.   Many couples continue to opt for intimate celebrations at special destinations rather than conventional and typically costly weddings.   A destination wedding enables you to enjoy your celebration for as long as you want while you create memories with family and friends. The intimate nature of such weddings also makes them an affordable option.   Couples and Guests   If you want to plan this type of wedding, it is important to make sure that your guests will be able and available to attend. It is advisable to let your loved ones know in advance before you commit to a destination wedding.   In situations where some relatives are unable to make it to the wedding, you can compromise by having your destination wedding and preparing a reception when you get back home. Consider your guests and their ability to attend when you choose a location for your wedding. Read also : Why Should Ladakh Be Your Next Travel Destination?  Three Amazing Travel Destinations In Africa