The Lovely Hill Station of Yercaud


13 November 2019


yercaud hill station

Yercaud attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world with its magical charm. Lying in the southern area, Yercaud is one of the most sought-after and a must-visit hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Usually, the locals plan a trip to Yercaud Hill Station on the weekend. It is the perfect tourist destination for nature-lovers and adventure-maniacs. Yercaud is famous for lakes, gardens, mountains, waterfalls, and pristine landmarks.

In addition to being an interesting tourist spot, Yercaud boasts a serene atmosphere. This town has fresh air, pleasant weather, and warm and welcoming people. Here are some must-visit tourist destinations in Yercaud.

Tourist Destinations in Yercaud:

1.Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud lake tops the list of the most attractive tourist destination in this town. The lake not only allows tourists to spend some peaceful time relaxing here, but Yercaud Lake offers a lot of attractions to explore. A clear view of the mesmerizing hills and lush greenery, this tourist spot has everything that the Yercaud hill station is famous for. Surrounding the lake is a beautiful garden and different species of trees. If you want to explore Yercaud hill station from one place, then Yercaud Lake is a perfect spot for you.

Yercaud lake has a lot of shops and eateries surrounding the lake. To taste the delicious cuisines of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud Lake is a must-visit destination. Buy some snacks and desserts, and relish the beauty of Yercaud Lake. If you are an adventure-lover, Yercaud lake has a lot of water sport activities to offer. Boating is largely encouraged in this lake.

2. Bear’s Cave

Bear’s Cave

Located in a coffee estate, Bear’s cave is one of the most captivating tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world. It gets the unique name from the fact that this cave was a habitat for bears in the earlier times.

Although it is private property, the owner of the cave keeps it open for tourists. Bear’s Cave is a perfect holiday destination for tourists who want to explore something unique and different. The main attraction of the city is the 7 feet deeper ground that takes the tourists to the holy Shevaroyan Temple.

3. 32 Kilometer Loop Road

32 Kilometer Loop Road

To know why India is considered one of the leading countries for tea and coffee plantations, you must visit the 32 kilometers loop road. The road begins from the Yercaud Lake and features the beautiful tea and coffee plantations on the way. This 32 kilometers drive from Yercaud Lake is filled with Tamil Nadu culture, its heritage, and the beautiful hill station. A wide range of plants and fauna life is a major tourist attraction here.

This loop road is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yercaud city. The captivating views, local people, the way of their living, and the mesmerizing tea plantations are some of the major attractions in Yercaud Lake.

4. Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point

If you are tired of the busy city life, Pagoda Point is a perfect destination to spend some relaxing time. Pagoda Point is known for its scenic views and enchanting attractions. The gentle breezes and mesmerizing ambiance has a magical effect that captivates your mind and draws the attention of the locals and international tourists. Pagoda Point is 4.5 kilometers drive from the main city. Also known as Pyramid Point, this scenic location is a must-visit place for Yercaud tourists. You can also pay a visit to Sri Rama Temple, which is located close to Pagoda Point.

5. Killiyur falls

Killiyur falls


A 4 kilometers drive from the Yercaud hill station, Killiyur waterfalls lie in the Eastern Ghats. Killiyur waterfall is located in the Salem district. Streaming from an altitude of 300 feet, this waterfall is a picturesque view. The place is also a perfect spot for boating and swimming. If you ever visit Yercaud hills, pay a visit to Salem district and explore some scenic attractions in this area.

Apart from Killiyur Falls, Salem district has many other tourist destinations. Killiyur Falls has stable weather throughout the year. However, November to March is the best time to visit this weekend getaway trip. Avail a car rental in Salem with the driver and explore all the attractions of this district.

6. Emerald Lake of the Yercaud Hill Station

Another popular lake in this hill station is Emerald lake. The beautiful hill stations and mesmerizing gardens surround this lake. The beauty of this garden is indeed a treat to your eyes. The lake has a beautiful fountain in the middle of the waters. Besides, you can also enjoy the boating adventure here. You can either pick from rowing boats or motor boats (as per your preference).

Book a cab from Chennai to Yercaud and explore this hill station to its fullest. It is approximately 1-hour 30-minute drive from Salem. Yercaud is a perfect hill station for tourists who want to explore the tranquility and attraction of Tamil Nadu.

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Inside the Sublime Environs of Kalpa – A Guide to Best Places

Kalpa stands geologically at the juncture of Kinnaur that is majorly dominated by Hinduism and Spiti Valley that has the influence of Buddhism. You can see the intersection and concurrence of both the beliefs at Kalpa. Kalpa Tourism, furthermore, has such intriguing sites and landmarks under its umbrella that can literally stir the soul of anyone and everyone visiting this picturesque town. Read ahead to know about the best of Kalpa that you must visit during your trip. 1. Reckong Peo [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="679"] image[/caption] Reckong Peo or Peo, is the capital of the district of Kinnaur and is situated 260 km away from Shimla. The spot rests at an elevation of 2290 m above sea level. It hosts one of the four Buddha Mahotsav, a noteworthy Indian celebration, which is annually organised by the state government. Voyagers going by this spot can appreciate the pleasant perspective of the Kinnaur Kailash Mountain and adventure junkies can undertake the trek to Kinnaur from Reckong Peo, which is a four to five days long affair. 2. Sangla Valley The Sangla Valley is situated on the banks of the river Baspa, around 8900 ft above sea level. The valley is set in the midst of wandering streams, snow clad mountains and rich green scenes. Apart from the Baspa valley, Sangla has many touring opportunities like the Sapni, Kilba, Rackchham, Kamru Fort and the exceptionally well known Naga sanctuary. 3. Batseri Batseri is a quaint town located on the banks of the Baspa River. This spot can be reached by strolling through a conventional bridge that is built over a river that flows by. One of a kind structures, cobbled ways, and the sanctuary of Badri Narayan are the vital attractions of the town. If you are an art lover, then you can see the delightful conventional design of the area called 'Kathkuni' where flat wooden sleepers are packed with the wooden stones. In closeness to this town, there is a sanctuary committed to Lord Buddha which you can visit. 4. Kamru Fort Situated at a height of 2600 m above sea level, Kamru Fort is situated around 2 km from the Sangla Valley. This grand structure has numerous doors with a photo of Lord Buddha at the main entryway and a wooden gallery decorates the upper parts of the fortification, while the idol of Kamakhya Devi is housed in the third floor. There also is a fifteenth century temple of Badrinath situated in the Kamru Fort. 5. Suicide Point Suicide Point is one of the famous places to visit in Kalpa, which is only 10 minutes away from the prominent apple gardens. Dangerous trenches and steep slants are the highlights of this district which make it a thrilling locale to visit. Be careful; do not forget the name of the spot! Anusha Dixit is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can read all about Kalpa tourism. Read More: Top 5 Tourist Attractions Within And Around Mumbai 5 Irresistible Reasons To Embark On A Golden Triangle Tour Discover Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos With Private Indochina Tour Packages Planning For A Religious Tour? How About The Birthplace Of Lord Rama, Ayodhya?


Major Festivals to Visit at Jamaica

Jamaica is at the heart of one of the most vibrant travel destinations in the world. The Caribbean holds all the music and energy that you would ever want in a travel destination. Whether you are looking to let your hair down, or go on the culture tour that takes you out of your comfort zone, Jamaica might be one of the best places to visit. When it comes to festivals in Jamaica, there’s no better way to let go and enjoy yourself. No matter which time of the year you’re angling for, Jamaica villa rentals with staff would have one festival or other. Let’s look at some of the festivals that should be on your list if you’re visiting Jamaica this year. 1. Rebel Salute : A drug-free, violence-free, alcohol-free environment in a music festival? One of my problems with music festivals has always been this culture of violence and partying. However, the biggest reggae festival in the world is completely peaceful, and the perfect place to let go and dance. Held in the Plantation Cove at St. Ann, this festival gives a salute to Reggae legend Tony Rebel and is one of the places which would make you feel great. Pro-tip, this is still the biggest reggae festival in the world. When it starts in the second or third week of January, make you have your villas booked from before, and that you plan your trip out. If you are taking your kids in, know that the ones under 12 years get free tickets, and they’re allowed to go to most places too. 2. Accompong Maroon Festival : If you are planning to let your hair down at Rebel Salute, try out the January 6th celebration by The Maroons. These guys were slaves who got freedom, and even made the British sign a peace treaty, no less than a hundred years before slavery was abolished. The Maroon festival at Accompong celebrates the spirit of the Maroon people and offers delectable local cuisine and festivities without any problem. Enjoy the local festivities and get to know of the local history of the tribe, and of their hero Cudjoe who went ahead and got them the peace treaty back in 1739. Pro-tip, Accompong is a sleepy town, so make sure to have another place as your base and keep this up as a one day trip. 3. Reggae Month : From Rebel Salute to the Reggae Month. The third week of January is what celebrates Tony Rebel, but, the month-long celebration of Reggae music starts on February 6th. Kicking off at the iconic Bob Marley museum on February 6th, this is a decade-old festival that has captured the fantasy of the entire world. Go through the local cuisine, visit the numerous concerts and visit the various parades throughout the towns. You can make sure that Reggae, the spirit is alive. One of the reasons for this fantastic celebration has been to protect the music genre and preserve it for yourself. Throughout the whole month, there are art exhibitions and Rasta flags decorating the streets. Make sure to book your villas months ahead because Reggae Month is one of the busiest months in Jamaica tourism and finding the perfect place to stay at can be terrible. 4. Tmrw.Today Culture Festival : From local culture to yoga, this is the space to beat if you want to experience Jamaica in full. This quiet festival is new, but, has become a focal point of the local tourist experience. The festival invites experienced trainers from all over the world, musicians playing a variety of music and celebrate the vibrancy that runs through the veins of Jamaica. The small town of Negril transforms completely to embrace the culture of reggae and healing. If letting your hair down and being stress-free is what you are looking for, this Culture Festival is one of the best places you can go to. 5. The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival : Come October, Kingston dresses up for going on a beautiful food and drink festival. The seafood and meat culture of Jamaica is downright legendary, and come October; the locals come out in droves to celebrate the culture and love behind the cuisine. All the restaurants hold annual celebrations which include lovely dishes of every single type. On the other hand, there are hundreds of food trucks throughout the city, just offering the best of the local food to you. Forget the kitchen at the villa, start walking around and discover a different kind of adventure for yourself. You will never be lacking in enthusiasm as the locals push you with their vibrant lifestyles. 6. Liguanea Art Festival : You need to visit the art of every place you go to. The Liguanea Art Festival has grown in multitudes over the past few years. One of the most beautiful things about this festival is that the owners listen to the local people, and always have a finger in the pulse of the art scene. Make sure to buy yourself souvenirs of the up and coming artists. The jewelry, the tribal stories, if you want to get a view of how Jamaica is, make sure to visit this festival when Spring comes round. Jamaica is one of those places that should be at the forefront of any cultural tour. So, if tomorrow's vacation is about finding out about life, people spend across the seas, visit the festivals peppering Jamaica’s landscape. Make sure to book in advance because Jamaica is famous, and also go ahead and try out the local foods, the local music, and remember to dance a little. Read Also : 5 Places You Should See If You’re Visiting Hong Kong For The First Time Best Spots To Visit In Sydney A Visit To Darjeeling Is All You Need This Vacation