Why Should Ladakh Be Your Next Travel Destination?

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There are a lot of tourist destinations in the world with varying features. A lot of people choose places at high altitude to enjoy a wonderful nature and pleasant climate. Are you someone who is fed up of the same old hill station vacation? You ought to visit Ladakh which is about 11,000 feet above the sea level.

Ladakh is a city located in North India. It has mesmerizing landscape, peaks, world’s highest mountain passes, spectacular lakes, sightseeing spots and many others. This is the right place for those who want to have a vacation amidst the nature. Here are the top reasons to why Ladakh should be your next travel destination.


Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an extreme sport where motorcycle enthusiast drive through mountain passes at extreme condition to enjoy the adrenaline rush and also the mesmerizing landscapes. The world’s top three highest mountain passes are found here. Many tourists from various parts of the world visit here for this sport activity. You can also bike along Indus River and spot some exotic animals. This is one of the best experiences that you can get here. There are various passes that you can choose based on your expertise level.

Mountain Biking Ladakh

Trails of Trekking

Do you love outdoor sport? Do you want to spend considerable time with your family while you enjoy some outdoor activity? This region is the best with no regards to your expertise in trekking. Ladakh has trails for first time trekkers and also for master trekkers. There are small trails to take hikes with your family or you can also choose great trails like the Frozen Lake trail which would take 3 days to complete. If you are very new to this sport, I would recommend Lamayuru to Ripchar Trek, Padum to Darcha trail and Markha Valley Trek. If you are looking for some moderate trails; you ought to visit Stok Kangri Trek or, take up the route between Rumstse and Kiber.

Lamayuru Trek

There are a lot of monasteries, spots for enjoying spectacular landscape and frozen peaks on the trekking path. You can find meadow, lakes and mesmerizing nature in almost all trails.

Nature Loving Spots

Are you a photographer? Do you love nature? You can find exotic plant and animal species here in Ladakh. If you are bringing your child with you, you ought to visit Hemis National Park. You can find a lot of exotic animals here including snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, wild sheep, nimble ibex and many others. You can also find make rare plant species. If you ought to enjoy the plant species, choose summer or early winter season. If you are visiting with your special one, do not miss the lazy strolls in the national park. Also visit the park during Hermis festival to witness dance festival in the monastery inside the park.

Hemis National Park


There are a few decent hotels in Leh. But, it is not easy to find restaurants and high end hotels in other parts of Ladakh. But, you can experience a different style of accommodation here. There are a lot of households here which welcome travellers. You can learn their tradition and culture during your visit.

The famous beverage of Ladakh is the butter tea. The tea is pink in colour and has a slight sour taste. Though it is an authentic drink of the place, it is not easy to find decent butter tea in restaurants. But, you can visit households in Ladakh who would serve you this tea with hospitality. Even if you are planning to get back to Leh every evening, I would recommend you to take up home-stay for a few days to get the real kick out of this vacation.

Butter Tea Monasteries

What can be interesting in monasteries? These are not just places for worship. Do you like exploration? You can explore these monasteries. Every year, thousands of international visitors come to these monasteries for meditation and stress-relieving. The architecture of the monastery would be a treat for those who love history and art. You can also find interesting stories about monasteries. The top monasteries to visit here are Spituk, Alchi, Lamayuru, Hemis, Tikse and others.

Spituk Monastery

 The best time to visit any monastery is during any local festival. Almost all festivals are celebrated in major monasteries. The top festivals to watch are Spituk Gustor, Thiksey Gustor, Losar, Hemis dance festival and others.

Thiksey Gustor


There are a few lakes but, each one is unique and awe inspiring. Pangong Lake is the top attraction in Ladakh. This is a highest salt water lake found in the world with clear water which changes its colour throughout the day. There are a lot of other lakes in this place and people choose camping near lakes as a family activity. You might spot a lot of migration birds if you choose the right season. Lakes are the picturesque places in Ladakh.

Pangong Lake


Apart from mountain biking and trekking, there are a lot of other adventure activities that are common in Ladakh. The next top activity is rafting. If you are visiting during rainy season, you ought to enjoy rafting in Indus River as you enjoy the peaks and other landscapes. You can also spot wildlife, some monasteries and also peaks in many routes. Rafting in Zanskar River is the most opted choice by many tourists.

Zanskar River Rafting

Ladakh is a paradise for those who want an adrenaline filled vacation which would leave you with a lot of memories and experiences. This place has its own prime beauties during each season. If you are visiting during winter, you can enjoy wildlife. If you are visiting in early summer, you can enjoy all adventure activities; if you are visiting in late summer, all attractions would be open and if you are choosing rainy season, rafting and sightseeing would be enchanting.

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Explore Ladakh in your own style to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Do not forget to enjoy the cuisine of Ladakh and its signature dishes, butter tea and cheese made of yak milk.

Happy holidays!

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