Haridwar- The pilgrimage site surrounded by pristine getaways

Haridwar is often called the gateway to the Hindu pilgrimage sites of the Char Dhams and draws a large number of travelers due to its stunning mountains, rivers and old temples. You can either go for a Delhi to Haridwar taxi or you can reserve your seat in the bus for the amazing journey to this holiest place.

Gracefully located at the place where the Ganges rises from the Himalaya, Haridwar is Uttarakhand’s most divine Hindu city, and devotees arrive here in the throng to bathe in the serenity of fast-flowing Ganges. The sheer number of people associating around Har-ki-Pairi Ghat give Haridwar a helter-skelter but reverential feeling. Within the religious hierarchy of India, Haridwar is much more compelling than Rishikesh, an hour further north, and every evening the river comes alive with fulgurating flames as floating offerings are discharged onto the Ganges. It’s particularly busy during the yatra season from May to October and is the spot of the annual Magh Mela spiritual festival. During the time of the festival, many visitors take Delhi to Haridwar taxi to come and enjoy the fresh air of Haridwar.

Haridwar’s prime street is Railway Rd, becoming Upper Rd, which rushes corresponding to the Ganges canal. Generally, only rickshaws are allowed between Lalta Rao Bridge and Bhimgoda Jhula and Lalta Rao bridge, so vehicles ride around the opposite bank of the river. The pathways of Bara Bazaar are at the south of Har-ki-Pauri Ghat.

Har-ki-Pauri Ghat

Har-ki-Pauri which means “The Footstep of God” is where Lord Vishnu is said to have shoved some divine nectar and left a footprint behind it. Every eve hundreds of devotees gather for the Ganga aarti. Officials are there in blue uniforms to collect donations and, as the sun goes down, bells ring out in a swing, torches are burnt, and leaf baskets with flower petals inside and a candle on top are lit and placed on the river to flow away downstream.

Tourists can blend with the crowd to experience the customs of an age-old religion that still retains its power in the contemporary age. If you want to make a donation, it’s best to give to a professional collector. The best times to visit the ghat are dawn or just before dusk.

Chandi Devi Temple

Chandi Devi Temple was constructed in 1929 by Raja Suchet Singh of Kashmir. Many pilgrims and tourists combine this with a cable car to the jam-packed hilltop temple of Mansa Devi known as a wish-fulfilling goddess. At Mansa Devi, you can ride on both cable cars or take an AC coach between the two temples.

Mansa Devi Temple

Take the cable car to the throng hilltop temple of Mansa Devi, a wish-fulfilling goddess. The path to the cable car is placed with stalls selling packages of prasad to take up to the goddess on the top of the hill. You can walk up 1.5 km but beware of prasad -stealing monkeys. Photography is banned in the temple. You can reach this place 5 hours as  Delhi to Haridwar distance is 204 km.

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