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YouTubNow: Complete Honest Reviews [Updated in 2021]

Downloading YouTube videos have remained no more suspense now. Whether it is about saving the online videos offline or about downloading them safely on your device, everything has become a smooth ride due to the presence of so many options being available there in the market. YouTubNow is being in great news these days, and the credit goes here is the power and ease of usability it offers to the users. Youtubnow is one of the most potent YouTube video downloading services that have made the task of video downloading from one of the leading streaming apps, i.e., YouTube a smooth ride. It hardly needs a few seconds of yours to get your favorite tracks on your devices entirely for free. It is a fantastic YouTube downloader that makes any soundtrack a different audio file for you. Whether it is about downloading any YouTube movie, TV show, sports game, and even favorite music tracks, you have to put on video URL here and have to select the format to get the file downloaded on your device. YouTubNow Review With Features If you are wondering about the reasons behind the massive success of YouTubNow, here is the list of some features that will make you impress as well. 1. Interactive interface: According to many customer reviews of Youtubnow, the interface is provided by this beautiful software is just like butter, where you have to follow the directions being offered out there. 2. No annoying ads: Ads are one of the most annoying things that surely most of us don’t love to have especially when streaming our favorite programs or movies. YouTubNow brings you an ad-free experience where you don’t have to pay any charges to enjoy such premium features. 3. Unlimited Downloading: There are no restrictions on the number of downloads you are going to make. Just download until your data pack expires or you're PC or smartphone memory allows you. 4. Multiple formats: Along with no restrictions over the number of downloads, there are no restrictions over the formats of video files as well. Ranging from downloading MP3 to YouTube videos, you are allowed to download videos of different formats and resolutions. 5. Smooth conversions: Converting your YouTube videos to favorite music tracks is not a big deal now as YouTubNow is there to help you out in such a situation. Just download the YouTube videos now and choose the audio setups you are prepared to have your music on, YouTubNow Can transform from most of the form whether it can be YouTube to MP3 or mp4 or WebM. 6. Easy searching: Just like other streaming apps and video downloading apps you don’t have to think about the links here. Just enter the exact name or keyword to do a natural search for millions of videos being present there on YouTube. 7. Amazing downloading speed: YouTubNow has made the downloading procedure only a matter of a few seconds. You have to change the link into your web browser from to to get the related content on your device. The downloading process starts up immediately once you alter the provided link on your web browser. 8. Cross-browser is downloading: One of the most favorite things about YouTubNow is that this online service is being designed to work on almost all of the popular web browsers seamlessly. Whether it is Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox, Safari, or Opera, the app will run smoothly on each one of them. 9. Forget about the age restrictions: Like so many other apps there, the app does not introduce any restrictions on the content you are going to download on your device. The app doesn’t require your personal information or email id while making a secure login to it. How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubNow? It is one of the most obvious questions that might strike your mind, especially when one listens about the features of such an excellent platform. There is no complexity of operations, so get relaxed, and enjoy the world of YouTube video downloading just by following the step-by-step procedure given below. Go to Launch the app and enter the required URL or your related query in the Search option being provided out there. You will receive a number of related options on your home screen. Just select the suitable one for you. Make a selection of the required format you are willing to have that YouTube video with along with the quality or resolution of the video. Press the Download button and wait patiently for the process to get accomplished. On the successful downloading of the required video on your device, you are free to listen, share or edit it as per your choice. Read Also: Top Torrent Sites For Games Download How To Make Money On Youtube How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? Featured image:

Feet Stronger

4 Essential Ways Of How To Make Your Feet Stronger

The human feet are a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art that enables you to stand for long hours, walk for long distances, hop, skip and jump and follow the activities that your heart wants to follow. Just like a sound foundation ensures that a building stands upright forever; having strong feet ensure a longer, happier, and healthier life. However, we often tend to take our feet for granted.  Even the best of athletes focus upon building muscles legs, arms, calves, abs, and the rest of the body; but hardly anyone pays attention to the feet. We seem to forget the fact that our feet are involved in almost every activity we do. They provide us the support and balance in almost all our bodily movements. Lack of strength in our feet is therefore bound to compromise our ability to do any physical activity; be it walking, running, jump, high-intensity sporting event, or even standing! The Science Behind the Structure of the Feet Before we embark upon knowing the ways about how to ensure that your feet stronger, it is important to understand the three most important aspects that dictate how strong or weak your feet are. These are - 1.The Soles  Most of us who wear shoes all day long have very soft and tender feet soles. You would have noticed that those who spend time barefooted, have thicker soles. This makes them stronger and firmer and they are able to withstand superficial injuries as well as normal wear and tear quite easily. 2. The Joints, Muscles, And Tendrils Of The Feet  The human foot is a very complex structure. It is made of 33 joints, 26 bones, and almost 100 ligaments! They all are designed to function in a manner that the foot can take the weight of the entire body and spread it evenly to maintain balance in all types of movement. Strong feet not only help an efficient movement but also help in improving the posture. They also help in avoiding spinal injuries by efficiently maintaining our balance, thus cushioning the effect of any jerks. 3. Arches in the Feet  The arches in our feet help in an efficient rolling action, which maintains the balance during movement. Sometimes the arches are not well developed, giving rise to a situation commonly known as flat feet. When someone is flat-footed, it is difficult to maintain good rolling action which in turn leads to a lower range of action consequently lowering strength as well as speed. How to Make Your Feet Stronger Most of us are blessed with well-shaped feet that can take the rigors of our daily life and all the activities we undertake, but often we tend to neglect our feet and suffer the consequences by way of loss of strength as well as suffer from early aging symptoms. It is but natural that if the feet are weak, a person's mobility will be restricted and he will do fewer activities. This would have an adverse effect on overall health. On the other hand, if a person is active,  some of the drawbacks of being flat-footed can be overcome. Here are some of the ways of how to make your feet stronger - Exercises By consciously spending some time doing the following specific exercises is the best way to make your feet stronger – Caterpillar Type Movement – (Benefit- Strengthens the arches) Lie down on your back, draw your knees and place the feet flat on the floor about 8 inches away from each other. Then lift the arches of both the feet and simultaneously pull your toes backward toward the heels. Keep this position for a few seconds and bring back the arches and toe to their original position. Then do the reverse- arches up and heels toward the toes. Repeat this set three to five times. Windshield Wiper Movement – (Benefit- Strengthens the entire foot and improves ankle stability) In continuation with the caterpillar type movement exercise listed above, lift the toes, keeping the feet flexed while only the heels are touching the floor. Then slowly roll your feet to the ground and lift the heels keeping only your toes are on the ground. Repeat 8-10 times. Wing and Sickle Movement - (Benefit - Strengthens the ankles and promotes correct posture) Continue lying down as above and roll your feet inward along the inner edge in line with the toe, then roll outwards in line with a small finger. Do this 3-5 times. The Round Knot Movement - (Benefit - Stretches the ligaments and aids foot alignment) Sit upright on the floor and extend your legs in front. Bend the left knee towards yourself and interlace the fingertips of the right hand with the left toes. Inch them forward and backward giving the foot a stretch. Repeat 6-8 times. Then do the same with the other foot. Toughening up Your Feet There are many other ways of how to make your feet stronger. Stand More Often – Our daily life is mostly based on sitting. Be it office or home, we spend the day sitting. Consciously standing more often would help strengthen and stretch the muscles of the feet. Jogging/Walking on the Sand – If you have access to a sandy beach, try walking or running gently on the sand. This would increase the flexibility and strength in your feet and exercise the arch.     Read also: Why Jumping on Trampolines is More Beneficial than Running or Jogging? Walking Barefoot– Crazy as it may appear, walking on smooth rocks can do wonders for your feet' strength. Walking barefoot on grass is equally effective as it toughens up the feet soles and makes the feet stronger. Using Shoes With Insoles Insoles were traditionally used for making short people appear taller. These days however they are scientifically designed for multiple functions and assist in skiing, biking, golf, etc. Using best insoles for flat feet ensures not only physical comfort but also improves efficiency and performance in all your multifarious activities. Even those who suffer from other ailments like Morton’s Neuroma and plantar fasciitis can benefit by using the best insoles for flat feet and carry out all activities normally. Go On, Focus On Your Feet! If you want to enhance your control, balance, and power, it is important to start focusing on strengthening your feet. It will also make you agile with better control of movement. Following these simple tips in your daily routine can put you on the way to balanced, more powerful, and stronger feet in a matter of a few days! Read also: Get up and Workout! Things to Consider

Mobile Marketing Tips

5 Actionable Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Sales

Driving sales is the most important task for any marketing department, no matter how large or small your business. Here are five ways to leverage mobile marketing to increase sales immediately: Build Websites With Mobile in Mind Traditionally, websites are built to perform well on desktop and laptop computers, and then later they are optimized for mobile. In today’s business environment, however, it should be the other way around. Take a look at these statistics about mobile search traffic: 70% of searches made on smartphones or tablets result in immediate action. 73% of consumers believe mobile websites load too slowly. 68% of traffic is lost if a website isn’t configured well enough for a mobile device. Clearly, mobile searches are valuable, and your competition is losing out on these opportunities. Take the time to capture them, or you’ll lose out on sales, too. Create a Mobile Loyalty Program One of the best uses for a mobile application is to provide a loyalty program for your audience. Here are the benefits you can expect your brand to immediately enjoy: They’re less expensive than most inbound tactics that focus on finding new business rather than improving loyalty. Companies that run loyalty programs usually enjoy more growth than other companies. Your company’s reputation is improved by simply launching a loyalty program. You’ll have access to a larger portion of your customer’s overall spend. Not only that, but your customers benefit too. On average, 90 percent of all users with mobile devices believe that enrolling in a brand’s loyalty program benefits them. It’s a win-win situation. Start Distributing Coupons via Mobile Instead of Print One of the best tools you have in your arsenal to drive sales is coupons. Sending them out gives customers an instant incentive to make a purchase immediately, but if you want your customers to use them, you need to make it convenient for them to do so. That’s why mobile devices are the perfect way to distribute your coupons — convenience. Instead of having to print or clip the coupons and bring them when they shop, they’ll have instant access. This is the biggest reason that mobile coupons have a redemption rate that’s 10 times higher than print or clip coupons. Use Text Messages to Nurture Your Leads Text messages are extremely effective at getting read, with an incredible 98 percent open rate. Compare that to email, which hovers slightly above 20 percent. With that kind of power, not taking advantage of text message marketing is a huge mistake. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="1444"] One of the best ways to use text messages is to nurture existing leads. Text messaging is an extremely personal communication method, so sending out generalized blasts isn’t a good idea; instead, you want to send relevant, timely information to a targeted audience. Because you know that your message is going to be read, delivering the right message at the right time drives incredible results. Make Everything as Easy as Possible Mobile marketing is a great way to reach an enormous, engaged audience, but you need to understand how that audience is interacting with you. Mobile devices are easier to use than ever before, but they still can’t rival the functionality of traditional computers. If you want to drive mobile subscriptions and more business, you need to simplify everything. Don’t require too much information when somebody is creating an account for your mobile app. Let them do it with just a username and password. Once they've created an account, offer incentives, such as coupons or bonus loyalty points, for additional information. Use shortcodes to make text message subscriptions as simple as sending a single word. The fewer barriers to entry mobile users have, the more people you’ll attract and keep. Have you used mobile marketing to drive sales? Share your own tips and tricks below!  Read also: 1. App Development Benefits: Here’s why you should go Mobile 2. Role of messaging apps in enhancing a company’s market prospects

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in 2021 – How is that going to look?

We've seen multiple smart moves in artificial intelligence to this day. Robots have been driving processes in factories while driverless cars are poised to reach our roads in reality. Speech recognition has grown considerably and many gadgets have taken advantage of it. Companies are relying on AI to improve various products while machine learning is advancing faster than expected. Artificial Intelligence goes Mainstream Every interview at the Web Summit this year mentioned AI and 2021 will soon be expecting it to go mainstream. Facebook is boosting up its Messenger while incorporating artificial agents through’ technology which means consumers can rely on brands to order goods. AI is expected to augment capabilities with the help of multiple technologies, machine learning, semantic ontology, video analytics and the like. This convergence of new capabilities are bound to affect how people live and employees can change the way their jobs work. Microsoft is Gearing up for AI Microsoft predicts that 2021 is bound to be a fantastic year for artificial intelligence, that will affect the design industry in a big way. The emergence of new silicon architectures which can bear the brunt of machine learning is one of the pivotal reasons why AI will score high soon. One can expect natural and competent speech interactions with technological gadgets and even personal assistants like Cortana and Siri. AI is expected to help personal assistants to understand their tasks, compile research automatically and even understand the context of an email by adding it to the calendar. Some at Microsoft believe that conversation assistants are the future and keep us social, allowing humans to be inspired and motivated. According to reports, 90% of Microsoft research is wracking their brains on zero UI, indicating some major plays in the coming year. Deep Learning and AI replacing Workers According to analysts, one will witness a huge surge in Convolutional Neural Networks that is synonymous with deep learning since technology will be paired with significant computation resources. Pure information processing is what computers will be doing affecting people who are interacting with other people. Advent and Progress of Internet of Things (IoT) and Emotional Understanding More and more devices will be connected however disparate they may seem at the technology level driving an increase in smarter homes, cars, and nearly every other thing. Mined data can be potentially exploited in this regard. 2021 might even find AI detecting human emotions, working on the computers' ability to understand speech for hassle-free interaction between humans and computers. Cameras and facial recognition solutions are going to detect the emotional state while researchers will explore educational trends for treating depression, incorporate medical diagnoses to routine procedures in healthcare, and even boost overall customer service processes. AI in Shopping and Customer Service Businesses are figuring out the utility of artificial intelligence for affecting customers positively and wring out positive emotions. By assessing what drives them happy or unhappy, companies are using AI to help customers buy the perfect item at the perfect price point. Having a technology to understand what customers are feeling about shopping for some product will go a long way in driving future trends. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are through a platform race as to who is providing the best decision-making process that involves explaining, answering queries, and even representing data perfectly. Artificial Intelligence and Practical Ethics Ethical considerations should be at the crux of each research. When coming up with the concept of a driverless car, the car has to decide what action is essential if an animal comes on the road. Coding in this context will put a human life with an animal’s life and weigh in options. Problems are going to be more complex than they would seem. If a car is going to hit a pregnant woman, will the car decide on saving the driver’s life or the woman’s life? Such ethical problems will be posted in the deeper context in the near future and the answers are not so simple as they seem. There is a difference between human and machines and sex robots, for instance, will drive an asymmetrical relationship where there are no emotions on one side of the story. One might expect that the future might hold artificial avatars who will be acting like real people although their core could be modified. The Final Thoughts A diverse student base is required to fill in AI without any gender bias. One cannot have AI systems that take into perspective a single-gender or a single demographic group. The systems will be representing a generic population of various countries of the world. One cannot have a single city context or culture to dictate what the AI-based robots will be in the near future.

Content Ideas

5 Content Ideas to Use with Instagram Influencers

By now it’s no secret that Instagram influencers can help your brand take its social media game to the next level. According to a Mediakix study, in 2020 Instagram was the most important and most impactful channel for influencer marketing. And with over 1 billion monthly active users, 90% of who follow a business, it’s easy to see why. But another reason Instagram is great for influencer marketing is that it allows for a variety of content types. The platform offers different media formats and features that let influencers maximize their creativity and keep brand campaign content fresh. Let’s take a look at some content ideas to use in your brand’s collaboration with Instagram influencers, as well as the different media formats you can use to publish them. Content ideas If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these at some point. And if you’re new to influencer marketing, these ideas might be new concepts for you. Either way, keep reading for some tips about how to use each of these ideas on Instagram. Giveaways Giveaways are a good way to kill two birds with one stone. First, the chance to win free stuff generates buzz about your products among your own followers and the influencer’s followers. Second, the rules of entry help you get a rapid influx of new followers. When hosting a giveaway with an influencer, make sure you account for both the influencer’s incentive and the prize. In addition to the free products you plan to give away, you’ll also have to compensate the influencer for their content creation. Depending on the influencer’s number of followers, you’ll have to pay them either free products or a monetary fee. Mommy blogger @demilucasblog hosting a giveaway with baby brand @velvaer_babycare. Source: Instagram. Normally, giveaways require participants to: Follow the brand and influencer Like the giveaway post Comment on the post, tagging a few friends By doing this, the influencer gets new followers and engagements (likes and comments) on their post. The brand gets new followers, although you could also repost the content to your profile and let participants enter there as well, thus bringing the engagements to your account, too. Just be warned that this follower growth may decline once the giveaway closes. People love the chance to win free stuff, so they’ll gladly follow you for the duration of the raffle. However, if your brand doesn’t really speak to them, they may simply unfollow you once they know they haven’t won. The best Instagram format for giveaways is the standard post. Posts are visible directly on the front tab of your profile, so they maximize the chance that people will enter the giveaway. Further, the comments feature enables you to use one of the many giveaway tools to help you choose a winner. Unboxings Unboxings are exactly what they sound like: send your product to an influencer, and let them unbox it for their followers! With unboxings, the audience’s perception of your brand totally depends on the influencer’s candid reaction. So with this type of content, it’s more important than ever to make sure you find influencers who align with your brand, its mission, values, and style. Unboxings show consumers how products look and work right out of the package. As the influencer opens the box right in front of them, there’s no perceived brand or manufacturer interference. For unboxings, you could use video or a mix of photos and video. If you want to use a mix of the two, Stories would be a good option. Remember that Stories disappear from public view after 24 hours. If you want to keep them visible for longer than that, add them to your highlights, which appear just beneath your profile’s bio. Plant e-commerce @bloomscape has a highlights section devoted to plant unboxings by various influencers. Tutorials A tutorial, or a demo, is any content that shows people how to do something. Depending on your sector, it could be a recipe, a DIY craft, a makeup look, or a life hack. Tutorials are a great way to have influencers show off your products in use. For tutorials, it’s a good idea to work with various influencers, so that each can put their own spin on your products. This way you don’t end up with repetitive content. Further, try to research your target audience’s pain points. What questions do they want to be answered? What problems do they want to be solved? If you know the answers to these questions, let the influencers know. This way, they can design demos that hopefully resolve some of the issues that your target audience is facing. Beauty brand @morphebrushes collaborates with lots of influencers for makeup tutorials. Here, @samuel.rayy shows followers how to use Morphe’s palette created in collaboration with stationery brand @lisafrank. Source: Instagram. On any social network, the best format for this type of content is video. On Instagram, that means you have a few options: video posts, Stories, Reels, or IGTV. Reels are limited to 15 seconds, and video posts to 1 minute. So these are only options if your tutorial is really short, like a quick life hack. If you need a bit more time, the best option is IGTV, which allows you up to 10 minutes of content and which can easily be accessed from a tab in your profile. In this photo, you can see that the IGTV tab is open on @morphebrushes’ Instagram profile. Source: Instagram. Guides Guides are another feature that Instagram offers. The main difference between Guides and the other formats is that guides are scrollable, and look more like regular website content. With guides, you can give attention to certain products or aspects of your brand with more space. Part of a guide by fashion e-commerce @asos. Notice the bookmark icon, which lets users add products to their Instagram Shopping wishlist. You can also tag products directly in the guide so users can see their name and price. And if people click the bookmark icon next to the product, it goes into their Instagram Shopping wishlist for easy purchasing later on. Guides are a good way to highlight collections of products or information about your services. You could use them to create shoppable lookbooks, holiday gift guides, recipe catalogs, and more! Live Q&As Instagram also has a live stream feature, which is useful for taking followers behind the scenes at important events, or for allowing them to ask questions in real-time. Live Q&As are a great way to promote your products with influencers. Followers get excited when they have a direct line of communication with their favorite influencer. What’s more, the experience makes them feel like an active participant in the conversation, instead of just a bystander browsing your branded content on Instagram. Again, like with unboxings, the influencer’s reaction is very important here. Choose influencers who are genuinely interested in your brand or sector. Make sure influencers have had ample time to get to know your products before hosting the Q&A. Answer any questions they may have before they attempt to answer questions for the audience. Conclusion These are just a few ideas to get you started, but with all Instagram has to offer, the sky’s the limit when it comes to content! Also, if you’re a bit stuck as to what type of content to publish, ask the influencers you reach out to for your campaign! As content creators, they’re technically the experts and may have fresh ideas you haven’t even considered. 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Workout Gear

6 Steps for Choosing the Best Workout Gear

It’s difficult to choose the right workout gear. There are so many factors to consider, and the list of available gear is endless! Here are six steps you can take to make sure you’re choosing the right workout gear no matter what you’re going after. Here are the 6 Steps for Choosing the Best Workout Gear: 1. Choose the right materials When it comes to workout gear, choosing the correct materials is one of the most important steps. The materials that your workout gear is made of can determine how comfortable you are when you work out, how sweaty you get, and more. Firstly, avoid cotton workout clothes. Cotton doesn’t ‘wick away’ sweat like some other materials, and instead becomes wet quickly and doesn’t dry. This can lead to skin irritations and general discomfort, among other issues. Instead, choose materials like polyester, spandex, or polypropylene. These materials ‘wick’ sweat away instead of leaving it on you. 2. Consider the weather Consider the time of year and the climate while you’re exercising. Choose warmer clothing if you’re going to be exercising outside during the fall or winter. Adding a well-fitting hoodie to your workout gear during these colder months is a great way to stay warm while you’re sweating it out. Of course, during the summer you should try to avoid wearing heavier clothing or clothing that won’t wick sweat away easily. Exercising outside doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. 3. Choose the well-fitting gear The fit of your workout gear is more important than you might think, whether you’re exercising on a machine or not. Choosing exercise clothes that fit you well and sit close to your body is important. You won’t get caught in machines, and materials that wick away sweat will have an easier time getting it away from your body. That doesn’t mean you need to wear tight clothing. You should always choose clothing that is comfortable and somewhat loose. Yoga pants, workout shorts with liner, leggings, and other fitted clothes are great as well! Just make sure that you don’t wear clothing with loose legs or arms while working with exercise equipment, as it’s easy for the fabric to get stuck and you might get injured. 4. Be stylish Even when you’re working out, your gear is an expression of your personality. Make sure that you choose the gear that you like. Choose something stylish and fun! Whether you’re looking at patterned workout pants or a hoodie with a unique style for those cold-weather workouts. Represent your favorite sports team or your favorite charity with logos, stickers, and branded workout gear (as long as it fits your other requirements!). Style doesn’t stop when you enter the gym! 5. Supportive shoes are key Shoes are an important piece of your workout gear, so you have to get them right! You should choose shoes that are supportive all the way around, whether that means supporting your foot’s arches or keeping your ankles straight and secure. Choose shoes that are breathable and comfortable on your feet. Adequate cushioning throughout the shoe is recommended, as it can help absorb the shock from certain high-motion workouts. Again, choose shoes that fit your style but asl o offer the most support, cushion, and comfort. 6. Accessorize! There’s more to workout gear than just clothing and shoes. From your gym bag to your water bottle and more, there are a million ways to express yourself with your workout gear. If you like to listen to music while you work out, make sure to choose sweat-resistant or waterproof headphones that won’t fall out of your ears with lots of motion. Your water bottle can be just about anything you want it to be, but don’t discount this step while choosing your workout gear. It’s important to stay hydrated, and a reusable water bottle is a great way to do that. When it comes to choosing any accessories, consider that you’ll be moving, sweating, and more while using them. Represent your personality and have fun with your style! Conclusion Workout gear is difficult to shop for because there are so many options. From your accessories to your clothes, shoes, and more, it’s important to do research and investigate how you’ll use the gear, what it’s made of, and more. Don’t forget to have fun with your looks and style! Read Also: The Essentials of Nutrition and Training and The Most Suitable Sports Swimwear Boxing Workouts That Go Beyond Fitness What Are Virtual Reality Workouts And How Will They Affect Exercise? 5 Rowing Machine Workout Tips Every Fitness Person should know

SEO Practices

Best SEO Practices Melbourne Businesses Should Follow

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, located on the southeast coast of Australia. It occupies much of Port Phillip Bay’s shoreline and spreads into the hinterlands and second only to Sydney in terms of population, with five million people calling it home. It is also one of the biggest financial contributors in Victoria and Australia as a whole. Melbourne’s economy is highly diversified, with strengths in finance, manufacturing, tourism, and other sectors. The city’s economy can also be described as advanced, with many industries engaged in the latest business strategies. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is front and center in this setting, allowing many brands to adapt to changing consumer behavior. Best SEO Practices Melbourne Businesses Should Follow Below are the latest practices in SEO service in Melbourne best that business owners and entrepreneurs should know. Optimize Your Website for Users and Search Engines Your website’s content should cater to the needs of your target users and the criteria of search engines, and in that order. Search engines are designed to provide the best experience to their users, which you also want for your website and your brand. This means that you could not have one without the other and that the user is the driving force behind all of it. Research Your Keyword Properly Keyword research is one of the most important components of an effective SEO campaign. It tells you what search terms are mostly used and helps you focus your SEO efforts more effectively. In addition, it allows you to gauge how well other brands are doing in these search terms so you can pick one where you will be more competitive. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users Smartphones are getting smarter, more powerful, and increasingly being used by consumers when browsing the internet. In fact, studies show that over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile users. This means that if you want to widen your base of customers, you must make your website as mobile-friendly as possible with an effective SEO campaign. Optimize Your Loading Speed Perhaps the biggest draw for online shoppers is the unrivaled convenience that the internet offers. However, loading speed has much to do with this benefit. If your pages take a while to load, users will abandon their purchase, application for a newsletter, or whatever it is that they are doing on your website. Not only will this hurt your brand immediately, but have long-term negative effects as well. That is why making your website faster, and more responsive is extremely important. There are many ways to increase your page’s loading speed, from compressing images to deleting unnecessary plugins to enabling browser caching, all essential components of SEO. Get High-Quality Backlinks Search algorithms have gone through many updates, but one thing remains the same: backlinks are very important when vying for high rankings. High-quality backlinks are clear signals that your pages are relevant and offer much value to users, and this is what search engines are looking for. Do Not Forget Internal Linking Backlinks are important, but internal linking is also essential for a website to rank highly in search engines. Internal links help sort out the information hierarchy in your website, allowing search engines to gain a deeper understanding of your page’s content. If executed properly, internal linking can help drive more organic traffic to pages that need a boost. So head out to find the agency providing the best SEO services in Melbourne. Clearly, it will benefit your business. Read Also: What You Need to Know When Outsourcing SEO How to Monitor the SEO Health of Your Website 5 Things You Are Not Checking In SEO But You Should!

Hospitality Industry

5 Ways Technology Will Change the Hospitality Industry Post Covid-19 Pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic in the equation, the hotel industry is no longer the same. However, it’s here to stay, just as much as the pandemic might persist in the long haul. People will continue to travel, seek business accommodation from Northampton, dine, and hold business conferences, even as the pandemic rages. With travel restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing measures, the hotel industry has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. However, it’s only a case of being down but not out. Now is the time to prepare accordingly to equalize the damage caused by the pandemic and to prevent any possible future damage caused by the same or a different emergency. By managing insurance policies and even conserving cash in the hospitality sector, the industry can acquire a comprehensive level of preparedness that can protect it, its team, and its customers in the long run. How technology will transform the hotel industry post Covid-19 While focused on maintaining a business, the main priority of the hotel industry in this era is to protect guests and staff against the COVID-19 pandemic. With this on the table, the industry is keen on adopting cutting-edge technologies that can offer solutions without interfering with the underlying business prospects. Across every industry, the pandemic has given birth to new norms. Mask wearing, hand-sanitizing, and social distancing have become universally accepted in all sectors including the hospitality industry. In addition to these, what more does the industry need to restore consumer confidence and revive its economy? Across the globe, hotels have adopted scannable QR codes and contactless hotel-booking and check-in procedures instead of traditional tangible menus and catalogs. The hospitality industry can also take advantage of Google review QR code, so customers can easily rate their services online. Touchless payments, mobile room keys, in-app appointment booking, and orders have become the new norms. With various types of technology in the offing to keep the economy rolling, the following are better placed and more relevant to the hospitality sector. Compliance monitoring Compliance protocols are gaining more priority as people try to remain relevant to the condition. For instance, the introduction of AI facial recognition engines with extra features to match the COVID-19 situation. Such technologies have integrated mask-detection features that allow it to identify individuals even while wearing masks. This helps alert the management in real-time when someone accesses the premises without a mask or improperly wears one. Another important component of compliance is thermal-camera integration. With social distancing procedures, temperature taking from a distance will become the norm going forward. Location detection Covid-19 pandemic has created a situation where people need to share real-time information. Some countries have already come up with location-detection apps, which passengers entering the country have to download immediately when they land at the airport. Going forward, investing in location-sensitive apps and geofencing technology is becoming the new norm for travel brands. This will facilitate the acquisition and sharing of real-time information that can restore consumer confidence in the industry’s overall safety. This practice will work especially for people who opt for road-trips to reinforce social distancing. For instance, hotels could install geofences that deliver push notifications to visitors within a certain radius. Importantly, the notifications could come with special offers or promotions, giving them an edge over their local competitors. Location data could also help activate contactless check-in upon arrival at the hotels and during checkouts. Using the same technology, accommodation facilities can communicate on-site capacity limits and other conditions to their visitors in real-time. This could help avoid congestion in the facilities. Similarly, rail and bus operators can use the same technology to alert their passengers on arrival times. This can help avoid overcrowding at stations and platforms. Touchless communications To enforce a new way of guest engagement during and after the pandemic, the hotel industry needs to go contactless. This would help lower the spread of the virus from surface-to-surface contact. Reliable providers are already helping boarding facilities integrate contactless technology in their Property Management System. This technology facilitates real-time, secure communication between hotel staff and guests. The staff responds immediately to the guest’s needs even without asking for their name or room number. Another contactless option is to activate AI technology like chatbots that can communicate in multiple languages. With contactless technology, guests would even be able to access hotel services through their mobile devices. Alternatively, they can pair their mobile devices with hotel electronics like in-room TVs. This can help them accomplish much more by just scanning a QR code. Super sterilization and robotic technology In addition to these technologies, the hotel industry should consider investing in super sterilization technology as well as robotic technology. Reliable tech companies are already coming up with FDA-approved solutions that would ensure surfaces remain super sanitized to prevent any chances of spread. Similarly, robotic hotel staff will reduce person-to-person contact, aimed at minimizing the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some tech companies have already invented hotel robots that can deliver water bottles, fresh towels, and other hotel amenities to hotel guests. Apart from that, social robotics may also lead the industry to a better position with caretaking approaches. These can understand users better with unbiased approaches. Their consistent performance can be the key to the future development of the hospitality industry. Final thoughts Even as the hospitality industry reopens for business, we should be ready to adopt the ‘new normal.’ Besides, consumer expectation is going to be higher post-pandemic, which is why only facilities that will cater to consumer needs will be able to win brand loyalty. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly prompted the inclusion of new technologies into hotel operations. Tech features that could have been otherwise used as novelties or extra conveniences have become a solid part of the system. Integrating them fully into the hospitality system could see the industry thrive during and after the pandemic. Read Also: High Technology Devices for Better Life 5 Hotel Housekeeping Tricks You Need To Clean Your Bathroom 7 Ways Technology Can Help in Customer Management and Sales

Landing Page

6 Benefits Of Landing Page

There is a reason why marketers swear by the efficacy of a Landing Page when running any online campaigns. Many people make the mistake of creating a landing page out of their own website page. According to experts, this is not a good strategy to follow. A Landing Page should be created with one single purpose- to ensure higher conversions. Users from different online channels should ‘land’ on the page for a specific purpose. A brand can use a Landing Page for the following- To book a product or buy something directly from the brand To subscribe to the brand’s Newsletter To announce a News or for a Press Release To Thank its Customers for their loyalty and support In this article, we are going to look at the top six benefits of a landing page. However, before we get to that, let us first try to define and understand what are landing pages. Landing Pages: Meaning and Definition In very simple terms, a Landing Page is an independent web page, which has been specifically created for campaign purposes. This is the page where users land, whenever they click on the link you have advertised on different digital platforms. For example, users can come to your Landing Page, after seeing your- Ad on Google AdWords Banner Roll on YouTube videos Social Media Posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms URL Link on Blog Pages Links achieved through Guest Posting on other publisher platforms A Landing Page is different from a brand website. A website has multiple KPIs- traffic, ranking, metrics, etc. However, Landing Page is created with only one single aim. This is known as the CTA. Too many mixed signals on Landing Pages can dilute the efficiency and performance of a Landing Page. The isolated single CTA is what makes Landing Pages an attractive and desirable component of any online marketing campaign. Brands who are looking to create high-performance campaigns should look to take help from the Landing page creator. A landing page is where the conversions happen from visitors into qualified leads. List of 6 Major Benefits of a Landing Page 1. Makes for a good First Brand Impression- In many ways, a landing page is like a good first-time introduction to your brand. Brands are typically going to invest a lot more in a marketing campaign. A majority of people who come to the landing page might never have been on your brand website before. For a brand, a well-designed and optimized landing page can be like an impressive visiting card for the business. 2. Great Real Estate to Launch a New Product or Service- Brands who are looking to create a lot of buzz for their new products or services in the market can take help from landing pages. Automobile companies use landing pages for pre-booking vehicles and others do the same to encourage more sales. This helps in putting all the spotlight on the product. From discussing product details to image galleries, a landing page can do it all. 3. Real and Direct Contact with Website Traffic and Users- A landing page helps in establishing direct communication between the brand and the visitors or users. If your landing page is engaging enough, it will encourage users to click on the CTA and become a part of your qualified sales leads. This can be nurtured by the sales team and converted into actual sales. Direct messaging is the hallmark of a good landing page. 4. Builds Branding and Adds to Credibility- Leading Digital Marketing experts suggest that one of the best practices of a successful landing page is including happy customer stories. This helps in improving the brand’s perception as being liked by everyone and you can achieve this by creating professional landing pages with the help of the best landing page tools. In addition, it also encourages new users to fill in the details on the form and become consumers of the brand. A landing page is a credibility building exercise. 5. Data Generation and Analysis- For businesses who are data-driven and allow data to inform decision making, landing pages are a great asset. A landing page can reveal different kinds of data. Where is the most traffic coming from, how long are people engaging with the page, how many sections are people filling, etc. can help in optimizations and lead to the brand understanding its consumers better. 6. Clear and Simple Messaging and Focus- The purpose of a landing page is singular in nature. If you compare the same with the homepage of a website you will be able to judge the difference for yourself. A clean and simple direct message means that the focus is stronger and the communication is much more optimized. Landing pages that are able to reduce user distractions perform a lot better. The Final Word In this article, we have tried to list out some of the major benefits of landing pages. We have also looked at some ways landing pages can be optimized for greater performance. Marketing professionals and business owners who are looking to leverage online marketing campaigns should pay attention to how landing pages can make a real difference to their brand. Read Also: 7 Proven Marketing Tactics to Increase your ROI in 2018 5 Creative Ways to Improve Lead Quality with Multi-Step forms Top 10 Features to Have in Marketing Automation Platforms

Customer Experience Podcasts

Top 5 Customer Experience Podcasts

We’re seeing increased digital penetration, rising competition for the same target audiences, and consumers with extremely high expectations. Right from the first time a consumer interacts with branded content on social media to the time they become a return customer, everything depends on customer experience. Every vertical of your organization needs to build on the customer experience. From upskilling your customer to encouraging your team to listen to customer experience podcasts, businesses should be looking to learn and improve the ecosystem at every opportunity. In this article, we are looking at the top five customer experience podcasts and how they can help brands. However, before we begin, let us look at how podcasts are redefining customer experience. Customer Experience Podcasts: What are they? In the past few years, many businesses have started to realize that for customers it’s all about the experience. Numerous other competitors are offering the same product or service at the same price points. Why then should consumers choose one over the other? This is where brands need to evolve a highly productive customer experience process. A customer experience podcast (CX Podcast) is a great way to help brand personnel understand the ins and outs of creating a successful strategy. These podcasts are hosted by brands that work on customer analytics software products. You can also find a lot of CX thought leaders and experts offer podcasts to help brands and aspiring professionals. Most of the content of these podcasts revolves around insights and inspirations to chart the perfect customer journeys. In the following section, we spoke to industry leaders and multiple brands and created a list of the top 5 customer experience podcasts in the industry. List of 5 Best Customer Experience Podcasts 1. SentiSum's Podcast SentiSum’s Podcast finds leaders in e-commerce, customer experience, and customer service and gets them to tell their stories. With an aim to unearth radically different ideas and to drive forward the customer experience space, the SentiSum podcast is a must-listen for CX leaders. SentiSum has been able to get together some of the brightest minds in the industry including Augie Ray from Gartner and Sean Mckee from Schuh. Their insights into how businesses need to be informed and take the appropriate decisions and steps are inspiring to say the least. 2. The Active Campaign Podcast As you might know, Active Campaign is a leader in email marketing and sales automation among other things. Active Campaign’s podcasts offer real-time customer stories of their successful campaigns. While some insights are great, others look to push the brand name forcibly into the discourse. This tends to take away all the attention from learning and knowing about customer experience, to simply be just another promotion tool. 3. C-Space Podcast C-Space CEO, Charles Trevail is one of the leading names in the CX podcast world. The success of the podcast is primarily due to the fact that it concentrates squarely on the consumer. The podcast talks about how consumers think about brands. This kind of reverse engineering of sorts helps brands understand consumers better. Routine interactions with business leaders, intelligentsia, and marketing studies create decent episodes. 4. (A) Podcast Series One of the best things about (A) podcasts is its emphasis on new technology. The episodes on the podcast are routinely intertwined with new tech like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. The podcasts also show the influence of these in business areas like Chatbots, Content Marketing strategies, CRM, etc. While all this information is great to have, it can sometimes drift away from offering solutions to CX issues and problems. 5. Roger Dooley’s Brainfluence Podcast Roger Dooley is a persuasion expert, who deals in complex neuroscience, brain-behavior, and psychology. This helps brands to understand CX from a biological and psychological standpoint. Roger Dooley frequently invites industry thought leaders and intertwines great discussions blending software, innovation, automation with human behavioral analysis. The podcasts are insightful, inspiring, and can help you understand human behavior. The Final Word There is a reason why brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, and others focus and invest billions of dollars in enriching customer experiences. They understand that giving the right experience to a customer can help in creating lifelong repeat ones. This does not only help in contributing to repeat purchases (sales) but also puts out a great word about the brand. If you are a business looking to engage with CX on a greater level, you can start asking your team members to listen to the above-mentioned five podcasts. Read Also: 5 Most Common Digital PR Mistakes And How To Avoid Them The 7 Steps to Create a Storybrand to Ensure Marketing that Works How Customer Success Can Help Grow Your Business Tips on How to Create Repeat Customers 7 Ways To Communicate With Customers In A Better Way!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

What You Can Expect from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, it’s really a struggling situation to deal with the case. It is a serious concern, and you shouldn’t take it casually. If you don’t take the right steps on time, you may have to stay behind bars or pay hefty penalties. Even if you have some understanding of the legal system and have the intellectual ability, but it does not act in your favor when you are accused of a crime. In such situations, you should find the best possible criminal defense lawyer in your locality, hence make sure to do proper research and then communicate with the lawyer clearly. If you are looking for a criminal defense law firm in San Francisco, CA, you should know what you can expect from them. What They Can Do for You: Apart from collecting information from you and the witnesses, the criminal defense lawyer can help you in many ways that you may not do yourself. They try to contact clients with emails, phones, meetings, reading evidence, etc. Here is what you can expect from a criminal defense lawyer. Make You Understand About the Legal System Explain You About Possible Consequences Plea Bargaining Communicating With Witnesses Dealing With Investigators and Experts Negotiate Case Outcomes Sentencing Do you understand each of the above terms and are able to deal with them? Well, you may have knowledge about these terms, but an experienced and qualified defense lawyer can help you to deal with it in a better way. Now take a look at each of these terms and understand them properly, Read more:  What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do? 1. Make You Understand About the Legal System The criminal legal system is really complicated, and many people are not aware of it. But a criminal defense lawyer in Miami can make you understand the law system. If you don’t know anything about the rules and regulations and deal with the case yourself, you may have to face serious consequences. You can ask about different theories and rules to the criminal defense lawyer and he/she will help you understand them. 2. Explain You About Possible Consequences You can also know about the possible consequence of the case. This informations will help you get prepared for the situations in advance and you can become confident to deal with the case. 3. Communicating With Witnesses Most of the time, witnesses may not feel safe ad comfortable sharing the information with you. Again, you might not able to collect the true information from the witness. But the defense lawyers are trained and experienced to collect the evidence or useful information from them. 4. Dealing With Investigators and Experts Dealing with the investigators and expert witnesses is not easy. An experienced defense lawyer can deal with them on your behalf. 5. Plea Bargaining The criminal defense lawyer may help you to negotiate a “plea bargain” with the prosecutor. It can reduce the sentences or some charges against you. Most of the time prosecutors don’t want to bargain with a defendant directly, but they can deal with a defense lawyer. 6. Negotiate Case Outcomes The defense lawyers can also help you to negotiate case outcomes with the jury. As the lawyers are qualified and experienced, they know what are the possible outcomes during a proceeding. So the lawyer remains objective to deal with the outcomes and make a favorable decision about the plea bargain. 7. Sentencing Last but not least, if you are proven guilty, the criminal defense lawyer may be negotiating your sentence and reduce or change it. Conclusion Now you can see that a criminal defense lawyer can help you and fight for you to deal with the case easily. They work towards improving your chances of winning the case and provide you favorable decisions from the court. Read Also: The Basics of Criminal Appeals Law Why You Should Never Try to Defend Yourself in Court 7 Characteristics of a Great Lawyer that can Help Win your Legal Battle

Team Communication

Top 10 Apps for Team Communication and Remote Work

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced businesses to adopt new ways of functioning and look at newer models of operation. With employees no longer sitting under the same roof and working from different parts of the world, Remote Working has become the norm. While working remotely can be a safe option during the pandemic, and allow work to continue, it can also be very challenging. Managing different people, processes, assignments, and so on, can lead to a drop in efficiency levels and contribute to decreased productivity. In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Apps, which can help businesses promote effective team communication and remote work. However, before we do that, let us first look at what these Apps mean and represent. Team Communication Apps: Meaning and Definition Team communication apps are commercial -messaging apps, which promote cooperation and coordination, between different team members. They are software, which helps in an interactive workflow, has project statuses, active chat functions, task completions, collaborations, storage cloud, and other important functions that help in working efficiently. One thing, which needs to be pointed out is that Team Communication Apps are not just about texting. If it would be the same, we would not need anything apart from WhatsApp. They are much more than that. Remote Working and Team Communication Apps are a business setup, which presents in one unified dashboard, all or most of the business processes, that you need to get your work done efficiently and productively. List of 10 Best Team Communication and Remote Working Apps 1. AirSend- A relatively newer entrant in the field, AirSend is slowly emerging as one of the most sought after remote working apps. This is because the software boasts of an impressive list of features, is easy to use (great UI and UX), and prioritizes security and cloud storage. You can use AirSend to carry out team collaborations or conversations, organize files as well as for project assessments and tasks. 2. Slack- Ever since Slack was introduced back in 2013, it has become a mainstay of many small businesses. The software is easy to use and intuitive and offers great customer support. However, when compared to newer products and platforms, Slack has been found wanting in terms of its features, efficiency, and security. Newer updates are solving some of the issues. 3. Trello- Many businesses, especially agencies preferred Trello for its task management features. Listing tasks, assigning the same and managing project flows made Trello a popular choice. In recent years Trello has also added chat functions and calling to help in improving remote working capabilities. Trello’s free plans allow many of the features to be used making it a good choice. 4. Zoho- India based Software Company, Zoho’s remote working software, Zoho One is easy to use and integrates a host of functions, including scheduling social media posts and integrating support and chat features all in one platform. However, not all the integrations are up to the mark. The price point also makes it beyond the reach of small businesses who have to look elsewhere. 5. Asana- Another new entrant to the world of remote working apps, Asana is exciting, fun, and trendy to use. It also allows for work management, assigning tasks, and following ups. The custom chat feature between teams assigned on the same task adds to its functionality in a major way. However, the user interface can be tricky and complicated to understand for some employees. 6. Basecamp- Basecamp’s forte lies as being one of the most efficient project management tools or software. The scheduling of work with time frames, adding meetings (just like Zoom), and documentation make it a great remote working app. It also helps higher management with time tracking and can be useful to check and improve efficiency and productivity in organizations. 7. Monday- Quirky as the name suggests, Monday is one of the most interesting and engaging new work management and remote working platforms in the market. With easy log-ins and dedicated graphics to make work exciting, many younger start-ups are gravitating towards using it. However, it still has a long way to go when it comes to competing with AirSend or Trello. 8. Zapier- One product, which has been in the market for a very long time is Zapier. What Zapier has been successful in doing is integrating various apps, including Gmail in one single platform. Zapier is not your typical remote working app; it is like an overarching framework, which helps in bringing together apps like Trello, Asana, and more. However, it is not for first-time users. 9. Zoom- One software, which has made the most impact during COVID-19 on work, is Zoom. In many ways, Zoom has redefined work culture and promoted cross-functional capabilities. In addition to mere Video Calling, Zoom has also started easy chat support to promote instant messaging within and between teams. Zoom’s greatest advantage is its ease of use. 10. Skype- Even though Skype was one of the oldest tools and software, which could be called a remote working tool, lack of innovations and updates have made it fall out of the league of the big boys. Microsoft is trying to revive the old warhorse and we will have to wait and see how far the product is going to improve. However, many of us still use Skype for video calling and messaging. Conclusion Many of the bigger tech organizations including Twitter, Facebook, and Google have announced WFH schedules until June or July 2021. With the pandemic redefining how we work, how we live, and how we party, remote working is going to play a major role in the next few months. Which of the above-mentioned software do you think are the best communication and remote working tools on the market? Let us know in the comments below. Read Also: Tips for Your Next Business Conference 7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020 3 Encryption Trends and How They Make Communication More Secure What Is Integrated Marketing Communication in 2020 [Full Guide]