What You Can Expect from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Published on: 21 September 2020 Last Updated on: 25 August 2021
Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, it’s really a struggling situation to deal with the case. It is a serious concern, and you shouldn’t take it casually. If you don’t take the right steps on time, you may have to stay behind bars or pay hefty penalties. Even if you have some understanding of the legal system and have the intellectual ability, but it does not act in your favor when you are accused of a crime.

In such situations, you should find the best possible criminal defense lawyer in your locality, hence make sure to do proper research and then communicate with the lawyer clearly. If you are looking for a criminal defense law firm in San Francisco, CA, you should know what you can expect from them.

What They Can Do for You:

Apart from collecting information from you and the witnesses, the criminal defense lawyer can help you in many ways that you may not do yourself. They try to contact clients with emails, phones, meetings, reading evidence, etc. Here is what you can expect from a criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Make You Understand About the Legal System
  2. Explain You About Possible Consequences
  3. Plea Bargaining
  4. Communicating With Witnesses
  5. Dealing With Investigators and Experts
  6. Negotiate Case Outcomes
  7. Sentencing

Do you understand each of the above terms and are able to deal with them? Well, you may have knowledge about these terms, but an experienced and qualified defense lawyer can help you to deal with it in a better way. Now take a look at each of these terms and understand them properly,

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1. Make You Understand About the Legal System

The criminal legal system is really complicated, and many people are not aware of it. But a criminal defense lawyer in Miami can make you understand the law system. If you don’t know anything about the rules and regulations and deal with the case yourself, you may have to face serious consequences. You can ask about different theories and rules to the criminal defense lawyer and he/she will help you understand them.

2. Explain You About Possible Consequences

You can also know about the possible consequence of the case. This informations will help you get prepared for the situations in advance and you can become confident to deal with the case.

3. Communicating With Witnesses

Most of the time, witnesses may not feel safe ad comfortable sharing the information with you. Again, you might not able to collect the true information from the witness. But the defense lawyers are trained and experienced to collect the evidence or useful information from them.

4. Dealing With Investigators and Experts

Dealing with the investigators and expert witnesses is not easy. An experienced defense lawyer can deal with them on your behalf.

5. Plea Bargaining

The criminal defense lawyer may help you to negotiate a “plea bargain” with the prosecutor. It can reduce the sentences or some charges against you. Most of the time prosecutors don’t want to bargain with a defendant directly, but they can deal with a defense lawyer.

6. Negotiate Case Outcomes

The defense lawyers can also help you to negotiate case outcomes with the jury. As the lawyers are qualified and experienced, they know what are the possible outcomes during a proceeding. So the lawyer remains objective to deal with the outcomes and make a favorable decision about the plea bargain.

7. Sentencing

Last but not least, if you are proven guilty, the criminal defense lawyer may be negotiating your sentence and reduce or change it.


Now you can see that a criminal defense lawyer can help you and fight for you to deal with the case easily. They work towards improving your chances of winning the case and provide you favorable decisions from the court.

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What Are the Costs of Our Aging Infrastructure?

After World War II, America became a global leader of commerce and saw an incredible boom in the prosperity of its citizens. This was fueled, in large part, by the building of infrastructure and the rise of the middle class in our country. Over a 50-year period, beginning in the 1950s, the United States invested billions of dollars into its infrastructure by building roads, airports and schools that were innovative and ambitious and that literally paved the way for one of the most impressive stretches of growth experienced by any nation in global history. This small bit of U.S. history is vital to understanding a major problem we currently face. The ambitious undertaking of building America’s infrastructure has slowly become a serious economic challenge. There is a seemingly endless stream of news reports and columns devoted to the daunting task of fixing all parts of our infrastructure, including our roads, bridges, airports, oil lines, water lines and waterways. But we don’t have to look to newspapers or scholarly essays about the challenges posed by our aging infrastructure. We experience it on a daily basis, from the potholes that cause tire blowouts to the corroded service lines that have unleashed dangerously high levels of lead and caused upheaval in a number of communities across our nation. There has been much effort devoted to examining the challenges, the costs and the need for fixing our infrastructure. Let’s break down just a few of the categories to get a better perspective on what we need and why we need it. Roads - Our roadway infrastructure, which includes highways, interstates and local roads, received a “D” grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Fixing our infrastructure will be costly, and the fact that federal funding accounts for only a small percentage of road funding is a reflection of the fact that our crumbling roads impact us at a very local and personal level. The costs come in the form of stretches of roads plagued with structural deficiencies that cause our vehicles to break down and roads whose initial design, while once adequate, now fails to keep pace with the traffic they currently need to accommodate. For example, think of the long list of cities that experience incredible congestion on a daily basis or the potholes which are left unattended on our neighborhood roads. Read also: Experts Recommend: Top Interior Design Trends for 2017 Bridges - The ASCE actually gives our bridges a “C+” grade, which - believe it or not - is one of the three highest grades given to 16 categories graded by the organization. Even though it is graded slightly higher than other sectors of our infrastructure, it is still in dire need of repair. The cost to drivers also comes in the form of breaks in surfaces and inability to accommodate traffic flow, but perhaps more alarming is the possibility of collapse. Another important statistic before we move on to the next category: One out of every 10 bridges in the United States is structurally deficient. Pipelines - While our roads and our bridges are often several decades old, many of the pipes used in the United States are even older. It is not uncommon for certain systems to have been built over a century ago, long before we knew just how dangerous the materials used would become for future generations. Two examples highlight our challenges in this particular area. First is the lead contamination of our drinking water that has caused lead poisoning of communities across the country. The ASCE’s latest report card gives our drinking water infrastructure a “D” grade. The costs, they say, could be up to $1 trillion over the coming decades. The second example is frequent gas line explosions, one of which occurs, on average, every other day in the United States, as reported by USA Today. Our energy infrastructure gets a “D+” grade from the ASCE. Airports - Just like many other structures in the country, our airports are struggling to meet the demands of more passengers and higher volumes of traffic. The average airport in the United States is around 40 years old, and our country is struggling to fund the maintenance of these facilities, even as other countries are making available significant investments to improve their airports. The ASCE gives our airports a “D” grade and points to the Federal Aviation Administration’s estimated cost of congestion and delays at roughly $22 billion. The investment needed to modernize and fix the infrastructure of our airports is even greater, over $75 billion, according to the Airports Council International-North America. Schools - One of our biggest challenges is fixing the infrastructure which accommodates our young people. The majority of our schools were built for the baby boomer generation, according to the ASCE, who gives our school infrastructure a “D” grade. It will cost around $270 billion to modernize and maintain these facilities. The aging school buildings present a number of threats for children and teachers alike. Old water lines carry contaminated water into several school systems across the United States, and structural deficiencies also make these buildings hazardous to students. Yet another danger is the presence of asbestos in school buildings.  Any school building constructed prior to 1980 is likely to have asbestos. Once asbestos deteriorates or becomes airborne, it can cause serious complications to those who are exposed to it, including lung cancer or mesothelioma. Meeting Our Challenges The costs of fixing our infrastructure are great, but the costs currently being suffered by Americans are already taking a significant toll. We are paying for the challenges we face in ways that go way beyond tax dollars and construction projects. Unfortunately, we are paying the price through injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The same country that built these incredible stretches of roads, bridges, and pipelines is also capable of repairing them, despite the large price tag that comes with such a task. When we consider what we need to do to move forward in this country, let’s not forget about the actual roads that lay in front of us. Ignoring this responsibility will not just place a burden on future generations -- it is a burden we are already carrying. The Law Offices of John R. Colvin focus primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Workers’ Compensation, and Social Security Disability. They represent clients in the Tennessee Valley region, including Tennessee and Alabama.

Divorce Lawyer

6 Reasons you need a Divorce Lawyer

We know that not all marriages go well and some might end due to various circumstances. Divorce is not easy for all. For some, it is the best solution to live life. It's not shocking that so many partners end up committing significant errors on the path to divorce, considering the amount of financial, realistic, and emotional information that needs to be handled. There are, though, a variety of tasks that you can do or, more precisely, not do to minimize the risk that you will later reconsider your choices. There are several types of divorces that can take place if legal experts are to be believed. While some divorces are mutual, in the sense that both parties want to end the marriage, others are contested. According to a leading contested divorce attorney in Houston, these are cases where one of the partners wants a divorce and the other one does not agree to the terms and conditions. Issues relating to separation of property, assets, and child custody problems are common challenges in contested divorce proceedings. To avoid major hurdles, one must hire a divorce attorney to solve the case efficiently and correctly. A Divorce Lawyer can help you in the following ways: Explain your rights Although you may be unwilling to employ a lawyer to help you through your divorce, you should realize that local divorce attorneys understand the law and procedure. You can easily go to a local divorce law firm and get your case registered there. Every country has different criteria for divorce, so unless you are confident in your abilities to read laws and complete legal paperwork correctly, you can consult with a family-known attorney. As an impartial third party, in order to strive for the right resolution for those concerned, a family lawyer ought to have a calm, level mind and remove themselves from the personal side of the situation. Reduce your stress For everyone concerned, divorce is a difficult time. One way to alleviate divorce tension is to employ a solicitor to conclude a divorce. Although the prosecutor will need to obtain documents from you, nearly everything else will be taken care of by them, leaving you more time to take care of yourself and your health. Provides you the best options A skilled lawyer may support a client during a divorce to make sure that they get what they want. Based on the condition of the spouse, state laws do not generally endorse an equal division of properties. A lawyer will assist you to create a good plan for settlement; if the proposal comes from the other side, your lawyer will let you know if you want to settle, or fight in court. Helps with paperwork All the documentation is dealt with by a divorce attorney. Divorce and other problems in family law include tons of documentation. Your case will be postponed or even tossed out if paperwork is filed wrongly. You should help the divorce attorney file the required documents in a timely way to prevent errors that can damage your case. Helps with custody plans A divorce lawyer may help clients to adopt a coping strategy that fits with the parents and meets the needs of the child. The invention in a divorce case can consist of addressing the other party's questions about the properties they have, their parenting, and other divorce-related issues. Call for the experts who have dealt with the most complex Missouri child custody cases to deal with any complexities with your case. Helps with property division and marital assets One partner may have managed the money of certain relationships and the other partner may not be mindful of the loans and properties of the couple. A divorce attorney can help gather documents to identify assets and debts so that all belongings are properly addressed by the divorce case. Since the end of the union, a divorce counselor may clarify how property is handled. Read Also: Divorce In Modern Society 5 Things To Consider Before A Divorce Think Positive: 6 Realistic Benefits of Getting a Divorce How to Get a Copy of a Divorce Decree Things To Consider Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer How to Avoid a Toxic Divorce

Personal Injury Lawyer

When Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer: A Guide For Accident Victims

Accidents are unexpected and traumatic events that can have far-reaching consequences for those involved.   But if you are involved in a serious accident and it has left you with severe injuries, you might wonder if it would be worth hiring an attorney.   Thus, you would need an injury lawyer in every situation, but there are a few exceptional cases where you might suffer a severe injury. Hence, it might be best to seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer.   To mitigate your situation, you can contact an injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, as they will be able to give you the best advice.   In this article, you will discover when and where you would need a personal injury lawyer.   When Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?  Many accident victims hire lawyers to assist them and navigate the steps of filing their claims. However, you might need to decide when to hire a lawyer after having an accident or whether you need legal assistance.   Hence, you do not have to meet specific criteria to hire an injury attorney after an accident. Thus, here is a list of situations when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.   1. When You Have Significant Injuries   In recent days, the number of car accidents has increased to a significant level. The reports published by the WHO claim that the number of annual road traffic deaths has risen to 1.19 million.  If you have experienced a serious injury from a car accident, then you are likely to face hefty medical bills. Thus, you would need an attorney to mitigate this situation.   Hence, the personal injury lawyer will help you fill out the proper forms in order to receive your medical bills covered.   Similarly, auto accidents that produce injuries can warrant legal action against the defendants for compensation. Having legal assistance from the beginning can help you anticipate the best way to proceed after your serious car accident.   2. Your Accident Includes Different Parties   When an accident involves different parties, it becomes complex. Some countries follow a contributory negligence policy that permits insurance companies to assign a percentage of faults to all parties in an accident.   As a result, you need to hire a personal injury attorney to make sure you understand which insurance company to file your claims.   Therefore, car accident attorneys have extensive experience navigating various car accident cases.   Hence, hire an attorney to help you understand the procedure for filing an insurance claim. Moreover, they will communicate on your behalf with the insurance adjuster and all parties involved.   3. No Cooperation From Insurance Company   When you file for a claim with the at-fault party insurance company, you should be provided with payments to cover the accident expense without any issue.   Thus, the insurance company is in the business of incurring money. Moreover, they need to offer more payouts or even deny the claim outright to save money.   However, if the insurance company is not cooperating, you might need an attorney to negotiate for a higher offer and a wrongful claim denial.   4. Planning To Take Legal Actions  If you plan to take legal action against the at-fault driver or their insurance company, you need a personal injury lawyer.  Thus, if the insurance company completely cooperates with your claim, then at-fault driver’s insurance coverage might not be enough to cover your expenses.  On the other hand, you might want to pursue non-economic damages, for instance:  Emotional distress.  Pain and suffering.  Loss of enjoyment of life.  Thus, with the help of a lawsuit, you can seek compensation beyond what you might qualify for through an insurance claim.   Furthermore, you need a professional car accident attorney to guide you through the legal process, present you at the court, and help you gather the right evidence.   5. Difficulty In Compensation Claims   If you have difficulty receiving your claims, a personal injury attorney will help you obtain them.   However, you might feel stressed, traumatized, and overwhelmed when you file your claims or even talk about your accident. Thus, the professional will help you mitigate the situation and maximize your compensation. The attorney will determine for which you are entitled to make claims.   This will make sure that you are not taking advantage of the person held responsible. In return, you are offered a fair amount for your loss and suffering.   Hence, an attorney can take this burden off your shoulders, thereby assisting you move forward.   6. Difficulty In Carrying Out Details   Evidence plays a huge part in personal injury cases. Thus, when you face an injury, you must prove negligence and the duty of care.   However, personal injury lawyers are aware of this and will help you take your time to work with the evidence.    Moreover, in other cases, you can hire a lawyer to work with an accident reconstruction professional to help you establish a strong case.   Therefore, as a part of the investigation process, the lawyer will help you meet the eyewitness, gather surveillance camera feeds, and make sure the desired outcomes are met.   List Of Cases Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Personal injury lawyer deals with a variety of cases. Here is a list of some of the most frequent cases we deal with:  During a motor vehicle accident. It can involve a car, boat, motorcycle, and other vehicle.   During a wrongful death. It might be a traumatic situation, but a lawyer will help you receive compensation for many things.   Slip and fall accident.   Birth injuries. This situation can be traumatic for the families, and if it is due to a negligent mistake, then the family is entitled to compensation.   During a dog or animal bite. This accident can be more serious than a person might expect.   Hire A Personal Injury Attorney Today   Thus, we suggest you get an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that your claim is as strong as possible.   This is because the greater the evidence against the negligent party, the greater the chance of receiving a settlement.   So, appoint a lawyer quickly, as they can help you gather the evidence before it gets lost. Similarly, the lawyer will help you set settlements with an insurance company.   Read Also: Choosing The Right Personal Injury Attorneys For Your Case What To Look For In A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney What Is Considered A Personal Injury?