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17 August 2021


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Downloading YouTube videos have remained no more suspense now. Whether it is about saving the online videos offline or about downloading them safely on your device, everything has become a smooth ride due to the presence of so many options being available there in the market. YouTubNow is being in great news these days, and the credit goes here is the power and ease of usability it offers to the users.

Youtubnow is one of the most potent YouTube video downloading services that have made the task of video downloading from one of the leading streaming apps, i.e., YouTube a smooth ride. It hardly needs a few seconds of yours to get your favorite tracks on your devices entirely for free.

It is a fantastic YouTube downloader that makes any soundtrack a different audio file for you. Whether it is about downloading any YouTube movie, TV show, sports game, and even favorite music tracks, you have to put on video URL here and have to select the format to get the file downloaded on your device.

YouTubNow Review With Features

YouTubNow Review

If you are wondering about the reasons behind the massive success of YouTubNow, here is the list of some features that will make you impress as well.

1. Interactive interface:

According to many customer reviews of Youtubnow, the interface is provided by this beautiful software is just like butter, where you have to follow the directions being offered out there.

2. No annoying ads:

Ads are one of the most annoying things that surely most of us don’t love to have especially when streaming our favorite programs or movies. YouTubNow brings you an ad-free experience where you don’t have to pay any charges to enjoy such premium features.

3. Unlimited Downloading:

There are no restrictions on the number of downloads you are going to make. Just download until your data pack expires or you’re PC or smartphone memory allows you.

4. Multiple formats:

Along with no restrictions over the number of downloads, there are no restrictions over the formats of video files as well. Ranging from downloading MP3 to YouTube videos, you are allowed to download videos of different formats and resolutions.

5. Smooth conversions:

Converting your YouTube videos to favorite music tracks is not a big deal now as YouTubNow is there to help you out in such a situation. Just download the YouTube videos now and choose the audio setups you are prepared to have your music on, YouTubNow Can transform from most of the form whether it can be YouTube to MP3 or mp4 or WebM.

6. Easy searching:

Just like other streaming apps and video downloading apps you don’t have to think about the links here. Just enter the exact name or keyword to do a natural search for millions of videos being present there on YouTube.

7. Amazing downloading speed:

YouTubNow has made the downloading procedure only a matter of a few seconds. You have to change the link into your web browser from to to get the related content on your device. The downloading process starts up immediately once you alter the provided link on your web browser.

8. Cross-browser is downloading:

One of the most favorite things about YouTubNow is that this online service is being designed to work on almost all of the popular web browsers seamlessly. Whether it is Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox, Safari, or Opera, the app will run smoothly on each one of them.

9. Forget about the age restrictions:

Like so many other apps there, the app does not introduce any restrictions on the content you are going to download on your device. The app doesn’t require your personal information or email id while making a secure login to it.

How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubNow?

It is one of the most obvious questions that might strike your mind, especially when one listens about the features of such an excellent platform. There is no complexity of operations, so get relaxed, and enjoy the world of YouTube video downloading just by following the step-by-step procedure given below.

  • Go to

  • Launch the app and enter the required URL or your related query in the Search option being provided out there.
  • You will receive a number of related options on your home screen. Just select the suitable one for you.
  • Make a selection of the required format you are willing to have that YouTube video with along with the quality or resolution of the video.
  • Press the Download button and wait patiently for the process to get accomplished.
  • On the successful downloading of the required video on your device, you are free to listen, share or edit it as per your choice.

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Everyone dream of making videos on Youtube that have hundreds of millions of views and go viral. But in the actual fact running a channel and producing such videos is quite difficult. These days, Youtube is known as one of the fastest developing platforms. Meaning to say, the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. Moreover, almost 500 hours of content were uploaded to this platform every single minute, as a result, a lot of Youtube users are having a hard time attracting more subscribers. For sure you are aware that YouTubers most especially the bigger ones earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. But here’s the catch, your video should first reach thousands of non-drop Youtube views before you can make money. As a matter of fact, you will need ten thousand views so that your videos will be monetized. One more thing, if you are a small Youtube user or just starting, believe it or not, it would be more difficult for you to attract a significant number of viewers on Youtube. Luckily, there’s now an easy way for you to get more views. Purchasing Youtube views is a legit and SAFE way of boosting your channel as well as views because if you purchase from trustworthy sellers they can help you in attracting organic viewers and ranking in search results. In the actual fact, buying views isn’t against the Terms of Service of Youtube. The rules state a service that attempts to obtain views on Youtube via automated means is not acceptable. That is why when you are buying make sure that views are authentic human Youtube Views and not bots. On the other hand, if Youtube suspects that your views came from bots there’s a possibility that you will face penalizing action. Even if you’re technically permitted to purchase Youtube views it is crucial that you approach this technique with extra caution to avoid any scam. Tips for Buying Youtube Views: 1. Avoid providers who offer views in a manner that may put you in danger: Websites that offer Youtube views from similar browsers and IPs with similar or same cookies are too obvious. As a matter of fact, Youtube may possibly pick-up on that type of activity or worst you may possibly have problems on your hands. 3. Look for A Seller that offer targeted views: If you are based in the United Kingdom, make sure to get views from the US, Australia, and the UK. Because views originating from Asia and Eastern Europe may give you away as well as you would run the peril of Youtube’s disciplinary action. Aforementioned, buying views is not against the law as long as they’re from real humans. Here's a list of the top places to buy YouTube views from 3. Make sure that you will be acquiring real humans: When making a purchase make sure that the views are not bots. In fact, this is the only way for you to obtain organic engagement and retention from your acquisition. Now that you already know that buying views is safe, then don’t think twice and take advantage of this method most especially if you want to grow your views. Read Also: How To Download Music From YouTube How To Use Video Animation On Your Website VidPaw Online Downloader Review: Best YouTube To MP3 Converter For Free

Stream on YouTube

How to Stream on YouTube Effectively

Live streaming is a popular way to host virtual events, introduce new products, and show footage in real-time. Youtube is a great platform to do this. Youtube Live allows users to build an audience by connecting with viewers and responding to questions and comments. To increase sales and income, users need to connect with viewers. Keep reading for some tips on how to effectively stream on YouTube. 1. Plan and Prepare If you want to stream on YouTube, start by deciding what you aim to achieve from the live video. More registrations for an upcoming class? More views for your music videos? More people to sign up for a newsletter? Based on this goal, plan a title and description of the stream. Establish hashtags that will be relevant to the content. Think carefully about the time and date of the live stream. Some people decide to schedule the stream to reach the most people. Think through the estimated duration of the stream, and whether there needs to be a host or chat moderator.  2. Setup Properly To stream well on YouTube, make sure to have all of the equipment necessary. Check computers, microphones, speakers, and other equipment to ensure it is set up and ready to go before hitting the "go live" button. Be sure to have proper lighting and no distracting clothes. Make sure the internet connection will have a good upload speed. Viewers need to hear and see well during the live session. Eliminate distractions by turning off ringers and device notifications. Make sure there are no loud pets or children to interrupt the stream. 3. Monetize Live Streams There are several easy ways that YouTubers can make money through their live streams. Some channels can use ads to make money. There is no guarantee that viewers will see them, but it is likely. Super Chat is a feature that lets viewers buy a chat message that looks different from the others. Some viewers enjoy the personalization and are eager to purchase these. If using a channel with channel memberships, charge a monthly fee for watching the live streams.  4. Use Analytics Don't ignore analytics. Check the real-time and post-live YouTube analytics to ensure the videos are what your audience wants. Study subscriber growth and the number of times people are watching. Figure out which content provides the most viewers. Noticing which demographic is watching the live stream the most will help identify your niche audience.  5. Repurpose Videos Just because users post a video as a live stream does not mean that live streaming is the only way it can be presented. Turn a video into a podcast or use quotes from a live stream for a social media post. Get every bit of use out of the videos by repurposing them. 6. Make a YouTube Premiere Many people don't enjoy being live on the internet. Those people can use YouTube Premium and stream a pre-recorded video live. This is a bit like a movie premiere, where the host watches the premiere along with the audience. It can be a fun way to live stream without really being "live." If you are ready to take your business or brand to the next level, start working on video strategies. Learn the basics of making videos and posting them on YouTube first, and then watch your viewers take a jump when you start applying the tips above.  Read Also: 2 Easy Steps to Change YouTube Channel Name Without Changing the Gmail NameLooking For The Best YouTube To MP3 Downloader? Here Are 5 Things To NoteVidPaw Online Downloader Review: Best YouTube to MP3 Converter for Free

YouTube something went wrong

Ways To Fix YouTube “Something Went Wrong” Prompt!  

It is annoying if you see the YouTube "Something went wrong, Tap to retry" message when you are watching a live stream or an important video. Find out why this occurs and how to resolve the problem. Right? You could notice that the movie abruptly stops playing and that a black screen with this error message appears. Additionally, the video buffers and displays the same problem when you play it again. Don't worry, friend! You are not alone in this! Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the same and the ways to fix it… When Does YouTube Something Went Wrong Prompt Appear?   The "Something went wrong" prompt on YouTube typically appears when there is an issue or error while trying to load or play a video on the platform. This message is a generic error notification that indicates that an unexpected problem occurred, preventing the video from being displayed or played properly. When attempting to log in to the YouTube account using a web browser, this error may appear. Users may not be able to access their playlists, favorite videos, or subscriptions, which can be annoying. Depending on the situation, the error message may appear as "500 Internal Server Error" or "502 Bad Gateway Error." There can be various reasons for this error, including but not limited to: Network connectivity issues: Problems with your internet connection can lead to difficulty in loading or streaming videos on YouTube. Server-related issues: YouTube's servers might be experiencing temporary problems or maintenance, affecting video playback. Browser or app issues: If you're using an outdated or incompatible browser or app, it might cause conflicts with YouTube's features. Video-specific problems: Certain videos might have issues on the platform due to content restrictions, copyright claims, or other issues related to the video itself. Ad-blockers or extensions: Some browser extensions or ad-blockers may interfere with YouTube's functionality, causing errors. Cache and cookies: Accumulated cache and cookies in your browser can sometimes lead to issues while loading or playing videos. Best Ways To Fix YouTube Something Went Wrong Error!   If you encounter the "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error, it can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the issue. Here are the top 13 ways to fix the error if your YouTube keeps crashing: 1. Refresh The Page   The error may only be momentary sometimes, in which case a quick page refresh will fix the problem. To take the necessary action, simply click the refresh button. 2. Check The Internet Connection   Make sure your internet connection is reliable. To test whether your internet is operating properly, try visiting other websites. The majority of the time, the "Something went wrong" error message displayed on the platform is caused by a shaky and unpredictable internet connection. 3. Update Browser Or App   Sometimes there might be a prompt because your app or browser is outdated. Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser or the YouTube app. Here are the steps that you need to take to do the same: In the browser's top-right corner, select the menu by clicking on the three vertical dots. Select Google Chrome Help > About. Click Relaunch after the browser has updated. 4. Try A Different Browser   If you are using a browser that's not working well with YouTube, try using another browser to see if the issue persists. 5. Disable Browser Extensions   Temporarily disable all browser extensions, especially ad-blockers, and script-blockers, as they may interfere with YouTube's functionality. 6. Clear Cache And Cookies   Cookies and cache that have built up can be problematic. To start over, delete the cache and cookies on your browser. To do this, you need to do the following: Select Settings by selecting Menu. Select Clear browsing data that is under Privacy and Security. Under the time range, choose All Time. Pick Cached pictures and files, Cookies, and other site data from your browsing history. Tap Clear data. 7. Disable Hardware Acceleration   If you're experiencing issues with videos not playing, try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings. 8. Sign Back In   Incorrect account settings can also cause errors with streaming. Therefore, sign out of YouTube and then sign back in. You can access YouTube anonymously or in incognito mode. To do this, here are the steps that you need to take: Start YouTube. Click on your profile photo. Tap your name one more. Tap use signed-out YouTube. Choose the profile icon next. Next, touch Sign in, then select the account. 9. Restart Device    Sometimes, a simple computer or mobile device restart can resolve temporary glitches. Apple advises restarting the iPhone to address minor iOS problems. Clear all running apps, then turn off your iPhone. Then wait a short while before turning it back on. Next, see if you can access YouTube to watch videos. 10. Disable VPN   Have you configured a VPN on your iPhone to access YouTube videos blocked in your nation? If so, see whether your VPN provider has a service interruption. It can result in network lag. You won't be able to see YouTube content as a result. If you're using a VPN service, try disabling it and accessing YouTube without it, as VPNs can sometimes interfere with video playback. 11. Check YouTube-Server Status   Visit YouTube's official Twitter or support page to check if there are any known issues or server outages. 12. Try YouTube Incognito Mode   If you suspect a problem with your account, try accessing YouTube in incognito or private browsing mode. 13. Contact YouTube Support   If none of the above steps work and the issue persists, you can reach out to YouTube's official support for further assistance. Remember that the effectiveness of these solutions can vary depending on the specific cause of the error. If you've tried all the steps and the problem still persists, it might be a larger issue on YouTube's end, and you may need to wait until they address it. Wrapping It Up!   In case you were searching for ways to fix the "YouTube Something Went Wrong" prompt, I hope that this article has been of much help to you. If there are any other queues related to the same, feel free to let me know. All you need to do is scroll down until you reach the page's bottom. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you! 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