5 steps to take if your personal loan application is rejected

Published on: 15 October 2019 Last Updated on: 25 January 2024
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Ever applied for a loan, only to get rejected? Having your loan application turned down can be a discouraging experience, especially for first-time borrowers. Or, you may have taken loans in the past and wondered why your recent application wasn’t approved.

The truth is that there are a variety of reasons that can affect your personal loan eligibility. Often times, it’s just one main issue, but other times, it can be a combination of reasons. If you aren’t sure why your loan application got rejected, you can use a personal loan eligibility calculator to check what was the shortcoming in your personal loan application. Read on to find out what you should do to increase your chances of approval in the future.

 1. Check the lender’s eligibility criteria

All banks and lenders have a basic criteria that determine whether a borrower qualifies for a loan. The main reason why most people’s loan application gets rejected is that they did not meet all the lender’s criteria.

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan include age, income, location, credit score, employment, and other factors. Lenders will clearly mention this eligibility on their website or app. Generally, banks have stricter eligibility criteria and only accept applicants with a higher salary and excellent CIBIL score, whereas digital lenders have wider eligibility criteria.

If you have read through the lender’s eligibility criteria but still aren’t sure whether you qualify, use a personal loan eligibility calculator.

2. Improve your CIBIL score

CIBIL score is a summary of one’s creditworthiness based on their credit history. Although the minimum CIBIL requirement varies from lender to lender, one of the reasons that your application may have been rejected is because your CIBIL score is too low as per the lender’s eligibility criteria.

Check your CIBIL score from the CIBIL website. If it is less than 650, you should work on improving your score by using a credit card. Spend responsibly and pay your card in full before the due date. This will help increase your credit score.

 3. Make sure your outgoing expenses are low

One of the reasons that lenders will reject a personal loan application is because the applicant has too many existing debts, and for such a borrower, taking on another financial burden would increase the chances of default.

Take a look at your finances and see if there are any expenses you can cut back on. If you have a lot of existing debt, work on repaying them off before you apply for a new loan.

4. Provide the correct details

Loan applications can get rejected if there is even a small error or a signature mismatch. Ensure that the details you provide in the form are clearly written/typed out, and most importantly, correct.

Providing false details about your income, identity or credit score will certainly be detected by lenders, and this is another reason why many applications get rejected. Be honest in your application form, as some lenders are willing to accept applicants with less than perfect CIBIL scores or incomes.

5. Apply for a lower loan amount

Due to your current financial capacity, you may not be able to take on the responsibility of paying back a huge loan. If you’re still in desperate need of a loan, aim for personal loans singapore as it makes the best offerings in financial capacity. Aim for around 40% or less of your net monthly income.


Don’t feel disheartened if your loan application got rejected. Follow the tips above in case your loan wasn’t approved this time, and re-apply after 90 days. If you aren’t sure whether or not you qualify for your desired loan amount from a lender, be sure to check the eligibility criteria for more information. You can also use a personal loan eligibility calculator to check for your loan eligibility.

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What is the Best Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange?

One of the best and most common ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or exchange one crypto to another is by using cryptocurrency exchanges. Numerous exchanges have already carved a reputation for impeccable service and terms while others are pretty much starting up. Because of this, crypto investors often wonder which instant cryptocurrency exchange is the best. The prices of cryptocurrencies are far from stable. This provides an opportunity for investors to benefit from price rises and finding an instant cryptocurrency exchange offers the ideal opportunity to sell at the right time. The best platform not only allows you to buy or sell crypto but also exchange it for a different cryptocurrency. There are a lot of other factors you should look into when looking for an instant cryptocurrency exchange. The sign-up process, trading charts complexity, trading volume, and the various digital currencies you can buy or sell at the exchange are some of the things you should look into. So, what is the best instant cryptocurrency exchange? Here are some of the best. Nakitcoins: When searching for a platform where you can buy instant cryptocurrency, Nakitcoins easily tops the charts. The fact that you can walk into any of their physical offices with cash and buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency differentiates them from other crypto exchanges. Apart from their low fees and high transaction limits, Nakitcoins offers instant cryptocurrency exchange services for cash or other cryptos. Additionally, if you decide to create an account, signing up with Nakitcoins is extremely easy, as just your email address is required. If you are also looking for an exchange where you can transact safely and securely without limits, Nakitcoins should be your top option. With Nakitcoins, you can also exchange one crypto for another without an account, perform instant cash deposits or withdrawals, buy crypto with credit or debit cards and even buy bitcoin with cash vouchers such as Neosurf. CoinSwitch: CoinSwitch is another popular option when you are looking for instant exchange crypto. With CoinSwitch, you can buy and trade bitcoin instantly, and not just that; CoinSwitch supports 300 cryptocurrencies you can buy or sell and over 45,000 pairings you can choose from if you want to exchange one crypto for another. One of the reasons why you should consider CoinSwitch is that you can use your credit card to buy crypto. This allows you to perform crypto to crypto exchanges instantly. You can do crypto to crypto exchange without having an account with them. ChangeNOW: With ChangeNOW, you can buy or sell over 170 cryptocurrencies. This makes it one of the few instant crypto exchanges with such a huge and diverse opportunity to invest in digital currencies. In addition, you can conduct an instant BTC exchange, either for cash or to other cryptos without even signing up with ChangeNOW. In addition, ChangeNOW does not have a limit for the number of transactions you can do in a day. Its user-friendly interface makes ChangeNOW one of the simplest instant crypto exchanges for crypto investors. You also will get crypto exchanges at ChangeNOW with the best exchange rates. Conclusion: There are several crypto exchanges in the market, each having its terms and exchange rates varying slightly. If you are a crypto investor and looking to make profits from crypto trading, instant crypto exchanges such as Nakitcoins should be your first choice. We believe you now have your answer if you have constantly been wondering, "What is the best instant cryptocurrency exchange?" Read Also: How to Buy, Sell, and Trade EOS Coin Exciting Facts About Cryptocurrency And Crypto Wallets How To Become A Successful Cryptocurrency Trader In 5 Easy Steps Investing In Bitcoins: 5 Things You Need To Know


Top Three Investment Platforms For 2023

The ever-increasing interest rates have many people wondering about a potential recession that could be just around the corner. While some might think that there is no good place left to invest your money, we are here to tell you that you can potentially expand your investment horizon and set up this year for better returns later on. Here are three great investment platforms to invest your money and generate profit in the long run. Read on to learn more! What Is Meant By Investment Platforms? An investment platform refers to a digital tool or service that helps investors access as well as manage different financial instruments. It can either be a stock, a mutual fund, a bond, or an exchange-traded fund. Such platforms offer a user-friendly and convenient way for investors to purchase, sell, and monitor their portfolios. Investment platforms can be found in multiple forms, such as online brokerage, peer-to-peer lending platforms, and robo-advisors. Each platform type caters to multiple investment strategies as well as requirements, thereby providing a ton of fees, support services, and features. But as for now, it is significant to opt for the right platform for making investments.  Investment Platform Types You Should Know Investments are mostly categorized under closed-end funds, unit investment trusts, and mutual funds. All such investments have their own set of challenges, risks, and benefits. Well, it’s pretty much the same case for investment platforms. Before setting foot, it is significant that you discover its primary types: Robo-Advisors These tend to be the automated investment management platforms that make use of algorithms for creating as well as managing portfolios. Typically, the portfolios are customized according to the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Some popular robo-advisors are Wealthfront, Digital Advisor by Vanguard and Betterment.  Platforms For Online Brokerage Digital brokerage platforms refer to online services that let investors buy and sell different financial instruments like bonds, mutual funds, and stocks. Instances of popular brokerage platforms are Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and E-Trade. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Thirdly, there are cryptocurrency exchanges are those platforms that let users trade, buy, and sell online currencies. These can be Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. To name a few famous Cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase deserve mention.  Platforms For Peer-to-Peer Lending These platforms are designed to facilitate loans between businesses and individuals, cross-sectioning conventional financial entities. Such platforms establish connections between lenders and borrowers, leading to potentially higher ROI for investors.  Investment Platforms That Are Becoming Popular In 2023 Hold your breath as you are going to discover some smart investment platforms that have been doing the talk in 2023. Due to their ease of use, these platforms are most likely to get popular in the coming years, too. So, check them out here and make a smart investment: Cryptocurrency Suppose you are looking for ways to improve your financial situation. In that case, you might want to look into cryptocurrency, which is essentially digital money that relies on blockchain technology and is secured through cryptography. In case you are new to cryptocurrency, you will want to know how it works, which is what we are about to tell you. Regarding blockchain, the ledger keeps track of transactions, including intellectual and physical assets. The access is distributed amongst the “authorized” users, and all shared information is transparent and instant. Also, the information cannot be tampered with, even by the administrator. If this sounds good, you might want to check out CoinCulture: Your Source for a Detailed CoinSpot Review and find interesting news and reviews about the competitive and profitable industry. Security is a basic part of blockchain, which ensures that your money and profit are completely yours. Invest In Gold Another way to improve your financial situation is by investing in Gold. In fact, investing in Gold and Silver is considered a smart strategy against inflation. Over the long run, Gild doesn’t only maintain its value but also maintains its purchasing cost despite the potential fluctuations in the dollar. Moreover, the high inflation periods serve as an excellent time to boost your allocations to Gold. You might already have an idea about how the stock markets work. When an economy goes into recession, the stock market slumps, too, which means that real estate can lose its value, too. This is where the importance of Gold comes in. During the recession, Gold can establish a diverse portfolio, which further reduces your exposure to riskier assets. High-Yield Savings Accounts In case you haven’t heard about a high-yield savings account before, you should know that it pays the investors interest on their cash balance. Like any other savings account at any physical bank, a high-yield account is instantly accessible for cash. A savings account is a brilliant option for those looking forward to a contingency plan. Also, if you want to avoid the risk of losing your money while investing, then a high-yield savings account might be just the right option for you. However, before you start investing in a high-yield savings account, you will want to assess your finances and create a budget. The key to having a budget is that you will have a clear overview of your incoming and outgoing money. And you will know where you are overspending and how you can cut your expenses. Once you have a better overview of your incoming and outgoing money, you will find it easier to stick to a budget. The Bottom Line Investment platforms have a pivotal role to play in the current financial landscape. Not only does it provide investors with the resources and tools needed to manage their portfolios, but it also builds an opportunity for having a passive source of income. By comprehending the most popular investment platforms, it’s your chance to boost your investments.  So, what are you waiting for? 2023, 2024, and the subsequent years have proven lucrative for the investment industry. Make hay while the sun shines, or you can lose great opportunities to circulate your money. 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If you have a large amount of credit card debt and you are only making minimum payments every month, you are not going to pay it off any time soon. In fact, if you only make minimum payments, it could be decades before you find yourself debt-free again. It is extremely important to put yourself in a proper financial position, and a good way of doing that is by reducing your credit card bills. Tips to reduce Credit Card Bills: Here are a few tips on how to reduce your credit card bills that will help you pay off your debt: 1. Take Stock: Before you start to reduce your credit card bills make sure you know where you stand. By this, we mean know your target. You will never hit the target if you don’t know where it is, so be honest with yourself. 2. Pay more than the minimum: As discussed before, if you only make minimum payments each month, then it will take ages before you find yourself debt-free again. Thus, it is clear that paying more than the minimum due you can lower your monthly credit card bills, but still, so many customers struggle in making that the priority. Making a little more than the minimum payment every month will eventually help you in the long run. 3. Ask your credit card company for lower rates: A simple and quick way to lower your credit card bill is by negotiating a lower interest rate. Just by reducing the rate of interest by one or two percent, you can save hundreds of bucks. Try calling your creditors and ask them politely to lower your rates. If you have a good credit score and have been a loyal customer to them, then you can easily negotiate and get yourself a lower interest rate. 4. Target one card at a time: People often use multiple credit cards to buy stuff. More cards mean more accounts which eventually leads to more debts. If you are using multiple credit cards, then a good way to lower the bill is by targeting one card at a time. Focus on one account and try to clear that first. Get the minimum for each card, but pay as much as you can on the card you are targeting first.  Usually, paying the card with the highest interest rate works. 5. Make a budget: Make yourself a budget every month and stick to it. It can be difficult to adjust your lifestyle too quick, so instead, try going for small adjustments. It can be as simple as cutting out one or two pizzas each week or by changing your thermostat by few degrees. Reducing your costs a little bit can help you out in the long run. Remember to save yourself a few extra bucks every month in case an unexpected bill pops up. 6. Make two minimum payments every month: A good way to lower your bill is by making two minimum payments. Since credit cards apply interest daily, cutting your balance during the month will reduce the minimum payment for the next month. 7. Transfer your balance: Another good way to reduce your monthly payments is by transferring the balance from a card with a high-interest rate to a card with a low-interest rate. If done properly, this can save you hundreds of bucks every year. Remember that credit cards with a low rate of interest are mostly introductory offers which last about a year and a half, so make sure pay off the debt before the rate of interest increases. Conclusion: We hope these tips can help you to reduce your credit card bills. If you know more tips on lowering the bill, post them in the comment sections below! hence if you want to make your choices in the right direction then the use if the credit card bills can make things work for you in all possible manners. Work out the best strategy that can help you to achieve your objectives in the best possible ways. Read Also : Are Debt Consolidation Loans Recommended For Credit Card Consolidation Credit Card Fraud The Holiday Season: Things To Consider For Next Year What Are The Important Parts Of A Free Business Credit Report?