5 steps to take if your personal loan application is rejected

Ever applied for a loan, only to get rejected? Having your loan application turned down can be a discouraging experience, especially for first-time borrowers. Or, you may have taken loans in the past and wondered why your recent application wasn’t approved.

The truth is that there are a variety of reasons that can affect your personal loan eligibility. Often times, it’s just one main issue, but other times, it can be a combination of reasons. If you aren’t sure why your loan application got rejected, you can use a personal loan eligibility calculator to check what was the shortcoming in your personal loan application. Read on to find out what you should do to increase your chances of approval in the future.

 1. Check the lender’s eligibility criteria

All banks and lenders have a basic criteria that determine whether a borrower qualifies for a loan. The main reason why most people’s loan application gets rejected is that they did not meet all the lender’s criteria.

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan include age, income, location, credit score, employment, and other factors. Lenders will clearly mention this eligibility on their website or app. Generally, banks have stricter eligibility criteria and only accept applicants with a higher salary and excellent CIBIL score, whereas digital lenders have wider eligibility criteria.

If you have read through the lender’s eligibility criteria but still aren’t sure whether you qualify, use a personal loan eligibility calculator.

2. Improve your CIBIL score

CIBIL score is a summary of one’s creditworthiness based on their credit history. Although the minimum CIBIL requirement varies from lender to lender, one of the reasons that your application may have been rejected is because your CIBIL score is too low as per the lender’s eligibility criteria.

Check your CIBIL score from the CIBIL website. If it is less than 650, you should work on improving your score by using a credit card. Spend responsibly and pay your card in full before the due date. This will help increase your credit score.

 3. Make sure your outgoing expenses are low

One of the reasons that lenders will reject a personal loan application is because the applicant has too many existing debts, and for such a borrower, taking on another financial burden would increase the chances of default.

Take a look at your finances and see if there are any expenses you can cut back on. If you have a lot of existing debt, work on repaying them off before you apply for a new loan.

4. Provide the correct details

Loan applications can get rejected if there is even a small error or a signature mismatch. Ensure that the details you provide in the form are clearly written/typed out, and most importantly, correct.

Providing false details about your income, identity or credit score will certainly be detected by lenders, and this is another reason why many applications get rejected. Be honest in your application form, as some lenders are willing to accept applicants with less than perfect CIBIL scores or incomes.

5. Apply for a lower loan amount

Due to your current financial capacity, you may not be able to take on the responsibility of paying back a huge loan. If you’re still in desperate need of a loan, aim for a smaller amount that is well within your financial capacity. Aim for less around 40% or less of your net monthly income.


Don’t feel disheartened if your loan application got rejected. Follow the tips above in case your loan wasn’t approved this time, and re-apply after 90 days. If you aren’t sure whether or not you qualify for your desired loan amount from a lender, be sure to check the eligibility criteria for more information. You can also use a personal loan eligibility calculator to check for your loan eligibility.

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