Reasons Why Bearded Men Look Attractive


04 December 2018


Bearded Men

Some women prefer men who are clean-shaven. They look clean and fresh. However, other women prefer bearded men. They feel attracted to men who have a rough look with the help of their beard. With proper beard grooming, any man can look stunning with a long beard. If you are still unsure whether you should grow one or not, these reasons will help you make up your mind.

You will have a more masculine look:

Women feel attracted to men who have a masculine appeal. These men seem strong and sturdy. They are the type who can save someone in distress. You will look this way when you have a long beard as it adds to your masculine appeal.

You look serious:

When compared to clean-shaven men, you will look more serious and mature with a beard. It is an asset when you are dealing with other people during a business meeting. The other parties will take your ideas seriously. Even though you are still young, they won’t think of you as someone whose voice doesn’t matter.

It reflects patience:

It is not easy growing a beard. It takes time and proper maintenance to ensure that your beard grows long and healthy. If you succeed in reaching that goal, it shows how patient you are. When meeting other people, it helps them create a favourable impression of you.

It creates a personality:

In a world where identity is crucial, you want to build one for people to remember easily. There is nothing wrong if people identify you as that guy with a long beard. It does not take anything from you. It even helps you stand out from the rest.

You look relaxed:

Men who keep shaving their facial hairs tend to be serious-looking. They want everything organised and in order. When you have a beard, it creates an impression that you don’t care much about societal standards. You can do whatever you want, and you don’t care if you have a long beard.

Beard tickles!

It might seem weird, but having a long beard helps you in bed. You can tickle your partner well when you have a long and healthy beard. Women love kissing a bearded man that can also tickle them.

Other benefits:

Apart from increasing your sexual appeal, having a long beard also has other benefits that will make you decide to grow one now.

You receive UV protection:

You hear about UV rays all the time and how they are damaging to your skin. When you are always outdoors, you increase your chances of UV exposure. Apart from damaging the skin, it also speeds up the ageing process. It helps if you have a beard to protect your face from UV rays, and potentially prevent the growth of cancer cells.

It is perfect for the winter:

Body hair helps keep you warm during freezing temperatures. Therefore, having a beard will keep you warm during the winter. It is like having a sweater under your chin.

As long as you keep your beard healthy-looking through proper maintenance, there is nothing wrong with growing it.

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Family Vacation

Planning a Family Vacation as the Kids Grow Up

There’s no doubt family vacation is one of the most precious memories that we have. In fact, a survey conducted by the Family Holiday Association found that 49% of British community said that vacation time with their family is their happiest memory. Prioritizing vacation with the family does not only rejuvenates your spirit and relieves stress but it also helps foster stronger family ties. Spending quality time with the whole family on a trip gives your kids a happy childhood. How about when the kids grow up? Is it still necessary to take a family vacation? Yes, it is. In fact, family vacations can be more fun and adventurous when kids are already older. Unlike spending vacations with toddlers where they don’t really have much say on your location or activities scheduled, planning a family vacation with older kids could be more challenging. They have their own lives and preferences so it’s important to communicate and plan for something that’s appealing to everyone. Below are some of the tips that you can use when planning a vacation with your older kids: Select a Location that Offers Wide Selections of Activities : When your kids were little, choosing a destination for your family vacation was relatively easy. You can just bring your brood to any amusement park and they’d be on cloud nine. Choosing a destination for your older kids is a different story. To make your vacation memorable, you have to choose a location that would interest your kids who are not kids anymore. Generally, older kids want adventure and excitement. Spending the whole day on a museum could be dragging and boring for them. These family getaway destinations will be appealing to your older kids: Yosemite National Park : If you want an affordable yet interesting vacation, visiting a national park is your alternative. Yosemite National Park in Mariposa Country is a must-see for any trip to California. It’s beaming with majestic views, hiking trails, and family vacation opportunities. Bahamas : f you’re looking for a dream vacation getaway, the island of Bahamas offers a family vacation that you can never forget. Aside from the magnificent beaches and water activities, treat your family with sumptuous meals and have fun getting to know with the locals. Booking at a family welcomed or 21 and the older resort is a wise idea to save money. Cruises : Going on a cruise is the best option if you want to get the most of everything in a small window of time. Aside from covering a lot of ground in a short period of time, the cruise company caters to vast interests, both onboard and on land. You and your husband can enjoy sunbathing on the sundeck of the ship while your kids can head ashore and go shopping. After all, alone time with just your husband is a necessity in your marriage. South Africa : Choosing a destination that has plenty of options is a must when traveling with grown-up kids. South Africa offers diverse family bonding opportunities with their majestic mountains, beaches, fascinating museums, renowned vineyards and cuisine and even a colony of a penguin on Boulders Beach. Choose a Homestay Rental over a Hotel Though going on a vacation with your family could be a luxury, it does not mean that you have to spend your entire savings account and be broke for the next 10 years. Prioritizing practicality and functionality will go a long way. Though staying in a hotel room can be convenient and could really make you feel that you are on a vacation, it could be pricey especially if you’re staying for a few nights. Renting someone else’s house or apartment instead of staying at a hotel is an excellent idea to save money. What are the advantages of homestay rental over a hotel? First, they are unique and special. Variety of accommodation is limitless, from city apartments to a villa to treehouses. Space is all yours and you will get the privacy that you need. You don’t have to deal with hotel staff or personnel knocking on your door. It also offers comfort and convenience just like your own home, plus you can cook your own meal since the majority of rentals have kitchens. Be Flexible and Spontaneous : Though creating an itinerary for your trip is important, you don’t really have to stick to it 100%. Sometimes, we’re too concerned about ticking everything off of our to-go or a to-do list that we forget to have fun and enjoy the moment. Since your grown-up kids have minds of their own, they may feel to explore the shopping area instead of checking out the museum as you planned. Be open with the unexpected turn out of events and embrace the fact that your kids also need time to do things that they like. Having older kids may mean less time together as they get busy with school, work, and even their own family. Make up for these lost time and create a family vacation that you and your whole family will never forget. 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Concealed Carry Gear

Concealed Carry Gear Is Critically Important

If you recently obtained your Michigan CPL license, congratulations. You have made a smart and responsible move to help ensure you have the ability to protect yourself, your family, and your friends when facing an imminent threat of great bodily harm. Now that you have your permit, you might wonder what to do next. Properly and legally carrying a concealed firearm requires more than having a pistol and a permit. You also need the right gear. Let’s take a closer look at the concealed carry gear you should obtain to legally carry concealed firearms all year long. Concealment Holster To Secure Your Firearm You should never tuck a pistol in your pants and count on the belt to keep it in place. You certainly do not want to carry a handgun in your pocket, because that could lead to an accidental discharge that lands you in the hospital and could trigger criminal charges. Instead, you need to obtain a dedicated concealment holster that enables you to carry your firearm securely and without tipping off others to its presence. For example, a Glock 19 concealment holster should enable you to carry while securing the firearm comfortably. The holster might fit inside the waistband of your pants and have a hook and a belt loop to keep it in place. It also might fit outside the waistband, but you would need loose clothing to cover it – or do open carry where it is legal. You also might try a shoulder holster that fits comfortably beneath a loose-fitting jacket or shirt, and a belly band holster could keep your firearms on your hip. A pocket or ankle holster could be useful for carrying a backup firearm, such as a snub-nose .38 or Ruger LCP. You might also use one type of holster during the hotter summer months and another during the colder winter weather. Read Also: What Are The Top Reasons For Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Clothing Is Important For Concealed Carry Your clothing greatly affects your ability to carry a concealed firearm competently. It also makes a big difference in whether or not you are legally carrying concealed. Clothing that fits too tightly could make drawing and using your firearm impossible in an emergency. That consequence might be deadly. You also need to wear concealed carry clothing that does not cause imprinting that clearly shows you have a firearm on your person. Loose-fitting jackets and shirts are ideal for carrying a concealed firearm. They give you a natural look without revealing the location of your concealed weapon. A normal-looking outfit that fits well while concealing your firearm is the perfect choice for carrying a concealed firearm. Additional: Criminal Law Enforcement Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Lawyer What Happens At A Preliminary Hearing Of A Criminal Case In Knoxville?

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3 Things You Should Know About Personalized Shopping Bags

If you’re part of the ever-growing number of businesses and shoppers looking for the eco-friendly and stylish avenue of personalized shopping bags, there are a few things you should take on board. Not only do these bags offer Brand promotion potential and an opportunity to display individuality, but they’re also incredibly practical and a good way to reduce your plastic consumption. To make sure you make an informed purchase, here are three key points to know about Custom Printed Bags - Personalised Shopping Bags. 1.  Customization Options Galore No two customers are the same, so why should their service be? Here, you’ll find a suite of personalization options that give users the freedom to craft their own unique experiences. With plenty of customization options available, customize your experience to make it just right for you. With custom shopping bags, the possibilities are limitless. You can pick the material and color, add logos, slogans, or even unique artwork – the choice is yours. Whether you're an individual seeking a one-of-a-kind statement piece or a business owner branding your business, you'll find ample customization options to better serve your needs. And don't forget the extra features! Some companies offer pockets, zippers, or adjustable straps to create even more convenience and functionality. 2.   Environmental Benefits Let's take a deeper look at the environmental advantages of following these rules - ones that will benefit us for years to come. Conscientious shoppers know that the current environmental landscape calls for innovative solutions to tackle plastic waste. One of those solutions is opting for personalized shopping bags made from more durable materials like canvas, jute, and even recycled materials - minimizing their impact on ecosystems. Showing up to the store with a reusable bag demonstrates a real commitment to the cause. Furthermore, the quality of these bags guarantees that they will be a versatile staple in your shopping routine, allowing you to reduce plastic consumption sustainably and responsibly. 3.  Versatility And Practicality Versatility and practicality make up a key component of success. With the right adaptability and application, you can reach the heights of success. It is essential to understand that the adroit utility of resources at hand combined with an ability to discern when a change is in order, is key to success. Personalized shopping bags are incredibly practical and versatile. Not only perfect for buying groceries or other items, but they can also be used for carrying books, gym equipment, beach items, and even as fashionable everyday bags. Durable and roomy enough to store heavier items, customization options mean that you can add a unique personal touch. Plus, they are lightweight and can easily be folded up and stored in a purse or backpack; always having a reusable bag nearby to make life easier. From chic fashion accessories to convenient and eco-friendly promotion tools, personalized shopping bags offer a myriad of advantages. Their adaptability, allowing you to tailor them to individual tastes or company branding, puts them at the top of the list when it comes to style and eye-catching appeal. Not only do they look great, but it is also effortless to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability since these bags can easily replace single-use plastic items. Thus, whether you're aiming to impress or bring awareness to your business, personalizing shopping bags provides a great solution that is both stylish and practical while being mindful of the environment. Read Also: What are the Benefits of Eco-friendly reusable carry bags? How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Wedding with Zero Waste? Do You Really Want to Live on Mars? 3 Sustainability Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle