3 Most Common Reasons For Birth Injuries In Florida


29 December 2022

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Birth Injuries

The term “birth injury” refers to any injury to an infant before, during, or after the delivery process.

Some birth injuries are temporary and may resolve in a few days, but others are permanent and costly. The conditions that lead to birth injuries determine whether the birth injury is temporary or permanent.

Undeniably babies are delicate and improper delivery may cause debilitating injuries. There is no doubt that medical malpractice is the most common reason for birth injuries, affecting the child and the mother for the rest of their lives.

For this reason, a parent whose baby suffered birth injuries must take legal action against family doctors by consulting a birth trauma lawyer because most birth injuries are avoidable.

Here Are Three Prime Reasons For Birth Injuries In Florida

Below are the 3 most common birth injuries in Florida.

1. Improper Or Poor Technique

delivery of a newborn baby

During the delivery of a newborn baby, the actions of an obstetrical caregiver are of the essence. Poor delivery techniques can leave the baby with lifetime disabilities and even cause death in worst-case scenarios. Undoubtedly, most parents trust the decisions of their healthcare providers, especially during the child delivery stage.

 In essence, parents rely on the expertise of medical professionals regardless of standard delivery or complications.

Some of the improper techniques used by medical professionals include the following:

  1. The wrong use of forceps and vacuum extractors
  2. Refusing to perform C-section so that the patient does not get shoulder dystocia
  3. Failure by healthcare professionals to handle maneuvers accurately
  4. Applying unnecessary force on the part of the baby’s body like the head, neck, and shoulders
  5. Mismanaging infections

In most cases, midwives and family doctors are to blame for poor delivery techniques. In difficult child delivery situations, they usually seek the assistance of qualified obstetricians, but this is usually only the case for some midwives and family doctors. Even though obstetricians are experts at handling difficult birth situations, they sometimes make mistakes.

Some of the injuries that are caused by improper delivery techniques include the following:

  1. Cerebral palsy
  2. Development delays
  3. Death of the baby
  4. Brachial plexus injuries

Suppose you or your baby were injured due to improper techniques that family doctors or midwives applied. In that case, it only takes a birth trauma lawyer to review the circumstances under which birth injuries occurred. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to assist you in identifying the midwives or family doctors who need to be brought to justice.

2. Inappropriate Use Of Equipment

 use birth assistance tools

As previously mentioned, parents often trust doctors’ hands when they enter the labor room, hoping they will deliver safely. Sometimes, deliveries are more complex than others. For instance, the baby’s head may be trapped inside the birth canal, and pushing is no longer a remedy. For this reason, doctors use birth assistance tools to solve such situations.

Some of these birth assistance tools include the following:

  1. Ventouses – often used in the delivery of the baby. This tool resembles a vacuum with a small cup attached to the baby’s head
  2. Forceps- if a ventouse is unreliable, the doctor will use forceps
  3. Curette- this equipment is often used during gynecological procedures, but doctors use it in the delivery room if a mother has a miscarriage
  4. Surgical kit – a complete kit usually contains sterilization equipment, necessary drugs, surgical instruments, renewable supplies, and titanium scissors, among others

The doctor may apply tools like forceps and vacuum extractors for complicated deliveries. This is because the baby is in an abnormal position or is too big for the mother’s pelvic bones. Injuries may occur if the doctor fails to use the tools appropriately or exerts too much force when they apply the tools mentioned above.

Below are the types of injuries that result from inappropriate use of equipment:

  1. Head injuries- scalp swelling and blood pooling between the skulls occur when a family doctor misuses equipment leading to severe brain damage
  2. Neck and face injuries -when delivery tools are misapplied, the baby can suffer from lacerations and broken bones, among other birth injuries
  3. Arm and shoulder injuries like clavicle fractures and brachial plexus injuries can occur if forceps and vacuum extractors are used incorrectly

If your child has suffered birth injuries following the inappropriate use of equipment, like forceps and vacuum extractors, consulting a birth trauma lawyer makes perfect sense so that you can discuss a possible malpractice claim.

3. Wrong Or Lack Of Decision By The Physician Or Medical Staff

Wrong Decision By The Physician

In most cases, babies are delivered safely. However, there are situations where a baby could suffer injuries when a doctor or any other healthcare professional makes a wrong decision that directly or indirectly leads to physical damage to the baby or mother. Many reasons lead to birth injuries, but it can be devastating when birth injuries occur due to wrong decisions.

For instance, a baby may be deprived of oxygen during birth or stay in the canal too long. The doctor can also misjudge when the mother should undergo a C-section or when an expected delivery proves challenging. All these decisions are considered medical malpractice because, in one way or another, they leave the baby or the mother with long-term complications.

In worst-case scenarios, doing the wrong thing or delaying the right decision often leads to more permanent consequences like nerve damage, mental development issues, and deformities. Treating these conditions is costly and may last for a lifetime.

Because some of these birth injuries are avoidable, as a parent, it would be advisable to take legal action against those involved by consulting a birth trauma lawyer if you or your child suffered as a result of a poor decision or no decision at all by a healthcare provider.

Consult And Work With A Professional Birth Trauma Lawyer

It is devastating to lose or see your child suffer for the rest of their life due to medical malpractice during birth. If you have a child who died or was injured at birth, it is imperative to seek justice by consulting a professional birth trauma lawyer.

When a child suffers a permanent condition due to a birth injury or medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for the costs associated with the care.

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How To Speed Up Your Muscle Injury Recovery

A muscle injury of any type can be extremely painful, weaken the body, and make it difficult to proceed with your daily activities. Muscle injuries include a pulled muscle or muscle strain and can occur for various reasons. Speeding muscle recovery time is crucial to carrying on with your life without pain. Muscle injuries can limit the muscle’s movement, not only in that muscle but in surrounding ones attached via tendons and aponeurosis. Arteries, veins, and nerves penetrate the epimysium (connective tissue sheath surrounding the muscle). When a muscle is damaged, nerve impulses are sent to the brain, signaling pain. Blood flow can be compromised in severe muscle damage, and blood loss into the surrounding tissue can cause a bruise or hematoma. Skeletal muscles also need signals (impulses) from the nerve cell to contract the muscle fiber. When an injured muscle cuts off these nerve impulses, the muscle cannot perform. In bodybuilding, muscle injury is what builds stronger, larger muscles as new cells fill in the tears. However, extreme damage can lead to serious issues. How Does A Muscle Injury Happen? A muscle strain can occur in various ways, each causing a different set of problems. Fatigue will not result in the same pain and damage that extreme exercise can cause. Any strain on a muscle can reduce motion and cause pain. Minor and moderate injuries are easily treated at home. However, more severe damage (diagnosed as grade 3), such as rotator cuff tears, Achilles ruptures, or hamstring ruptures, might require surgery. Muscle injury can occur in three different areas: within the muscle, at the connection between the muscle and tendon (most frequent), or in the tendon that attaches the muscle to the bone. Muscle strains and injuries can happen to anyone. While athletes are more likely to experience these injuries, the general population is also at risk. Acute strains can occur while walking if you lose your footing or slip, throw an item, lift something heavy, jump, run, or lift something improperly. Muscle injuries include: Strains: these contraction-induced injuries occur most often when muscles work across multiple joints during rapid acceleration and deceleration more than the tensile forces the muscle fibers can withstand Contusions: caused by compressive force to the muscle, such as in contact sports collisions that lead to muscle damage with bleeding resulting in a bruise Lacerations: most often occur due to injuries, such as industrial or traumatic accidents that cut the muscle Here are some of the most common causes of muscle injury: Poor Conditioning Engaging in physical activity when the muscles have not been adequately conditioned can increase the risk of injury. Improper Exercises Doing extreme, high-intensity exercises or those your body is not used to can cause exercise-induced muscle damage. The ensuing trauma can lead to inflammation, swelling, increased passive tension, decreased muscle strength, soreness, reduced range of motion, and problems with insulin sensitivity as the muscles are involved in glucose uptake. Fatigue Overexertion of the muscle can lead to muscle fatigue, weakening it and making it more susceptible to injury. Improper Warmup Working the muscles without preparing them through proper warmup exercises and stretches can cause muscle injury. Lack of flexibility can increase the risk of injury as the muscle fibers are tighter than they should be. Overuse Repetitive tasks can cause micro-trauma to the muscles. For example, someone on the computer all day doing repetitive movements with the keys or the mouse may experience muscle pain in the inner elbow or wrist. Injury Whether caused by sports or trauma, an injury can result in mild to severe damage to the muscle. Bruising is a sign of bleeding, and while minor bruises are not dangerous, some forms of hematomas can be life-threatening in the case of serious injuries, including when fractures or internal organ damage is present. Poor Posture Sitting or standing in the wrong position for a long time can strain the muscles. Muscle strains are more common in the neck, back, shoulders, and hamstrings. What Can You Do For Muscle Injury? The treatment you need depends on the severity of the muscle strain. Muscle injury is categorized into three grades as follows: Grade 1: mild damage to less than 5% of individual muscle fibers, causing minimal loss of motion and strength. Grade 2: more muscle fibers are affected with increased damage, yet no complete ruptures. The injury can cause significant loss of motion and strength and may take two to three months to heal. Grade 3: complete muscle or tendon rupture that may require surgery to reattach the damaged tissue. The tips below can help you speed up recovery from a muscle injury: Rest Injured muscles need time to heal, and that means letting them rest. An injured muscle is more vulnerable to further damage, so avoid activities that can further increase the strain. Sleep Getting adequate sleep is crucial to muscle recovery, as that is the time when growth hormone and insulin growth factor 1 promote cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Anything less than 7 hours reduces recovery efforts inside the body. Hydrate Hydrated muscles heal better than dehydrated ones. Along with water, increasing intake of fruit and vegetables provides additional fluids along with crucial vitamins and minerals the body needs for muscle repair. Compression Compression wrapping of the affected area supports and reduces swelling in the injured area. Do not make the compress too tight, which can cut off circulation. Elevate Raising the injured muscle above heart level decreases blood flow to the area, helping to reduce swelling. The sooner you can do that, the better it is to speed healing. Ice Applying ice packs to an injured muscle immediately can help reduce swelling and pain. Focus on doing it for 15 minutes every hour for the first two to three days (longer if necessary). HGH Therapy It has been clinically proven that HGH not only boosts muscle development but also enhances muscle repair and recovery. Find out what is the HGH cost in the US and whether HGH therapy is right for you. Manual Therapy Physical therapy targets the damaged muscle to improve circulation, increase mobility, decrease swelling, reduce pain, and promote healing. Heat After icing for three days, apply heat a few times daily to restore blood circulation to the area for healing. Pain Management There are many ways to manage pain, including over-the-counter medications, prescription painkillers (which can lead to addiction if used long-term), supportive braces, and getting help from a pain management specialist, if needed. Increase Protein Consumption Muscles need protein, and eating more protein, along with taking collagen or whey powder supplements, provides the muscles with nutrients to speed the healing process. Consume Tart Cherry Juice Studies have shown some benefits of tart cherry juice for reducing inflammation, soreness, and damage to the muscles. Switch To Low-Impact Exercise During Injury Recovery Strength and flexibility exercises can help improve strength and range of motion while speeding muscle recovery. A physical therapist can help determine the appropriate exercises for your condition. Surgery Serious injuries may require surgical intervention to improve healing. Seek medical help for severe muscle injuries. Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections PRP injections may accelerate muscle tissue regeneration in the damaged area. Conclusion Muscle injuries can cause significant pain, bruising, swelling, decreased range of motion, and loss of strength. The pain can be sudden, sporadic, stabbing, achy, ongoing, or combined. As the muscle heals, stem cells around the injured area regenerate new muscle fibers, and scar tissue forms around the area. Torn muscle tissue may never fully regenerate, making it susceptible to future muscle strains. Trying the RICE method of rest, ice, compression, and elevation is always the best step to take immediately. A newer recommendation is the PEACE approach, which has you protect the area from further injury by reducing use, elevating to decrease swelling, avoiding anti-inflammatory treatments (ice and NSAIDs) to allow inflammation for healing, compressing the area with a bandage, and educating yourself about the recovery period. Protecting the muscles from injury is crucial, and giving strained muscles time to heal can reduce the risk of further damage. Seek medical attention if the pain and weakness are ongoing or severe. Read Also: Seeking a Healthy Career: 10 Tempting Medical Careers to Check Out 8 Awesome Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Different Types Of Blood Circulation Exercise

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We are likely to walk over 100,000 miles over the course of our entire lifetime. Yes, it's like circling the earth 4 times at the equator. Although our feet are really important, it is still one of the most neglected body parts. Have you been feeling foot pain recently? It is not always the result of you having over-walked or overworked. There can be a lot of reasons for that. The best news is that you will get a lot of podiatric solutions in Podologo Santo Domingo and soothe your foot pain. Simple Tips For Preventing Foot Pain And Improve Your Health Here, we are providing you with some great tips using which you will be able to prevent foot pain or improve the health of your foot. Let's start now. Tip No. 1: Stay At A Healthy Weight Well, your feet are bearing the weight of your entire body. To be honest, the more weight your feet need to support, the harder your feet need to work. So, you need to keep an eye on your weight, which means cutting down your weight. You necessarily do not have to carry a lot of extra weight in order to feel an impact on your ankles and feet. Only 20 pounds is enough to change the way your foot functions. It increases the force on your feet and eventually triggers pain. Tip No. 2: Boost Your Flexibility With growing age, your calf muscles might tighten. It always puts more stress on the balls of your feet. Here, what you can do is stretch your calves on a regular basis. It actually can go a long way when it comes to preventing foot pain. Here, in Podologo Santo Domingo, we will strongly recommend the following stretch at least 3 times a day. First, stand with your toes on a step and keep your heels off the edge.Slowly lower both your heels down and hold that position for at least 10 seconds and then lift your heels to the initial higher position.Now repeat this same thing 5 to 10 times. Never force your heels father what it wants to go. In case this particular movement is too much for both of your feet at the same time, do one foot at a time. Tip No. 3: Kick Your High-Heel Habit Wearing a pair of heels might upgrade your outfit, but at the same time, they also can wreak havoc on your feet. The study has found that it only takes 1 hour of wearing heels for the pain to kick in. That means you also do not need to wear them longer to suffer the pain. When you are squeezing your feet into those pointy-toed heels, you are actually attracting the risks for a huge number of things, from ingrown toenails, blisters, and bunions to back pain, deformed toes, and shortened calf muscles. If you are already suffering from ingrown nails and other issues, Podologo Santo Domingo can help you a lot. Tip No. 4: Wear Shoes That Fit There are a lot of people who wear the same size of shoes for a considerable amount of time. We never even thought of getting our feet measured. With your age, your feet are also changing shape, and that is why tightening footwear can lead to a lot of things, Ingrown toenails.Calluses.Corns.Bunions.Deformed toes.Heel pain. If you have to measure your feet recently, do not even think about buying shoes on the internet. Also, stop wearing those tight shoes now. It is damaging your feet. And To reduce foot pain contact Podologo Santo Domingo. Tip No. 5: Stay Hydrated Foot pain can always come on all of a sudden and be really painful. Apart from all the things that we have mentioned above, a dietary imbalance and dehydration can be two more reasons why you are feeling pain in your foot. So, always make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially when you are exercising. In addition to that, low potassium levels can be the reason for your foot pain. So, include spinach and bananas in your diet. Read Also: The Best Way In Relaxing Your FeetA Quick but Helpful Guide to Running With Flat FeetWhy Jumping on Trampolines is More Beneficial than Running or Jogging?

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Despite their widespread popularity today, not many people are aware of the benefits that come with using CBD oils. While some people may undoubtedly have an idea of where the cannabidiol is derived from, very few realize just how advantageous it can be to both our physical as well as mental health. In this article, we will discuss some of the most remarkable CBD oil effects and why it is a smart investment for anyone looking to maintain good health. 1. Alleviates a variety of different mental health conditions: While CBD oils may be more commonly known as a natural remedy for a variety of different physiological ailments, they also have properties that can promote mental health and alleviate undesirable disorders including but not necessarily limited to anxiety as well as depression. As small and trivial as this might seem to some, it can make all the difference to those who are suffering from these kinds of conditions since it can be extremely advantageous in maintaining a better quality of life. 2. Helps fight off cancer: Many studies have been made regarding CBD oil’s cancer-fighting attributes, and while the research has been all but conclusive, studies have shown promising results. With its attributes that allow it to minimize, if not mitigate, the existence of tumors, it has the potential to be a much more effective means of treating this ailment rather than more conventional methods. 3. Minimises the frequency of seizure episodes: Another particular disorder that can severely affect the quality of life is seizures. Those of us who aren’t afflicted with this ailment cannot truly fathom how difficult it can be for an individual to function with this disorder, and while there are medications available to treat it, they often aren’t very effective. With the use of CBD oils, however, studies have shown a considerable reduction in episodes from those suffering from seizures. Best of all, since it's a natural remedy, it produces none of the adverse effects often found in standard medications. 4. Reduces the risk of diabetes from emerging: Perhaps one of the benefits of CBD oils which is not often discussed is their ability to minimize the chances of potentially developing diabetes. While considered primarily as a hereditary disorder, even those with no family history of this ailment can develop it. As such, it makes sense to take the supplement to err on the side of caution and stay healthy. Despite being a natural remedy more than a medical product, CBD oils boast many advantages that their medicinal counterparts lack. There are still plenty of benefits that CBD oils can yield, and with the reasonable cost of CBD products UK retailers offer, it’s no wonder that more and more people are starting to invest in the supplement. Keep in mind, however, that good standard practices still apply. The general rule of thumb is always to make sure to buy CBD oils from a reputable supplier and never to ignore the advice of a medical professional. It will save you not only money but time as well. Read Also: 7 Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil Essential Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil