Why Retailers Should Update Their POS Systems This Fall

Published on: 03 October 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
POS Systems

Early autumn is, quite possibly, the best time to ensure that your storefront is up-to-date when it comes to all things organizational. Everything from stockroom logistics, all the way to supplementary schedules, and new hires should be on hand and ready to go if a disastrous rush strikes say, on Black Friday.

Luckily, business owners can easily make significant changes to the way things run, simply by contacting a reliable merchant processing company, such as Swift Payments and its constituents; not only do they offer an array of debt and credit card terminals, their POS systems (both countertop and wireless) are state-of-the-art.

Indeed, this tech-savviness will quickly come in handy once the Fall is in full throttle. While it may feel like the back-to-school rush just ended, things are about to get much busier. The latter part of the calendar year is always the most hectic time for retailers, given that Thanksgiving (both in Canada and the U.S.), as well Christmas and Hanukkah, and many more, are just around the corner.

1. Save On Space:

Wi-Fi terminals free up previously unused display areas, such as countertops. Given that traditional countertop payment processing terminals are effectively a fixed, they take up a great deal of room, such that your employees have to organize the entire store’s operation around where they are situated. Making a cash register the focal point of a business is, no doubt, quite awkward and unnecessary in this day and age. By removing wires from the equation, not only do you have additional room to breathe during transactions, you can arrange your store’s product displays in a manner that is more accessible and eye-catching, which could ultimately foster an environment where impulsive sales become commonplace.

By using high-tech payment processing terminals and brand-new POS systems, you’re not only making your place of business easy to navigate and malleable in terms of its spatial dimensions, but you’re also contributing to the boosting of sales.

2. New Merchant Processing Services Are Extremely Efficient:

A slow or outdated POS system will, no doubt, make for an excruciatingly long wait. What should be a momentary transaction turns into what feels like an eternity if a connection is shoddy or a card reader is unreliable. This is to say that the efficiency of your machinery can make or break the decisive moment in which a customer is paying for your product. With too much additional time, it’s easy for someone to simply move on to another store, with competitive prices and faster services. This is, perhaps, the most frustrating way to lose profits.

Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to opt for a newer system and the requisite devices. After undertaking a bit of research, you can easily register with a POS company that can guide you through the nuanced world of payment processing. With a little determination, you can find a provider, such as Malaqy, whose services will not only meet the needs of your business model – they will exceed them.

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product description

7 steps to create a product description that sells

Can you think about a hamburger? Do you perceive those tasty buns with a huge juicy piece of well-fried crispy beef and a few of sesame seeds on top that is carefully covered with lettuce? Do you remember that taste when a delicious scrap of meat gets in and the cheese sauce oozes into the mouth? Product description can make things easier for you. I can bet you start slobbering. This is an example of how words are selling. Now let’s take a wider look on how to create a product description that sells. Why is product description so important? The description gives an information that allows your customers to see what they are missing in their life. And make them buy it. David Phillips has shown the power of the story-telling at one of the Ted Talks. By using just words he made people to empathize, worry and feel the grace. There is no chance to sell something without an honest, bright and informative description. Different Steps You Need To Keep In Mind While Preparing Product Description 1. Define your audience: You have to know who your target audience is. It is necessary to realize who would receive your messages. There is no point in describing flexibility of your shoes and how they are comfortable to run if your audience is looking for fishing boots. Ask yourself these questions to know better your costumer: Why this person came to my website? What he probably might look for? What additional features would interest an audience? What could be his interests? Look at this incredible product description of IPhone X by Apple. Looks like they know who you are and what you want. 2. Be honest: Build a good reputation before you sell. If your product is a synthetic sweater don’t say that they are made from the wool. Your business won’t run along the track using this tactic. In your product description, every word should be true. Don’t miss any detail that you don’t want people to know about. It is always better to fix it and make your product perfect. Small tip: avoid using of “Best”, “Amazing”, “Outstanding” etc. These words drive people away. If you have an amazing product there is no need to talk about it. 3. Use photos and videos: It is well-known fact that if the customer holds a product in his hands he is more likely to want to buy it. Images and videos work in the same way. Attach informative videos and high-quality images. 64% of costumers say that image has more power than the description. Even if you hire the best writing service to write a description you would definitely fail without a media-content. The image is a description as well. Photo of your product tells a lot to your costumer. Nobody would buy a jacket until sees it. For example, look at the PizzaHut Images. Those images speak for themselves! Instead of telling about ingredients and the way vegetables were cooked they show you a picture of a pizza which triggers a desire to eat. Next step – you order a pizza. 4. Use powerful selling words: There are a lot of powerful words that get an emotional response in people. With right using of these triggers, you can convince people to make the purchase. Here are some of them that trigger positive responses in customers’ brains: Last chance; buy one, get one; instant etc. Use those words and tell a story. Describe your goals and mission. Stay away from the boring product description that looks like academic paper. Personalize your company so people could treat it like something real. Tell about your achievements and in what way you want to help people. 5. Implement Social proof effect: Social proof is a strong tool that raises a number of purchases. Even if you have an outstanding product you wouldn’t get a lot of attention until nobody trusts you. Get some testimonials from real persons and add links to their social profiles. But as It was spoken before – be honest. There are a lot of bloggers on the web who could make a video review in exchange for your product for free. When the buyer persona sees that other people have already used your product he will not be in doubts. People are used buying something that is already popular. 6. Fewer means better: Don’t overload your description with a lot of beautiful sentences about how amazing your product is. Every single word should be meaningful. If you are selling travel bag you should avoid useless information about the simplicity of walking with your backpack through the rainy tropic jungle. Your description should consist of real facts about your product. 7. Use simple language: It is better not to try pressuring on customers with difficult word combinations. Imagine that you are describing your product to your best friend who is sitting next to you on the couch. By bringing a natural tone you would set up an easier connection between you and your buyers. Forget about empty “Call-to-action” and hard-to-understand adjectives. All these rules are based on the customer experience research. The main idea that your product description can’t push on people and be too much advertising. Customers feel when you jump around them and propose “one more exclusive product that would change their life”. You’ll be instantly rejected. To sell without selling is the magic of fascinating product description. Let’s sum up recently obtained knowledge: Don’t lie Be short and to the point Use power words Give all the needed information Speak simple Learn from professionals Sell without selling Keep these rules in your mind. They will lead you to the perfect product description. Read Also: How To Boost Traffic To Your Small Business 8 Key SEO Strategies For E-Commerce Websites

Caffeine Fix

Cheaper Ways to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Caffeine is a wonder drug. It could be argued that this stimulant powers half the world’s people who are running on lack of sleep. It’s amazing how much you can get done when the drug is in your system, combatting feelings of tiredness and lack of motivation. The vast majority of people get their caffeine fix through coffee. If you’re part of that majority, you know how expensive it can be to buy coffee every single day, even if you’re brewing it at home. Sometimes, you just crave a delicious espresso or latte from Starbucks too—but you have to be willing to pay for it. If you want a cheaper way to get your caffeine fix, there are options. Read on to find out how millions of people are saving money despite consuming caffeine daily. Get a coffee subscription For those who drink coffee as if it’s water, a coffee subscription is by far the best way to save money. You’ll pay a monthly fee to get enough coffee for the rest of the month. You can also choose specialty blends and uniquely roasted beans from all over the world so that your home-brewed coffee tastes incredible. It’s often much cheaper to get your coffee fix this way. Some coffee subscriptions will also match you dollar-for-dollar on your coffee shop gift cards in order to compete with major coffee shops. For example, if your Starbucks gift card balance is $10, you’ll get $10 in credit towards a coffee subscription. Now, you have $10 towards Starbucks and $10 towards a coffee subscription without paying extra. What a great way to get more bang for your buck. Drink caffeinated flavored water packets If you’re less of a coffee enthusiast but can’t live without your caffeine fix, try flavored water packets that are infused with caffeine. They’re individualized packets designed to flavor a 16.9 oz bottle of water. These packets range from 60 to 120 milligrams of caffeine, which is less than a cup of coffee, but often enough to put a pep in your step and get you going for the day. Crystal Light makes such packets, as do off-brands at your grocery store. They cost about $2 for a box of 10 or so, which is potentially enough to keep you going for two weeks. With the average cup of coffee costing about $3.50, this is definitely a bargain. Additionally, most of these packets are flavored with artificial sweeteners, so they’re ten calories or less per serving. If you’re trying to watch your weight and eat more zero-calorie foods without sacrificing your daily energy stimulant, this option is ideal. Take caffeine pills Caffeine is most commonly consumed in liquid form, but it doesn’t have to be. There are over-the-counter caffeine pills that will help you stay awake and alert with no calories and virtually no wait time. No-Doz is the name brand of these drugs, but they can be purchased in off-brand versions, as well. Each caplet has 200 mg of caffeine, which is a little more than the average cup of coffee. A bottle costs between $3 and $10 (depending on the brand) and comes with 60 caplets. It will certainly pep you up, but physicians warn that you should be taking this medication sparingly, as it’s a habit-forming substance. The rapid-acting caffeine can also come with side effects like headaches, dizziness, shaking, and fast heartbeat, as well. These pills should be used as needed and not on a regular basis. Get the recommendation of a doctor before you take them. Trips to the coffee shop are not the only ways to get your caffeine fix. There are more affordable options to keep you alert without breaking the bank. Read Also: 10 Best Coffee Places In The US How You Can Create A Coffee House Experience In Your Own Home


How Industry-Specific Loans Can Support Your Business

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of owning a business is finding the capital you need to start and grow your company. There are a variety of funding options available to small businesses, but industry-specific loans take into account the distinct needs of each type of company. Whether you are in the beauty business or own a retail store, a loan tailored to your unique industry can provide you with the funds you need to purchase equipment, buy inventory, hire more staff or whatever else you may need. What are Industry-Specific Loans? Each industry has its own specific needs and challenges. Some lenders offer industry-specific loans that are custom-fit to each company based on the industry’s needs and challenges. These loans are offered for a variety of industries including: Auto Repair Beauty Construction Dental Education Farming Fitness Health Hospitality Medical Pawn Shops Restaurants Technology Transportation and Trucking Wholesale This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to industry-specific loans. As you can imagine, an auto repair shop has different equipment, supply, and staffing needs than a beauty salon. That is why these types of loans were established. Each loan is tailored to help new or growing small businesses get funding for what they need most. How Industry-Specific Loans Support Small Businesses Now that you know what industry-specific loans are, it is time to discuss how they can support small businesses. Each industry is different, and each loan helps support each business in different ways. Below are just a few industries that can benefit from industry-specific loans. Retail Retailers often experience seasonal demand. They may have to hire extra staff or bulk up their inventory during the holiday season. This requires extra capital that they may not have on-hand, especially coming out of a slower shopping season. On the other hand, unexpected expenses may arise during slower seasons that require retailers to find a way to bridge the gaps in their cash flow. This is where loans for the retail industry come in. These industry-specific loans can be used to purchase more inventory to meet unexpected demands or get ready for the holiday season. These loans can also be used to hire seasonal staff or more employees as the retailer begins to grow their business. A retail loan or line of credit offers retailers the peace of mind in knowing that they have the funds ready to maximize their inventory and handle any unexpected expenses. Medical The medical industry is experiencing shrinking reimbursement margins and hospital buyouts. Insurance reimbursement is often slow, which impacts the amount of cash that medical facilities have to purchase supplies, equipment and handle other facility costs and staffing expenses. This has caused many medical professionals to close their practice or delay expansion. Medical business loans help these facilities continue to provide quality care to their patients. A medical business loan can be used to upgrade equipment or purchase more equipment for expansion. These loans can also be used to hire new staff, allowing doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to serve more patients and offer complementary services that improve quality of care. Construction Demand for construction can often be seasonal, which means that construction companies will experience a fluctuation in the capital. During slower times, it may be difficult for these companies to have the funds they need to tackle new projects. Even during busier seasons, construction companies may have expenses for supplies or labor before they are fully paid for their services. Loans for construction companies can help businesses meet these challenges. A construction loan can be used to purchase supplies or hire more staff that is needed for larger projects or projects that come along during the slower time of the year. These loans can also be used to purchase new equipment when something unexpectedly breaks down or invest in more equipment as the company grows. Hospitality Whether you are running a restaurant, bar, hotel, or motel, it can be difficult to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your guests without having the necessary cash flow. Many of these businesses experience seasonal demand, which causes capital to fluctuate throughout the year. This change in income can make it difficult for companies in the hospitality industry to grow their business. Loans for the hospitality industry can be used to purchase new equipment or supplies that are necessary to keep operations running smoothly. These loans can be used to cover renovation costs like new carpet in rooms or expanding the restaurant to accommodate more guests. Restaurants and hotels can also use these funds to hire additional staff during busy seasons. Hospitality loans help businesses continue to provide an appealing atmosphere for their guests by giving these companies the funds they need to operate effectively. Read More: How To Get An Auto Loan At A Low Interest Rate Is Fixed Deposit The Right Place To Invest Post-Demonetization? Fred Loya Insurance Company