Save Money Buying Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands


24 February 2017


Engagement Rings

Most probably, you have an idea of the rule: spend at least two months’ salary on engagement rings or wedding bands. For many people, this is not practical. With several bills to take care of, you might want to find yourself in need of something more affordable. Wait a minute. Who said affordable wedding bands aren’t as much beautiful as the expensive ones? Where is it written that only high-end engagement rings are fashionable? It is possible to get the most out of your budget jewellery dollar. It’s all about knowing the right buttons to press and having in mind the ideal shopping tips.

Buy a wedding set

For most people, the idea of buying everything at once is a farfetched idea. What they have never stopped to figure out is the amount of money they can end up saving by simply bundling the entire sale into one! Look out for deals involving engagement ring and a complimentary wedding band. You can end up saving so much money. Because the two are bought together, there are higher chances of bagging amazing discounts. For a wedding band set, you can end up saving up to 30% or even more.

Consider your Metal Options

Most people tend to prefer gold and platinum as the best bets for engagement rings and wedding bands. It is no brainer that such jewellery is costly and you might end up going overboard with regards to your budget. In recent times, there has been an attempt by jewellers to manufacture wedding rings and bands using other quality materials like tungsten, cobalt, and silver. You can take advantage of such offers and grab your loved one a stylish and affordable tungsten wedding band. Be open-minded and distance yourself from the notion that it has to be diamond or gold for it to be classy.

Consider the Settings

There is beauty in simplicity. When going for engagement rings, you do not have to look for the most sophisticated designs. They aren’t necessarily the best but are most likely to be expensive. Sophisticated settings demand more gold and platinum. Even more, the craftsmanship involved is more demanding. You should consider choosing less ornate settings instead if you are to save money. Think of something like a Tiffany setting instead of a complicated scaffold design. The latter requires advanced artistry and skills to produce so you might end up spending an entire fortune.

Opt for thinner bands

Thinners bands require less metal to make. In case of high-end materials like platinum or gold, you can save incredible money by simply opting for the thinner versions of wedding bands and engagement rings. For most people, the aspect of width is almost negligible. However, you should stop to check the prices of a 4mm gold band and 2mm gold band of the same design before dismissing this idea.

Saving money while shopping for invaluable items like tungsten wedding bands and engagement rings are a good idea. With simple tips like the highlighted ones, you can end up getting more value for your limited jewellery dollar!

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Women's Clothes

Why Are Women’s Clothes Sizes So Inconsistent? 

Shopping for clothes can be quite a frustrating experience, especially for women, and inconsistent sizing is one of the key culprits in this mess. Many women can attest to having to go up or down a size in their clothes when shopping at different stores, and seemingly for no reason. But why does this keep happening? Why Are Women's Clothes Sizes So Inconsistent? The key reason why it seems like different stores have different standards for their clothes sizes is, well, simply because they do. Clothing companies do not operate on some scientific metric of what weight/height goes with what size of clothes. Instead, the numbers they use are arbitrary. Honestly, it's as if they just put a dart board on the wall and toss a dart at it, with no rhyme or reason behind the choices. Sure, they may be in the ballpark range, but do not be surprised if you find that the sizes of your pants from one brand to the next make no sense when compared. This makes it even harder to shop for plus-size clothing. The vanity sizing Now, you might be wondering, just what is the point of using an arbitrary number to slap on your clothes? After all, inconsistent clothes don't exactly inspire the most confidence in people when they're shopping around. Well, this is actually a marketing principle known as vanity sizing. Basically, rather than actually using the sizes as a means by which to educate the shopper on how well they would fit, for women, the numbers are meant to make them more inclined to buy their wares. The way they do this is simple: in the 80s, the trend of women trying to get into smaller clothes was growing, and thus, businesses wanted to get in on that. So they started to lower the numbers on their clothes, with the idea being that the lower the number, the more likely a woman will be to give them their money. Since then, no standard sizing has been established, so clothing manufacturers can essentially do whatever they want with respect to the sizing. Thus, if you want to make sure that your clothes are going to fit, try before you buy, Otherwise, you might find yourself having to either do a lot of returns or having to adjust yourself to fit into them (not recommended). How This Affects Women The thing about it is, that this kind of sizing manipulation is not a victimless act. It can actually do a lot of harm to certain people, which is why the practice has received much criticism in recent years. Inconsistent sizing has a tendency to confuse and distress women, especially if these women are experiencing difficulties coping with their weight. After all, if you usually fit into a size six, but all of a sudden you can't fit into a new size six, you're probably not going to think "oh, it's because of a marketing ploy in the 1980s". No, in all likelihood, you will assume that something about your body changed to make you not fit into these. However, the physical and emotional ramifications of inconsistent sizing are only one aspect you need to consider with this practice. The other aspect is the financial one. Essentially, when clothing is designed in this way, you will have to deal with wasting a fair bit of money as a result of this inconsistency. For example, if you order your clothes from an online retailer, you obviously do not get the opportunity to try them on before you buy. So once they arrive and you determine that they do not fit, you only have two options: suck it up and eat the cost, or have them returned for a refund. This winds up being a situation where the more financially smart option requires more effort, so people may just decide to not deal with the hassle. How Can You Avoid Getting Inconsistently Sized Clothing? If you are ordering online, there is not much you can do to avoid this inconsistent sizing issue, beyond sticking with only one clothing manufacturer. This is not guaranteed to work out for you, however, but it is probably a safer bet than mixing and matching as far as sizing goes. The long-term issue of doing it through this method, however, is that even an individual manufacturer may be inconsistent with their sizing, especially over the long term. After all, a manufacturer 50 years ago has different sizes for their clothes than they do nowadays. If at all possible, be sure to try the outfits on before you buy them. For online shopping, a good way to tell whether a clothing brand is particularly inconsistent is to read reviews from other shoppers. Other shoppers may have had similar issues to you with inconsistent sizing. You will likely see such criticisms on a lot of clothing brands, but some clothing brands may be worse than others, and the reviews online should reflect that. Read Also: The Clever Consumer’s Guide to Shopping OnlineHow to Plan Your Holiday Shopping to Actually Enjoy It6 Benefits Of Buying Clothes Online – Why People trust online shopping

Running Shoes

Durable Running Shoes For Women

Obviously, running has a lot to do with shoes. No much equipment is needed, just a good pair of shoes that is well comfortable for the feet. A good shoe that can prevent injuries, give this soft cushion feel and lightweight is recommended to run with, without any stress. Whether an individual is an amateur or a professional in the running career, there is a huge need for good running shoes. Before one thinks of running, the first thing that comes to the mind is getting a quality shoe that is durable and guarantees safety in the course of running. In recent times, much concentration has been invested in making good shoes available for the female runners as they have a separate need from the male runners or athletes' shoes. Due to the difference in female structures compared to that of the men, shoe manufacturers have considered making special running shoes that befit women. Since women are more in the running population, it is most important to make the best running shoes available for them. Qualies of Good Running Shoes for Women  There is a huge difference between women's running shoes and men's running shoes, with special features. A good running shoe for the female has a smaller heel in relation to the forefoot and this influences the shape of the shoe to be slightly different from that of the male. Female runners have a lower body mass, so their running shoes have lesser foam in the midsole of the shoe and a deeper groove, this will make it very easy to flex the midsole when running. Good Running  Shoes  Balances Overpronation and Underpronation  In cases of overpronation and underpronation, a good running shoe will provide the needed supportive motion-control needed for smooth running and also, aid to correct the foot motion. This will make the body to efficiently absorb shocks while running. If you underpronate, your foot isn't rolling in far enough, making the outside of it take the brunt of the impact after the initial heel strike. If this is the case, you'll want a more neutral-cushioned shoe that will encourage more natural foot motion. This is one of the most important things to consider when buying running shoes, as overpronation or underpronation can cause serious injury over time if it's not addressed. Best Shoes for Different  Kinds of Running  Depending on the kind of running you want to do,  there are various good running shoes for women that fit best for each kind of running. If an individual is planning for a simple casual running, durability may not be put into consideration. If one is planning to go for a long-running,  a lightweight shoe would be preferable. There are also shoes that are specifically designed for trail running. All the same,  it is good to look out for the best running shoes that will worth the value of your money. Luckily,  there are varieties of good running shoes for women available online that will suit your running needs. Don't waste your time with low-quality running shoes. Read Also : How To Choose Running Shoes Opt For Comfortable Pair Of Cross Training Shoes For Men Features To Look For When Switching To Modern Shoe Fasteners

Women Rash Vest

How To Choose The Perfect Women Rash Vest

Choosing the right women's rash vest can be quite daunting if you are unsure of sizing and also how it will look on you. Plus, the other question of how it will match in with your swimwear is another consideration. Especially if you are shopping online as many of us do these days and this can add another headache to the ease of the online shopping experience. Here are some really great tips to help you make that right decision and choose the perfect women's rash vest that is right for you. Choose the Perfect Women Rash Vest: 1.Utilize the sizing charts to choose the correct size The sizing charts have been added to the website to help you make the right decision when it comes to sizing and choosing the right size. Sizing can vary slightly across different brands and what may be a size 14 in one brand maybe something a little larger or smaller in another. Swimwear can be a hard one to navigate as they are designed to be fitted and to hug the body. Rash vests are no different as they have been designed to have a snug fit to be able to use them for water sports. When you are in the water and swimming or doing other water sports, the last thing you want is the rash vest to be ballooning around you creating drag or just getting in the way. You will find that the swimwear fabric is usually built with a 4way stretch in it to make it fit like a second skin and allows stretch so that it will not restrict you whilst moving around. If you want it a bit more relaxed, then ordering a size up is a great idea as it will not be as fit and will sit more like a normal everyday top. 2. Check out social media pictures of how they look in the real world This is a really great tip to see how it looks in the real world. Most brands have got social sites and will have a range of images that show these being worn out and about. You can see what it looks like out of the usual studio shots which usually have got artificial lighting and also the images have been retouched up especially for the website use. Sometimes, the color can seem slightly different on the website compared to in natural light so being able to see the garment in the sun or natural light can be a great idea. It will also give you more of an idea of how it looks being worn naturally rather than in the studio, you can check out things like the length of thrash vest and also the sleeve length, etc.  3. Make sure you can exchange or return it Making sure that you can exchange or even return it if you aren’t happy can offer peace of mind when buying. Sometimes, it’s only when you try it on and try to match it into your existing wardrobe that you may decide that it is not right for you. Having the options of size or color exchange can alleviate some of the stress or anxiety of ordering online. Similar to going into a normal shop and buying something and then taking it back, doing it online can be just as easy, if not easier. Usually, the return post label can be emailed to you and it’s as simple as attaching it to the parcel and dropping it into any post office for return. 4. Buy matching swimwear from the same brand With so many prints and patterns available on rash vests, it may be quite hard to match in your existing swimwear if you are keen to get a top which has got a gorgeous print on it rather than sticking to a solid color. There are so many gorgeous prints out there which are on-trend and will look so good on the beach! If you are having trouble matching your bikini to a sun protection top, why not check out whether the same brand sells swimwear in the matching print? That way, you can have a gorgeous matching set that makes it a no-brainer for when you are off to the beach or the pool. 5. Contact the company to ask questions This is a great idea especially if you are concerned about ordering the wrong swimwear online and the sizing or the color of it. We get many queries about sizing, fit or color that we are more than happy to help outwith and can often give extra information that is not on the sizing charts or even sends photos of it in natural light, etc. Sometimes we have even sent pictures of existing swimwear wardrobes and asked to help match a women's rash vest to it which we are delighted to be able to help out with. Most companies should be able to help you and respond back quickly to alleviate any concerns oversizing that you may have. You will find that most, if not all websites will have a contact us button or link somewhere on their site, so use it and ask those questions to help you make the right decision. Read also: Top 3 Pieces of Women’s PWC Gear The Essentials of Nutrition and Training and The Most Suitable Sports Swimwear