A Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Color for Concrete

Color Concrete

The success of any business stands on a strong foundation. The chances are that today on your way to the office, you have stepped on concrete floors and probably wondering why some have concrete color on them. Concrete is a strong foundation that also needs some pampering for it to keep holding the building and roads that stand on them.

When you take a stroll and notice, some buildings have concrete showing some pigmentation. One natural concrete color that is common in the market today is the integral color concrete that is easy to use because you only add iron oxide to the concrete when simultaneously mixing in a mixing truck or by hand.


Other still call it the concrete dye or concrete pigmentation. The infusion of the color gets inside materials to give a lasting and a fade resistant color. The ideal place to use it is on slabs that experience high levels of traffic. One notable thing about this concrete color is that you will not notice road chippings. Another good thing about this pigmentation is the background color and the power of contrasts using varying combinations


Concrete colors are environment-friendly because you can mix the variety of colors and pour the pigments on any environment with a matching color. The packaging is in convenient bags that dissolve in water; therefore, no need to think about recycling.

The colored concrete ensures that future chips do not explode due to abrasions or frictions from car tires. The finely ground iron oxide pigments are mixed with concrete before pouring on the ground. The blending of the available color varieties is loaded depending on the cement used on each yard.

Loading Percentages

In most cases, you will find the label reading 1 percent, 2 percent, 3 percent, and 4 percent.

  • The 1 percent is what most people refer to as economy loading and is excellent for use in places that need soft colors and enough concrete color to remove the old paint. The 1 percent works well with dark and contrasting colors.
  • The 2 percent produces strong colorations, and you can tell that what you are seeing is a color. Desirable for interior floor works and does not use any contrasting colors.
  • The 3 and 4 percent are a solid color combination, and there is no doubt that they give a lasting impression. Not suitable for stamping because they do not have enough contrasts from their antique products.

Concrete color packaging is done per yard so no need of taking your calculator because every bag you have represents a yard. When seeking to purchase concrete color, make sure you know how to estimate a yard that you can use to calculate the number of bags you need in relation to the yard estimation. It is important to note that the type of sealers affects color composition. Sealers that can dissolve will enhance and make the color darker and will closely match the color inside the package.

The extraction of concrete color comes from the natural and synthetic metal oxides with no fillers or extenders. You can select a color of choice by combining bags to get a specific color mix.

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Updating the Driveway on Summer Time: What You Need To Know

Does your driveway look worn out? Or is it starting to fade and crack? If that’s the case, you should note that your driveway can affect the curb appeal of your property. Sadly, most people hold on to repairing their driveways until they start noticing major issues like water drainage problems and potholes. However, this should be the case. You should always schedule periodical driveway upgrades—especially during the summertime. Generally, summertime is the perfect period to update your driveway and address some of these issues. With that said, let’s look at some of the things to keep in mind when upgrading your driveway. Paving material The first thing you need to consider is the paving material. While concrete comes in various options, it can be quite difficult for you to find a pre-fab material that perfectly matches your budget. Here are some of the most common materials used when upgrading driveways: Asphalt pavement - This paving material tends to be less expensive than other types. However, asphalt can fill up with water rather easily, leading to drainage problems down the road. On the upside, asphalt pavements come in various textures and designs, allowing you to choose a layout that best fits your property. Pea gravel - Though this option is slightly more expensive than asphalt pavements, it’s far more durable. However, it also tends to be less aesthetically appealing. Concrete pavement - This paving material is typically the most expensive and durable choice for your driveway—especially since you can customize the layout and design as you like. On top of that, concrete comes in a wide range of textures and colors—so it’s easier to find something that perfectly matches your property. Drainage solutions If there are no major drainage issues on your property, then you’re all set to begin work on updating your driveway. However, before you start this process, it’s important that you first mark where each water outlet is located—such as drains and downspouts. This step isn’t 100% necessary; however, it makes sense because it can help prevent any work from happening near these areas—which could ultimately cause damage to both outlets and the new surface of your driveway. Also, note that if there’s stagnant water anywhere on your property after setting up temporary markers, then this means that there are some drainage issues on your property. Lastly, if you’re experiencing major issues with water drainage on the property—such as pooling or puddles—after completing updating your driveway, then it may be time to get in contact with a professional who will help encourage the proper flow of water throughout your property. Even though there are ways to fix these drainage problems on your own, it is best to leave these issues up to a professional. This is because they usually have more advanced tools at their disposal—which can make solving these types of problems much easier for them from the very beginning. Sealer Once you have marked the location of all necessary outlets, it’s time for you to mark off where new layers will be placed—which includes marking off where any new edges need to be placed around your driveway. Also, you should use spray paint or chalk to draw out how much space is required between each layer—this step helps ensure that you don’t accidentally apply any materials on top of one another during this part of the process. Then after applying the sealer, it needs at least 24 hours to dry up before applying any additional layers of paint. Add layers As mentioned before, you should create some space between each layer as you apply them on top of your existing driveway. If anything overlaps, then this could cause issues with both texture and color—and may even lead to added expense if extra materials need to be purchased for re-applying the materials properly onto the surface of your driveway. This is the main reason why you must use a large enough tarp to ensure that all materials are applied at a safe distance from one another. Once everything is dry or completely hardened, it’s time to add additional material around the edges of your property—this step helps ensure that water doesn’t run off the sides of your driveway when it rains. To make this part of the process easier, you should use a garden hose to help draw out where the edges will be placed to learn how much materials are needed. Then once that’s finished, it needs at least 24 hours (ideally longer) for everything to completely dry up before applying any sealer. There’s one more thing you need to know about updating your driveway. If there was ever a time when you experienced foundation damage on your property from natural elements—such as water, weeds, or vegetation—then get rid of all grass and weeds near the affected area before adding any new surface layers on top of paint on its own. The reason being is that these things will probably grow out of control on top of your driveway, which can lead to additional maintenance problems. Bottom Line According to the Florida asphalt paving experts from ABC Paving, upgrading your driveway around summertime doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money. Sometimes, it can be as simple as making sure you use the proper materials for protecting your existing driveway before adding new layers on top. Suppose there are any issues with drainage or standing water after doing so. In that case, getting in contact with a professional is usually the best solution—and this also applies regardless of whether you live in an urban area or rural location because everyone will benefit anyway. Read Also: Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Tips Floor Cutting Using Diamond Saw: What You Need To Know All You Need To Know About Concrete Repair Solutions And Services