What Is SMS Gateway And How It Works


29 April 2021


SMS Gateway

You don’t need to use a mobile phone to send SMS messages. Rapidly developing information technology resulted in the introduction of SMS gateway – a mail-out interface. It is used to convert phone messages into email letters and HTTP requests. This technology is widely used by Testelium.

To organize the process of SMS communication at the least financial costs possible, you should choose a platform that will be adapted to your business needs. You will be able to carry out mass mail-outs and conduct tests promptly.

The operating principle of the SMS gateway is as follows. Messages are sent to the mobile operator’s channel using SMPP or HTTP API protocols. A special platform is used for this. The protocol runs smoothly, so the mail-out will be quickly delivered to the numbers specified.

How to use SMS API effectively:

How to use SMS API effectively:

A mail-out can be sent to the numbers from your client database whose owners have agreed to receive SMS messages from your company. SMS marketing is widely used to inform users about major events taking place in your organization’s life or to notify them about promotional campaigns being held. Using SMS API, you can complete the following tasks:

  • without breaking the law;
  • without getting into the spam list;
  • receiving customer feedback.

Sending SMS messages should be planned. You should decide on a suitable strategy that will meet your business goals. For users to be interested in receiving the mail-out, you should carry out market research in advance. This way you will be able to find out which messages will be interesting for each of your target groups.

Make up a plan before performing research. A mail-out includes a variety of elements, and you should check each of them before implementing your marketing strategy. This will help to avoid extra costs and waste of time on a non-effective advertising campaign.

Choose an appropriate research method. A/B testing is currently the most popular one. The customer base is divided into several categories, and you send different messages to each of them. Then, all you need to do is to monitor the conversion rate. If the SMS sent to the first group is more effective, you should decide on them. If you fail to perform tests, your mail out can be added to the spam folder, with further promotion of your company being postponed.

Choosing a suitable mail-out platform is equally important. There are numerous services offered all around the world, which are adapted for different purposes. The best option is a SaaS platform. The necessary software and other services for testing the mail-out provided will help to make sure that the selected strategy is right.

Why choose Testelium to test your network:

Using the platform, you can choose appropriate SMS routes, select the content, and conduct a sufficient number of tests. The main advantages of using this service are as follows:

  • opportunity to check the database and exclude invalid numbers;
  • content quality check;
  • notification of delivery and view;
  • high-quality analytics;
  • round-the-clock support.

SMS verification API makes it possible to divide customers correctly into several groups. You can select such parameters as age, location, social position, place of work, hobbies, and so on.

For companies that are making their first steps and launching an advertising campaign for the first time, this platform will be the best solution. Here, you can send SMS messages, selecting a short number (or keyword) to identify your own organization. By testing the mail-out, you make sure that all the preliminary steps have been correct.

Properly configured SMS mail-out makes it possible to implement any marketing strategy to the highest standard. An advertising campaign will be a great promotion method only after conducting preliminary tests and selecting an appropriate platform. The service can be customized depending on your personal business goals.

If you neglect the testing principles, you may significantly reduce the return from your marketing plan. Customers should be interested in your mail-out, and if you fail to get consent from them, your SMS will be marked as spam. This reduces the company’s rating and increases the probability of being blocked.

Modern tools help to avoid such troubles. A high-quality platform, a full range of necessary services, and user-friendliness – our software products embody all of these. Contact the company – and soon you will notice a steadily growing conversion rate and popularity of your brand among the target audience.

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Benefits of Using PRINCE2 During Periods of Turmoil

The Benefits of Using PRINCE2 During Periods of Turmoil

In the past few years, the demand for software to help in effective Project Management has increased. With businesses trying to derive every ounce of productivity and efficiency, working with project management tools, platforms and software is something that all businesses strive to integrate. Successful Project Management can help a business organization in multiple ways. The major ones are- Improve coordination between the various teams and verticals responsible for execution and completion. Saving time and improving the final delivery to the customers in terms of effective time management. Cutting down on duplication of work and preventing wastages thereby contributing to a company’s bottom line. In this article, we look at one of the highest-rated Project Management software in the market right now, PRINCE2. We look at what makes it great and why your business should think about adopting this specific project management software. Many credible PRINCE2 course training modules are available on the market. PRINCE2: Meaning and Definition PRINCE2 has a long history dating back to 1975 when it was first conceptualized and implemented by the United Kingdom government for its project on Information Systems. It is an abbreviated version that stands for PROJECTS IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS. The current version that many of the leading names in the world of government and private businesses use first made its appearance in 1996. What is more surprising is the fact that even though it is software that is used by governments, it is also open for public use and exists in the public domain. The best thing about PRINCE2 is that it focuses on organization and coordination. It helps track where exactly you are in the project and the correspondent timelines and responsibilities that have been assigned. Roles and Responsibilities in PRINCE2: What you need to know When it comes to using the PRINCE2 software, one thing is certain- the primacy of the Project Manager. Being a project management software, it accords the maximum importance to the Project Manager. You can compare the overall access, the power of adding or removing individuals from the point of view of a Super Admin. The Project Manager selects the teams that will work on the project, sets the timelines according to the milestones that are to be reached and any other comments with regards to the specificities of the project. In addition to the Project Manager and the internal teams, PRINCE2 also allows for the clients to be given access. This has been done with the intention of making the clients aware of how far the project completion has progressed and acquainting them with the teams that are working on it. This helps save a lot of time and effort in terms of externally informing the client about the project status. The Project Board is another critical component of the PRINCE2 software. It helps put all the details, reports, and other items like problems and challenges that the project is likely to face. Features of PRINCE2 that make it an Excellent Project Management Software:  In this section, we list down some of the major features that make PRINCE2 an attractive project management software. PRINCE2 comes with real-time tracking and updates that can allow one to exactly know the precise status of a project. This helps avoid confusion, saves the lie, and builds credibility for the organization leading the project. The software is equipped to show data and other information with the help of interactive and engaging charts, graphs, and progress bars. This helps break down the project completion and visually depict the same using graphs and charts. If you want, you can also use the PRINCE2 software as a work management tool. In other words, with so much remote work taking place, promoting coordination among the employees can be possible using the software. The Bottom Line: There is a reason why international governments and billion-dollar businesses use PRINCE2. It is simple, effective, and detailed in every sense of the term. It allows for better cross-team promotions, cuts inefficiency, and fosters collaboration to ensure projects are completed within their allotted timelines. Read Also: Tips to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software Grant Management Best Practices This Is Why Every Organization Should Invest in Job Management Software

Easily Remove Image Backgrounds With AI Power

Easily Remove Image Backgrounds With AI Power

In the current era of powerful AI technology, picture alteration has become a straightforward task. VanceAI's AI Background Remover enables users to quickly remove picture backgrounds and replace them with bespoke options, all with a few simple clicks. This cutting-edge application uses powerful deep-learning algorithms to distinguish and separate foreground topics from their surroundings. Whether you're a professional craftsman, marketing maestro, instructor, scholar, or merely an enthusiast, AI Background Remover allows you to create high-quality pictures for any project or purpose quickly. Continue reading to see how this time-saving tool benefits users of all skill levels. AI Background Remover, such as VanceAI's Image Background Remover, provides much-needed relief from the arduous and time-consuming chore of removing backgrounds from photographs. Deep learning algorithms allow these AI wonders to remove the background with a single click. The days of spending hours on detailed choices and masks are over, allowing you to devote enough time and effort to producing professional and high-quality outcomes. With VanceAI's Image Background Remover, precisely removing backgrounds from images has become a quick, easy, and straightforward operation. In this post, we provide a summary of its mechanics as well as step-by-step guidance to help you go through the procedure. Dive in to discover the power of AI in improving the quality of your visual material! Overview Of AI Background Remover. AI Background Remover appears as a groundbreaking solution that instantly breaks the link between backgrounds and photos. It uses powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to identify foreground subjects and separate them from the background. Advantages Of The Product VanceAI's AI Background Remover offers a slew of advantages, cementing its status as a vital tool for creative professionals, enterprises, and personal users alike. Velocity:  This AI background remover processes images in mere seconds, liberating individuals from the clutches of tedious manual labor. Convenience:  With no software installation or technical knowledge required, this tool may be used anytime, anyplace, allowing for a more efficient workflow. The user-friendly interface significantly facilitates background removal. Economical Solution: Investing in specialist software and spending time on manual tasks might be pricey. In sharp contrast, VanceAI's AI Background Remover provides more services at a lower cost than comparable options. The cost-effectiveness of its subscription programs, along with near-instantaneous outcomes, leads to significant savings. Quality: The AI model is highly sophisticated and can remove backgrounds while maintaining image quality. The accuracy with which it retains the margins of foreground components gives the output a natural appearance, a professional-grade quality that much outperforms what manual effort can generally produce. Accessibility:  Removing backgrounds used to require expert picture editing skills. Now, VanceAI's AI remover makes it possible for anybody, regardless of skill level, to get magazine-worthy outcomes. Isolating topics and removing backgrounds from photographs no longer need specialist knowledge, democratizing the field of high-quality background removal. Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Product VanceAI's AI Background Remover simplifies the process of removing backgrounds from photographs. Simply follow these basic instructions: Go to VanceAI and choose AI Background Remover from the product list. Upload the picture. As the AI processes your image, you'll see the original on the left and the background-removed version on the right. Adjust the strength of background removal with the slider. Images with plain backgrounds usually benefit from a lower strength, approximately 20%. For busier backgrounds, consider increasing the strength to 80-100%. Use the magic wand icon to trim or resize an image. Once satisfied with the results, click "Download" to save your background-free image. It will be stored in PNG format with transparency. So there you have it! AI Background Remover assures that anybody may easily create photographs with erased backgrounds. Professional-grade effects may be achieved with a few clicks. About VanceAI. VanceAI, founded in 2019, is a creative artificial intelligence firm dedicated to making AI a resource available to everyone. VanceAI, headquartered in San Francisco and with a global presence, aims to democratize AI by enabling everyone to participate with the most recent machine learning advancements. VanceAI creates user-friendly solutions that open up new creative vistas, using on specialist knowledge in disciplines such as picture production, video editing, and text-to-image translation. Their goods demonstrate how artificial intelligence enhances rather than replaces human ingenuity. Other VanceAI Image Tools VanceAI broadens its competence beyond AI Background Remover to provide picture enhancement and editing. Here's a quick overview of some of their other powerful tools: AI Image Generator This program uses AI skills to create unique graphics based on textual inputs. Describe your idea, and the AI will create a unique image that corresponds to your notion. Vance AI Image Enhancer This program uses AI to increase picture size and resolution without sacrificing quality, which is beneficial for individuals working with low-resolution graphics. The ultimate consequence is that pixelated pictures are turned into clean, vivid representations. Conclusion VanceAI's AI Background Remover emerges as a new solution that makes it easier for everyone to remove backgrounds from photographs. As described in this post, this powerful program allows you to identify foreground topics and Remove backgrounds with little effort. AI Background Remover, powered by breakthrough deep learning technology, produces professional-grade results without the burden of tedious editing labor and provides straightforward tools for fine-tuning photographs. VanceAI redefines the background removal process, creating new opportunities for graphic designers, bloggers, social media content makers, and anybody dealing with photos. Extracted subjects may fluidly shift to different backgrounds, and stunning visual effects can be added. Improve your visual material by incorporating this cutting-edge technology into your workflow now. AI Background Remover produces amazing results with unprecedented speed, automation, and usability. Read Also: Tips To Choose The Best Inventory Management Software Securing Mobile App Development With Blockchain Technology

Cloud Computing

8 Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education

Higher education may face a fall in the number of students enrolling during and after the pandemic. Many universities in the UAE and worldwide have taken a different approach to education. Most offer online learning, while others offer online and in-person learning. Most students will not wait for the end of the pandemic to start or continue their studies; they will study online from anywhere in the world. This will create stiff competition among universities because students don’t have to go to colleges closer to their homes; they can finally study in the best universities. Understanding Cloud Computing This is the delivery of computing services such as databases, servers, networking, software, storage, intelligence, and analytics over the cloud (the internet). Companies and other institutions don’t have to own data centers or computing resources; they only have to pay for the cloud services they use. This is affordable and effective when applied in higher education. Most students will prefer higher education institutions that offer excellent digital services to those with a more traditional approach to education. Cloud computing consulting will help the educational institution elevate the existing education system and deliver remote learning. How Cloud Computing is Changing Higher Education Cloud computing is not a new trend that universities have to keep up with; remote learning has always been around. This is about utilizing existing resources and technology to provide better and affordable education. Here are some ways cloud computing is changing higher education. 1. Textbooks are Expensive University textbooks can be quite expensive, and not all students can afford them, and the cost rises each year. Some students prefer not to buy textbooks because they have other essential expenses to pay. Cloud-based books, on the other hand, are an excellent solution to this issue. Digital resources are affordable; this allows most students who are not financially stable to access the same educational materials and resources as other learners. This makes it convenient to study at your dream university in Dubai. 2. Enhances Student Experience One of the reasons why you should study in a reputable university in Dubai is that it will utilize modern technology in all areas. Digital-based learning can review and improve individual student learning processes. It provides an in-depth summary of learning activities, transforms learning processes to accommodate every individual, and assesses students’ wellbeing. 3. Virtual Classes Cloud-based software makes it possible for higher institutions to organize virtual classrooms for their learners. This reduces most of the infrastructural costs. Teachers can also create courses and resources for students to use remotely. Virtual exams can reduce expenses and save time for both the teachers and students. 4. Accessibility Cloud computing is very useful because it makes learning easy and readily available for every student regardless of location or time. You can access resources, learning materials, applications, and course contents at any time. You can enroll in a university in Dubai and participate in group discussions and virtual classes. You are no longer limited by time and location. The good thing is that you can access these resources even on your Smartphone. 5. Updated Learning Materials College textbooks are expensive; this makes some students forego buying them while others use books with obsolete information. Cloud-based learning allows students to access relevant information and resources without much hassle. This makes learning enjoyable and convenient. Students excel in their studies and become productive members of society. 6. No More Expensive Hardware Cloud-based resources rely on web browsers and can run on any Smartphone and hand-held devices like tablets. Students and higher learning institutions don’t need to own laptops or computers to access resources. You can use a basic Smartphone to access learning materials. You don’t need to spend much on external storage devices; you can utilize avenues that provide free cloud-based storage. These platforms can safely store your data; higher education institutions that use this system use a VPN for security. 7. Diversity Cloud computing in higher education gives students many opportunities. This is beneficial for students who feel left out by the traditional education system. Learners can learn remotely or pursue studies abroad. Professionals who have no time for full-time classes can pursue virtual learning to upgrade their skills. 8. Real-Time Feedback Feedback is crucial in learning because it enables the instructor to see whether students understand the course. Students’ feedback is necessary; they can provide real-time feedback, allowing the institution and professors to make adjustments to cater to their needs. This shows learners that their voice is heard and appreciated, increasing student experience, which leads to smooth learning and better grades. Cloud computing can be used in various sectors, including higher education. Students and institutions benefit from this technology in many ways; it reduces expenses for both parties and is more convenient than the traditional education system. The goal is to utilize digital services to provide high-quality education to students. Institutions that have already adapted to this technology will continue to improve education for many students. Read also: Ten Ways Technology is Impacting Modern Education Online Schools the Only Source for Personalized Education 7 Reasons why Online Education is Very Popular Cloud Hosting: Top five reasons to take your business to the cloud