Strengthening Your Community In 2018

Published on: 27 September 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019

In the year 2018, with all of the imminent problems facing the human race, community solidarity and connection is more important than ever. While people might have a sense that becoming a community leader entails an official position, this is not the case. A community leader is simply someone in the community who concerns themselves with the well-being of the individuals around them and facilitates dialogue and events that help neighbors get to know each other and resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.

A community leader can also be someone who acts as a spokesperson for the community when politicians, police or business owners need to gauge the public sentiment. More than anything else, a community leader should be someone who has a positive influence on residents of all ages and helps celebrate the culture and identity of a particular community.

In this post, we’ll discuss different ways that aspiring community leaders can help strengthen their neighborhoods and create positive connections between people.

Community Festival/ Fundraiser:


The most common and failsafe way to bring the community together is to organize a festival or block party with food, music, art, and games. For entertainment, put out a local call to musicians, dancers, and artists within the community and give them a case to showcase their skills. Serving food is a sure way to pull people in and celebrate a cuisine that’s popular in your area.

These types of parties are also a great way to meet other community leaders and volunteer organizations interested in making a positive change. When that much good energy comes together, it’s bound to create a good atmosphere and a lasting impression.

When you place a large order for custom t-shirts or custom hoodies in Canada to sell or distribute at the event – perhaps to raise money for a local charity – it also gives folks a chance to represent their cherished community through an article of clothing!

Book Drives/ Literacy Programs:

In many large cities, and especially in under-resourced neighborhoods, low literacy is a huge problem and a barrier to higher education. Organizing a book drive or an after-school program with an emphasis on reading and creative writing can provide a baseline of support to bring a D to student up to a few grades and give them a great sense of confidence.

Community Gardens:

Community Gardens

Community gardens have countless benefits: they beautify the neighborhood, provide food, educate volunteers about gardening and agriculture and provide an outlet for stress release. People of all ages can come together to weed the garden, water, prune, harvest and just to enjoy the beauty and have a chat. Bleak urban settings can feel oppressive; a bit of color and organic life really makes a difference.

Public Art Project (Parks & Rec):

In many cities the Parks and Recs department have a budget for one-time beautification projects, you could also collaborate with public art foundations like Artscape to connect local artists interested in public installations. Colorful, uplifting art also counters oppressive concrete settings and inspires people on a daily basis. Young local artists will also get a lot out of seeing interesting art close to home and understand that snooty art galleries are not the only venue for their work.

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Deindividuation and its Potential Dangers

Did you ever come across what is called the ‘mob mentality’? Well, most of us have heard about this, but you’ve probably never heard the actual term that is used to describe this: Deindividuation. Whenever several people are put inside a group, they might tend to lose their identity and behave in ways that are not normal to them. Most often, it is innocent behavior to which people participate but this is not always true. Deindividuation is a rather serious and grave issue for several reasons. What are self-awareness and individual identity? Before you get to know what deindividuation is, we first need to understand what it is not. In the easiest form, you are what your identity is and this is what makes you who you are. Your thoughts, beliefs, self-awareness, and behaviors all are results of your identity. As long as self-awareness is concerned, it deals with knowing who you are in accordance with the standards that you’ve set for yourself. You get to know your desires, morals, and character. These are things that make you who you are. Deindividuation – What is it? Deindividuation occurs when a person is made a part of the crowd and when he starts losing his individual identity. They gradually tend to lose their own self and forget how they are as an individual. The more the person gets involved within a group, the less awareness he has about his own self. He forgets his characters, morals, and beliefs. These things begin to get replaced through the identity of the group. The best examples of groups that people think for such type of behavior might include cult, gang and even large mobs. The military is also a great example. You need to remember that all deindividuation is not a bad thing. In the case of military training, people tend to push themselves harder to meet the goals if they weren’t a part of a group. They have incorporated the identity of the group which has made an impact on what they believe they’re capable of. The potential dangers What are the negative things that happen to people when they go through deindividuation? Here are a few things: People lose their self-restraint. They tend to get caught in the mentality of the crowd and act in a similar way the crowd is acting. He/she imbibes a sense of anonymity. When a person acts in a way that is similar to the crowd, they feel they can’t be found. There is shared responsibility. When people act in a group, they feel that the responsibility is shared. So, if you’re someone who is going through deindividuation, you should try your best to get back your lost identity so that you can act according to your own self. Check out for more details on the dangers of deindividuation. Read Also: Transacting Safely In Craiglist 5 Team Building Activities to Inspire and Enjoy Understanding the Jewish Religion: Important and Common Practices Reasons Why Personal Development Should Be a Priority?


Are You a Taurus? 8 Things to Know About Yourself

Are you Taurus? then What words come to mind when you think of a bull? Strength. Power. Intensity. Sublimity. All of the above!? Contemplating the character of this immense animal is a useful first step to understanding the qualities of a Taurus too: that illustrious second sign of the Zodiac that bears the symbol of a bull. Here are some quick facts for you. Taurus's are born between April 20th and May 20th. Their element is Earth. Their planet is Venus. Their lucky gem is an emerald. But what does that all mean for you? What are the specific Taurus traits that might shed some light on you and your personality? Let us help! Keep reading to find out the 8 key traits of this particular star sign. 1. You're Independent: Any Taurus-born is fiercely independent. Strong and resourceful, Taureans can walk through life confident in the knowledge that they have the qualities required to handle any challenges that arise along the way. Taurus doesn't need to rely on the support of others in such situations. They can quite happily navigate any obstacles alone. That said, they have strong social ties too. Their magnetism and strength of character draw valued friendships and bonds between loved ones. 2. You're Hardworking: Taureans are known for their hardworking characteristics too. Bulls symbolize work ethics, strength and power. All of these traits translate into an individual who strives to do their utmost to succeed in a task. Their resilience under pressure and willingness to achieve, all stacks up to create someone utterly committed to working hard. There's a reason we talk about 'grabbing the bull by the horns'. It speaks to initiative, perseverance and seizing the day. Through hook or crook, a bull will get you to where you need to go. 3. You're Dedicated: There's no going back once a Taurean decides on a particular path. We've already seen how you've got a hardworking nature. But it's possible to work hard for a short period of time, before quitting. That isn't in your character as a Taurus! Far from it. Think of a bulldozer. Why do you think it's called that? The image of this mechanical beast pushing, breaking and overcoming obstacles is the exact image that comes to mind when a Taurus gets its teeth stuck into a task. Simply, there's no stopping them. 4. You're Patient: Nothing will stop a Taurus from achieving what they set out to. This is partly to do with their dedication and commitment. But it's also thanks to the quiet patience that runs like a thread through their personality. A Taurus knows what they want and that one day they'll get it. And they're willing to both work hard and wait for the privilege of that achievement. Taureans are patient with people too though, and, for that matter, in almost all other aspects of life. 5. You're Sensual: Taurus is one of the most sensual of star signs. There's a hedonism to their pursuits, making sensory pleasure paramount. From touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound, Taureans place a high value on sensory gratification. There's an intensity to a Taurus. Beauty is big; satisfaction is sought-after. As you might expect, love-making is passionate and important (check out these tips on how to improve your sex-life). There's a tendency to fall hard for someone though, which can lead to challenges for the smitten Taurus. Without due care, the intensity behind their emotions can lead to a neediness that can harm the relationship. Sound familiar? Consider checking out your Taurus horoscope for clues on how to navigate the situation. 6. You Can Be Stubborn: Taureans have a reputation for being stubborn and bull-headed at times. Which makes sense, given the star-sign! Ever tried to get a bull to back down? It's no mean feat. It's the same with a Taurus. However, there's a fine line between stubbornness and extreme commitment. Some might argue they're two sides of the same coin. That's definitely the case with a Taurus. You're extremely committed, but that can easily be misconstrued as stubbornness. 7. You Can Be Lazy: You might be wondering how someone can be hardworking and lazy at the same time. It's a fair question! But Taureans pull it off adeptly. Again, think about a bull. Can you imagine trying to get a bull to do something it doesn't want to? Conversely, with the bit between the teeth, try stopping them from getting what they want! A Taurus creates their own destiny. They're utterly dedicated and committed to their own endeavors and they'll do whatever it takes to succeed. The issue comes when someone else's needs enter the equation. Operating under authority can be a challenge. It's difficult to persuade these zodiacal bulls to behave in the sole interest of others. It isn't malicious. It's simply a conflict of interests between the needs of self and other. 8. You Can Be Indulgent: A Taurus' independence and hardworking nature often lead to the ability to earn a lot of money and be self-sufficient. Think of it as the antidote to your hardworking nature. There's a hedonistic side to you. It feels good to indulge in decadence and material pleasures. You're prone to treating yourself. From long spa days and lust-filled encounters to eating rich, beautiful foods and so on, you like to feel satisfied. Do You Possess These Taurus Traits? There you have it: 8 Taurus traits to help you understand you and your star sign. A Taurus is an intense individual with a life characterized by extremes. Your positive qualities far outweigh the negative though. You're hardworking, dedicated, sensual, patient and independent. You're high achieving and exceptionally popular to be around as a result. Your internal drive can make you stubborn though. Your commitment to your own goals can make you seem lazy to others as well. And your hedonistic desires can lead you to overindulge at times. However you walk through life, you can be sure of having an adventure! Hopefully, the information here will have helped you understand yourself a little better. We'd love to hear about it if so! Can you see these traits reflected in who you are? Which one do you relate to most strongly? Let us know in the comments!

Carbon Capture Projects

10 Carbon Capture Projects Around the World

Carbon capture projects, and storage projects, abbreviated as (CCS projects), is a climate change mitigation process whereby CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from industrial processes or power plants is recycled. The availability of carbon capture enables the continued use of fossil fuel in generating electricity as it is possible to reduce carbon emissions. For us to achieve a significant reduction in carbon emission, large amounts of CO2 need to be captured and stored. CO2 gas emission is the leading cause of global warming as it brings about the greenhouse effect, which negatively impacts the environment. Globally there are three main carbon capture methods which are: post-combustion, oxy-combustion, and pre-combustion. These capture methods are applicable in various industrial processes like cement and clinker production, water desalination, oil and gas refinery, iron, and steel industry. Don't forget to reach out, why we should care about the environment. Drawing from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2020 data, carbon capture helped capture and store about 40 million tonnes of CO2 globally from power plants and industrial facilities. In order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the carbon capture and storage rate should increase at least 100 folds. Many countries in the world embrace carbon capture like Australia, China, Korea, Algeria, Norway, Netherlands, the Middle East, New Zealand, and the most being in the United States and Europe. Most of the carbon dioxide captured and stored in natural gas plants, iron and steel industries, or coal fields is transported via pipelines to oil fields and used in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The wise decision for oil and gas field owners is to consult with professionals with a vast knowledge of CO2 enhanced oil recovery. Consulting companies like Melzer Consulting offer their services to clients like oil producers, CO2 source companies, and research organizations. Some of the resources and projects include transmissive fracture detection, wettability, residual oil zones. CO2 EOR and C02 ROZ school. Carbon Capture Projects Around the World Let's explore some of the carbon capture and storage projects around the world: 1. Petrobras Lula, Brazil Lula oil field is one of the largest ultra-deepwater oil and gas producing fields in the Santos Basin. This oil field produces about a million barrels of oil per day as of 2019 and is expected to reach its peak by 2021. Since 2013, the oil and gas field has incorporated carbon capture; about 0.7 million tonnes of CO2 are recycled and used in enhanced oil recovery annually. 2. Boundary Dam, Saskatchewan, Canada The Boundary Dam is a coal-fired plant located in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, and has six production units. The coal-fired plant was commissioned in 1959. In 2014, the Boundary Dam Power Station completed its carbon capture unit. The captured project used carbon for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Installation of the carbon capture and storage equipment helped convert Unit 3 into a reliable producer of clean-base electricity in the province. The plant is responsible for capturing a million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. 3. Petra Nova CCS project, Texas, US The WA Parish power station burns coal and gas. The plant has partially retrofitted post-combustion carbon capture equipment. This unit generates 240 MW and captures about 1.4 million tonnes of carbon per annum. The gas is transported via pipeline to West Ranch Oil Field and used for enhanced oil recovery. 4. Abu Dhabi CCS Project, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi is the pilot plant with commercial carbon capture and storage facilities in the iron and steel industry. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of the production of steel and iron metals. Instead of emitting the CO2 into the atmosphere, it is captured and transported via pipeline to the region's National Oil Company and used for EOR. Over 40% of the gas emitted proves helpful in crude oil production. 5. In Salah, Algeria Salah is an operational onshore gas plant that began its carbon dioxide stripping and storage back in 2004. The CO2 is captured and filtered during natural gas extraction. The plant was suspended in 2011 over concerns of possible leakage. The plant had stored about 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 in a saline aquifer. The site is currently valuable for monitoring, modeling, and verification for future storage. 6. Uthmaniyah Demonstration Project, Saudi Arabia The Uthmaniyah demonstration project was operational from 2015. Its primary purpose was to capture about 0.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide released at the world’s largest oil field, Ghawar. The captured gas is transported via a 70km pipeline to the oil fields and used in EOR. 7. CNPC Jilin Oil Field, China The CNPC Jilin oil field was China’s first carbon capture project in Jilin province. The source of CO2 is a nearby gas field responsible for extracting about 22.55% of natural gas. The separated carbon dioxide is transported via pipeline and injected in EOR at the low-permeability oil field. So far, the project has injected over 1.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. 8. Quest, Alberta, Canada The Quest carbon capture project is a joint venture between Marathon, Shell, and Chevron Oil designed to capture about a million tonnes of CO2 gas. The hydrogen production facility was designed to convert bitumen from oil sands into synthetic crude oil. CO2 gas is a by-product in the hydrogen production process, and the unit captures, transports, and stores the gas in a deep saline aquifer. 9. Gorgon Injection Project, Australia The Gordon Project is one of the most significant natural gas projects in the world. As of 2020, the project produces an average of 2.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas. The carbon capture unit will capture about 3.3 million tonnes of CO2 stripped from the natural gas. The carbon dioxide is stored in a saline aquifer. 10. Sleipner, Norway Sleipner is an offshore gas field initiated in 1996. The CO2 separated from the natural gas is stored in the Utsira saline aquifer, about 800-1000m below the ocean floor. This large-sized reservoir accounts for about 600 billion tonnes of stored CO2. It is safe to say that carbon capture, utilization, and storage are being embraced by many countries globally. The acknowledgment of the importance of capture, removal, and storage of carbon leads to the launch of carbon capture projects around the world. With the help of new policies and carbon capture, the results may have a significant climate impact. Carbon Capture Efforts in the Future Although carbon capture technologies have yet to be deployed on a large scale, the number of projects under development across the world has been steadily increasing. This is due to a combination of greater private sector ambition and more supportive policies. However, we will need much greater investments and governmental assistance to successfully decarbonize by implementing CSS at the scale required. Read Also: The Effect of Climate Change on Human Health The Benefits of Solar Lighting in a Nutshell