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What is Type C Cable, and Is It Worth Buying

Nowadays, type-c cable can be seen in the newest phones, laptops, and tablets. The cable was first published in 2014, but the technology became handy only in 2017-18, and it replaced the older standards of USB very quickly. According to some reports, type c cable also offers new audio standards as a potential replacement for a 3.5 mm audio plug. The type C cable looks almost the same as a micro USB connector from a distance, but it is slightly thicker and more oval in shape. The thicker design brings its best feature which is unflappability. Until now, the standard cable for us was the type of cable. We have even moved from USB 1 to USB 2 then USB 3 devices, but the USB connectors stayed the same. Fortunately, with the help of technology, we get type C cable that is much more powerful and easier to use than the old cables. Difference between type C cable and the old USB cable: The primary difference between the old USB port and the type C cable is the reversible connector feature. Both ends have a connector of the same size so that you can plug it in any way you want. The one end of the Old ones are bigger and rectangular shape connectors that we use two plugs in two game consoles, desktops, and giant-screened laptops, and the other end was used to connect to small devices like phones. These two ends of the same cable are called type A and type B. Advantages of type C cable: It is compatible with USB 3.1 specifications, which makes it much more efficient in data encoding, and hence, it can transfer data at a speed of 10Gbps. Type C cables are commonly used for charging portable devices. And with this type of cable, charging is much faster than the old ways. In many ways, type C is much better than micro USB. For instance, type C can be used for both input and output power, where micro USB can only input power. Generally, type C uses 18 watts to charge phones and a maximum of 100 watts to charge laptops. The type C cable can indeed perform faster than the others, and along with that, it is also the strongest one. This is why, for most people, type C cable is much more reliable. Why should you use a type C cable?  Type C cable sets a new standard for USB connectors. It can carry a significantly high level of power and can be used to charge almost every device, and devices can be charged much faster. Along with that, type C cable also offers you a high transfer speed that can transfer 4K videos. The most amazing part about the type C cable is its size. The cable is almost half in width and one-third in the height of a standard USB cable, making it even more user-friendly. Read Also: Headphones vs Earbuds: How to Choose for the Best Music Experience Google Getting into Phones – And It’s Changing The Mobile Internet Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Solar Generators Reduce Your Exposure to Radiation When Using Your Mobile Phone Practical Guide to Install Cabling in Your New House