What is Type C Cable, and Is It Worth Buying


12 February 2021


type c cable

Nowadays, type-c cable can be seen in the newest phones, laptops, and tablets. The cable was first published in 2014, but the technology became handy only in 2017-18, and it replaced the older standards of USB very quickly.

According to some reports, type c cable also offers new audio standards as a potential replacement for a 3.5 mm audio plug. The type C cable looks almost the same as a micro USB connector from a distance, but it is slightly thicker and more oval in shape. The thicker design brings its best feature which is unflappability.

Until now, the standard cable for us was the type of cable. We have even moved from USB 1 to USB 2 then USB 3 devices, but the USB connectors stayed the same. Fortunately, with the help of technology, we get type C cable that is much more powerful and easier to use than the old cables.

Difference between type C cable and the old USB cable:

The primary difference between the old USB port and the type C cable is the reversible connector feature. Both ends have a connector of the same size so that you can plug it in any way you want.

The one end of the Old ones are bigger and rectangular shape connectors that we use two plugs in two game consoles, desktops, and giant-screened laptops, and the other end was used to connect to small devices like phones. These two ends of the same cable are called type A and type B.

Advantages of type C cable:

Advantages of type C cable

  • It is compatible with USB 3.1 specifications, which makes it much more efficient in data encoding, and hence, it can transfer data at a speed of 10Gbps.
  • Type C cables are commonly used for charging portable devices. And with this type of cable, charging is much faster than the old ways.
  • In many ways, type C is much better than micro USB. For instance, type C can be used for both input and output power, where micro USB can only input power. Generally, type C uses 18 watts to charge phones and a maximum of 100 watts to charge laptops.
  • The type C cable can indeed perform faster than the others, and along with that, it is also the strongest one. This is why, for most people, type C cable is much more reliable.

Why should you use a type C cable?

Why should you use a type C cable?

 Type C cable sets a new standard for USB connectors. It can carry a significantly high level of power and can be used to charge almost every device, and devices can be charged much faster.

Along with that, type C cable also offers you a high transfer speed that can transfer 4K videos. The most amazing part about the type C cable is its size. The cable is almost half in width and one-third in the height of a standard USB cable, making it even more user-friendly.

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The Impact Of Automation On Payroll And Compliance

In the rapidly evolving business environment, automation has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping various operational aspects, including payroll and compliance processes. This technological advancement has significantly impacted how businesses manage their financial obligations and adhere to regulatory standards, much like workforce management systems have revolutionized employee scheduling and task allocation. Automation in payroll and compliance offers many benefits, ranging from enhanced accuracy to improved efficiency. This article dives into the impact of automation on these critical business functions, shedding light on its benefits and the future it heralds for organizations. Streamlining Payroll ProcessingThe advent of automation in payroll processing has revolutionized the way businesses approach this critical function. Beyond merely automating calculations, sophisticated software solutions offer integrated time tracking, direct deposit setups, and even mobile access for on-the-go management. This ensures that every aspect of payroll—from initial hours worked to final payment—is handled precisely and efficiently.Automated systems adeptly manage varying tax rates and legal requirements for businesses operating across different states or countries, ensuring compliance and accuracy regardless of geographic complexities. The result is a streamlined process that saves time and significantly reduces the administrative burden on staff, allowing businesses to allocate resources to areas that drive growth and innovation. Enhancing Accuracy And Reducing Errors Automated payroll systems have become invaluable in enhancing the accuracy of financial transactions and reducing errors. By removing manual data entry, the risk of human error significantly decreases, leading to more reliable payroll outcomes. These systems are designed to automatically update in response to changes in tax laws, employee benefits, and other variables, ensuring that every payment is calculated based on the most current information.Furthermore, they offer detailed records and reports that can be quickly reviewed and audited, providing additional oversight. This meticulous approach to payroll not only safeguards against compliance issues but also builds trust among employees, who can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of their paychecks. Improving Compliance With Regulatory ChangesThe dynamic nature of tax laws and employment regulations makes compliance a moving target for many businesses. Automated payroll systems are equipped to handle these changes seamlessly by incorporating updates directly into their calculations and reporting features. This automation ensures that businesses remain compliant without needing to monitor and adjust to new regulations manually.It also provides a significant advantage in risk management, as the system can alert businesses to potential compliance issues before they become problematic. By leveraging automation, companies can navigate the complex regulatory compliance landscape more quickly and confidently, minimizing exposure to penalties and legal issues. Enhancing Employee Self-Service Capabilities Implementing employee self-service capabilities through automation has transformed the employee experience regarding payroll and benefits management. These platforms empower employees to take charge of their personal information, view detailed pay histories, and access year-end tax documents independently. This level of transparency and control is a convenience for employees and fosters a sense of empowerment and engagement. Additionally, by decentralizing these tasks, HR departments are relieved of routine inquiries, allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives that contribute to the company's culture and growth. This shift improves operational efficiency and enhances the overall workplace environment by promoting a culture of transparency and self-sufficiency. Facilitating Data-Driven Decision MakingIn payroll and compliance, automation provides more than just operational efficiencies; it offers strategic insights. The data collected and analyzed by automated systems can inform various business decisions, from budgeting and financial planning to workforce development strategies. This wealth of data enables companies to identify trends, such as overtime usage or departmental labor costs, allowing for more informed decision-making. By knowing the financial implications of these trends, businesses can optimize their operations, forecast future costs more accurately, and strategically plan for growth. This level of analysis was previously unattainable with manual processes, highlighting how automation not only streamlines administrative tasks but also provides a strategic advantage. Prioritising Cybersecurity In Automated Systems An additional point to consider in the context of automation in payroll and compliance is the critical importance of prioritizing cybersecurity. As businesses rely increasingly on digital platforms to manage sensitive employee information and financial data, the potential for cyber threats grows. Implementing robust security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits, is essential to protect this data from breaches.Furthermore, educating employees about cybersecurity best practices can help mitigate risks associated with phishing scams and other digital threats. By prioritizing cybersecurity within automated payroll and compliance systems, businesses can safeguard their data, protect their employees' information, and maintain the integrity of their financial operations in the digital age. Conclusion In conclusion, the impact of automation on payroll and compliance is profound, offering businesses the opportunity to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, improve regulatory compliance, empower employees, and make informed decisions. As technology advances,automation will likely play an increasingly central role in these areas, much like workforce management systems have become integral to managing modern workplaces. The benefits of automation in payroll and compliance are clear, promising a future where businesses can operate more efficiently, accurately, and compliantly, ultimately contributing to their overall success and sustainability.Read Also:Common IT Security Risks in the Workplace Everything You Need To Know About PKI In Cybersecurity Would Your E-commerce Website Pass the Cybersecurity Test? Here are 3 Things You Could be Doing Wrong

Video Interview

6 Things You Must Do to Prepare for a Video Interview

Video interviews can be nerve-racking especially if you are meeting the interviewer for the first time. Video interviews are more cost-effective, easier, and faster than a long phone call or in-person meeting. No wonder most organizations are using them to make hiring decisions among other job-related functions. Here are some of the tips that will increase your chances of success during video interviews. 1. Double-Check Your Internet Connection, Video, and Audio: You should always test your audio and video to make sure that everything is working well before the interview. The fact that it worked two weeks ago is not a guarantee that it will work properly today. No one wants to risk the embarrassment or headache of technological issues while conversing with a potential employer. Also, confirm that you have a stable wireless connection. Therefore, select a location where spotty connections will not disrupt your video conversation. 2. Choose a Background That is Free from Distractions: You have to make sure that you entirely focus on the face and what you will be saying during the interview. Therefore, choose a business-like background that is free of any distractions. Avoid windows and walls that are full of decorations, posters, and pictures. Clutter off your desk and clear all the books. The most important thing is to eliminate those things that can draw away the attention of the interviewer from you. If you cannot get an excellent background at your home or office, it is wise to use a solid wall. The guiding principle is to hold your video interview in a sterile and clean environment. Communicate on a human level so that the interviewers will find it easy to talk to you. There is nothing glorious about this as what they are doing it to talk with you. 3. Lit the Room Well: You have to make sure that the interviewer will see you clearly by paying close attention to the lighting. The interviewers should look at your face clearly, and hence you need to test the video beforehand so that lights don’t cast any shadows on your face. The challenge of having a single overhead light shining down from the ceiling is that it can be unflattering and create shadows.  Try to have one light emanating from behind you and one on the left to create a glow around your body. 4. Eye and Angle Contact Are Critical: You have to pay close attention to the place you look during the interview. Several people are thrown off especially if you are used to video interviews. The experience may not feel natural from the onset, and you may want to talk to the camera and not the screen. The position of the camera should always be at an eye level and not below or above you. The angle of the camera is so critical because the camera should not look down at you and you don’t want to look up your nose. Therefore, make sure that the position of the camera is okay. 5. Dress for the Interview: you need to groom yourself depending on the kind of interview you are attending. Remember presentation is critical and you should not overlook this idea because you are talking on video. Dress as if you are attending a face-to-face interview. The wrong dressing will also reflect in your speech and attitude. The interviewer will look at all aspects of a good candidate and dressing is one of them. 6. Maintain an Open Body Language: Like in-person interviews, its critical to be cognizant of the body language so that you can leave a positive impression on the interviewer.  It’s a good practice to gesture while speaking but remember to contain the movement of your hands and also within the video frame. Remember gestures may not translate over video in the same way in-person interviews do.With these tips, you are prepared to handle any video interview. The most important thing is to prepare well, and you will increase your chances of success.Read Also:Traditional Job Interviews Will Be Dead By 2020 Ten Interview Tips That Might Surprise You: The Medical Edition

SlideModel.com: A Key Resource for Versatile PowerPoint Templates

SlideModel.com: A Key Resource for Versatile PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint is a presentation program created by Microsoft. For the longest time now, Microsoft PowerPoint has reigned as a market leader. Many organizations mark the beginning and end of their business meetings by PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint is commonly used in business situations, conferences, strategy sessions, in the presentation of proposals or even to outline plans. At some point, this program is used in the progress reports in various quarters by using timelines and roadmap slides. It is then used in the presentation of findings and conclusions. This piece tries to demystify why and how PowerPoint has been able to outsmart other products such as Google Slides and Keynote. A key focus will be on the renowned provider of the diverse PowerPoint templates, SlideModel. Benefits of SlideModel.com’s PowerPoint Templates PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package that will help the presenter to design and deliver a presentation to a small or large audience. In order to produce a professional-looking presentation, it would be ideal to get visual appealing graphics from reputable presentation template providers, such as SlideModel, among the numerous benefits that the SlideModel PowerPoint templates will come with include:Increasing Visual Impact. The use of the presentation templates in your presentation will improve the audiences’ focus. This is because you are able to include images, audios and even videos (multimedia content). This in turn helps the presenter to be more interactive and have an impact o0n the audience. Content Sharing. In a world where the Internet is the trend, it would be ideal to have your PowerPoint presentations put online for people to access. It may also be a perfect source of income. In sites like YouTube, SlideOnline or SlideShare, you can upload presentations where with each view you bare paid. The use of professional PowerPoint templates enables you to be flexible in terms of the delivery. For instance, you could have a presentation that text-heavy or image-heavy. This flexibility enables an individual to have different approaches to the audience. In turn, the message can be put across effectively. Time saving and easy to use. Using the highly customizable templates for PowerPoint enables businesses save time. This is because old school visual methods such as chalkboards are time wasting and may end up not effectively sending the message home. However, the use of appealing images and text will make the presentation cohesive and effective. The templates provided by SlideModel come in simple forms that allow you to quickly make and customize your content. Compatibility in mind. The templates can be reused in other popular presentation tools, such as OpenOffice, Keynote or even Google Slides.100% Editable PowerPoint Templates from SlideModel.com On SlideModel, all the templates are 100% editable and customizable. They are created with built-in PowerPoint shapes producing high quality graphics that can be resized to any size without losing image quality. That helps toward preparing presentation with a finished, satisfactory look. Various users can download the templates from the site. In addition, they have a perpetual license purchasing any of the Annual Unlimited plans.The only requirement is that the user has to comply with the End User License Agreement. The site also provides free PowerPoint templates on a weekly basis. This enables the various users to choose from a wide range of products. Among these free powerful templates include the color splash slides, stairway concept slides for PowerPoint, Creative Thinking Slides for PowerPoint, Creative Business Diagrams for PowerPoint, Layered Light Bulb Diagram, Circular Concept Diagram for PowerPoint among others. There are tons of templates at our site and you will be sure to find the perfect template to effectively implement your ideas in presentations. Editable Presentation maps SlideModel offer editable map templates for PowerPoint. For those who are involved in geography or location presentations, as well as sales presentations by region, this is the perfect site for you. Businesses and individuals will find editable maps from all over the world.These maps include those of individual countries, regions and even continents. These presentation maps will save you the hustle of drawing maps-which are hard to draw. In addition, much time will be saved and your audience will enjoy the simplicity and uniqueness of our map presentation templates. Data-Driven Design Templates Our PowerPoint data designed templates will help your presentations in a great way. Sometimes, there are comparative presentations that will involve setting data in bar graphs, charts and even figure placeholders. These data templates are readily editable which allows information to be recorded in a simple manner. In addition, the designs come in a variety of styles. As a result, the user is able to get unique graphs that reduce the monotony in the presentation. Despite the fact that the charts and graphs are data-driven, the user can even put them in 3D effects. This further makes the general outlook good of the presentation. Final Words It is therefore evident that this site is the problem solver when it comes to the PowerPoint templates. The templates by sloidemodel.com will come in handy in your business, results or even in the pitching of ideas. The use of the PowerPoint templates will ensure that the various ideas that are intended to be put across are done so in an effective yet an appealing manner. Therefore, the next time your business requires a well-structured presentation, consider checking the wide array of templates provided by SlideModel.com.Read also:7 Big Myths About Small Business Growth Why Lead Generation Is Essential For Business?