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3 Tips for Buying Bikes for Larger Guys

Even though bike riding is now common and a good way to beat traffic and maximize exercise, for the larger, bigger people, there might be some discriminations and restrictions in their choice of bikes. Regular exercise such as cycling is just as important to the bigger guys as it is for fitness enthusiasts, and there are bicycles for men out there that are well suited to their larger size. Bikes come in so many different types, and some are much better suited for large cycles than others. Bike Frames: You can get custom made chromoly bikes to beat the discrimination in shops and bike stores. Larger riders might want to consider the options of getting metal, carbon, chromoly or titanium bike frames. Carbon materials are an option that ensures strong frames but, not all carbon frames are good enough and some may have limits. For riders who are both heavy and have some height advantages, getting miles with metal frames might be the safest and best option. Steel is very affordable and a well known strong metal. However, bikes made out of steel might be a little heavier than the other non-steel counterparts. Titanium bike frames give the best option for truly impressive strength and added options for uniquely shaped tubes, but for a more expensive price. Bike Wheels and Components: Just like with picking the right frames, the wheels on a bike are an important element to ensure safety and maximum use of the bike. Metal wheels are an option for larger bike riders. However, they, of course, will have a higher weight capacity than regular bike wheels. Also look at the spokes of the wheels, 32 double-butted steel spokes can be a good way to go. The spokes cross over three others in a three-cross pattern. If you can not find wheels to fit your needs, there is always the option of building and customizing your own unique bike wheels. Consider the bar width before purchasing any bike. The narrower the bar, the more uncomfortable you will be, especially during long bike rides. To have an idea of how wide the handlebars should be, drop bars should be the same width as your shoulders. Also, saddle bars should be the perfect fit for your bones. Get proper measurements and ensure the saddles on the bike is a good fit for you. Consider Customization: For the much taller broke riders, or just any large biker who does not find a bike that suits his taste in the market, customization is always an open option. By customizing your bike, you get to design the bicycle in a way that best suits your tastes and needs. When building the handlebars, you can align them to the perfect height and distance that suits your size. Customization means there will be no compromises with making the perfect choice in bikes. You pick and decide on the bike seats you want, the wheels, and frame material to fit your bulk. It is truly the perfect option for larger bike riders. Conclusion: No matter how tall or big a man you are, you can always find a wide range of bikes for larger guys. But going the customization way is always a great idea to ensure your bike perfectly fits your needs. If you want to go biking on the beaches, you can a men’s cruiser bike. Read More:  Will eBikes Save the Planet? Tips for Buying a Beginner Mountain Bike. Benefits with riding a single speed bike in the city.