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5 ways employee perks can dramatically enhance your personal life

According to this research from Clutch, 53% of workers who experience employee perks say the perks give them a better quality of life and an improved relationship with their employer. Such additional benefits can help enhance your job satisfaction as well as your personal life. Here are a few of the most popular employee perks and what they can do for you Financial Well-being Companies want the best people working for them, but with a competitive job market, attracting the best isn’t always about the paycheque. Platforms such as LifeWorks offer financial perks and savings for employees on all kinds of events, from cinema tickets to holidays or even buying a house. Financial security is a worry for a lot of workers, and so being able to save money here and there will significantly help to reduce that stress and allow you to save your pennies for a rainy day. Gym Membership Gym memberships are a popular employee perk. Sitting at a desk for too long can bring a host of negative long-term health issues, so it’s important to be exercising as often as possible. Accessibility to a work gym membership or exercise classes allows you to be active whenever you wish, rather than feeling as though you have to go consistently to make it worth your money. Regular exercise will significantly enhance all aspects of your life, improving your health and wellbeing as well as boosting your productivity and attitude towards work. Flexible Working Hours Flexibility is becoming quite a sought-after employee perk for the modern worker. Trying to balance personal and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming, so having the option to work from home where necessary allows you to keep these responsibilities under control. The offer of a flexible schedule will further demonstrate trust from your employer, creating a sense of value and respect that a salary never could, and ultimately enhancing your quality of life. Employee Appreciation Gifts In recent years, there has been growing literature which supports that business organizations that offer appreciation gifts for employees see a rise in retention rates as well as productivity. You can reward your employees by gifting them different items that can be useful for them both in terms of their work, as well as in their personal lives. These can include food items, COVID-19 care packages, gadgets as well as gift cards for online and in-store purchases. This will show that as a business you care about all the hard work that your employees are putting into the business. Performance Bonuses As an employee, you’re more likely to stay in a job where you feel you are trusted and provided with a sense of ownership over your work. Taking ownership over a task and subsequently being rewarded for its outcome is a real morale booster. Receiving a monetary reward for your success doesn’t only help you out financially, but it also creates a feeling of pride - it is something that you have earned and deserve. This helps the employer too, producing engaged employees who are excited and motivated to work for their business. Office Perks Offices can often be pretty drab and dreary environments, and so having perks that create a happy workplace makes space feel more fun and allows you to relieve the stress of the day. Some of the most common office-based perks include a relaxed dress code, games, and free drinks and snacks. A more casual environment will help maintain relationships among colleagues, boost productivity and make the working day more fun - all things that will subsequently have a positive impact on your personal life. Read Also: Why In-Company Training Results in Better Employees Things to Consider When Sourcing Employees for Manufacturing Plants 7 Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas For 2021 3 Steps to Hire the Perfect Employee


What’s Gamification All About?

Gamification of an organization is something many business owners are trying to figure out recently. What it is, is it worth giving a shot, and will it bring the desired results? You probably know by now that gamification is a process in which game elements are used in a work environment to make employees more engaged, motivated so their performance and productivity can improve. Some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Microsoft, have used a gamification platform (Centrical’s) to motivate and engage their employees. Having done gamification the right way, they could see how it can transform everyone involved, bring some positive changes, and help an organization meet its goals. How does it motivate employees? Gamification doesn’t only motivate employees but keeps them motivated every day at work. We all like to be acknowledged and praised when we excel at work, to know we matter. With gamification, managers can track their employees’ performance, know the best performers, and award them accordingly. Rewarding: Those who excel at work, achieve good results and manage to improve their performance need to be awarded accordingly. Knowing their hard work pays off, everyone involved will work harder on their improvement. Gamification keeps employees engaged: Each task they do is important. With gamification, the better they perform the higher the score they have. In a community where all scores are displayed, nobody wants to be the poorest performing employee. They give their best, learn, cooperate with each other to improve their performance and get more points. One way of keeping them engaged in learning. For employees, to improve their performance and productivity, it is a must to provide them with the necessary tools and resources that can help them achieve these goals. Gamification brings short videos, multiple-choice tests and quizzes, and other material that mimics the online research and time they spend on the internet in their free time, so this learning process doesn’t feel like learning at all. Promotes communication and a healthy work environment: To help employees become better at what they do, managers need to communicate with them in order to understand their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Gamification also encourages employees to work as a team to meet their organization’s goals. This creates a healthy work environment where people can help each other, enjoy the work together and have fun while competing and learning. Gamify customers: Gamification is not only created for employees but customers as well. Lots of companies use gamification to increase their customer base and reward their loyal customers. For example, Starbucks rewards its customers with freebies and that helps them encourage regular visits and purchases. Gamification can transform your business if done well: What every company needs to know before doing gamification is that it must have clearly defined goals in order to know how to reach those goals and which steps it needs to take to achieve them.  Gamification is successful when it drives the desired behavior from employees and customers. Once they start behaving in a desired way, their motivation and engagement will increase, and performance and productivity improve. Read Also: 7 Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas For 2021 Possible Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Too Productive and What to Do About It What Are the Ways to Prepare a New Employee?

Employee Recognition Awards

7 Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas For 2021

When you are running a business, your employees become your assets. If your employees grow, so does your organization. Hence, it becomes very important that you take care of your employees. Custom employee recognition can be one of the best ways to make your employees feel comfortable and encouraged working in your organization. Showing your employees that they are being valued for their hard work and reward them accordingly will help your business in the long run. The key to achieving this goal is understanding Employee award wording ideas. If you can develop the best and innovative ideas, you can boost your employee's morale and motivation. Why are Employee Recognition Awards Important? It has been seen that the employees who have been appreciated by their organization are more likely to feel satisfied with their work. Once you start encouraging employees for their good work, you will see a boost in productivity. As we have started cruising through 2021, we hope that this is the best time to understand employee recognition's importance to boost your business productivity this year. Fulfilling Careers Workplace loyalty is not derived from the job. The workplace environment and fulfilling careers nurture it. According to a report, it has been seen that 78% of the employees agree with the fact that they will stay with the currency employers if they know they have a career in this organization. With employee recognition, you can motivate your employees and ensure that they see your organization as the best career opportunity rather than a job. Respect Knowledge Everyone works hard to build their skills set and expects others to respect that. According to a report, almost 53% of the employees believe that if their knowledge and skills are being respected, they will spend more time with the respective organizations. Understanding Progress Yes, goals are important. But that can only be achieved by understanding the working process. Employee recognition is not limited to big win; it can also support and nurture the next generation of employees in your organizations. Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas There are multiple ideas that you can adopt to recognize your employees. We have prepared a handful of them. Let's explore. 1. Formulate A Proper Plan To Recognize Your Employees Before you can prepare yourself to recognize your employees, you need to formulate a proper plan to track their achievements. Remember that these awards programs and recognition events are not just for show. They are meant to boost your employee's morale and the organization's productivity. Hence, it becomes very important that you figure out an appropriate strategy. Do not forget about your work culture. Employees' recognition ideas should be relevant to your work culture. 2. Celebrate Employees Birthdays Birthdays are the best event to make your employees feel special. You can start targeting your employees' birthdays. This will make them feel special and a part of the organization. When you celebrate your employees' birthdays, they will feel connected to the organization on a deeper level. This practice can make them feel an inseparable part of the organization. This will act as a driving force and help them to boost their productivity. Even a small event like celebrating employee's birthdays can motivate them to give their best performance to the organization. 3. Cheers From Peers Creating the best working environment is the role of the pers. The working environment should be like this where the co-workers can celebrate the achievement of the other co-workers. And when the time calls for it, they stand alongside the organization's bad times. This will ensure that the whole organization can perform as a team and bring positive results day in and day out. 4. Reward Them With Trophies Every sport has trophies. These trophies change hands every year depending on the champions. You can use the same concept in your organization. This practice will motivate your employees to be the best in the organization. Once they know what they can achieve by working hard, they will try their best to achieve that goal. 5. Collect Employees Feedback We have hardly seen any organization taking feedback from the employees. Feedback is a necessary part if you want to improve your organization as a whole. Taking feedback from the employees will give them an idea that their views matter in the organization. You can take feedback on the followings: What do they feel about the organization? What do they think needs to be improved? What drives them to work for you? What will drive them further? Ask your employees these questions, and take their answers as suggestions. This practice will kill two birds with one arrow. Not only are you getting valuable feedback, but you are also getting to know what your employees think about you and your organization. 6. Public Your Appreciation Recognizing your employees is a good thing but recognizing them in public is even better. You must devise a perfect appreciation program where you or the employee can recognize the best performer among the employees. By appreciating the best employee in public, you are not only boosting the morale of the employers, but you are also giving them a goal to achieve. The public execution of the appreciation shows that you are confident in your employees and want others to step up their game and reach this podium. 7. Track Team Wins Every organization has several teams, and every team competes among themselves subconsciously. You must track your team every year and award the winning team. This will not only help you understand how other teams are performing, but you will have an idea of how the organization can improve. Working with the team will help you understand the working of your organization, and you will know what you need to expect from them. This is a perfect device to find out non-performing teams and motivate them to work better. Conclusion From the points mentioned above, you now know how employee recognition can help you develop a perfect plan for your employees' recognition. If you want to cope with the market and stand back on the feet again, employee recognition might play an important role. Read Also: Why In-Company Training Results in Better Employees 3 Steps to Hire the Perfect Employee What Are the Ways to Prepare a New Employee? Possible Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Too Productive and What to Do About It How to Increase the Safety of Your Employees