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Quit the Rat Race: 5 Tips for Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

Are you fed up with spending your time making somebody else rich? Have you had enough of the rat race? Sitting in a cubicle, suffering the commute going to a job you hate to earn enough money to pay for the house you never see and the family you have no time to hang out with? Maybe it is time for you to take that next step and go into business for yourself. Don't think you are ready? No worries, that's a common thought that goes through the mind of every entrepreneur. Doubt and hesitation are normal and natural. Being able to stare them down and make the right decision at the right time is what separates success from failure. Keep reading and you will learn the key steps to ditching the 9-5 and becoming an online entrepreneur. 1. Passive Income Means Not Quitting the Day Job Just Yet Starting an online business is not as simple as moving from one salaried job to another. It can be, but it is a dangerous way to go about it. You are better to start off small, looking to build up some passive income while still working the day job. Yes, it means you can't quit the cubicle just yet, but it does mean you can generate some extra income and learn the ropes of creating online business and mitigate the risk to your finances. Familiarize yourself with the online world and figure out your strategy. There is nothing wrong with building your company slowly. In fact, it is a large benefit, because it means that by the time you are ready to quit the rat-race and step out on your own, you already know who you are. Your brand will be set, or at least in its advanced stages, setting you up for success. 2. Educate Yourself in the Ways of Online Money Making : No entrepreneur becomes successful without educating themselves in matters concerning their chosen field. This applies as much to creating an online business as it does any other industry or sector. You need to educate yourself on the ins and outs of the market you want to conquer. This means learning what the trends are, what sells and what does not. Study the techniques of others and watch the competition. What are they doing that is working and how could you make that work for you? There are paid online courses you could take, and numerous webinars and blog articles that can teach you a lot about making money as an online entrepreneur. By ensuring you are knowledgeable on your target area you are positioning yourself well in the market, and that means success will be there to find. 3. Accept the Risk that Comes With the Riches : Whenever you go into business for yourself you are accepting a risk. The big thing is that most people don't really understand what that means. Being an entrepreneur is a gamble. When starting an online business you are stepping away from a security that you won't see again until your business has matured into something far grander than your initial business plan will consider. It may sound harsh, but that is the fact of it. Paid vacation, Dental insurance Health insurance Pensions Sick leave These are all things that we come to take for granted, but when creating an online business you are surrendering these items. If you have a family to support then these considerations are of vital importance. Not as a means of detracting from your vision of freedom from the cubicle but to ensure you have the right system in place to help keep your finances stable. Being an entrepreneur is one of the high-risk solutions to escaping the workplace and living the life you crave. 4. Believe in Yourself Stronger than Anybody Else : When looking at how to start an online business, you are going to come up against a lot of people telling you to stop. To give up and stick with what you have. If you know what you are doing then you need to ensure that your belief in your own abilities is unshakable. A lot of people will tell you to give up on your dreams because they are scared. They are too scared to do it themselves and so pass this fear on to others. They will come up with convincing arguments as to why you are better off collecting a regular paycheck. However, you have done the research, you know what you are doing and accept the risk associated with it. 5. Identify Your Core Product and Focus on Everything On It If you have wondered how to start a successful online business, you have probably thought about entering a particular sector and making your name therein. However, to be truly successful you need to narrow your target market down even more. Market research and your own personal interests and skills will help you identify your niche. Try to make it as specific as possible. The more precise you can be, the higher your chance of finding success. Know Your Why - The Secrets to Becoming an Online Entrepreneur You will face a lot of trials in your quest to become an online entrepreneur. There will be stumbling blocks and periods of both highs and lows while you build up your empire. The most important thing you need to have before you start down this crazy but rewarding road is to know your way. Why are you doing this? Why are you choosing to focus on this niche? Knowing and understanding your own why is paramount to online success. If you can answer this question then you stand a great chance of making it. For more information on how to start an internet business and build your own company up from the ground, check out some of our other business-related articles. Read Also : How To Master Social Media For Businesses & Entrepreneurs What You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur