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The Lovely Hill Station of Yercaud

Yercaud attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world with its magical charm. Lying in the southern area, Yercaud is one of the most sought-after and a must-visit hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Usually, the locals plan a trip to Yercaud Hill Station on the weekend. It is the perfect tourist destination for nature-lovers and adventure-maniacs. Yercaud is famous for lakes, gardens, mountains, waterfalls, and pristine landmarks. In addition to being an interesting tourist spot, Yercaud boasts a serene atmosphere. This town has fresh air, pleasant weather, and warm and welcoming people. Here are some must-visit tourist destinations in Yercaud. Tourist Destinations in Yercaud: 1.Yercaud Lake Yercaud lake tops the list of the most attractive tourist destination in this town. The lake not only allows tourists to spend some peaceful time relaxing here, but Yercaud Lake offers a lot of attractions to explore. A clear view of the mesmerizing hills and lush greenery, this tourist spot has everything that the Yercaud hill station is famous for. Surrounding the lake is a beautiful garden and different species of trees. If you want to explore Yercaud hill station from one place, then Yercaud Lake is a perfect spot for you. Yercaud lake has a lot of shops and eateries surrounding the lake. To taste the delicious cuisines of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud Lake is a must-visit destination. Buy some snacks and desserts, and relish the beauty of Yercaud Lake. If you are an adventure-lover, Yercaud lake has a lot of water sport activities to offer. Boating is largely encouraged in this lake. 2. Bear’s Cave Located in a coffee estate, Bear’s cave is one of the most captivating tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world. It gets the unique name from the fact that this cave was a habitat for bears in the earlier times. Although it is private property, the owner of the cave keeps it open for tourists. Bear's Cave is a perfect holiday destination for tourists who want to explore something unique and different. The main attraction of the city is the 7 feet deeper ground that takes the tourists to the holy Shevaroyan Temple. 3. 32 Kilometer Loop Road To know why India is considered one of the leading countries for tea and coffee plantations, you must visit the 32 kilometers loop road. The road begins from the Yercaud Lake and features the beautiful tea and coffee plantations on the way. This 32 kilometers drive from Yercaud Lake is filled with Tamil Nadu culture, its heritage, and the beautiful hill station. A wide range of plants and fauna life is a major tourist attraction here. This loop road is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yercaud city. The captivating views, local people, the way of their living, and the mesmerizing tea plantations are some of the major attractions in Yercaud Lake. 4. Pagoda Point If you are tired of the busy city life, Pagoda Point is a perfect destination to spend some relaxing time. Pagoda Point is known for its scenic views and enchanting attractions. The gentle breezes and mesmerizing ambiance has a magical effect that captivates your mind and draws the attention of the locals and international tourists. Pagoda Point is 4.5 kilometers drive from the main city. Also known as Pyramid Point, this scenic location is a must-visit place for Yercaud tourists. You can also pay a visit to Sri Rama Temple, which is located close to Pagoda Point. 5. Killiyur falls   A 4 kilometers drive from the Yercaud hill station, Killiyur waterfalls lie in the Eastern Ghats. Killiyur waterfall is located in the Salem district. Streaming from an altitude of 300 feet, this waterfall is a picturesque view. The place is also a perfect spot for boating and swimming. If you ever visit Yercaud hills, pay a visit to Salem district and explore some scenic attractions in this area. Apart from Killiyur Falls, Salem district has many other tourist destinations. Killiyur Falls has stable weather throughout the year. However, November to March is the best time to visit this weekend getaway trip. Avail a car rental in Salem with the driver and explore all the attractions of this district. 6. Emerald Lake of the Yercaud Hill Station Another popular lake in this hill station is Emerald lake. The beautiful hill stations and mesmerizing gardens surround this lake. The beauty of this garden is indeed a treat to your eyes. The lake has a beautiful fountain in the middle of the waters. Besides, you can also enjoy the boating adventure here. You can either pick from rowing boats or motor boats (as per your preference). Book a cab from Chennai to Yercaud and explore this hill station to its fullest. It is approximately 1-hour 30-minute drive from Salem. Yercaud is a perfect hill station for tourists who want to explore the tranquility and attraction of Tamil Nadu. Read Also: 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Dubai 7 Must-Visit Attractions In Puerto Rico Why Should Ladakh Be Your Next Travel Destination?