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Make Your Pre-Wedding Amazing: 8 Bridal-Shower Planning Ideas

Bridal showers are amazing, but at the same time can be a little daunting! Imagine your close friends, female relatives from both sides, and you crazy BFF’s all under one roof! Just two shots and you will find your friends doing crazy shit in front of your in-laws (might be your fiance’s mother). Ideally, the bridal shower is a time where you can have fun with your ladies gang, doing all crazy things and showing your feminine side. It's also one of those functions of the wedding where guests shower the gonna-be bride with gifts. So, if you are going to host a bridal shower, here are some ideas or tips to throw it with a bang! When To Host The Event: A bridal shower can be held anytime from six months to a few days before the wedding. Keep the occasion close to the wedding, if your invites are coming from out of the town. Further, you can pick any time of the day to keep the function. However, most bridal showers are held during the afternoon. Sent Amazing Invitations: A perfect dream wedding is all about selecting things unanimously. However, the bridal shower is where you can do anything. It’s the occasion where you can include your personal style, color, the theme of the event, and more. Pick A Theme: A bridal shower is incomplete without a cohesive theme! So, pick a theme that goes with the bride’s interests and taste. But, if you are short of ideas, ask your special event catering services to plan your event. If the bride is a little playful, pick a unique and fun theme. You can include a tea-inspired theme, any dress theme, or can even choose the classic ones. Dress Code: While a bridal shower would be more of a fancier occasion, that needs playful things, you can add subtlety by choosing soft hues and subtle décor. If you have picked a quirky theme, then dress according to the theme. Pick cool patterns, quirky designs, and different shades to create a cheerful environment. However, if classic is your bridal theme, dress up in soft tones, pastel colors, flattering prints, and more to go with the theme. Don’t forget to indicate the dress code on the bridal shower invitation, so that the invitees will know what to wear. Bring In Lots Of Food: Throwing a perfect bridal shower is no easy task, especially when it comes to deciding the menu. Of course, you would not want to leave your guest hungry after an amazing party. From go-to snacks to the full meal, pick anything to serve your guests. If you are hosting the occasion in the afternoon, consider offering a bridal brunch. If you know the bride’s favorite food, bring them on the table and surprise her. You can also have a sit-down luncheon to let your guest relax and chat over the food. Drinks Are Also The Part Of The Event: Whether you are throwing an over-the-top pre-wedding function, or you are hoping to throw the classic one, drinks are very important. Be it juice, tea, liquor, or champagne, offer some station to your guests to cheer the mood. You can even ask your planner to make a signature or personalized drink for the event. Bridal Shower Favors: Take your bridal shower to the next level and include some super-cute favors to thank your guests. Typically, guests will have to purchase gifts for the bride, but you can also offer something to as a ‘thank you’. Bring some homemade cookies or jam jars clad in the cute fabric to offer the ladies. So, are you ready with your bridal shower list? Send them invites and throw a killer pre-wedding bridal shower! Read Also: 7 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid Finding The Perfect Place To Have Your Wedding