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Reasons Why Bearded Men Look Attractive

Some women prefer men who are clean-shaven. They look clean and fresh. However, other women prefer bearded men. They feel attracted to men who have a rough look with the help of their beard. With proper beard grooming, any man can look stunning with a long beard. If you are still unsure whether you should grow one or not, these reasons will help you make up your mind. You will have a more masculine look: Women feel attracted to men who have a masculine appeal. These men seem strong and sturdy. They are the type who can save someone in distress. You will look this way when you have a long beard as it adds to your masculine appeal. You look serious: When compared to clean-shaven men, you will look more serious and mature with a beard. It is an asset when you are dealing with other people during a business meeting. The other parties will take your ideas seriously. Even though you are still young, they won't think of you as someone whose voice doesn't matter. It reflects patience: It is not easy growing a beard. It takes time and proper maintenance to ensure that your beard grows long and healthy. If you succeed in reaching that goal, it shows how patient you are. When meeting other people, it helps them create a favourable impression of you. It creates a personality: In a world where identity is crucial, you want to build one for people to remember easily. There is nothing wrong if people identify you as that guy with a long beard. It does not take anything from you. It even helps you stand out from the rest. You look relaxed: Men who keep shaving their facial hairs tend to be serious-looking. They want everything organised and in order. When you have a beard, it creates an impression that you don't care much about societal standards. You can do whatever you want, and you don't care if you have a long beard. Beard tickles! It might seem weird, but having a long beard helps you in bed. You can tickle your partner well when you have a long and healthy beard. Women love kissing a bearded man that can also tickle them. Other benefits: Apart from increasing your sexual appeal, having a long beard also has other benefits that will make you decide to grow one now. You receive UV protection: You hear about UV rays all the time and how they are damaging to your skin. When you are always outdoors, you increase your chances of UV exposure. Apart from damaging the skin, it also speeds up the ageing process. It helps if you have a beard to protect your face from UV rays, and potentially prevent the growth of cancer cells. It is perfect for the winter: Body hair helps keep you warm during freezing temperatures. Therefore, having a beard will keep you warm during the winter. It is like having a sweater under your chin. As long as you keep your beard healthy-looking through proper maintenance, there is nothing wrong with growing it. Read Also: 5 Tips To Give Your Hair A Perfect Look The Season Of Suave: Holiday Fashion Tips For Men