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5 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Smart TV in India

How a television set could be used has evolved over the years with better sets being launched in the market with the advancement of technology. Yes, you can easily play games, live stream your favorite web shows, watch movies from your USB drive, browse websites and use apps right on your TV screen. Thus, when a TV is able to accomplish these tasks, the market for the best Smart TV in India has also increased. But, you just can’t go and bring any Smart TV without considering vital aspects. Read on to know more! Screen resolution TV resolution denotes the sharpness of the picture, in terms of horizontal pixels. TV companies are now shifting from HDTVs to Ultra HDs or 4K. Such models have four times the pixels’ number compared to the current breed of HDTVs. Not only Ultra TVs look great, but even streaming services like Netflix and more are offering 4K content. Hence, 4K TVs are becoming the new standard these days. It’s better to opt for higher screen resolution if you want the best Smart TV last long without being outdated. HDR HDR is a new element of the 4K Ultra HD best TVs, and it stands for High Dynamic Range. It is capable of delivering more contrast levels, brightness, and colors. Nowadays, a quite growing number of new movies in your 4K Blu-ray disc format with an increased number of shows in HDR are available through streaming services. Those may be Netflix and Amazon Prime and more. You should buy the best TV with HDR as it’s a format that will be more likely to be gaining popularity. Refresh rate The Refresh Rate refers to how many times per second; a picture gets refreshed on a TV screen, which is expressed in Hertz (Hz). The standard rate of refresh is 60 Hz. When you are playing an action game or watching a sport live, a lower refresh rate can make things to appear blurry. Hence, if you don’t want your TV watching experience or internet browsing experience to go wrong, buy a Smart TV with at least 120 Hz. HDMI, USB and other connections The next thing that you need to pay attention to while buying the best Smart TV in India is the number of HDMI and USB ports along with other connections provided. The more the best TV is able to provide, the better! You will be able to use these ports quite fast – count speakers, gaming console, a decoder. You should ensure that your Smart TV provides at least 4 HDMI ports and 2-3 USB ports. It should also be able to support future HDMI with the option of connecting via the HDMI 2.0. Contrast ratio Contrast ratio refers to the brightness range level that a best Smart TV in India can showcase. The best TVs with better contrast ratio are able to display more hues and slight shadows and hence, better detail. But, TV companies determine such as ratios differently. Nonetheless, it’s good to check for yourself how the best TV is able to display shadow detail by playing a movie with dark scenes. Thus, you can see how well it is able to detail in the shadow of, for example, a Harry Potter Movie. You can also experiment with the brightness of the TV, sharpness and other picture settings before deciding for the final TV set that you intend to buy. It would also be suggested that while you test this aspect, choose ‘cinema’ or ‘movie’ mode on your TV set. Before investing in a best Smart TV in India, you should be smart while relying on the discussed factors to find the best one that accompanies you for longer. You can now spread the price of any Smart TV in India over a tenor as per your needs and pay only fixed EMIs and save huge by managing outlays easily. The facility is now available in India on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Read Also: 8 Things You Can Do With Your Smart TV Besides Watching Movies TV Wall Mount Ideas For Living Room The 6 Best 70-Inch TVs In 2018