5 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Smart TV in India


22 August 2019


Smart TV

How a television set could be used has evolved over the years with better sets being launched in the market with the advancement of technology.

Yes, you can easily play games, live stream your favorite web shows, watch movies from your USB drive, browse websites and use apps right on your TV screen.

Thus, when a TV is able to accomplish these tasks, the market for the best Smart TV in India has also increased.

But, you just can’t go and bring any Smart TV without considering vital aspects. Read on to know more!

Screen resolution

TV resolution denotes the sharpness of the picture, in terms of horizontal pixels. TV companies are now shifting from HDTVs to Ultra HDs or 4K. Such models have four times the pixels’ number compared to the current breed of HDTVs.

Not only Ultra TVs look great, but even streaming services like Netflix and more are offering 4K content. Hence, 4K TVs are becoming the new standard these days. It’s better to opt for higher screen resolution if you want the best Smart TV last long without being outdated.


HDR is a new element of the 4K Ultra HD best TVs, and it stands for High Dynamic Range. It is capable of delivering more contrast levels, brightness, and colors. Nowadays, a quite growing number of new movies in your 4K Blu-ray disc format with an increased number of shows in HDR are available through streaming services.

Those may be Netflix and Amazon Prime and more. You should buy the best TV with HDR as it’s a format that will be more likely to be gaining popularity.

Refresh rate

The Refresh Rate refers to how many times per second; a picture gets refreshed on a TV screen, which is expressed in Hertz (Hz). The standard rate of refresh is 60 Hz.

When you are playing an action game or watching a sport live, a lower refresh rate can make things to appear blurry. Hence, if you don’t want your TV watching experience or internet browsing experience to go wrong, buy a Smart TV with at least 120 Hz.

HDMI, USB and other connections

The next thing that you need to pay attention to while buying the best Smart TV in India is the number of HDMI and USB ports along with other connections provided. The more the best TV is able to provide, the better! You will be able to use these ports quite fast – count speakers, gaming console, a decoder. You should ensure that your Smart TV provides at least 4 HDMI ports and 2-3 USB ports. It should also be able to support future HDMI with the option of connecting via the HDMI 2.0.

Contrast ratio

Contrast ratio refers to the brightness range level that a best Smart TV in India can showcase. The best TVs with better contrast ratio are able to display more hues and slight shadows and hence, better detail.

But, TV companies determine such as ratios differently. Nonetheless, it’s good to check for yourself how the best TV is able to display shadow detail by playing a movie with dark scenes.

Thus, you can see how well it is able to detail in the shadow of, for example, a Harry Potter Movie. You can also experiment with the brightness of the TV, sharpness and other picture settings before deciding for the final TV set that you intend to buy. It would also be suggested that while you test this aspect, choose ‘cinema’ or ‘movie’ mode on your TV set.

Before investing in a best Smart TV in India, you should be smart while relying on the discussed factors to find the best one that accompanies you for longer.

You can now spread the price of any Smart TV in India over a tenor as per your needs and pay only fixed EMIs and save huge by managing outlays easily. The facility is now available in India on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

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The 6 Best 70-Inch TVs In 2018

The modern TVs are increasingly becoming large in sizes. Manufacturers keep on releasing new models that have improved features, but some of them are quite expensive. This post is going to discuss the best models of television sets.The Best 70-Inch TVs models discussed in this post have been chosen based on their design, performance, and features. Some of the manufacturers of TV include LG and Sony, and Samsung companies among others. Some of the factors that you need to consider when buying a large screen TV include features, resolution, placement, availability of space and price. The following are the best 70 inches models TVs. 1. SONY XBR70X850B 4K ULTRA HD 120HZ 3D SMART LED TV  This is one of the best television sets in the market today. It comes in handy with a 4K resolution that allows the user to sit closer to it without compromising on the viewing quality. Its excellent viewing quality has made it one of the practical options for those viewers who stay fans of 3D programming. People can also use it to watch their favorite 3D films since it is compatible with this technology. In addition to this, this set has a high refresh rate that is provided by its high resolution. In fact, it can display up to 120 frames per sec.It can be connected easily to the internet making it a perfect option for streaming fans. It can be connected to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and other streaming services for your choice. It comes with an IR blaster that enables the user to control the cable box. Additionally, it has an LED backlighting and sleek design which gives it a modern look. 2. LG Electronics 70LB7 100 120HZ 3D SMART LED  This is one of the excellent models which offer unique features. It comes with a high standard resolution of 1080p that makes it ideal for those people like watching 3D programming. With this device, extra space is required to accommodate its large view distance. This model is known for providing an excellent 3D viewing experience. Its resolution is as good as that of a 4K television. You can also use LG smart TV to access free streaming sites. This set of TV comes with pairs of 3D glasses which don’t require batteries, but it is still one of the high-quality televisions. Additionally, it has an attractive metallic bezel finish that gives it a modern look. 3. SONY KDL7W850B 120HZ 3D SMART LED TV This is a hybrid TV that has been manufactured by Sony Company. It has superior quality features that make it very popular worldwide. It has standard smart TV hookups that allow people to get all their favorite streaming. People can use this TV to watch all of their favorite 3D programmings. It has a standard resolution of 1080p that gives its users an excellent viewing experience.For improved clarity, viewers should maintain a distance of 3 ft between them and the screen. This model comes with a Sony IR blaster that makes it easier for the user to control the cable box with his/her television remote. It is different from the first Sony model since it does not have a convenient touchpad remote. Instead, it comes with a standard remote. 4. SHARP LC-70SQ15U AQUOS Q+ 1080P 240HZ 3D SMART LED TV This model has improved features just like the previous entries. It has a high refresh rate and a standard resolution of 1080p. It is a perfect option for playing PC games and watching quick-action sports. Moreover, it has a smart TV functioning, and it has a preinstalled SmartCentral 3.0 that guides used in using the available apps. It is capable of playing 3D programming. 5. VIZIO M7021-B3 SMART LED HDTV It has high a high resolution and a high refresh rate that allows views to keep track of actions whenever they are playing high settings on video games or watching fast-speed games. It is an affordable TV, thereby making it one of the worthy selections on the current market. 6. VIZIO M70-C3 4K ULTRA HD SMART LED TV It is slightly different from the other models since it does not offer a 4K resolution. Again, it is not capable of playing 3D programming. It has the edge over the other Vizio models since it has a high refresh rate of 240Hz. In fact, its refresh rate is higher than that of Sony models. It is perfect for watching action-packed sports. You can also use it to play video games.The different types of TV models discussed above will help you in making an informed purchasing decision when buying one. You should choose a model that meets all your needs. This will also help you in understanding the different features of different models.Read Also :What Is A CMOS Camera Recover Your Data From SD Card Through EaseUS Data Recovery Software What Are The Biggest Lies In Survival Movies

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In 2010, 88% of American households paid for TV service. In 2017, only 79% did and this downward trend is predicted to continue.Why is this happening? One of the biggest reasons is that it's possible to watch great quality television online through streaming.But in today's crowded landscape, it can be tough to know which streaming services will work best for you! That's why we created this ultimate streaming guide to help you navigate all the various options.Check it out below! Netflix :Cost: $8 a month for a single screen, $11 a month for two screens, $14 a month for four screens at once.Netflix started the streaming revolution and is still one of the biggest players in the industry.Binge-watching TV series started on Netflix because for the first time you could watch your shows on your own time and watch as many episodes in a row as you wanted.No longer did you have to wait for a TV network to air your favorite programs. If they were available on Netflix, you could pause and play as much as you wanted to and watch at any hour of the day.The other great news about Netflix is that there really is something for everyone! It has a huge library of movies and TV shows, from dramas to comedies, and from documentaries to kids' shows.Another cool thing about Netflix is its original content offerings. Over the past few years, they have started making a ton of original shows and movies.Ever heard of Stranger Things? Orange Is the New Black? Narcos? These are all Netflix original series that are super well-reviewed by critics.And with a Netflix subscription you know you'll continue to receive amazing content. In 2018, they've committed to spending about $7 billion on creating more original shows and movies. Hulu :Cost: $8 a month with ads or $12 a month without ads.Hulu is the other original streaming service that started the cord-cutting phenomenon. And they're still going strong today.Hulu is a great way for cord-cutters to still access broadcast TV shows. So if you're considering getting rid of cable but don't want to miss out on new episodes of your favorite shows, Hulu might be for you.This is because, for as low as $8 a month, you can still watch new episodes of many of TV's hottest shows. The only thing is that they are available on Hulu the day after they air on broadcast TV. So you do have to wait a day, but it's incredibly cheaper than a typical cable bill.Hulu also has a huge library of shows and movies, many of which aren't available anywhere else thanks to exclusive streaming deals. They've also started creating original content in recent years.Some of their shows, like The Handmaid's Tale, have even won Emmys and other awards. Amazon Prime Video :Cost: $99 per year or $11 per month for Amazon Prime. A video-only plan only costs $9 per month.If you're one of the millions of Americans with an Amazon Prime membership, did you know that you have free access to Amazon Prime Video? If not, you're missing out!Amazon Prime Video is another one of the big streaming services. Here's what they have to offer:A large catalog of movies from the past 40 years A good amount of TV series from broadcast TV A growing library of original series as wellYou also get access to Prime Music and some free books through Amazon Kindle.And last but not least, if you're a Downton Abbey fan, you're going to want Amazon Prime Video. This is because they have exclusive streaming rights to this popular British series. Another Streaming Guide Item: ESPN+Cost: $5 a month or $50 for an entire year. If you want the full NHL seasons or MLB.TV baseball content, that's an additional $25 a month.As you might have guessed, ESPN+ is for the sports fans out there. You'll get all access to a wide range of games. This is especially great for fans who want to add out-of-market hockey or baseball games.If you have a certain college sport you like to watch that doesn't get a lot of traditional airtime, you'll be able to find it here as well. Or perhaps you're into a niche sport like ice skating or rugby.ESPN+ is where you'll find coverage!The good news is that ESPN+ is now available in the ESPN app which means you can watch it on iOS and Android devices, as well as through Chromecast and Apple TV to watch it on your smart TV. UGETube :Cost: Free If you're a big fan of guns and the gun industry, then UGETube is for you. UGE is short for the Utah Gun Exchange and this site is dedicated to content all about guns.It's basically like Youtube but for gun-related content. But because users can upload content, the categories of video have recently been expanding to include music, pets, comedy, and more!Check out their site for more info. CBS All Access :Cost: $6 a month with ads or $10 a month for ad-free.For only $6 a month, you can access all of CBS' shows with CBS All Access. This is a cost-effective way to still access your favorite shows without having to pay for an entire cable bill.You can also live stream CBS content in 124 markets across the country. And guess what? For most of their current series, you can also watch all the previous seasons.The other perk is that CBS has announced the creation of original content for its CBS All Access users. In the next 12 months, there will be six or seven new series only available through this service.You can also access Sunday and Thursday night NFL games that air on CBS through CBS All Access. Final Thoughts : Now that you've gone through our streaming guide, it's time to make some choices! If you're considering getting rid of your cable or satellite TV plan, what streaming services will work best for you?The good news is that many of these services offer free trials so you can test them out before taking the plunge.Have any questions? Contact us today!