Features To Look For When Investing In Teacher Desks For Your Institution

If you are a teacher, you know how important it is for you to be equipped with the right desk. As teachers, we spend an incredibly long time on our desks. From grading papers, to eating our lunch, we well as using it as a pedestal to keep books and charts, the perfect teacher desk can be an asset to encourage a conducive learning environment.

Given how important teacher desks are, it is surprising to note that that not a lot of attention is paid to the selection process. Most educational institutions can be guilty of just taking into consideration the pricing and virtually ignoring every other aspect that should be considered. In this article, we are going to look at important features to consider when buying teacher desks.

Why Teacher Desks are Important?

Why Teacher Desks are Important?

You need to think of a teacher’s desk as being the perfect partner for them. If you are equipping your teachers with the best desks, you are contributing towards increasing their productivity, efficiency and overall convenience.

Remember all the stuff that our teachers had piled up on their desks. We are talking about tons of binders, projects, books, charts, papers, stationery, and so many other things. One of the most important things that a good desk helps teachers with is organization.

If the teacher’s desk is organized and optimized, the entire classroom can also be considered to be organized. The proper organization ensures that the teacher is able to locate and find everything that they want to and there are no unnecessary delays to the process.

From single or double pedestal desks to the ones that have locked drawers, to having the ones that come with inbuilt plug points and charging stations (for laptops and tablets), the modern teacher desk comes in different forms, features, and sizes.

List of 5 Features to look for when investing in Teacher Desks

List of 5 Features to look for when investing in Teacher Desks

1. Durability and Safety of the Teacher Desk-

Ideally, you would not want to keep buying teacher desks every other academic year. This is why it is best to invest in one that is sturdy and durable. Given the times we are living in, make sure that the desk is made of materials that are easy to clean and sanitize regularly. If the material is not conducive to frequent wiping and cleaning, it might get damaged.

2. Ethical Protection for Dresses in the Teacher Desk-

The teacher’s desk is often placed facing the children. In between the two legs of the table, the open portion in the front where the legs are placed should be covered from the student-facing side. This will ensure protection for female teachers that wear dresses or skirts. This is something simple but should be accounted for when investing in a teacher’s desk.

3. Security and Locking of the Teacher Desk-

Teachers are oftentimes required to safely store grade answer scripts, question papers, and other sensitive documents in their desks. Having a proper lock and key ensures that the same does not get into the wrong hands at any point in time. There are different locks that come with the best teacher desks. From numbered ones to old-fashioned locks that are accessed with a key.

4. Charging and Plug Points in the Teacher Desk-

Modern educational environments require smart classrooms. This means that there is an emphasis on using technological tools like laptops, tablets, and other devices to stream video and teaching material on projector screens. This is why you need to go for teacher desks that come inbuilt with plug points and charging devices for electronic gadgets.

5. Features and Convenience of the Teacher Desk-

In addition to the security and plug points, teacher desks should also have multiple drawers to help store academic stuff and stationery. The material of the desk should also be able to withstand the pressures and loads that it would be routinely subjected to. If the same has the provision of wheels, it could also be moved around depending on the requirements.

The Bottom Line

You need to pay a lot of thought and attention to teacher desks. While it might look like something that does not deserve a lot of attention, the reality is different. A good teacher desk can help improve the efficiency and productivity of the teacher. If you have any other questions that you would like us to address, please let us know in the comments section below.

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