7 Things to Know If You’re Considering a Beard Transplant

In the 21 century, men give attention to their look not less than ladies. Or sometimes — even more. The world of fashion calls the shots, and a lot of men tend to go along with them.

Last seasons a beard and light stubble — macho image symbols — have been on a trend. And those gentlemen who can’t sprout a beard because of natural disposition finally have a solution — a beard transplant.

Let’s learn more about this procedure.

7 Things to Know If You’re Considering a Beard Transplant

1. What is that?

A beard transplant is a procedure of implanting the patient’s hair from one part of the body to the beard zone for making it lush and dense according to the man’s wishes. Typically, the hair covering of the bald area is provided in several steps:

  1. A patient discusses the desired shape of the beard with a doctor.
  2. The transplant is made under local anesthesia. A hair transplant specialist analyzes the donor area (typically, it’s the back of the head or any other hairy part of the body). The procedure is comfortable and painless.
  3. A hair transplant specialist extracts the required amount of grafts from the discussed donor one.
  4. A specialist (or hair technician) divides the graft into separate hair follicles with microsurgical tools. A usual graft contains 1-3 hairs.
  5. An expert makes channels in the donor zone, considering the patient’s hair growth.
  6. Separated hair follicles are transplanted to prepared channels.

2. How many grafts?

The circle beard requires between 1,200-1,500 grafts. Thу full beard takes around 3,000 grafts.

3. How much is a beard transplant?

A beard transplant costs as much as a hair one.

And men are ready to pay. According to the Telegraph, men are spending up to $17,790 for a beard transplant.

However, it can’t cost that much if you know where to look for. Prices vary from country to country. And it’s entirely possible to get a high-quality beard transplant starting from $1,750 in Turkey.

How much does a beard transplant cost you? — Only a hair transplant expert can tell you after consultation or at least study your photos.

4. Where to get a beard of your dream?


Bookimed.com, a medical centers aggregator website, gives the following clinics to get a beard transplant:

  • Estetik International (Turkey)
  • Istanbul Aesthetics (Turkey)
  • San-Med Hair Transplant Center (Poland)
  • Turowski Clinic (Poland)
  • Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (Thailand)
  • VJs Cosmetic Surgery (India).

! Keep in mind that your specialist must have a certificate and experience in making the transplant. Ask for doctor’s CV, check before-after photos, and read patient reviews.

5. Your beard is your health

The beard is good for your health! It serves as an excellent filter that does not allow dust and pollen from flowering plants to reach you. Some men believe a thick and long beard keeps warm and protects them from colds.

6. Your new beard will need care!

In 20 days, the transplanted follicles start to fall out. It’s a natural process — the fallen hairs will begin to regrow. Follow your specialist’s advice to save the result and healthy look of your new facial hair.

Trichologists and barbers recommend taking care of your beard with oil, butter, or wax. Beard oil reduces skin irritation, especially when you are on your way of growing a beard. A beard wax softens the hair and adds volume to the beard. It dissolves in water and is easily washed off. Pay attention to your nutrition, water balance, and lifestyle.

7. Women can’t resist

In 2013 and 2016, American scientists conducted research which concluded that women prefer men with a beard rather clean-shaved ones. For females asked, the beard is the symbol of manhood, social maturity, status, and dominance.

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