5 Tips To Enhance Your Personal Style With Jewellery

If you’re looking to give your style an instant update or make it more personal to you, adding jewellery to your look is an effortless way to step up your style game and give new life to your current wardrobe.

Jewellery is versatile enough to transform any look; it can enhance your favourite features, add a touch of detail and even make your outfits for meaningful and unique! It’s often overlooked by many people, but with a few simple tips and tricks you will be able to select the right jewellery to enhance your personal style.

1. Make your everyday jewellery even more meaningful:

Do you have a go-to necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings that you wear every day without fail? Your everyday jewellery usually tells a story of the memorable moments in your life, such as a precious family heirloom, an engagement ring or a memorable necklace that you received from a loved one.

Wearing incredibly unique jewellery often brings back special memories and will connect you to certain times of your life. This kind of jewellery gives a unique and personal touch of detail to any outfit and can be enhanced further by the addition of a few key pieces.

It is important that any new jewellery that you add to your collection beautifully complements your existing everyday pieces, so if you already have an engagement or wedding ring, a signet ring creates a meaningful addition to your jewellery collection. Whereas a personal heirloom necklace can be layered with a delicate choker or a long charm necklace for extra impact.

2. Pick jewellery to suit your skin tone:

You should always remember to pick jewellery that suits your skin tone. Our top tip to help you choose your perfect metal is to opt for silver or rose gold if your skin tone has cooler undertones, whereas warmer skin tones will glow in gold.

If you’re more confident with your jewellery, try layering both gold and silver necklaces to make an impact! Mixing and matching jewellery metals can look gorgeous if it’s done right, we recommend choosing delicate pieces that balance each other out rather than statement necklaces that could clutter your look.

3. Pick jewellery to match the occasion:

While it’s important to express yourself through your jewellery, it’s also important to dress for the occasion. If you work in a formal office keep your jewellery minimal. Stick to a simple necklace, a delicate pair of studs or small hoops and one or two rings. Keep bracelets to a minimum as they can be distracting while you’re working.

Wearing jewellery to work will bring out your personality while also making you look stylish and professional. If you’re in a creative office you can be more expressive with your jewellery style. Try layering a couple of necklaces while mixing and matching your chain lengths. Experiment with this season’s most versatile fashion essentials by layering a couple of coin necklaces or pairing your neckwear with some chunky gold hoop earrings or a stack of delicate rings.

When you’re on holiday it’s fun to be more creative with your style and try looks that you wouldn’t normally wear at home. Arm cuffs look gorgeous with cap sleeve dresses and body chains will make a real statement on the beach or on a night out.

When planning jewellery for a special occasion such as a wedding, always select your jewellery after you have decided on your outfit. For a dress with a high neckline, opt for a pair of statement chandelier earrings while low necklines look equally gorgeous with a large collar necklace or a delicate diamond pendant.

4. Enhance your favourite features:

Jewellery not only looks great, but it can also highlight your favourite features! People have been wearing jewellery for centuries to enhance their appearance, so why not try out a few simple ways yourself.

If you’re shorter and want to appear slender and tall, try wearing longer necklaces, if you’re going on a night out, lariat chain necklaces are a flattering option. If you are tall, short chain necklaces that sit above the collar bone will look great on you.

If you want to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, earrings are always a must, so choose diamonds or CZ stones to make your eyes sparkle. Delicate chandelier earrings look great for special occasions and a pair of silver hoops are perfect for everyday wear.

For more style impact, try a pair of statement gold hoop earrings to see how earrings can instantly transform your look and become your style staple. If you love to wear gemstones, only choose the colours that complement your eyes best. Blue and pink gemstones bring out blue eyes, whereas richer colours like ruby or garnet will complement brown eyes. Green gemstones like emerald or jade suit green and hazel eyes best.

If you want to elongate your hands for a dainty and delicate appearance, try wearing multiple minimal rings. Opt for simple rings in the day-time and choose something a little more sparkly for the evening!

5. Transform your look from day to evening:

When you are going out after work but don’t want to bring a full change of clothes to the office, a quick change of jewellery will instantly update your look from desk to dinner!

Try removing your simple everyday studs and instead add a pair of chunky hoop earrings or a pair of sparkly drop earrings. Add a cuff bracelet and an eye-catching choker necklace and once you’ve applied your lipstick, you’ll be good to go!

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