How to Style- The Minimalistic way

It was a bright Sunday morning and I couldn’t help but say “Yes” to accompany my bestie to her cousin’s wedding. We were all from the same school and know each other since forever. The bride and the groom decided on a very small and simple wedding ceremony with a minimalistic theme. However, they haven’t compromised on the bride and the groom wagons i.e. the wedding was filled with friends, family and extended family. Unlike serious family weddings one experiences, theirs was different. In accordance with the theme, they arranged the wedding at a traditional village setting with very bright backgrounds and each function was choreographed to perfection. They had decided on the bridesmaid’s dresses and Jewellery well in advance and it looked more than perfect.

Apt to their theme, they selected colours, wardrobe, and Jewellery that are light, subtle and moderate. They hired a wedding planner who had a set of designers ranging from Jewellery designer to wardrobe designers, from photographer to wedding décor guys. Along with being a mute spectator of the entire carnival-like wedding, I was enjoying my heart out. I couldn’t help but notice the Jewellery patterns worn by bridesmaids. I had a chance to interact with the Jewellery designer and she was filled with tons of information on “How to Style- The Minimalistic way”

Here are a few tips she rendered:


  1. Over sizedMaangTika with Chandelier earrings is a classic combination that is in trend. You can team them on a lehenga or a ghagra or a half saree.
  2. Another eclectic combination is the bib necklace along with an adjustable Vanki or a grand handmade temple Vanki highlighting Indian architecture and the muse of Indian demigods.
  3. Large cocktail rings with matching Earrings and pendant sets.
  4. 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and the 7-in1 Jewellery pieces that are gracefully designed for multi-utility. Rare craftsmanship that has a long life, offering versatility.
  5. Delicate gold Vaddanam crafted in lace in 22K gold with a central stone pendant that came along with a neck hugging gold choker set with earrings was another startling piece of Jewellery

Countless combinations like the above were readily available with the designer at hand as she connected through her tab to give a sneak peek into them. Another beautiful collection I saw was the cocktail rings that serve two fingers. They are oversized rings, finished in abstract design making them all an eye treat. Unlike the traditional gold ring designs, they were an exception in many ways.

With my curiosity tweaked up, I started searching online for Jewellery and observed that Retail Jewellery houses have now segmented their product range for customers in terms of Bridal collection, boutique picks, Signature ensembles and some of the group on the basis of workmanship. Example: VaibhavJewellersVizag– A very well established South Indian Jewellery house that hosts scores of designs has recently launched their boutique collection “Visesha” which showcase uber-exclusive signature pieces that all together belong to a different league. They have a rich collection of different workmanship sourced from across India. They also have a customer-friendly online portal that has endless collections of gold Vanki, Vaddanam, Rings, Necklaces, gold Harams, Gold Earring designs with weight and price and other gold and silver accessories at very compelling prices. They are also one step ahead when it comes to customer outreach by way of their video shopping facility. Through this, they have enabled customers to shop at the comfort of their home and family. Customers are also assisted by Jewellery experts on call who would take them through various designs and workmanship at the desired price and weight ranges.

It surprises me how luxury has swept from the physical stores and entered our houses like never before.

Overall, going to the wedding has been a refreshing affair, what was more welcoming was the takeaway tips I got from the Jewellery designer. Hope they would help you shop for your big day.

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