Just Not Feeling it? Tips for Getting Your Sex Drive Back

In a worldwide study, 43% of women expressed a loss of sexual desire after hitting 40. But it’s not just middle age women that feel this way.

In fact, statistics show that more women than men suffer from sexual dysfunction.

If you’ve wondered, ‘how do I increase my sex drive’, women you’re not alone. Read on for some tips on how to increase sex drive in women.


Identify the Cause:

The most important thing you can do to increase sex drive is to figure out what the underlying issue is.

That way you can find effective treatment options.

First, ask for a pelvic exam. Your doctor will look for physical changes such as thinning tissues and vaginal dryness that can contribute to low sex drive in women.

A good lube or the o shot can make all the difference in sexual enjoyment in these cases.

Your doctor might order blood tests to check your hormones, look for thyroid, liver, or cholesterol issues. The onset of menopause can also throw your hormones out of whack. Another cause could be that in previous years you were excited about sex because you were TRYING TO HAVE BABIES, but now sex isn’t for that outcome.

If nothing comes up, you may want to talk to a therapist that can help you explore the emotional factors that contribute to low sex drive.

The first step to fixing low sex drive in women is identifying the cause (or causes).

Boost Your Self-Confidence:

How you feel about your body plays a big part in how you feel about sex. If you have a poor self-image, you are less likely to desire and enjoy sex.

Exercise regularly to produce the natural high of exercise. This will not only help you feel better, but it will also help your sex be better too!

You can boost your self-esteem and sex drive by focusing on the experience of sex instead of on your perceived flaws. If necessary, put a blindfold on so you can focus on what you feel instead of what you see.

Cut Down on Sugar:

The biggest culprit that throws sex hormones out of balance is sugar. That includes flour that converts to sugar in the body.

Sugar raises your insulin levels. Then that impacts other hormones. Don’t you notice that you feel like crap often after eating a donut or two?

There’s a reason for that. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and watch as this increases your sex drive.

Plus, a healthy diet will go hand-in-hand with exercise to help you look and feel your best.

Stop Ignoring What’s Bothering You:

For women, sexual desire is tied to emotion. In fact, a study found that even if a woman was physically turned on, she felt no desire if her heart wasn’t in it.

If you are harboring resentment at your partner, feel neglected or taken for granted, it’s no wonder your sex drive has plummeted.

Start communicating with your partner in order to find a way to fix these issues.

But sometimes, it has nothing to with your partner and everything to do with your job or kids or other responsibilities. If you feel overloaded, it’s harder to feel interested in sex.

Good communication will help you deal. Find other ways to decrease stress such as meditation or mindfulness.

Bottom Line on How to Increase Sex Drive in Women:

So, what’s the answer to how to increase sex drive in women? It could be a combination of things.

As you identify the cause you are in a better position to make changes to boost your sex drive.

Healthy lifestyles, communication, less stress, and feeling confident will have positive results in all aspects of your life.

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