How Does Recreational Marijuana Affect Your Sex Life


06 September 2018

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It has been established that marijuana has an overall positive effect on human body and more and more people are starting to experience it and discover how cannabis can be used in many different forms to help treat certain conditions or it can be consumed recreationally for relaxation and fun.

More and more countries are starting to open their eyes towards the idea of making the green plant legal and accessible. California legalized it in 2016 for both medical and recreational use, opening many new dispensaries like People’s OC.

Now it is much easier for people from all walks of life to enjoy this wonderful plant, share experiences, and further test marijuana thus filling some gaps in practice which science tries to explain in theory.

The topic for today will be the effect of marijuana on your sex life. We are sharing our thoughts and experiences on how cannabis you get from legal marijuana shops in California and other states where recreational marijuana is legal can make sexual experiences different and better.

All in your head?

You can say that this literally is true because marijuana directly affects receptors in the brain with its active component THC which stimulates the release of hormones of happiness and peacefulness (dopamine and anandamide).

If you combine the high THC-rich recreational marijuana achieves with a regular sexual arousal, the results both of these conditions provide only complement each other and enhance the intercourse in terms of quality, duration and amount of pleasure.

It is worth noting that not all people have the same experience when consuming cannabis, some feel like they grasp the whole cosmos with their mind, others claim that they feel nothing or just sleepy, and a similar comparison can be made for sexual experience and orgasms.

Science can’t draw a definitive line and pinpoint precisely what type of experience a person is going to have, but it sure can answer many hows and whys of marijuana’s effect on human body.

Benefits of mixing marijuana and sex

We are well aware of the positive effect marijuana has on us, but here are some benefits which directly affect the quality of your sexual life and improve it on so many levels. It helps fight off anxiety, relieve tension, relax and gain confidence in your performance, it also reduces the accumulated stress.

Increased libido and sharpened senses boost both mental and physical experience, meaning the feelings of joy and pleasure sex provides are raised on a new level. People have also experienced a stronger emotional connection with their partner during the intercourse in a sense that they can truly relax and shift all of their focus on the partner and sex, which means that the brain does not allow any other distraction to reduce the amount of joy even the slightest.

This strong focus translates well to your physical performance as well, you feel more energized, and you can extend the duration of the intercourse and thus intensify and prolong your and your partner’s pleasure. This state of heightened concentration allows you to savor every single moment of sex until you reach the climax.

Try to balance things out

As in every other aspect of life, balance is the key. This is especially important for marijuana because it hasn’t been scientifically determined how much weed one should take to reach the optimal experience.

Effect of marijuana are individual and the best way to determine how much weed you need is to test on yourself and see what works and not. What you ideally want is a moderate consumption in order to reach the level of joy we’ve mentioned before.

Many factors influence how things are going to play out, but too much marijuana intake can lead to some undesired effects such as reduced motor skills functionality, lack of sexual drive and fatigue.

Men and women are affected differently as well, and current circumstances and mood also play a big role, but if you are able to balance things out and find the amount that works for you, then pleasure and fun are the only side-effects you’d ever have.

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Ear Health

Important Habits to Protect Your Ear Health and Hearing

Hearing loss isn't always something that can be prevented. Sometimes loss of hearing is just something that happens as you get older. But in an increasingly loud and busy world, hearing loss might be caused early or worsened by the environment around you. And once you're hearing is gone, it can be gone for good. Can you imagine life without being able to hear? It's a scary thought for many and should be. And yet, very few of us take the proper precautions in protecting our ears and our hearing. That changes now. If you're committed to the concept of ear health and protecting your hearing, read on. We'll discuss several ways to help ensure that your hearing stays strong and true for many years to come. The Case For Earplugs : You likely rolled your eyes back in your youth when your parents advised you to wear earplugs to that rock and roll concert. But they were on to something. Approximately 15% of Americans lose hearing as a result of too-loud work or leisure environments. If you work or spend lots of time in an environment where the sound level forces you to shout to be able to communicate, it's likely that the sound levels there are dangerously high. This loudness could be due to a concert or club, or even more often, due to some form of loud and consistent machinery. If you know that you spend many hours around this kind of noise level, you should absolutely invest in a good pair of earplugs. Earplugs are easy to obtain, generally affordable, and can even be made individualized for your ears upon request. They can dampen the level of sound coming in from your environment by a significant margin, helping to curb the possible loss of hearing. Keep The Volume Low : According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people each year are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of audio devices. Earbuds, like the popular headphones designed by Apple, are especially dangerous for ear health as they fit directly into the eardrum. If you're a music lover, you probably spend a lot of time listening to music on headphones. If you care about the health of your ears, though, you should make an effort to keep the volume at a lower level. Doctors recommend a philosophy they've dubbed the 60/60 rule. The rule is a recommendation that you listen to music through headphones at 60% volume for less than 60 minutes a day for the benefit of your hearing. Even when not listening to headphones, you should aim to keep music played at a normal level to ensure long-lasting ear health. Avoid Cotton Swabs : One of the most common items in any household bathroom cabinet is a jar of cotton swabs. These little tools have been used by people to clean out ear wax for years and years, but it's only more recently that their nefarious reputation has begun to reach the public. It actually turns out that a little wax in the ears is both healthy and normal. Ears are self-cleaning organs and the wax in your ears actually serves to prevent dust and other particles from entering your eardrum. If you do have excess wax, it is not advisable that you use a cotton swab. You can very easily damage your eardrum by using a cotton swab. Instead, considering using a damp towel to gently clean around the canal. There are also various ear wax solutions that are available in stores. These are applied to the ears overnight and can help to dissolve and soften ear wax so that it can flow out of the inner ear on its own. Keep Your Ears Dry : Another frequent cause of ear damage is extra moisture. Excess moisture can allow bacteria to enter the ear canal and cause serious problems, such as a swimmer's ear or other infections. Following swims at the pool or beach, showers or baths, or any other water-related activity, you should be sure to gently towel-dry your ears. If you can feel the moisture in your ear following swimming or bathing, tilt your head to the side and tug lightly on your eardrum to help water drain out. There are also specially designed swimmer's earplugs available on the market, which can help prevent water from entering your eardrum during a swim. They work great for any age, kids or adults, and can be individually fitted for your ear by a licensed physician. Consider Getting Regular Check-Ups : Especially as you get older, you should ask your physician to incorporate hearing screenings into your regular checkups. Hearing loss doesn't happen in a flash of light, it is a very gradual process. It's recommended, then, that you have yearly consultations with a hearing healthcare professional, who can recognize the signs of hearing loss while it is still in the early stages. Taking action against hearing loss is important, as is discussing it with your doctor. Loss of hearing has been linked to other health concerns such as depression, dementia, and heart disease. Establishing a relationship with your doctor in regards to ear health early on can contribute to better overall health later on. If you do find yourself losing hearing, you should ensure to invest in a proper hearing aid. With all the advances in rechargeable hearing aids over the past few years, they now serve people with hearing impairment much better.  A well-designed hearing aid can help improve the quality of life for someone who has lost hearing and can stave off the other health issues previously mentioned. If you're interested in the best hearing aids on the market, you can learn more here. Read Also : 5 Dental Hygiene Tips For A Healthier Smile Essential Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil Must-Have Appliances For A Healthier Life


Are you aware of Belviq – a Weight-Loss Drug?

Belviq (lorcaserin) is a well-known solution for weight tranquilization. The medication is sold and created by Eisai Inc. - a Tokyo-based drug-maker. It was first affirmed by the FDA in 2012 for U.S. markets. It modifies the mind's concoction signals liable for craving and expands sentiments of totality to assist patients with getting thinner. The medication is utilized as a consolidated treatment with diet and exercise to help grown-ups who are overweight or enduring weight-related clinical issues. lorcaserin is once in a while endorsed to treat heftiness connected to diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol, however, it doesn't treat basic health conditions. Belviq (lorcaserin) is accessible in two separate structures. Belviq is a 10 mg tablet endorsed to be taken two times every day. Belvin XR is an all-inclusive discharge type of lorcaserin endorsed as one day by day portion. How is Belviq dangerous? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mentioned that Eisai Inc. pulls back Belviq from U.S. markets referring to worries over the medication's connections to cancer growth. This is the reason why you should consult a Belviq lawyer if you come across this medicine. Since lorcaserin was affirmed in 2012, analysts have been concentrating on the medicine's safety. The FDA initially necessitated that the medication maker leads a twofold visually impaired, randomized, fake treatment controlled clinical preliminary that verified the dangers of heart-related medical issues. However, the scientists broke down roughly 12,000 members, some of whom were given Belviq while some took a fake treatment. Scientists didn't find resulting heart issues attached to Belviq, however, they found that patients taking the medication had a higher cancer growth analysis rate than the individuals who took a fake treatment. FDA analysts found expanded paces of cancer in patients recommended Belviq. About 7.7 percent of patients who took lorcaserin had a cancer analysis contrasted with 7.1 percent who got a fake treatment. Through the span of the preliminary, 662 lorcaserin patients were determined to have 520 primary cancer while the fake treatment group had 423 patients determined to have 470 tumors. The FDA likewise revealed that the more extended a patient was on Belviq, the more noteworthy the expanded danger of creating cancer. Other dangers of Belviq The FDA prescribed that individuals taking lorcaserin promptly quit taking the medication following exploration discoveries binds the drug to expanded dangers of cancer growth. It's essential to take note that the medication was endorsed for individuals who are overweight (with a BMI somewhere in the range of 27 and 30) and have hypertension, elevated cholesterol, or diabetes. Belviq symptoms include: Cerebral pains Faintness Weariness Sickness Constipation Patients with diabetes who take lorcaserin can likewise also experience back agony, coughing, and hypoglycemia. Lorcaserin can likewise cause heart valve issues and eased back heartbeat. The Drug Enforcement Agency characterizes the medicine as a Schedule IV controlled substance referring to dangers of addiction; individuals who take more than recommended may encounter hallucination, slow thinking, and elation. Belviq can likewise unfavorably interface with different drugs. Read Also: Going to Rehab: What You Can Expect When You're Getting Clean 5 Mental Health Benefits of Massage Therapy That You Must Know

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How Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer Is Related?

The latest report by the American Cancer Society states that ovarian cancer accounts for 2.5% of cancer cases in women. The risk of ovarian cancer is dependent upon a number of factors, spanning from genetics, age, lifestyle to environmental factors. But, certain studies such as the American Cancer Society have discovered a strong link between talcum powder & escalating cases of ovarian cancer worldwide. As per studies, 11.5 in every 100,000 people in the United States of America developed ovarian cancer, from 2010 to 2014. What Is Ovarian Cancer? Ovarian cancer is the rarest form of cancer that affects women’s reproductive mechanisms.  This cancer type commences in the ovaries or in the fallopian tubes, connecting the ovaries to the womb. Ovarian cancer is graded by doctors in terms of stages 1 to 4, which is further determined by tumor size or if cancer has spread outside the ovary. Finally, the doctor will examine to identify the ovarian cancer type. This depends upon how the cancer cells respond to chemotherapy treatment-how fast they are growing. The type 1 ovarian cancer grows slowly but doesn't respond to the chemotherapy sessions, whereas the type 2 ovarian cancer develop quickly with chemotherapy. How Talcum Powder Is Responsible for Ovarian Cancer? Talcum powder is a common household baby care product widely used. Generally, talc is simply a mineral composed of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. Owing to the talc ability to absorb moisture, it can also be applied to sensitive body areas. Now, now is the million-dollar question, can talcum powder contribute to ovarian cancer? What A Recent Study Published in the journal Epidemiology Says:- To quote the study published in the medical journal Epidemiology, talcum powder can significantly increase the risk of ovarian cancer to 33%, especially when used daily. However, further research work is needed to prove the relation between baby powder and ovarian cancer. In the meantime, the American Cancer Society did a thorough study investigating the alleged statements against the use of talcum powder. The bottom line of this study suggested limiting the use of cosmetic products that are rich in talc. Although the overall risk of developing ovarian cancer is low, it is a deadly gynecological cancer. So, it is vital to recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer for early detection & diagnosis:- Common Signs and Symptoms Lower Abdominal Pain or Pressure Weight Gain or Weight Loss Abnormal Periods Gas, Nausea, or Vomiting Talcum Powder Lawsuits In the last couple of years, talcum powder cancer lawsuits are being filled by women diagnosed with ovarian cancer worldwide. Top names of the industry such as Johnson and Johnson are already facing thousands of talcum powder lawsuits and this is expected to increase with each passing year. Final Takeaway As with any form of cancer, it is crucial to take the precautions. Avoid the daily use of talcum powder, until we come across a convincing study revealing the clear-cut relation. In addition, it is essential to understand that everyone’s experience of cancer is distinct. Anyone with concerns relating to ovarian cancer symptoms, it is a no-brainer to speak to the doctor right away. Read Also: Early Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Cancer Can Breast Augmentation Cause Cancer? How To Sleep Better When You Have Cancer